Past shaping the present and present shaping the future

I am based out of Bengaluru, and by qualification I am a Chartered Accountant. After having spent 20 years working for various multinational companies, I now run my own advisory firm.
I have been a rational person looking for logic in everything and going about things in a systematic manner.

Born into a Hindu family, and blessed with grandmothers telling stories from the Ramayana and Mahabharatha, I never doubted the concept of rebirth and reincarnations. But, the rational mind always was curious to get a more convincing experience than just having had the book knowledge from the religious scriptures.

A chance meeting in 2004, with a ‘naadi’ astrologer, who predicted many future events which later turned out to be right, created the curiosity in me about how someone could predict my future life. This led me to a 3 year course on vedic astrology at Bharatiya Vidhya Bhavan in Bengaluru. I could get to learn the basics of the Vedic astrology, but I still did not have answers on the root cause. The search continued and I happened to watch a television show, “Raaz Pichle Janam Ki” - “Secrets from the past life”. It was a PLRT session that was shown on the television and I found it difficult to believe that someone could look into their past life so easily. I then met couple of PLR therapists, who told me about “Many Lives Many Masters.” After, I read that book, I was more curious to experience past life regression. As I searched for a PLRT in Bengaluru, I ended up finding Amarantos. This led me to a life changing workshop by Venu Murthy, my Guru and disciple of our great master and author Dr. Brian Weiss. Life has turned out to be more positive and meaningful after this workshop. I am able to learn from the experience I have had and also from the experiences of my clients, friends and family. It is said that we are all here to learn and the experiences teach us to evolve further. I feel blessed that through the process of PLRT, I am of some help to people and also I am getting to learn from their experience instead of having to go through them.

The best part of past life regression therapy is that the client is able to get the answer for his question from within himself/herself instead of the therapist or astrologer saying something. I find PLRT to be more convincing and effective as the client is able to go to the root of the problem.

In addition to my main job as a chartered accountant, I play the role of a past life regression therapist. I also spend time travelling, playing chess and cricket, and assist in running a charitable organisation - Aapatsahaaya Foundation, through which we support education of children.

Through this forum, I look forward to learning from others and sharing my limited knowledge for the larger benefit.


Wow what a joy to have you here with us Harish :pray:


Thank you Venu for setting this forum up.:pray:

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