Payback time - Experiencing past life through meditation

The below is not a PLR case conducted by me. It is a past life experienced by a client of mine and I wanted to share this here.

Many years back, I was reading a book by Swami Vivekananda and he had mentioned that he was able to recollect his past lives. He had also mentioned that all of us are capable of recollecting our past lives, once we are able to meditate. It is said about Gautam Buddha, that, he was able to visualize all his earlier births before he attained enlightenment. For me, it was impossible to even comprehend that we humans are capable to recollect our past lives until I read Dr. Brian’s book ‘Many Lives Many Masters’ and interacted with few of the past life regression therapists (PLRT). It was only after I became a PLR Therapist and came across a couple who recollected a life time where they were together, I could conclude for myself that past life exists.

The question which is frequently asked is ‘Why do I need to know my past life? Why can’t I just focus on my present and future, while I let go of the past’. A very valid question. In my humble opinion, it is great if we can focus on the present and the future, but honestly many of us (including myself) are not able to let go of our past. We are always guided by our past experiences and this creates the hurdle for moving forward. We end up repeating the reactions/ mistakes unaware of the repetitive nature of our reactions. But once we are conscious of the mistake / reaction and understand that we need not repeat it, only then the outcome is going to be different. The reaction to the emotion is the key change that needs to come through. Recollecting the past makes us aware of this. Once we have learnt the lessons we are ready to move ahead to a new learn a new chapter.

I have been trying different meditation techniques with many being guided meditations that are available online and also joined few online classes, but was not able to experience any past life due to lack of dedication and sincerity from my end. The only past life I experienced was during the workshop on PLRT where I learnt PLRT. I had heard of Vipassana meditation from a colleague at Unilever about 9 years ago. It is a 10 day residential Buddhist meditation program as taught by late Mr. S N Goenka. I wanted to explore this technique but the busy life did not permit. Finally, in December 2022, I was blessed to attend the course in Bengaluru. The website is “”. They have many centres across the globe and the course is completely free with food and accommodation. One needs to book 2-3 months in advance. It runs on donations and one is free to contribute whatever they can. During the 10 days, one is fully focused on mediation from 4.30 am in the morning to 9.00 pm in the night, with few breaks in between. In the evening they play out videos of Mr. S N Goenka, who explains about the Vipassana technique. Mr. S N Goenka’s Vipassana meditation was used by IPS Kiran Bedi to reform the inmates of the notorious Tihar Jail in India. This is one big story of jail inmates reform in India and you can read more about it on the internet. During the course, the participants are not allowed to speak to each other or their family members. Mobile phones and other electronic gadgets are not allowed. The course is quite intense and can work wonders if one is serious.

Personally for me, the 7th, 8th and 9th days were extremely relaxing and refreshing. I was suffering from a gum infection a week before the start of the course. After a course of antibiotics, I was fit just in time for the course. But, on the 4th day of the course, the gum infection came back and I had no medicines except a pain killer which I took. The pain returned on the 5th night and the swelling of the gums could be felt again. As I moved ahead with the meditation on the 8th the swelling disappeared and so did the pain. It has never come back during the last 6 months and I have taken no medicines for this. I could feel a sense of healing of my body. There was a sense of calm and peace in me. I could however, not visit any of my past lives, but just loved the time I had spent with myself. I shared my experience with few of my clients. One of them was Nandita (name changed).

Nandita is a 40 year old woman and has been through many PLR sessions with me. Nandita, who was amongst my first few clients, used to have frequent attacks of breathlessness (similar to asthma), I am not familiar with the medical terminology. During the PLRT session, she had visited a past life, in which she was called Nandini. She had lived her lifetime in a port town called Thoothukudi (A small town in the South of India). Nandini had a very abusive and violent husband. The couple were childless. Since, he wanted to live with another woman, the husband wanted to get rid of Nandini. He had mixed rat poison in her food and she had choked to death after consuming that food. This was the same choking/ breathless feeling Nandita experiences when she gets the attack in this life. Nandini was supposed to me married to her childhood friend but was forcefully married off by one of her relatives as a conspiracy to a womanizer. The childhood friend is her husband in this life. After her PLRT sessions, the attacks had become very rare and she was happy with the healing.

Influenced by my Vipassana experience, Nandita attended the 10 day course in April 2023. On the 10th day the participants are given back their mobile and other electronic gadgets which they would have deposited before the start of the course. They are then allowed to use their mobile. On the 10th day, about 4.30 in the evening, I received a call from Nandita. She had informed me about her plan to do the course and I was looking forward to hear her experience. She said she was calling me after speaking to her husband. The first question she asked me was, “Can we experience past life during meditation?”

