***PHOBIA may be stemming from a Past Experience***

Name - Kangana ( Changed)
Age - 25, F, VAK-8,7,4, Eye roll - 3, Hypnosis Test - 7/10
Time - 2 and 1/2 hour
Session done - G-Meet ( online)

History Taking - Client has been on medication, therapy for a while. Becomes confined to Bed when she hits a low. mood swings, Over weight.

All Prep check done. When told incase of any discomfort, do let me know and Client said she was very hesitant but wanted to experience PLR for Healing. She categorically asked " If I get too anxious I will vomit" I mentioned, she need not worry, if she feels like vomiting, she can let me know.

Purpose - Want to stop dwelling in my past. Have been going for Therapy since many years. Suffers from emetophobia (vomit phobia).

T - Go to a significant moment into your current life
C - Its a happy moment, He is there with us on a trip. we are going to Mahableshwar. Just us friends.
C- I see me and my best friend visiting an orphanage. he has stopped talking to me. We fought. lost my childhood best friend.

(After 40 minutes of inner child work what evolved is as under)
C - I am 4 years old. I hate my teacher. She shouts at me for no reason. I can see myself running to the toilet to vomit. She always does this. I always try to impress her but she is never happy. She beats me. One day i remember I vomited in front of her in class. I know she hates me.
T - what is making you Vomit? What does Vomit mean you
C - Fear
T - At the count of 3 to 1 you will reach a memory from inutero in your mothers womb.
C - Its mushy, warm and I feel love. ( Client smiles and stays quiet for some time)
T - Feel the love and be there. Now at the count of 3 to 1 you will see yourself born.
C - i am feeling pain
T - Where are you?
C- Hospital but not with my mother
T - Who is with you.
C- Doctors are trying to do something on me. I have a problem I think. My mother had some complication. But she is safe.
T - G to the moment and describe what do you feel is the problem.
C - The doctor just put his finger and made me vomit blood. Other wise I would have died.
T - What does Vomit mean to you
C - Death
T - where are you now
C- With my mother. I can see my father too.

Post Session Integration - After the client details once again. when asked of what does Vomit mean she said Fear - Death - anxiety.
Client feels that she has been able to make peace with why she gets the feeling of nausea when she gets Anxious or Fearful.

Regression notes in her words as under;

"This is the first time I experienced what it past life regression is, I actually thought it would be like it’s shown in movies but it wasn’t. It was an eye opener for me. My mind tends to suppress even the latest memories that cause me pain.

Like, when I was remembering my gym coach, yes I was narrating that incident but I really saw him. Otherwise I don’t remember his face clearly until I see a picture because my mind tends to suppress painful memories.

And the surprising one was the childhood memories when I was in school and the time when I took birth. I only had some idea where my emetophobia (vomit phobia) was emerging from. But I wasn’t sure of it until we did this session.

I knew I associated fear with vomit because of my school. But I never knew why I associated it with death. Until we experienced my birth in the past life regression session when I saw how sick I was and how necessary it was that time for me to vomit In order to safe me life. That’s how I realized how I associated it with death. I learnt in some way of how my thinking works. Not completely, but somewhat yes.

I experienced every moment like I was there. Like the year had changed and I was back in time.

It was a very new experience for me. Thank you so much for making it so comfortable! And I really hope with time and with some sessions we are able to finish this phobia.

I’m very satisfied with the first session and I’m looking forward to the life coaching sessions and more PLR sessions to know more about myself and discover myself.

Thank you so much again!


Thank you Induji for sharing this invaluable session with us. This sheds light on how uncomfortable situation creates fear and starts dictating our life experiences. And how with help we can shine light of our consciousness on these unconscious behaviours and healing begins. Do share if your client felt relief from the condition and her overall wellbeing.


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Great session, and a powerful healing…Indu thanks for this

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Wow…great session!!!

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Wonderful session, surely our phobias originate from our past. And our conscious has all the answers.

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Thank you, Yes the client has started to feel less nausea. She has not been regular as she feel better now. Sometimes I have seen client does not priorities healing or therapy once case resolved