Physical & Mental hepta healing from the heavenly lights and Spiritual guidance from the Universal Powers & Unspoken Connect with Parents

Past life Regression Therapy does not only live up to its name, but its healing properties are beyond than its name suggests. It is so magical that when the client did not experience any past life, or I could not lead the client into any therapeutic healing situations, yet the healing happened through the Heavenly lights and the Spiritual Guidance from the Universal Powers. During the session the client witnessed the following lights: Yellow, Pink, Brown, Black, Green and White
This healing has been possible with the blessings of Our beloved Venu Sir, Our Masters, Our Ancestors and all the Divine Powers.

Typhoid – Almost Healed
Daytime sleep- Good Sleep – Completely Healed
Decision Making – Able to make decisions
Excess of Heat – Almost Healed
Body Itching – Almost Healed
Constipation – Completely Healed.
Turning Blue of Hand Nerves due to stress– Completely Healed

Session: 1

Vitals: Meera [Name Changed], F, 32+, 9/10
Dominant Sense: K
Secondary Dominant Sense: V and A
Eye Roll Test: 3.0
Pain Level Before: 8
Pain Level After: 0

Theme: 1) I Want to Connect with Mom & Dad
2) Why my decisions are never perfect

T- Therapist
C- Client

A 32-Year-old Meera [Name Changed], the only adorable princess of her parents enjoyed her childhood in being active, intelligent, good in sports etc. Her parents had built a new house and when they moved in there, they experienced a lot of paranormal activities. One day at night Meera saw a lady wearing a white color saree who was sitting on a tree, so her parents decide to go to Gokarna [Holy Place] to perform a puja. On their way back they met with a minor accident, and just after that Meera became weak in everything, like studies, sports intelligence etc. Every good thing had discontinued from her life since then.
When she was growing up, her mother was detected with a cancer, which led Meera to discontinue her studies. Unfortunately, her mom also could not survive.
Few Years later Meera fell in love and got married with the boy named Guru, who was lazy, unemployed, wasting all of her inherited wealth and had physically abused her… Meera refused to accept the violence and released herself from the relationship.
later Meera got married to another boy named, Sagar, who was again full of greed and behind her property and inherited wealth.
At that time her father was very serious and was in the last hours of life, all she could experience was, frustration, depression, unstoppable tears etc but after her dad’s demise, not even a drop of water came out of her eyes till date.
After her father passed away Meera had suffered with a typhoid in October 2022 but then also her husband did not take care of her. She was so serious that she felt that she will not be able to live anymore but through some Mantra Jaap she felt some positive energy in her body from which she felt better, but her medication is still going on. Later she found out that her husband is having an extra marital affair and also, he wanted to sell the Meera’s inherited house as he wanted all of her money and property. The moment Meera stopped him to sell the house he started mistreating her.
Once again Meera took a decision to get away from him but now, he is pleading her to give him one more chance which is unacceptable to Meera.
Meera, the pure hearted girl needs only love, she needs a man with a pure heart who loves her and not her wealth and property. Somewhere she is also confused whether she should go for the next option or not.
Whenever Meera had got a bad dream, she felt that her Parents Or some snake having 7 heads protected her.
Meera had been going through sleep disorder since her first marriage, as she was not able to sleep properly in a daytime, she used to remain conscious during her sleep and get up with a jerk and her eyelids would become so heavy, making it difficult for her to open her eyes, she used to give some rest to her eyes then only she could open her eyes. This was very painful for her.
Meera was also experiencing, Excess of Heat, Body Itching, Turning Blue of Hand Nerves due to stress and Constipation.

Session -2

INDUCTION - Dave Elman- Garden- 3 happy memories

Happy Memory 1

T- Ok… now at the count of 3-2-1 you will be able to experience 3 happy moments of your life including Childhood.

C- Ok …

[Client Smiling]

T- What is it that you are experiencing right now?

C- I was very happy in my cousin brother’s marriage… even I am enjoying the trip with my cousins… and I was making fun for my sister… That’s it.

T- Enjoy this moment and once you are ready let me know by raising the finger.

C- Ok … I am ready.

