Painful Memories, Asthma & Anger

Client Name

Akriti Pandey


Akriti, F, 16, 9/10, K, 4/5, Dreadful Memories, 9/10

Session 1 | 12/03/23 | 9:20 PM | 10:10 PM

Stage 1 to Stage 5

Observation: While talking she would stare continuously.

Session 2 | 13/03/23 | 11:25 AM| 1:00 PM

Stage 6- History Taking

Akriti wants to explore her inner strength and qualities. She is 16 years old and you can say way mature than her age also. She is little bit over weight and have had asthma since childhood. Now, her asthma is fine but whenever she runs or anxious about something, she feels breathlessness.

She has lost a few friends because she there was comparison happening in and around her. She felt jealous of her friends, as they would do the same things with her but they scored better marks than her. She broke her friendship, sometimes she blames family also for breaking her friendship as she was asked to make friends with studious kids. She feels regret for being jealous and angry at her friends. She feels alone and excluded. She also went through cyber bullying during at covid time and she was 13 back then. She feels horrible for being angry most of the times.

She feels bad when her family members taunt her about marks and her weight. Because of all this she is isolating herself. She has started blaming herself for things going wrong. She felt comparison at home with siblings and felt left out. A feeling of rejection from friends and family both are there.

Till 12:45 PM

Stage 7- Relax Cognitive Fatigue | 12:45 PM

Stage 8- Theme: Feeling of Rejection | 12:53 PM

Session 3 | 14/03/23 | 5:50 PM| 7:00 PM

Stage 9- 11 (Till cliff & womb memories)

We did the cliff visualization only for this session.

Session 4 | 15/03/23 | 11:15 AM| 7:00 PM

Stage 11 | Induction (Dave Elman followed by progressive relaxation) | 11:20 AM

11:49- Childhood Memory

T: What age are you in?

C: 3

T; What you are doing?

C: my mother, going to a temple

T: How do you feel going there?

C: Peace

T: Which God is this?

C: Sai

T: Okay, go to the temple, and see if there are any messages for you?

C: …

T: Are you in the temple?

C; Yes (Nod)

T: what are you doing there?

C: Worshiping

T: What is it that you are praying for?

C: To keep everyone safe (such a caring three years old)

T: That’s beautiful

T: Do you want to spend some more time here?

C: No (Nod) … 11:53 AM

(Eyes rolling) … Back to infancy

T: Do you feel anything?

C: No (Nods)

T: Maybe you can go back to the womb

T: Do you feel anything?

C: No (Nod)

T: Maybe this time before you took up this body…

T: Can you see anything?

C: Yes

T: What is it?

C: Black

T: Okay…

(Rolling eyes)

T: See if there is a source of light?

C: Yes…

T : Go toward that source?

C: It’s very above

T: Maybe you can try going upwards.

C: I don’t

T: You don’t want to go upwards?

C: I don’t know.

T: Is there anything stopping you?

C: Feels like I am trapped in there.

T: It’s safe for you to do that, if you want you can do it, try once again going there?

C: …

T: Are you able to go this time?

C: Yes (Nod)

T: Beautiful, see how brave you are! Once you reach there, let me know…

C: I have reached there.

T: What do you see now?

C: I am back in the garden.

T; Okay, it’s totally fine!

T: Since you are back in the garden allow yourself to relax a little bit, even more now…

(Tunnel Visualization)

T: What is the colour of the tunnel?

C: Grey

T: Visualization Continued…

Open the door and go back to the time when you felt rejected.

T: Is the door open now?

C: Yes (Nod)

T: Take a look at your feet now? What is it you’re wearing in your feet?


T: Do you feel the ground?

C: Yes

T: Are you wearing any slipper or shoe?

C: No

T: Look at yourself now, what might be the age from the look?

C: Normal

T: What is that normal?

C: 14-15

T: Look at the face. Is it a male or female or anything else?

C: I do not know!

T: Take a look at the clothes. What are you wearing?

C: One floral frock

T: What is the length of the frock?

C: Above knees

T: Can you just check the length of the hairs?

C: Short

T: Do you see or hear any name for this girl?

C: …

T: What’s the name of this girl?

C: No (Nods)

T: What time of the day it is?

C: Morning

T: What is it she is doing?

C: Standing

T: Where is she standing?

C: In the green grass.

T: Is there anything else around her?

C: …

T: Is there anything else around here?

C: Yes

T: Who is this?

C: Two rabbits

T: Are these rabbits hers?

C: yes (Nod)

T: Maybe now you can go where is her family?

