Parallel universe Multiverse and all the jazz and then love ❤️?

How do you put all this together…
@sandhya asked me about parallel universe and such things a few days ago and I :shushing_face: shhed her saying you don’t need to know all that… focus on knowing thyself! Which is the greatest of mysteries but I found a movie which puts it all together and it’s the……
The Adam Project!

One amazing line from this movie was, “it’s easier to be angry than being sad….”
Lets me Know if you watched it and what do you feel….


@venu Ji
I have seen this movie for my interest in alien life and sci fiction. I really enjoyed watching this movie and particularly the part where the younger version seem to be wise one. Thank you for reminding me to watch it again :slight_smile:


Hahah…No worries sir, The best part is that you never let me go empty handed. Even in that mail I was enlightened by your teachings…I just watched the movie and must say that it is definitely a stunning movie. I definitely got some ideas but I still need to explore more to understand the depth of the Parallel Universe. The common and the best thing I was able to figure out was ’ The Time Traveling’ and ‘LOVE’, The song lyrics really took my heart away ‘Let My Love Open the Door’.

This line is very important. In trauma - informed therapy, we acknowledge that anger is often frozen grief. :pray:

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