Happy Memory: 2

T- At the count of 10-5 you will be able to witness more happy memories.

C- Ok

T- What is it that you are experiencing?

C- Happy moment with my mom, that was the last happiest day of my life…My mom, dad, everyone.

T- Enjoy this time and once you are ready just raise your finger.

C- Done

T- Let’s go to another event and explore more?

C- No

T- Would you like to come back?

C- Yes

After the Session: -

C- After meeting or after meditation when I was opening my eyes something yellow color light like it’s pass very close to my eyes. it was looking like I’m seeing real. That was nice before that I used to see green color light.

Session: 3

INDUCTION - Dave Elman- Garden-Progressive Relaxation

Theme: - I would like to connect with my parents.


C- Something is going inside me.

T- What is that?

C- Yellow color Light

T- How are you feeling with the yellow light?

C- It is Good

T- Is it a Soothing Light?

C- Yes

T- Feel the Light all over your body…You are doing very good….

C- It’s gone…it is stopped…. It just came and went.

(Meera’s voice changed and she was sounding like a 4-year-old girl)

T- Ok, currently which place are you in?

C- Again it’s coming…Little little…. I can only see yellow light.

T- Allow yourself to ask the question from the yellow light that what is it that it wants to convey you?

[Long Pause…. No Answer]

T- Would you like to stay with the light for some time?

[Long Pause]

C- No

T- Shall we move forward?

C- Yes

T-Now at the count of 10-5 allow yourself to go to the door…. 10… 9… 8… 7… 6… 5…You can see or feel the white color door…. Are you able to see or feel the white door…

[Long Pause]

C- Something Pink light is coming Didi.

T- What does it look like?

C- Just Pink Light

T- How do you feel when you see the pink light?

C- Normal

T- Is it a soothing light?

C- No

T- Is it creating any kind of discomfort for you?

C- No…It went.

T- Ok…At the count of 10-5 you will be able to see or feel the white door…. Are you able to feel the white door?

C- Yes

T- Ok… Now at the count of 3-2-1 the door will be open for you…. What is it that you are experiencing right now?

C- Rich Feeling

T- Good…Are you able to feel yourself?

C- Yes

T- Are you able to feel your feet?

[Long Pause]

C- Yes

T- What is it that you are wearing?

C- Shoes

T- Is it a Male body or a female body?

C- Something is pushing me back Didi…. My hands and legs are stiff.

T- Ok… At the count of 10-5 you will be able to float above so that you get rid of all the pain and stiffness in the body… Are you Floating above…

C- Yes

T- How are you feeling?

C- Better…My brain is circling.

T- How do you feel about the circles?

C- Some rich feeling…. It is vibrating…for my face…

T- would you like to spend some time with the vibration.

C- No

T- Ok…At the count of 10-5 allow yourself and pray to almighty and our masters to give us the permission to meet your mom and dad.

[10 min Pause]

C- I can see some Invisible face…it’s not staying….

[Did Deepening]

T- What is it that you can see or feel?

C- I am feeling…. I am feeling some energy…in middle of my eyebrows…. White light is falling down.

T- From where it is falling?

C- Nose…Some white light has come.

T- How are you feeling with the white light?

C- It’s Floating…Nice…It’s a Good Energy…. It’s continuing…It’s just changing the color.

T- Ok…What is the color now?

C- It’s Like Brown

T- How do you feel with Brown Color Light?

C- It’s Flowing

T- From where is it flowing?

C- From Eyes…. Now it is normal… I am feeling snake’s energy.

T- How do you feel with that Energy?

C- It’s Flowing in the middle of my Eyebrows and it’s paining little bit.

T- Ok…. Let the positive energy flow into your complete body…Inhale and Exhale

T- What is it the place you are currently in?

C- My Home

T- Which Home it is?

C- This Home

T- Ok… let’s go to the dining area to witness this lifetime.

C- Ok

T- What is it that you can feel or see there?

C- We all are eating food.

T- Who all are there with you?

C- Me, My sister, My sister children’s

T- How old are you?

C- 30

T- What is it that you are eating?

C- Rice and Sambhar

T- Ok, Good…Where is your mom and Dad?