C: …

T: Go towards her house maybe now, where does she lives?

C: …

T: Are you there now?

C: Yes…

T: Who else is there in her family?

C: … (Pushing eyes)

T: Is there anyone?

C: I don’t know!

T: Is there any house?

C: Yes (Nods)

T; Go inside the house

T: Are you inside the house?

C: Yes (nods)

T: What kind of house is it?

C: … (Snoring a lot during the session)

T: Is it a big house?

C: yes

T: Who are the people living here in this house? Maybe you can see any name plate or something?

C: …

T: Check in the room

C: There are maids, not one but different

T: What way they are different?

C: Someone cleaning the room, making the food, and peeling the vegetables, someone watering the plants

T: Is it your house?

C: Yes (Nods)

T: Do hear them calling you? What is it that they address you?

C: I can see them talking but not hear

T: Are they close or at distance?

C: Distance

T: Maybe you can go closer to them and listen to.

C: I hear them calling madam.

T: Maybe you can ask them calling you by your name, what name they say?

C: …They are refusing!

T: Ask them about the other people of the family?

C: Eyes blinking… They are saying I have no one.

T: Then, who do you live with? Who takes care of you?

C: The head of all the maids. They are saying I have inherited my father’s business.

T: Ask them where is your father?

C: Eyes blinking … They are not saying anything.

T: Ask them… what year is it? And place is it?

C: No… They are fading

T: It’s okay … let them go…

T: Is there anything else coming up now?

C: No (Nods)

T: As I count back 3 to 1, you will be with your father… 3…2…1… with your father now

T: Take a look at yourself what age are you in?

C: Around 6-7

T: Is your father with you now?

C: Yes

T: Beautiful

T: Are you closer to him or at distance?

C: Closer

T: How does it feels to be with him?

C: Happy

T: Look into his eyes and maybe you recognize him in this life.

C: I have never seen him

T: Listen to what he calls you?

C: … My little princess

T: Beautiful…

T: What name has he given you?

C: Nobody is calling my name.

T: it’s okay. If I ask you to give her a name what would you give her?

C: Lily

T: Lily can you ask your father, where is your mother?

C: She has gone somewhere.

T: Maybe you can ask your father the name of the place you live in?

C: … The Great Britain

T: Maybe your father also knows what year, what date is this?

C: No (Nods)

T: Maybe with the clothes you can assess what date it is?

C: Could be around 1900s something

T: Early 1900 or late?

C: Late

T: What is it that you are doing with him?

C: Playing with him

T: What game are you playing?

C: Hide and seek

T: Where is your mother?

C: She is not there

T: Ask your father

C: He is sad

T: Ask him what makes you sad?

C: Because he doesn’t want me to speak about my mother.

T: Okay, maybe you can go back to the time with your mother. 3…2…1…

C: No (Nod)

T: Lily, go back to the time of your birth, and see what happens to your mother over there?

(Flickering eyes)

T: Is she there?

C: Yes (Nods)

T: Is she fine?

C: No (Nods)

T: What happened to her?

C: Client sobbing and crying

T: You’re safe, it’s okay. What happened to her?

C: Crying … she died!

T: What happened to her?

C: She is not able to breathe.

T: See if you can recognize her from anyone in his lifetime?

C: No

T: How is Lily feeling?

C: No (Nods)

T: You can float above the scene always…. Relax… See if there is anything she wants to tell you?

C: Be happy with your father.

T: Where are you now?

C: At my house

T: What is happening in the house?

C: It’s all lonely

T: Where is your father baby?

C: He is not here.

T: Maybe you can ask the maids around, where is my father?

C: They are saying he is out for business.

T: And what age are you in right now?

C: Around 10

T: See if there are any friends if you go to school?

C: No

T: Do you go to school?

C: No (Nods)

T: Ask your maids maybe to take you out?

C: They are not allowed to take me. They say it is dangerous for me.

T: What makes it dangerous for you to go out?

C: They don’t know, but father asked them not to take me out.

T: Let’s move ahead to a time when you are a young girl, probably 18 or 19. See what happens to your father, what happens to him?

C: He has not returned since I was 10 years.

T: Maybe you can see and find out what happens to your father?

C: He died in a car crash.

T: When did you come to know this?

C; When I was 14

T: Who takes care of you now?

C: My maid

T: Who earns the money for you?

C: My father has big property and business.

T: Do you go sometimes out now?

C: yes (Nods)

T: Look into the eyes of each of the maids, if you can recognize any of them.