I was surprised by the question and asked her what happened and why this question. She said that during meditation, she felt she had a past life experience but was not sure if it was actually one. She then went on to narrate the below.

During the last year Nandita (though based in Bengaluru) had been buying some dresses online from a lady (Deepali) based in North India. Though Nandita and Deepali had only exchanged whatsapp messages and had never spoken to each other, Nandita felt a sisterly connection with Deepali. She felt nice buying the dresses from her. Her husband wondered, why Nandita did not buy dresses locally. Nandita experienced occasional pain on the left side of her head and shoulders. During the 7th or 8th day of the course, Nandita experienced the same pain. However, this time it was severe. During the meditation, one is not allowed to move or open their eyes. The severe pain brought tears in Nandita’s eyes, but she continued to try focus on her meditation. She saw image of a small hut. She tried to bring her focus back on meditation but after some time the image of the hut came back. This time she allowed herself to go with the flow.

Inside the hut, Nandita saw herself as Nandini (same past life she has visited during the PLRT session with me), sitting and worshipping. Her husband barged into the hut and got furious that she had not yet cooked food for him. Enraged, he picked up a grinding stone and threw it at Nandini. During the olden days, the grinding stone was a common household item. It was used to crush the turmeric, chilies and other spices. The stone was quite big and had hurt Nandini’s head, shoulder and arm. She screamed in pain and blood was all over the side of her face, shoulder and arm. She felt some bones had also broken. She was experiencing the same pain which she had experienced as Nandita at the time of meditation. Hearing Nandini’s scream, the neighbours rushed in. One of them was Deepavali. Deepavali scolded Nandini’s husband as to how he could just do this because the food was not ready. The husband rushed out of the house to avoid the neighbours. Deepavali send her brother across to get the local vaidya (local term for ‘doctor’). The doctor crushed few herbs /leaves, gave Nandini the juices to drink. He also applied the crushed leaves on the injury and tied some sticks, as a few bones had been broken and ordered complete rest for couple of months. Deepavali saw the worried look on Nandini’s face and told her not to worry about cooking and that she would cook for Nandini and her husband too. Nandini used to call her ‘Valli akka’. ‘Akka’ is the term used to address elder sister. Till Nandini was fit, Valli supplied the family with food and it was only after few years from then, that Nandini’s husband had poisoned her. Deepavali would bring food everyday till Nandini was sick. Nandini told Deepavali that she felt gratitude for Deepavali’s help and said that she felt sad that she could not do anything for her in return. To this, Deepavali replied, that she can do it later when time comes. Deepavali is the same lady, Deepali, in the present life, from who Nandita buys dresses.

Deepavali’s brother informed Nandini’s relatives about Nandini being hit by her husband, but they were indifferent and said that the husband and wife would resolve the matter amongst themselves. He then went to the childhood friend of Nandini and informed him about the incident. Nandini’s childhood friend confronted her husband and they both exchanged blows in which the friend’s clothes were torn and his chest was visible. There was a dark scar below the chest of her childhood friend (who is Nandita’s husband in the present life). The friend had warned her husband and let him go after a bashing with a warning. As she was informed of the incident, Nandini wondered how different life would have been if she was married to her childhood friend instead of the womanizer husband of hers.

Nandita had called her husband when she got back her mobile after the meditation and he had confirmed that there is a light scar below his chest. It was the same area where the childhood friend had the scar. Just to remind you, the childhood friend of the past life is Nandita’s husband in the present life.

After this past life experience, Nandita told me that she could now connect the dots. Nandita said the names were also so similar, Deepali and Deepavali. Before the meditation course, Nandita had exchanged many whatsapp messages with Deepali for buying the dresses and wondered why she was feeling some kind of connection with her, though the two had never met or spoken to each other. It was as if they were sisters. Nandita always felt she should help Deepali in her business by buying dresses though she had never known her before. Nandita now understood the reason for this feeling - this was her way to pay back her ‘Vali akka’.

Nandita, called me again few weeks after her return from the meditation and said she had spoken to Deepali and they both had a very warm conversation though they were speaking to each other for the first time. Nandita shared her past life experience with Deepali. Deepali is from UP, in North India. She has never been to South India but is keen to travel to South India and Tamil Nadu in particular. She also has a liking for the South Indian dishes like idly, dosa and pongal, which is very surprising to her family members. They do not prepare these dishes at home. After hearing the past life of Nandita, Deepali was able to understand where here fondness for South India and South Indian food comes from.