C- When you said ‘Mom and Dad’ the light is coming black.

T- Ok, what is this light trying to convey you?

C- Something…I am not able to go inside.

T- Ok, I will count from 3-2-1 and you will be able to go inside.

C- The light was there for only few seconds.

[Meera Slept and started Snoring for 8 mins, then she had a Jerk]

C- Feeling Normal…. I saw some Cow…Boy Cow [Bull] … Something is happening good to me …After that came a Big One…. I got one rich positive Energy…. My full body was shivering…and now I am Normal.

T- Ok, do you have any pain in the body?

C- No

T- Good, are you able to feel yourself?

C- Yes

T- What is it the place you are in currently?

C- My Room

T- Ok, Let’s go to the dining area again…… Are you in the dining area now?

[Long Pause]

C- Yes

T- What is it that you see or feel there?

C- Sofa…Old one

T- How old are you?

C- Same age 32

T- Is there anybody around you?

C- Mom is Sitting

T- Where is she sitting?

C- On that Sofa

T- Ok, and where is Dad?

C- Dad is not there.

T- Ok, what is it that mom is doing right now?

C- She is laughing…Just sitting and laughing.

T- Is there anybody else around you and mom?

C- Only me and mom

T- Allow yourself to feel if mom is trying to convey some message to you?

C- No

[Slept for 2 mins]

C- Some Glass broken…. Got Photo don’t know…Some broken glass…Frame.

T- You mean the Photo frame is broken.

C- Yes

T- How did it break?

C- I don’t know.

T- Ok, whose pictures was in that photo frame?

C- God

T- Which God

C- Forgot

T- OK, no worries…Mom is still there?

C- Some glass behind me…. I am not able to talk with mom….I am in present but mom is in future…Yes… I can see…but I am not able to ask her anything.

T- It’s completely fine…Would you like to spend some time with mom?

[Long Pause]

C- I am not able to see her…. It came back… That glass broken…I don’t know what I am trying to say [Pause]…… I came to my home…. Same age [32] …Same Dress [The dress Meera was wearing on the day of session] ….I am seeing everything

T- What is it that you can see?

C- I am seeing my Future…. No, I am seeing my Past with Mom… Dad… but I am of the same age.

T- What is it that you are seeing?

C- Spending time with them

T- Good… Mom and dad both are there?

C- Mom

T- Is she trying to convey something?

C- I am asking my father to come.

T- What did your mom answered?

C- He is coming…

T- Ok

C- Dad [Long Pause] ……He is not coming fully.

T- Ok, I will count from 10-5 and dad will be in front of you …you may not be able to see him, but you can feel him.

C- Feeling

T- Are you feeling your dad’s presence there?

C- Yes

T- Great…. Spend some time with him and once you are done let me know.

C- Just feeling his spirit…He is holding my hand.

[Client Smiling]

T- Is he trying to convey some message to you?

[Long Pause]

C- He went.

T- Did he convey some message?

C- Just he was feeling me.

T- What is it that you are experiencing right now?

C- His feel in my hand…. He was catching my hand…Feeling that [Smiled and kept quiet]

T- Mom is there?

C- She left.

T- Do you need some time to stay with their memories?

C- They went.

T- Ok, shall we go little forward in time?

C- No, I am in a normal stage…. I want to come back.

T- Ok…. Do you have any pain in the body?

C- No

T- Ok, at the count of 1-10 you will be wide awake and alert and refreshed.

After the Session: C- I was seeing so many colors. But some photo frame had broken. It was fluctuating. When I saw my mom after some time she was not there. She was sitting on sofa. I felt somebody is catching my hand, but I am not able to open my eyes. My mind is fully calm. I am feeling good. I am not able to talk more. I was sleeping but I was conscious. Something was running into my eyes. It is very relaxing. I am feeling some energy. The colors brightness, I was imagining that it was going inside my body. At first, I was Imagining then after some time the yellow color brightness was flowing down into my eyes. Every color had flowed down. First was yellow color. At Ajna Chakra I got little bit of pain. I was very conscious. It was highly active. My mom was sitting and laughing but my mom teeth was like my teeth, but my mom’s original teeth was not like mine. I was in a protection of something. I was not able to talk with her. Some glass was there between us which was protecting me. I was not able to talk but I was in the same dress I am wearing today, same age. Just I can see that she is sitting and laughing. But dad didn’t come at that time also, he was not ready to come. Afterwards he came and he was feeling me. My mind was running everywhere. I was not able to catch my mind at one stage and call him. After some time, I felt that dad is holding my hand. My mind is very clear and calm.