C: Rajni ma’am, class teacher of three.

T: Okay… Anyone else?

C: No

T: Anyone family member from this lifetime, if you knew them then also?

C: …No

T: That’s fine

T: Lily let’s move ahead in your life, to any other significant event in your life?

C: …

T: Where are you?

C: In the company

T: What you are you doing there?

C: I am doing my work.

T: What work do you do Lily?

C: The work my father left.

T: What business was your father in?

C: No

T: Look around, what work other people are doing? What is it they are engaged in doing?

C: … Financial business

T: Do you like doing this?

C: Yes, but there is one more business

C: The underground business

T: What sort of business is that?

C: Very bad

T: What makes you say bad?

C: They carry gun. I think I saw someone.

T: Who is it?

C: I saw my brother. (Her elder brother in this lifetime) (Excited, then started panicking)

T: What is he doing?

C: He is ordering weapon. It’s scary.

T: What does he do with those weapons?

C: They kill people. They transport these weapons to army and having them kill people.

T: But, you said they are sending the weapons to the army, they protect people and what makes you say killing?

C: They are killing innocent also.

T: How is Lily related to him?

C: My father’s right hand.

T: Did you know about all this before joining the business?

C: No (Nods)

T: What innocent people they are killing Lily?

C: The people who accidently make them angry.

T: What is his name?

C: Ryon

T: What is Ryon’s age?

C: 30

T: When Ryon is 30, what is your age lily?

C: 20

T: Move forward a little bit in time and see what happens between Ryon and Lily?

C: Since father’s only child, I took over the underworld.

T: How do you feel about it?

C: I get trained and strong. I feel powerful and Ryon, he is like my elder brother, he protects and tells me what to do.

T: Let’s move ahead to any other significant event from that life time?

C: No

T: Maybe you can move ahead in time to the time of your wedding?

C: … I am married to my business partner.

T: What is your age now?

C: Around 30

T: What is the name of your husband?

C: I don’t know

T: What I his age?

C: 32

T: Ask him his name, maybe he can tell you?

C: Henry

T: Can you ask him his full name?

C: No…

T: What year is it now?

C: I don’t know

T: You might see a wedding invitation card. Check the date on the card. (Tilts head to the left)

C: (Tilts head to the left) 1934

T: Does Henry knows about the underworld business?

C: No

T: Do you know Henry by anyway in this lifetime?

C: No (Nods)

T: What made you join the business Lily, as you said they killed the innocent also with them?

C: I wanted to change the rule.

T: Could you change the rule?

C: Yes

T: What did you do?

C: People who weren’t punished by Government I punished them.

T: In anyway do you remember who in the Government then?

C: No

T: Let’s move ahead in time, how is your married life with Henry?

C: It’s beautiful

T: Move ahead in time does henry gets to know your underworld business?

C: Yes (Nods)

T: How is his reaction?

C: He tried to kill me.

T: What made him do so?

C: He wanted to take over my business.

T: Did he succeed?

C: Yes (Nods)

T: Where was Ryon at that time?

C: He resigned.

T: Did you have any children?

C: I was pregnant

T: Probably you can take your hand to your womb and recognize your child from anyone in this life?

C: No

T: It’s okay

C: I am tired

T: We will stop it. Can you tell me how did he kill you?

C: He shot me in stomach.

T: See how is the death feeling?

C: Anger

T: Okay towards henry?

C: yes

T: Leave that body now, watch the body from a distance, how do you feel now?

C: Regret and sad

T: See if there is anybody come up to take you?

C: No

T: What is it that you feel regret about?

C: Couldn’t protect my child (While history taking she mentions once getting panicked and anxious when dogs chased her younger brother. She put the blame on herself even though she was nowhere in the scene, he asked her if she wants to come, she didn’t go and thus she started blaming herself that if I would have gone I might have saved him.)

T: Is there any way you could have done that?

C: Yes

T: Is there any way you could have?

C: I could have fought.

T: Float above the scene. And see if there is any message from Lily.

C: There is always another chance in another life.

T: Any other?

C: Never feel weak in front of love. (Sobbing)

T: What’s happening?

T: Are you feeling complete now? Is there anything else her to learn and understand in this life?

C: Rubs palm

T: Is there anyway Lily could have forgiven Henry?

C: No (nods)

T: Maybe let’s go towards the end of Henry’s life. What happens to him?

C: He got killed.

T: Who killed him?

T: One enemy, he had to take revenge.

T: What did Henry do to him?

C: I killed one of his family members.

T: Why did you kill his family member?

