One of my session.

Jyothi sankaran from GS Batch-'19

I had a session with my maid,

She is a person with lots sufferings rite from the childhood, never had a peaceful life, harassment from stepmom, drug addict,abusive husband, she struggles to find her bread.

I act as a guardian for her for last 3 years.

She liked to undergo therapy to find why this much suffering, and To find why always been Isolated from the family.

I did the session in Malayalam, relaxed, breathing session,then Dave Elman, after guiding her make herself feel the protective light from head to heal,step by step, when it reached the leg part, and I guided her to feel that you are in the cocoon of protective light, soon she said , An angel is before me ,with wings spread, smiles at her standing before her, so making that as a tool, I progressed her with that to more relaxation, as auditory, guided her to the garden where she heard the sound of each steps she made towards the beautiful garden, she easily entered, I could really find the joy of happiness being in the garden, I asked her to hear the sound of wind, birds chirping, asked to find a bench to sit, again she said angel is still with me, I motivated her,” how blessed you are always guided and guarded by the angel” . She was laying on the lap of the angel, enjoying the pat of the angel. She said her hand is full of flowers, garden too full of red flowers. She loved to be with the angel. Suddenly she recognised,she is in the coffin, then started crying like anything, as a diversion, I asked her to float upon the scene and to look around, she said my son crying standing in the corner, no one with him, he became alone,which made her more sad, I asked her to go a day before,you were in coffin, she said her husband is stabbing her with leg, even being inside the coffin , she saw he was with his brother and sister, she cried repeating,I am dead I am dead, i consoled her , you are with the angel, nothing can harm you, still cried, I am dead, I am dead, I told her it’s all old story, she said NO … it’s my present life, my current life time, present moment.

I asked her age , when inside the coffin she said, “My present age”.

I consoled her, narrating that’s just a hallucination of your mind,and you always wished to end your life, now angel is here to make you understand that she’s with you throughout, you said your age when dead was 30 and you are 32 now ! ,

So from today onwards nothing in this world can harm you as you are in “the aura of the angel”

Asked her to feel comfortable for little more time with angel sitting in the garden on her lap, and to make herself 100% sure that angel will be there for you every now and then and she was smiling with extreme joy.

And emerged her with a warm thought (she always wished for good own house) that with the blessing of the Raphel Angel , she and her son is attending their house warming, made her feel the milk overflowing from the pot on the stove, made her feel the blessed hands of angel on both mom n sons head, feeling the heaviness and warmth of the hands of angel, stepping into new home, I could read the happiness on her face at that moment , when I was asking her to look at this scene, and made her to come back with full confidence,energy, harmony that from this a Day onwards you will have wonderful peaceful life ahead.

Asked her to open her eyes.

I don’t know wether regression or progression.

But my client was very happy, after opening her eye , commented, what a darkness here?, it was very glowy with the angel. “I really enjoyed the bliss, I am still enjoying and feeling it inside. My death scene was just my hallucinations…blessed to be with angel. My confidence level has been raised. “(in her words)

I suggested her , so from today onwards, before bed, pray for a while showing The gratitude to the angel, and imagining all the deeds ,thoughts, words of the whole day as flowers and keep on the feet of the angel, and seeking her blessings for better happier healthier tomorrow.

I don’t know what to say, but as a therapist. I tried her to feel comfortable and more protective after the session.

Is that a progression, Venu?
Now my mind is confused! , because her husband is behind her, with a warning , “that I’ll kill you in no time” .
She’s very fearful about that. Poor girl with full confidence ,looking forward that the Raphel Angel will protect her. Even I pray to the almighty to be the same.

Venu … I believe in some intuition, as you guided me to go through the page no 112 , to understand what emergence really is, which I made a very big mistake in my submission, that was the exact guidance of a real guru, and as disciple , I went through that details, corrected my mistakes, which helped me in the conclusion of this session. Otherwise she would have been out from the trance with the fear of death! Now she was overwhelmed with joy of being protected by the angel! And looking forward for the day of her house warming!



Hi Jyothi it was indeed a great opening for a first session. First of all let me congratulate and welcome you heartily to join Amarantians. You handled it really well and I did not feel that I am reading a session of a new family member.
We as therapists we have no proof whether its progression or the fear in her mind which emerged. Venu always says that the initial session is only the fears and blocks of the mind which come out. Like when we start washing a very dirty cloth which has stains of oil, greece, mud,etc…initially the latest stains would come out. We cannot say that this was the original colour or the final stain which went off. Similarly we cannot suggest anything to the client. What you did was awesome calming her. One suggestion please do take minimum 2 more sessions and I am sure you will have clarity and you yourself will be able to tell us the outcome and how your client got healed.

Take care and lots of wishes


Wow…geeta!! .
wat a motivation !
Yes… this sunday we are doing our next session .
Thank you !