Session: 4

INDUCTION - Dave Elman-Garden-Progressive Relaxation – 5locked doors- mountain – flowing river – beach -Tunnel of Light

Theme: Why my decisions are never perfect


T- What is it that you are experiencing now?

C- Yes Didi…. a good thought… I am in the Garden…I am here with my close friend.

T- A friend from this life?

C- Yes Didi

T- Ok, it is He or She?

C- It is He

T- How old are you?

C- 32

T- How old is your friend?

C- 28

T- Ok, what is he trying to convey to you?

C- He is making me Tension free.

T- Ok, is he saying something?

C- Don’t think too fast… Be in present… I am able to see Light.

T- What is the color of the light?

C- It’s Green and Yellow light.

T- Are you Enjoying the light?

C- Yes

T- Your friend is still there.

C- He left.

T- Ok, would you like to stay there with light for some time?

C- No Didi…Light also went.

T- Ok.

[From the Garden I made her visualized 5 locked doors and asked her to choose any door, she chose 3rd number door…and then I guided towards the door…mountains… Flowing River]

T- What is it that place you are in?

C- There is some event… There is a beach event…

T- Ok…. So, what is happening there?

C- Program Organizing

T- Ok…Which year it is?

C- 2022…Again Green light is coming… It went… I can only see green light…Greenery…It’s coming and going…

T- Allow this green light to Heal you …. Heal your excess of heat in the body…Heal your body itching…Heal the blue nerves…Heal the Constipation and Typhoid…. Loosen your body and feel the light all over your body.

C- Yes Didi…. Something …. Something…Something Didi. I can’t explain…I am feeling that I am in the Garden…. alone…That’s it.

T- What is it that you are feeling now?

C- Door was open Didi… I am in Garden …I am seeing the garden… I am feeling it.

T- Would you like to spend some time in the garden?

C- Yes Didi

T- Ok, take your time and once you are ready then let me know

[After 3 mins]

C- Done Didi

T- Ok, are you ready to move?

C- Hmmm


[Visualization of 2 doors in the Garden and she selected 2nd one]

T- What is it that you see or feel?

C- Beautiful Mountains and Garden …Greenery Mountain…Mountains…Beach

T- There is a Beach and there are Mountains too.

C- Both [Smiling]

T- Great… What is it that you are experiencing right now?

C- I should hold on Didi…Whatever decisions I will take…I should think, and I should decide, and I should not hurry…. I should not take decisions in hurry. I should not become Over excited while taking decision…Just leave …That’s what I am feeling…that’s what something is saying.

T- From which source are you getting these messages?

C- My Soul only it’s saying to me.

T- Is your Soul still there?

C- It went……It’s Relaxing Didi

[Meera Smiling]

T- Ok, Let’s move little forward in time and space at the count of 3-2-1…. What is it that you can see or feel?

C- Some other family. I don’t know…

T- Ok, Are you able to feel or see yourself?

C- Yes

T- How old are you?

C- I am in same age [32]

T- Which place it is?

C- Bannerghatta Park [Bangalore]

T- What is that family doing?

C- That Family is taking ticket.

T- Who all are there in the family?

C- Father, Mother, Son, and daughter…I am just seeing them… they are taking the tickets… [Smiling]…They are having fun. Daddy is making fun of his son…It Went…Green light is coming… It is making circles…Green light is making circles in front of my eyes.

T- Ok, along with the green light allow yourself to float above and feel yourself…let us get the healing done for all your body parts.

C- It went.

[Visualization of Garden, Tunnel of Light]

[Client wanted to spend some time in the tunnel]

T- What is it that you are experiencing right now?