C: He raped many women and tortured them.

T: Why he killed Henry, he could have killed you?

C: I was no more, he wanted to take revenge.

T: What do you feel for Henry now?

C: He deserved what he did.

T: How is he feeling? Is he feeling any regret?

C: I don’t know

T: Do you want to continue?

C: No (nods)

T: As henry has got what he deserved, can you forgive him now?

C: Yes

T: Beautiful

(She seemed very tired now, I brought her back to the garden | 13:38 PM)

T: See if anyone wants to come and talk to you.

T: Is there anyone?

C: Yes (nods)

T: Who is it?

C: My sisters!

T: Can you name them?

C: Khushi, Sonu, Laxmi

T: What is it they are telling you?

C: They are laughing and playing and all.

T: Do you feel like playing with them?

C: Yes

T: Okay, go and enjoy, play with them.

T: How are feeling now?

C: Good

T: Beautiful, see if they have any message for you?

C: …

T: Do they have any message?

C: Yes, don’t get fooled easily.

T: Can we rephrase this statement into being smart and cautious?

C: Yes (Nods)

T: is there anything else they would want to say?

C: No (Nods)

T: So we have few very beautiful messages, right? Can you just repeat them?

C: 1. Don’t be weak in front of love

  1. There is always another chance in another life.

  2. Be smart and conscious. (She said conscious, so I let it be)

T: Can we say, stay strong for love and protect who you love.

C: Yes

T: Has Lily forgiven Henry now, for what he did?

C: Yes

T: So there are 4 messages now:

  1. Stay strong for love and protect those you love.

  2. There is always another chance in another life.

  3. Be smart and conscious.

  4. Forgive those who hurt you, because people always get what they deserve, because God always gives them what they deserve.

Closing | 13:48 PM

Session 5 | 18/03/23 | 12:35 PM| 3:00 PM

The client was a bit angry because of certain things. So, we talked a little bit about that.

Start Time | 13:21 PM | Induction | Dave Elman followed by Progressive Relaxation

Regression | 13:55 PM

T: Where are you now?

C: (Rolling eyes) It’s just black.

T: Maybe take a few steps ahead and see if there is anything around. Any source of light?

C: I see endless black hole.

T: Alright, take a few steps, and as you walk ahead you will find a door in front of you? … Do you see a door?

C: Yes (Nod)

T: Go near the door. Are you near the door?

C: yes!

T: Try to open that door and see if it’s opening or not?

C: Are you able to open the door?

C: Yes (Nod)

T: 3…2….1 Open the door… Did you open the door?

C: Yes (Nod)

T: Take a look at your feet what is it you are wearing?

C: …. (Client was falling asleep)

T: What is it you are wearing Akriti?

C: Sandal

T: What is the colour of the sandal?

C: Pink

T: Look at the dress you’re wearing?

C: It’s just a long one piece!

T: What is the colour of that one piece?

C: Pink and white. (Pinches her eyes)

T: What’s happening? What is this expression?

C: No (Nod)

T: Are you feeling cold?

C: Yes (Nod)

T: Is it a cold place you are in?

C: Yes (Nod)

T: Look around may be you can find a shawl or robe or anything? Did you find?

C: No

T: Okay, what is your age?

C: 15 or 16

T: How long are your hairs?

C: Pretty chopped

T: With the environment around what place are you in?

C: No (Nod)

T: As I count 3 to 1 find yourself to any important event in this life? 3…2…1… Where are you now?

C: My birthday

T: Who else is around you?

C: Family members

T: What’s your name?

C: No (nod)

T: Maybe someone calls you by your name to says something?

C: No (Nods)

T: Okay, no issues! Who are the family members around you? Can you recognize any of them?

C: No!

T: What’s your age?

C: 15

T: What are you wearing?

C: This is a different type of cloth.

T: As in?

C: As in traditional

T: Which tradition?

C: Don’t know

T: May be you can describe little bit about type of clothing?

C: Red colour, full, different designs.

T: What time do you think people would wear those kind of clothes?

C: Don’t know!

T: Is it old or new?

C: A type of old

T: Maybe you can look for your parents, where are they?

C: …

T: Your mother, your father where they are?

C: No (Nod…)

T: Is it your house you are in?

C: Yes (nod)

T: What kind of house is it?

C: House made of clay.

T: What is the size of house, big or small?

C: Pretty big!

T: How many people do you think live in this house?

C: Around 20

T: Are those 20 people around you?

C: No (Nod)

T: Is there anybody around you?

C: Yes (Nod)

T: How many people are around you?

