Not getting regressed

Hi folks,

I have a 69 yo F client who is really excited to learn about her past life. she states no pain or trauma attached to her except not being able to complete her studies when she was young. Her desire to learn was supressed by her in-laws. She doesnt hold anything against them but she gets upset sometimes.

My question to you all is that I have had 4 sessions with her meticulously following 15 stages, however I was unable to regress her. Her dominant sense is K and eye-roll score is 1. The theme we decided was to learn the purpose of her soul in current lifetime since she stated she is just curious, doesnt want to relate any pain to going in the past.

I observed she tried hard to visualize and imagine her childhood to help me out while I was trying to regress her so she could see anything but I guided her not to put any efforts, she just needs to relax and be open- minded.
Deepening techniques used were reframing, progressive relaxation, pyramiding, bridge/tunnel, her favourite temple, everything I’ve known reading all the cases.

Please help me regress her. Pour in your suggestions and guidance



I find that K clients can be very challenging at times to be regressed, but I have a couple of tips that might help, these are the techniques I have been using with K clients.

Firstly, I recommend asking the client to meditate for a week or so before scheduling the session. This can help them to relax and become more receptive to the process.

Secondly, it’s important to explain to the client that they may not see images during the session because their dominant sense is K. Instead, they may feel things. Before the session begins, remind them that if they start feeling things, it’s their way of remembering things, which explains that most K clients tell me that when they meditate, they can’t see images like others when I explain that their dominant sense is K, it makes a lot of sense to them.

However, I still find the K clients to be the most challenging to be regressed in most cases.

I hope this helps.


Dear Preeti,

Based on your inputs my feedback is as under for your consideration,

  1. Preparation. Kindly revisit the chapter on Preparation in the Handbook of Dr Lucas, which lays down certain salient aspects to be considered before conduct of PLR sessions. You may find some help there.
  2. Response Potential. May we know the Pain Scale reading for the client as

If its on a very low side we might not get a good response to the process.

added on with,

  1. Age of 69 is quite a challenging one and its brave of you to have attempted and conducted the 15 stages for the client.

  2. A very important aspect has been addressed by @Cedar here

My best wishes to you for future endeavours,



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Hi Preeti,
I would like to share my experience and offer suggestions, hoping that they can help you.

-Try using both black box and white box techniques near the cliff.

-Engage the client by asking, ‘What’s stopping her from witnessing her lifetime?’

-Allow her to float above; sometimes, clients get answers from their higher selves or spiritual guides.

-It is possible that the theme of ‘Purpose of the Soul’ is not very strong, or perhaps it’s not the right time for her to receive the answer.

-The client’s dominant sense is kinesthetic, so there’s a higher possibility of feeling rather than visualizing.

-As you said, ‘the client is trying hard to visualize,’ it means she must be putting a lot of pressure on her brain, which is highly not recommended.

-Sometimes, the client can also experience the lifetime in the garden; you could try exploring that too.

Don’t be disheartened if the client struggles with regression. Sometimes, the client forms expectations based on online videos or books, and when those expectations aren’t met, their conscious mind interferes with deeper exploration. I’ve experienced this before, so I’m sharing it with you. :pray:


The content of your query is curtailed in this e-mail. Once, the mail trail grows then the full text of your post would become available in the mail.

Therefore, without having read the complete post; am making, an off the cuff wild guess…

Check the V score (Visualisation) - Both yours & Your clients.

I say this bcoz during the workshop, Venu had circulated one book; the name I don’t remember. If I am not mistaken, it was Ericksonion Remedies; maybe I am wrong.

But, I remember reading a paragraph in that book which implied,

Unless the orders come in symbols, language of the unconscious mind; it’ll not obey.

Thus, my response.

A strong V imagination is necessary to conjure up the symbols which you (the therapist), communicate to the clients unconscious mind.

**In fact, I was wanting to ask Venu to elaborate on the visualization … Symbols- the language of the unconscious mind theory. **

If the unconscious mind refuses to obey orders other than symbols; then, a V deficient / poor score would be severe handicap for both, the client and the therapist.

Maybe, my understanding is all warped / wrong.

The authoritative / final answer from who else, but Venu.

All the above notwithstanding, I find it interesting that your client, has no pain, trauma, or grudge against anyone…

If learning is all that she desires; then, academics apart, there is so much to learn from life itself. Every living moment is a lesson in itself. :wink:

If she has difficulty regressing, let her progress & book a trip on Elon Musk’s Space tourism. :sunglasses:

Apart from space travel; I am sure she’ll get to know about space suits, zero gravity, escape velocity, time dilation and other such stuff. All this, without the bother of passing any academic exam.:yum:


Hello all, i have just signed up for this year’s training session. I am intrigued and eager to learn these techniques as i also cannot go under. I have tried PLR 2 times and just simple hypnosis also but i do not see any visualizations. Is there someone here who might want to practice with me and help me before i start my training? Appreciate all help I can get. Thank you so much!