C- Movie Scene

T- Are you watching movie?

C- Yes

T- What movie it is?

C- It’s Kannada Comedy movie.

T- What is the name of the movie?

C- Don’t Know

T- Allow yourself to ask somebody around yourself.

C- It’s Just a scene, it came through my mind…… Sagar, [Meera’s 2nd Husband] Sagar’s Mother and Sister is coming Infront of me… They are coming in my imagination.

[Client did not find any significant event here hence we moved further]

T- Let’s move from here and go little forward in time at the count of 10-5

C- Ok

T- What is it that you are experiencing now?

C- Nothing is coming. Light Stopped

T- Are you able to feel yourself?

C- Yes

T- Good…

C- I am in Present.

T- Ok

C- Something is happening.

T- [Meera was in some discomfort] Are you experiencing body ache?

C- Yeah

T- Where do you have a body ache?

C- Full Body ache

T- Ok… Allow yourself to float above and get relieved from all the pain… Are you floating above?

C- Yes

T- Are you still experiencing the pain in your body?

C- No

T- Very good… Allow yourself to go to your higher self and get the answer for all the unanswered questions. To feel the masters in any form like lord Krishna or your mom and Dad

C- I am at present.

T- Ok… At the count of 3-2-1 you will be able to go the garden…. Are you in the garden?

C- Yes… Some energy is going in front of my eyes Didi… waves… waves… I am experiencing waves… Just waves… Transparent waves… Infront of my eyes… still it’s coming… It’s little bit green… Transparent waves went and green color [light] is staying… It’s going little… little… little only… it went …

C- I am at present.

T- Ok… Do you have any pain in the body?

C- No… It’s not paining.

T- Good

C- [Normal voice] I saw Vishnu… Yeah… He is blessing me… When you told me to come to Garden… at that time some enlighten I got from Vishnu …. He did not say anything… some light … He blessed from light…

T- Great… Did you experience anything else there?

C- That’s it

T- Shall we go to the garden again?

C- No


T- Ok, what is it that you have chosen to learn through these messages.

C- Before I take any decision, I should wait… I should take time… I should think and I should not rush… I should not be overexcited for any situation… That’s it.

T- Was there any message from Lord Vishnu for me

C- No… he did not tell anything.

T- Would you like to come back.

C- Yes

T- Now I will count from 1-10 and at the count of 10 you will be wide awake, alert and refreshed…. whenever you feel comfortable you can open your eyes.

Post Session discussion and Integration:

T- Do you have any body pain?

C- No… Normal pain is also not there.

T- Great… How are you feeling?

C- By Floating I was feeling very much healed.

T- Wow, that’s great

C- 1) My friend came to garden he was giving some superpower energy… we both got some energy… lightening …

C- 2) I went for one beach with the full mountain and greenery. It was an island. It was very nice. I was enjoying there.

C- 3) Somehow, I went to Bannerghatta Park. I was standing and laughing seeing some family Husband and wife with 2 children. They were making some fun while taking the ticket.

C- 4) Somebody was saying to me “Don’t think more, and don’t be confused, while taking decision you think wait and think for so many times, before that don’t decide and be calm until your… something they were telling me… and don’t rush, don’t be overexcited for anything, always be in calm, take every decision in calm situation only, don’t rush for anything, It may be anything, If you feel any happiness or any sadness just control your mind. That’s it… I don’t know who they are. For me I am only saying also I don’t know.

T- You mean that you should not take impulsive decisions, whenever you don’t know what decision you should make, in that case don’t take any step at that moment, wait for the right time so that you can make the right decision.

C- Didi, this is only what I felt when I was in a trance. Seriously… but I did not know to explain you. I told you in short, but this is what I experienced during the session. Maybe you came inside me, or you were only doing, Didi Or you only came in Vishnu avatar also.

C- 5) Every situation was for a fraction of second and then it will pass away and then the light will come.When I was floating above that time, I felt Lord Krishna is standing Infront of me but only for a fraction of second. Dashavatar Vishnu.

C- 6) After that again when I came to the garden even Vishnu had come, and he was blessing me. Just Light from his hand and that was also for a fraction of seconds.

