Pain in the abdominal area

Shubham, M, 32, 7/10, 2/5, K, Pain in abdominal area, 5/10

Shubham, 32 year old, unmarried person approached me on 11.11.2022 at around 11 am, knowing through my one of the relatives that I am a PLR therapist trained by Amarantos. After some informal discussions I decided to go on with the sessions for him.

Session 1:

At first as per my training I gave my introduction covering my education, profession and journey to become PLR therapist. This took around 20 min of time. Then I briefed him about how the soul goes to higher planes and changes the body from one birth to another. While doing this I kept observing the non-verbals of Shubham. I told him about conscious and subconscious mind and clarified how a person is regressed to past lives. This took around 30 min. After finding him satisfied, I gave him to fill up some forms including contract form, therapy request form, client assessment form etc. Now was the time to assess him, result is as mentioned below:

Hypnosis responsiveness score- 7/10

Assessment of dominant sense- VAK 2, 7, 6

Eye roll test score- 2

This all took another 20 min. On a good note I finished the session 1 which lasted for 1.5 hours.

Session 2:

2nd Session started at 4 pm the same day. Started with the collecting the resources. I will address Shubham as the client (C). Client started talking about his main problem he was facing. I asked about his family, parents and siblings. He detailed everything about his childhood, education, relations with parents and siblings. I asked him any emotional surge he felt at the time of problem surfacing which he denied (or not remembering). He told he was facing this problem since last 5 years and went from pillar to post for the treatment but for no gain. History taking took around 40 min. After this, to relieve the cognitive fatigue I showed him the video on ‘end of suffering’. After completion of 7th stage now was the time to discuss and agree on the theme for the PLR. As the result of deep discussion the theme came out to be “what is the reason for my abdominal pain”. At the end of session 2, in order to make the client relaxed I used relaxation technique on him like deep breathing and ball of light. Session 2 lasted for 2.15 hours. We discussed the timing for 3rd session.

Session 3:

Third session started at 11.30 am the next day on 12.11.22. We discussed the observations of session 2. I asked the client if he has any questions in his mind. He said ‘no’. It seemed everything was clear in his mind hence he was keen to go ahead with the 3rd session. So I started with the stage 9 i.e. Pre-Flight checks. We both checked and agreed on the temperature of room, noise level and comfort parameters etc. Now came the time to go into stage 10, 11 and 12.

Raising the right thumb was decided as the IMR. In the ongoing chat Shubham as client is denoted by ‘C’ and me as therapist by ‘T’.

Started with BRV techniques followed by Dave Elman which took 50 min.

T: You are in this beautiful garden where innermost layers of your consciousness will open up and you will be able to see everything required to solve your issues. Allow yourself to go through happy childhood memories. Remember them using all your senses. Are you aware of something?

C: Playing with friends

T: Who are these friends?

C: My school friends.

T: Which standard are you in?

C: 4th

T: Go backward and pick another childhood memory.

(Pause for some seconds)

C: I am bathing.

T: Who are others around you?

C: My Didi and Bhaiya (elder sister and brother) are throwing water over me. I too am throwing on them.

T: I am counting from 10 to 1. On each count your relaxation will be doubled. 10, 9, 8 you are very much relaxed. 7, 6, 5 you are deeply relaxed. 4,3, 2 and 1. As your conscious mind is deeply relaxed, your subconscious mind is free to travel through time and space.

T: Imagine yourself standing at the top of a beautiful staircase and you are ready to walk down it to explore one of your many past lives . I will count from 5 to 1. On each count you will go down and at the count 1 you will be there.

T: 5 now start going down, 4 you are almost midway, 3, 2 you are almost there, and 1 you are there. What are you aware of? Is it day time or night time?

C: Day

T: Are you inside or outside?

C: Outside

T: Are you alone or with someone?

C: I am with my mother.

T: How old Are you?

C: 10-12 years.

T: What are you feeling?

C: Mother is rebuking me.

T: What did you do? (First I asked “why”, later I realized it’s wrong to ask why so I amended)

C: I beat my brother.

T: Who are others around you?

C: None

T: Allow yourself to go further in that lifetime to see any other significant event.

(Pause for some moments)

C: I am watching, two oxen are fighting each other.

T: How old are you?

C: Around 20

T: Try to see what happens further.

C: I am with my brother and friends. Two oxen are fighting. We are enjoying and running around them.

T Okay, what happens next?

C: There is a lot of noise from my friends. Suddenly my friend cautioned me and screamed.

(Pause for some moments)

T: Find out what happened? Why did your friend scream?

C: Everyone is running chaotically. One Ox is following and running behind me. Ohhhhh it hit me. (Clear abreactions are visible)

( pause……)

T: Ox is running behind you. What else are you aware of?

C: It hit me with the horns. It’s paining too much. I am crying.

T: Okay, Float above the scene. Just witness it. You are safe here with me. No need to worry. Just observe the things as witness.

T: What are you aware of?

C: I am thrown away by the ox. Horns have penetrated my abdomen. A lot of blood is coming out of my body.

T: Go further and see what happened next?

C: They gathered around me.

T: Who?

C: My friends and brother.

T: See if you are alive?

( Pause……)

T: Do you find yourself alive?

C: Don’t know.

T: Do you find something else?

C: No

T: What do you feel?

C: Nothing

T: Do you want to be here for some more time?

C: No

T: Okay, I will get you emerged. Let’s go back to the garden where from you came here. I will count from 5 to 1. On count 1 you will be in the garden.

T: 5, 4 you are going to the garden. 3, 2 and 1 you are in the garden. Now search for a bench and sit to relax. Take a deep breath.

T: Now I will count from 1 to 10. On each count you will get some alertness and on 1 you will come out of the trance. 10, 9, 8 you are getting alertness. 7, 6, 5 you are aware of the sound and voices and temperature of your surroundings. 4, 3, 2 and 1 you are fully alert and come out of the trance. Have normal breathing. Take your time and as per your comfort you can open your eyes. (The whole session lasted for 2.20 hours)

Session 4:

After a break of 40 min we started connecting the dots and took stock of the whole process. It was a deep level discussion. We tried to understand what the client has experienced. The client had seen his mother and brother but was unable to correlate them with present life. Also client could not throw light on what happened to him after that incident. It could not be clear if he was dead or alive. For answering the above questions some more sessions may be required. However one important thing the client has revealed that the area of pain in his abdomen is the same place where the ox had hit.


Did you ask your client to release all the feelings, emotions and thoughts which he is carrying from that life to this life, when he was witnessing the event, i am thrown away by the ox. Horns have penetrated my abdomen. A lot of blood is coming out of my body.
You should have asked him,

  1. What is the karmic reason for this incident.
  2. What did you learn from that life.
  3. Forgive all those who are responsible for this event. Release all the emotions, feelings, grudge and other thoughts which you are carrying from there.
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Thank you, Naveen Ji, you rightly pointed out.
Actually everything was going fine, but at the end of session client became unresponsive hence after waiting for sometime I had to emerge him.
However I will keep your points in my mind. Please guide me as what went wrong. Why did he become unresponsive? secondly what needed to be done to bring him back to response?
Thank you.

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