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Welcome! :innocent:
For the training…I can say, you have found the best place and I am sure this August is going to be one of the best times in your life.
Every person have different way of experiencing. What do you experience when I ask you, “what is your favourite dessert?”. Now you may close your eyes and think of it for a few seconds. Did you imagine(picture) your favourite dessert? Or did you recall how it tastes like? Based on your dominant sense you could be either visual/auditory/kinaesthetic. Thus not every person “see” their past life, some may just “feel” or even “hear”.
If you need help, please check out “Amarantians offering PLRT sessions” category, you can find therapist nearby your place.
Thank you :innocent::sparkles:


Since you have signed up for this year’s training…

Cross your fingers and pray you are the lucky one to be regressed by respected Venu - the master himself.

Good Luck to you & Happy learning.

By the way what are your location co-ordinates ?



Dear Bindu,

Welcome to the folds of Amarantos. Having got chosen for the Lemuria you are indeed a blessed soul. My best wishes for the Aug 24. Had you shared your desired city for experiencing the therapy we could have looked up for an Amarantos Therapist.

Let this be your first of many posts on the forum.


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Thank you Siddhi! When you asked - what is your favorite dessert? I drew a blank - thinking i do not have a favorite dessert. Once that settled in, my mind made an effort to think about the last time i enjoyed some chocolate chip coffee ice cream in a cone. For any question thrown my way, that has been my first response. Sadly, nothing just comes to me, i have to use my thinking brain. :frowning:

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Thank you Monesh! I am super psyched to be here. I am slowly learning to put my analytical mind aside and let the higher power take over. Sure enough it is not easy! I live in Washington State in the USA. Looking to get some self experience with PLR before i dive deep in. Have learnt Reiki and Pranic Healing, somehow i cannot trust in my innate abilities to heal. Something more tangible needs to happen i guess.


I have always been lucky :wink:

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Read your posts rather responses to the advice/suggestions given subsequent to your initial post.

At the moment I had some free time; so, I take this opportunity to take up your offer of practising with you.

Frankly, your latest response as I see in the mail trail, about your inability should not be a major cause for concern. As the ol’ saying goes *'*One swallow does not a summer make…’ So also, an illustrative solitary query is no deterministic criteria.

To begin with, if you could answer the following…

Are you engaged in a particular profession?

What sort of activity are you engaged in professionally or otherwise?

What is the need for you to analyse ?

What drove you towards, Reiki


Pranic Healing …

and then

the desire to be regressed (not once but twice)?

Also, if you do not find it an invasion into your privacy; you may give details about your family, neighbours and the locality you live in.

Once you have completed the workshop and been lucky to be regressed by respected Venu; we can then exchange notes and correct course.

Good luck to you & happy learning.


If not dessert, replace it with any dish or any activity/hobby. If nothing comes up instantly it’s completely alright…take some time to imagine☺️. Moreover, even when you undergo PLRT…you will be completely aware of everything. It’s the place of heightened awareness while your body is completely relaxed and it’s very common to have conscious thoughts, that is where therapist can help client.
Please do not worry about anything, our dearest Paa(@venu) will prepare you well enough before you walk in the workshop. Just be sincere in your assignments. All the best! :innocent::sparkles:

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Hello TAN,
Great I am game. Barring the time difference, hopefully we will find some time to explore. All these years I have been a very private person - never sharing my personal information fearing judgement, and non acceptance, low self esteem. But as life has it, lost whatever i could so the fear is reducing.
Let me answer your question:
Are you engaged in a particular profession? yes, i started working as a lab tech in a pathology lab (running blood tests) 32 years ago. went back to school and became a software engineer and worked as one for 23 years and now switched to a scrum master role as I felt i was not able to learn as quickly as before. I have always had an issue with forgetting so much but last few years, it has become really bad. At 53, i would not have expected this but I feel somehow some fear somewhere makes me forget things. I tried to underperform all these years so i wouldn’t be far ahead of my husband. The notion a woman needs to earn lesser, be less intelligent than her husband is deeply ingrained somewhere.

What sort of activity are you engaged in professionally or otherwise? workwise, i am in IT. was not diagnosed but i can say i have ADD. very short attention span - so start activities but can only do them for few times and then stop. Love to dance, paint.

What is the need for you to analyse ? as a scrum master, I analyze the project, my team, their performance, the metrics that go with successful implementation. As a software engineer analysis was the core of my work.

What drove you towards, Reiki then Pranic Healing …

and then the desire to be regressed (not once but twice)?

  • unhappy relationships, unfulfilled desires and always feeling i was not enough no matter what i did. I also always feel that everyone who show some interest in me are out to get me. If I tell anyone what makes me happy, they will sabotage it, make sure i do not get it.

Also, if you do not find it an invasion into your privacy; you may give details about your family, neighbours and the locality you live in.
I am not sure if i am ready just yet to share so much in a forum. Maybe after i attend the class, I will shed all this hesitance.
Thank you for taking interest. Looking forward to all the learning that awaits.


Good mornin Siddhi, thank you for the confidence. I will try it when i am a bit relaxed.