My client had experienced a past life while mediating and this has given me also the confirmation to continue with the meditation technique. The science is simple in PLRT, we relax the client’s body first and then the mind through breathing instructions and this is what is done at the time of meditation, so Nandita’s experience is not a surprise. There are some people in the Amarantos family who have already had past life experiences while meditating. I am also looking forward to experiencing past life some day while meditating.


Dear Harish,
Thank you so much for sharing the informative experience of your client regards visting a past life in meditation.

also you have very aptly stated



Yes sir by knowing our past life mistakes we learn and get understanding of
our bad good doings and in present we can escape from doing any wrong… nce


Thank you Harish for sharing such a wonderful case and experience .
Vipasna though I’ve never personally attended any sessions myself but have always heard very great feedback from acquaintances who have attended .


Every session has something very different and unique to offer. This too was very interesting, reminding us again to be mindful of our actions and that no effort goes in waste. I m planning to take up vipassana too.
Thank you for this write up.


Thanks for sharing such a detailed account of your client’s past life experience. :pray: It is beautiful to see people accessing their subconscious mind through different types of tools and modalities.


I am reading the book Though Time into healing and I have reached on page
no 124. And I intrested thing I got that Dr Brain weiss has got his first
exprience of past life during series of acupressure massage treatments for
chronic back pain and neck pain. And it was before the publishing of book
“Many lives Many masters”… wow. I think…


Hi Harish…Thank you for sharing the above
I have done Vipasna courses and also was a sevika once…
My sister is into Vipasana and also a meditator…
She also had some future visions like seeing of snake
Butterfly etc…
Which she saw the next day…the same colour etc


Frnds I am reading the book Throgh time into healing and I go through the
page no 149 and and came to know some techniques to remember past life and
this technique is called face technique… I will share some lines that I
had go through

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Respected sir, Mam and all my Amarantos family and specially my omega
batch. I am going to share my today’s case in short words. As I did my
today’s case as guidance from my angles and imagination from many days. The
case that I did was the case of my one collegue and she and my new work
place is totally new to me. Yesterday my collegue was very upset and don’t
know the reason. And accidentally today she ask me [afrer seeing my status
from last 2 weeks] that mam are you doing past life therapy I said yes and
she told me will you do for me. I said yes no problem and I started my
therapy with some steps

  1. We prey to almighty :pray:
  2. Started with progressive relaxation technique and then stairs and garden
  3. After that I ask her to remember some happy childhood moment. And her
    response was that she like to watch :star2: :star2: stars and she feel relaxed while
    watching them
  4. Then I ask to relax in the garden again and after that i told her to
    open the door and see were are you…
  5. My collegue saw sky with coluds and then she go to her past life house
    were there was her mother and brother and she had wear night dress her age
    was 25yrs and she recognize her name Shinya. But her relationship with her
    mother was not good.
  6. After that I told her to go in future of that life time were she was
    married now but still unhappy.
  7. Then I told her to go to her death time and find out the cause of death
    in that life time and she said that the cause of her death was hanging…
  8. I asked her that why that and her reply was that she was unhappy with
    her life. 9. i asked to
    see her soul out of body what she is feeling and she said that she was not
    happy with the death because she was neglected by everyone in that lifetime.
  9. And she told that her past life mother is still her present life mother
    and is doing same to her.
  10. And last I asked her that what lessons you learn from that lifetime
    share and she told that “if god have given you life enjoy it”
  11. And after that I called her back In the garden and told her to rest and
    after that I told her to slowly open your eyes :eyes: :notes:
  12. I asked her that now what you feel she said I am feeling very very
    But god will help more sessions are needed to done with her
    Thanking you
    Amarantos family
    With regards
    Meenakshi pandita
  13. I asked he
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Thanks for sharing Meenakshi, Can you create it as a new post as it has come as reply to Harish’s.

@HarishPL Thank you for sharing this. Doubles up the belief on this modality and the power of meditation. Just by awareness of these facts how beautifully Nandita healed her age old pains.

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Today’s regression therapy was totally based on spritual experience and specially on the eve of teachers day today my guys became my teachers

Dear family members I am reading book of Dr Brain weiss only Love is real. And when I reached on chapter 20… I got shock and Also feel very surprised that some clients during their PLRT session these mystical, magical, spritual and dramatical experience are taking place. That is also one beauty of PLRT…


@Meenu_Pandita this is amazing​:clap:. It is wonderful to know the shocking results and shocking transformations and the proof of miracles that happens in PLR and meditations. Thanks to Dr. Brain Weiss for all his work and to venu for bringing this miraculous science to us. And thanks a lot for sharing this post here. :pray: :cherry_blossom:

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Thanku mam. I am glad that we are so lucky.