PLR case - Journey to REALM 5

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Below is my one of the PLR case wherein my wife, Nisha wanted to know about how spirituality came into her life. As she is been into multiple healing modalities. So she was curious to find the answer to the above question.

Journey begins

I was standing in front of the pond, it is a magical place. It is realm 5 and I am a big dragonfly of black color. I’m wearing a golden crown made of ruby and emerald. I work with Green Fairy, who applies the healing water of the pond on the wounds and heals the souls. The souls can see me, I tell them HI and they tell me HI. After the water is applied and they are healed, they become happy and I become bigger so that they can climb on me and I fly them to another place. I make them fly one soul at a time, there is a big line and each of them is waiting to heal. The pond also has magical flowers, sometimes they bloom and sometimes they disappear. Flowers are purple, water is plain blue at first, then it changes colour to pink. So magical water in magical pond changes colour. My name is Bittu. The fairy is big, I sit on her shoulder and her name is SLY-IV. We have no house, we don’t even sleep and sit near the pond. We spend maximum time healing souls, after they are healed I take them to another place which is the place of review and where soul sign contracts. There is a huge line and a conference like group of souls where they agree to terms and sign contracts and decide why and when they come down on earth. There is big bird, which is friend of mine, it’s beautiful white and brown in colour and is guard of that place, it’s near the entrance/gate.

I see dandelions, there are other friends that are playing. We run and play, fly around. We know no age, no numbers. I am a magical dragonfly. I can become small and big. There are other dragonflies, pink, purple, green and there is a moth that has black wings and purple design. We are all friends and we play in the garden when we have time. I see a huge pink flower, size of a building and I and my green friend that is a snail, we go into this flower. There are steps inside—it looks like lotus. The steps turn to a slide so we slide down the flower and reach outside. We see ants, big and beautiful ants, they are like vehicles so we ride on them and we are all friends. There is mushroom, where I see a frog that is angry and upset about its colour. Some magic happens and it changes to sparkly pink colour which the frog doesn’t like too and says that I’m male, pink is not for me. Nevermind, we all play later—sit on clouds and take a rainbow ride. Rainbow is magical, you become the colour you slid onto. The rainbow reaches the pond and there I see spiders swimming. We are all friends. We have fun.

I see a huge human like mountain, with green, purple trees and everything. The mountain is angry and wants to kill the fairy, but I fly and fly and be brave and come in between to save my fairy. I die while saving her and when I die my fairy says, ‘I will give you all the powers and you can heal people the same way I heal. This is your life purpose. No matter what form you take, you’ll have all the powers like me. Remember, you have to work with the soul and this is how you heal’. The fairy cried and she waved the wand and added, ‘ No one can replace me.’
Happiness, Socializing, Healing, Believe in Magic, Working on Soul level, the flower represents—finding secrets in ordinary, Shape Shifting—turning bad situation to good, changing attitude ad saving others. Work on soul level—people come to me because they know I can heal. Size doesn’t matter, intention does. Power of flying is traveling like a dragonfly and changing people’s lives.
After I died, my Fairy was so angry that she did earthquake and the mountain vanished. I was still there and became very happy and I clapped. Later on my Fairy told me: I am with you, you are not alone. Black is the only colour which can be mixed with any colour and still be black. So be black, black is powerful, magical and leave your essence on everyone. You are strong, you have that power, you are only missing wings but wings are a metaphor and you do not need wings. You will still fly without wings. She waved the wand and gave me some powers. Some special power is there, but you are not ready, you will be ready in two years. You will have wonderful powers—instant healing powers, magical powers, your gift in this life is that—you will be literally a fairy in everyone’s lives. She hugs and pampers me and tells me to go back now.
Now I see the frog again, that is my father-in-law of current life and the green snail is my father of current life. We are all holding hands and play again. We all have wings. They gave a message that we are friends and everything will always be together.
I as Nisha meet the fairy in the Garden and she says, ‘Finally, we can meet. She crowns me and gives me powers.“Go my fairy, fairy of Earth”
We are working together. She doesn’t want me to stay on earth, your place is in the realm because we are magical. You are on earth because you are needed. You are sharing my work as you are healing 50% of the soul so I can heal the remaining 50%. Lastly I see, a lost chicken so I give it back to the mother hen.


Beautiful experience indeed. So lovely

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Welcome puran… Our soul mate of GS…:pray:
Actually your session adds color to what we have gone through, while reading books like " law of sipirt world" :ok_hand:! Very rare and blessed experience you had puran ! :ok_hand:

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Though born a skeptic, life as a PLR therapist has made me humble enough to concede that, “We are in a universe of infinite possibilities!”
Thank you very much for sharing this beautiful session Dear @PURANSINGH_RAWAT.


Magical session. Thank you for sharing it.

Thank you so much Venu sir and every one.