C: 5-6

T: Who are they?

C: Children around my age?

T: Are they your friends or siblings?

C: Cousins

T: Do you recognize any of them?

C: No (Nods)

T: One by one look into the eyes of your cousins may be you have seen them in this life, anyone!

C: ….

T: Are you looking into their eyes?

C: Yes (Nod)

T: Is there anyone you know?

C: No (Nod)

T: it’s okay, it’s fine! Maybe you can ask them about your parents where are they?

C: (Pinching eyes … (started having pain in stomach)

14:23 PM…

14:28 PM

T: How does this pain feels?

C: Not good

T: How does it make you feel?

C: Pain

T: Have you felt this pain earlier also?

C: Yes (Nod)

T: When you have felt this pain?

C: Many times

T: Is there anything particular that happens which starts the pain?

C: Yes (Nod)

T: What is it?

C: When I eat something spicy.

T: Have eaten something spicy today?

C: Yes (Nod)

T: What have you eaten?

C: Coriander and kuchha aam ka (raw mango) chutney? I forgot to take medicine.

T: You want to go and take the medicine now?

C: Yes

T: Do you like eating spicy?

C: Yes

T: All right! (Awakened her)

End Time | 14:33 PM

Started Again | 14:51 PM

We did Temple Visualization, I felt like that pain was not just because she missed her medicine, I felt something happened in the scene as well, so I wanted her to feel safe)

For some time, we did the visualization, and she couldn’t find any master coming, she only saw a Buddha statue there. I asked to see if there is any box and if there is something in that box. She found a paper, in which something was written. She couldn’t read it, so I handed a paper and pen to her to draw the shapes. She drew a few lines, later is the following conversation:

C: A message saying, my recent life is connected to my inner self.

T: Okay… Are you ready to go back then?

C: No!

T: What makes you say that?

C: I don’t know I have a feeling it’s not good.

T: You can float above if you don’t want to experience it?

C: I am not ready. I need to be a little bit more strong for all this.

T: Who is this saying?

C: My inner self.

T: What else is your inner self saying?

C: I need to take control.

T: Take control of what?

C: My emotions.

T: Any emotions in particular?

C: All the emotions.

T: Is there any guidance your inner self would give, how to control your emotions?

C: No (Nod)

T: Maybe you can ask yourself how do I learn taking control of my emotions?

C: I need to have better lifestyle, better environment.

T: Ask your inner self what can make your lifestyle and environment better.

C: By focusing on positive things.

T: Beautiful, is there any guidance from your inner self?

C: No!

T: Okay… Are you happy with your answers your inner self has given?

C: Yes (Nods)

T: Ask your inner self, is there anything elseyou would likeme to do?

C: Change the way?

T: Ask your inner self what changes do I need to bring in?

C: More knowledge, more fitness and more focusing on positive things.

T: Okay… beautiful…. Ask your inner self, who is going to help you in this journey?

C: No answer

T: it’s okay… Is there anything else you would want to ask your inner self?

C: No (nods)

T: Do you want to stay here for some time, with your inner self?

C: Yes (Nods)

T: Alright! Embrace the energy of the temple, of the Buddha and your inner self.

After a few minutes

T: Shall we come back now?

C: Yes (Nod)

T: Beautiful! Always remember, your inner self is your guide. Always listen to your inner self. Whenever you want to have this conversation with your inner self, you can have that. Just visualize yourself in the garden or the temple and you will be meet your inner self.

Visualization to bring back in the garden.

T: Are you back in the garden.? Maybe now is the time to take a walk in the garden and take a look at the trees and the animals inside the garden.

Maybe you can just reflect on the guidance your inner self has given you!

Closing 15:37 PM

(She doesn’t remember few things after waking up!)


  1. Take control of your emotions.

  2. With better lifestyle and better environment, you can take control of your emotions.

  3. By focusing on positive things you can make your environment better.


  • Stay strong for love and protect those you love.
  • There is always another chance in another life.
  • Be smart and conscious.
  • Forgive those who hurt you, because people always get what they deserve, because God always gives them what they deserve.
  • Take control of your emotions.
  • With a better lifestyle and a better environment, you can take control of your emotions.
  • By focusing on positive things you can make your environment better.

Similarities between experiences

  1. She went to the times of her current age only. And a feeling of loneliness she felt earlier. She shared later that her anger has come down. She mentioned recognizing her inner power which she found in the first session where she mentioned Ryon training Lily, it made her feel better and strong. A similar lesson was shared by her sisters in garden.


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