C- 7) Afterwards Light, something was flowing like waves in my eyes, in my both the eyes some waves were falling, and it was just transparent…. No color, afterwards that green light came little bit and it passed away.

C- 8) Morning session I was seeing more of yellow color now in the evening session I was seeing more green color. I am not able to explain Didi but I am feeling a lot. I am feeling very good.

T- The lesson you got from the session, are you going to implement those teachings in your life.

C- Sure Didi

T- Did you have a trouble opening your eyes after the session?

C- No Didi, After Vishnu blessed me and went, after that situation and flowing light my consciousness has come… I got my full consciousness…. Fully [Smiling]


T- Are you satisfied with the session?

C- More, more [Smiling] I saw my lord Krishna in the Dash-avatar that he is blessing me.

T- Did you find the answers to your questions?

C- Yes Didi

T- How are you feeling after the session?

C- Very Light, my eyes are very bright, What I am seeing, m feeling very bright, so Positive energy, In this room also I am feeling some Positive energy, Its flowing.
Some Gastric problem was going on for me when I was in the trance it was paining here [Left side of chest] Now that pain is not there.

T- Do you have any questions for me.

C- No Didi

T- Did you find the resolution for your problem?

C- Yes

T- What is your Pain level now?

C- 0

T- Great, Thank you.

Reports and Recommendation:

Report has been shared with the client.

Recommended Meditation and walk and to go through the book ‘Yes or No’ by ‘Spencer Johnson’ so that she could get help in decision making.

Note: The case was done in the month of February, but I did not post it because I wanted to know what effect does seeing heavenly lights have on the body.
Thank you.


Dear Sandhya,
My heartiest compliments on a very well conducted session. Blessed are we who got the opportunity to learn the fine art of PLR from beloved Dr Venu. Very beautiful lesson of ‘considered decision making’ has been aptly established. Far amazing is the fact that the magic of therapy works even when we feel that the session didn’t proceed as per our expected progression. In my humble opinion, its the ultimate surrender to the higher masters and purity of the heart of the therapist that itself has tremendous healing power…progression of case thereafter happens in auto-mode.
I would also like to highlight your approach of patiently waiting to see the tangible effects of PLR and then posting the case.
May almighty bless you with many more success.
Best Regards,


Thank you so much Monesh :pray::blush: We are indeed blessed :pray:


Beautiful session Sandhya Ji,
I had a beautiful case recently where my client also saw Some devine energies saving her from evils and she also had some beautiful messages from Masters. I am going to post it soon.
Miraculously, my client reported, that after the session she received many surprising and out standing appreciation at her work, as if all her hardwork for years suddenly got seen and recognised, she found value in others views at work, while when she came to me she was sad, " why my efforts and good will is not seen by others"

PLR heals on multidimensional levels and unblocks so many things from life.


Dear Moumita, Thank you so much for your kind words! It’s truly heartwarming to hear about your beautiful session with your client. It sounds like a profound and transformative experience for her, encountering divine energies and receiving messages from Masters. It’s amazing how PLR can have such a profound impact on people’s lives and heal them on multiple levels.


Very good case study, Sandhya. In my experience, spirit guides are within ourselves and around us all the time - they show up sometimes as our intuition and sometimes through people (both known as well as unknown, random people) around us. Past Life Regression Therapy is indeed one of the excellent ways to get connected with our spirit guides.


Very well done @sandhya
I think the greatest experience of meeting the creator did it all!
When the session is nothing in the direction of what the client and therapist expects, it’s spontaneous and the more something is unexpected the more it’s from the oxymoron the “unconscious”


Thank you very much for your kind words and acknowledgment, My Dear Venu Sir. Meeting the creator and experiencing unexpected things during our session has indeed resulted in deep and valuable understandings and breakthroughs. I am pleased that the session had such a positive impact on the client. To continue moving forward and successfully conducting further therapies, I seek your blessings and support. :pray:

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Thank you for sharing your thoughts Murali Sir! I completely agree with you. It’s fascinating how different approaches can lead us to a better understanding of ourselves and the spiritual realm.

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