PLR for State of Mental Unrest - Realised that Acceptance is the key to a peaceful living

|Name: M | Gender: F|Age: 47 yrs| Hypnotisability Score: 23/28 | Eye Roll Score: 1+1 (squint in left eye) |
Dominant Sense Assessment Score: V-10 | A - 7 | K - 9|Pain Level Before: 10 |Pain Level (Immediately After): 7 | Date: 10.09.2022 & 11.09.2022|
Pain Level After 1 month: 4

Client History Highlights:

  • This female has been with a lot of men despite being a married woman. She described this as “liberal attitude” when I asked her if she was being a “rebel”. She simply stated that everyone deserves to be happy, so I was looking out for my happiness. However, other than her husband, there are only 2 men who impacted her – A & S. Out of this, A shared a very deep bond with her, whereas S is more like an emotional entanglement for her (she cut ties with S after completing the therapy).
  • Got divorced in 2005, lived in with a man who was her mentor. Reconciled with her husband in 2010 as she felt that her daughters needed a family. Eventually, started working on her marriage from a more accepting perspective around 2017. This acceptance came around due to her experience with other men & friends in general, when she could value the presence of her husband & her family despite their shortcomings. Interestingly, the reason for divorce was lack of financial support from husband because she was working & husband didn’t stay with her due to his postings (army man), so he told her to manage everything herself & he would only pay for the daughters’ tuition fees at school.
  • Had a traumatic childhood. Father was an alcoholic & mother was not able to deal with the domestic violence & trauma. I her words, she mothered her mother when she was 13. In addition to this, she also witnessed her maternal grandfather suffering a mental illness & he was chained down. The family went through a considerable financial constraint.
  • Aspects she wanted to explore through PLR:
  • I feel victimised all the time. I am aware that I will end up being hurt, but I allow people to use me. I feel that people don’t let me go, even if I let them go.
  • I am in a state of acute mental unrest.
  • I love my family but at the same time I crave for some breathing space from them – their need of me makes me feel drained.
  • Financial security is more important than emotional security.
  • When I move on from some situation/ person, I don’t let the hurt stay. But I change as a person – I become indifferent to similar situations/people. Don’t know if that’s a good thing.
  • Triggers: Criticism & somebody making fun of her (her husband does that to her a lot), ill-treatment.
  • Phobia – had fear of heights but overcame that by resolve. Took a trekking trip with friends & walked over a bridge alone.

Themes Agreed Upon: (in order of priority)

  • State of mental unrest
  • If possible, explore her connection with P (a client who has been giving her a very tough time of late but she can’t walk out on him because she has worked too hard on the project to part ways at this point).
  • Her past life connection with A (love of life) if there is any.

SESSION 1: 10:00 am – 2:12 pm (10th September, 2022) Pain Level: 10

I completed Stage 1 – Stage 10. Started with Dave Elman & mixed Progressive Relaxation in between. Her favourite color was white so when I asked her to imagine a ball of white light, she told me she wanted it to be black, not white. Started with a happy childhood memory – used it as a bridging for regressing her]

T: Where are you?

C: Sector 19 house. We are in the lawn. Me & M (her brother)

T: How old are you?

C: 8/9 years

[I tried her navigating to the in-utero stage step wise but she had no visions at any point. Then suddenly she had some random visions]

T: What do you see? Where are you?

C: I see a building that is similar to PGI (a medical institute in our city). It’s a sunny day. It looks like a modern hallway here

T: What are you wearing?

C: Jeans & sweater, its winter time

T: How old are you?

C: 30 yrs. But the building is empty! There is no one around.

T: Ok. Keep walking & look around. Let me know if you see or hear something.

[Nothing happened, so we agreed to return to the garden]

T: Start walking back to the garden 5-4-3-2-1

[Instead of returning to the garden, she landed in a forest. I decided to go with the flow & let her do the taking]

C: [Her eyes processing the visuals. Suddenly, makes a body gesture suggestive of mosquito bites. Scratches her cheeks & elbows]

T: Do you want to be here?

C: hmmm [She was a man, described herself in a cowboy style of dressing with ankle boots & checked shirt, etc]

T: How old are you?

C: 30-35? I live here… in the forest

T: What do you do for a living?

C: Timber [prompt response]

T: You work here for somebody?

C: No. I own this business. I live a comfortable life. Not poor for sure! [a bit of arrogance]

T: What place is it?

C: Nothing like India – it’s a foreign land – European may be?

[Navigated her to go to her home, where she lives]

C: I see a fireplace made of rough stone. It’s a very fine Log Cabin [appreciative tone]

T: Do you see somebody else here? Look around

C: [affirmatively] I live alone! My house is comfy & cozy. [smiles] Brownie! [described it to be her pet that was furry & waiting for him in the kitchen]

[After asking a few random questions & realising there was nothing significant to explore, I navigated her to the time of her death. She had died a peaceful death during her sleep. Her learning from that life was that one can be comfortable & happy staying alone.]

T: Interesting! Would you like to go back to the lifetime that has caused you to feel victimised in this life? Try to go there as I count [5-4-3-2-1]

[Started shaking her legs. Turned to her left side & curled up. Facial expressions of pain & hissing sounds]

T: What happened to you? What is causing this pain?

C: P (her client) has again started shouting at me! Why does he have to do that all the time?

T: Take a look at him – what does he look like?

C: I think I have lost the trance. I am feeling tired; can I open my eyes?

[emerged her by a simple counting based body movement & slow opening of eyes. She woke up with stiffness in her body & she was feeling drained]

SESSION 2: 2:45 pm – 6:15 pm (10th September, 2022) Pain Level : 10

[I followed all steps to regress her. She did visit a lifetime where she saw herself as a Psychology student in an American University in the 19th century. She has never been to America in her current life. There was nothing significant in this lifetime as well. Navigated her to her time of death]

T: How are you feeling?

C: I am floating.

T: Your last thoughts while dying?

C: [speaking vaguely] Life just passed me by. I did not live it up! I felt stuck while doing what I was doing… I could have done so much more!

T: That is alright. Now you know it, so make the best use of this knowledge. [Navigated her to a lifetime where her triggers come from]

The client showed some uncomfortable body movements & ended up losing the trance again. However, she later told me after the 3rd Session that, she had lost the trance (in 2nd Session) because of acute pain in her stomach while she arrived in one of the lifetimes that she visited in her 3rd Session. After waking up, she told me that the way she felt while describing her last thoughts was the exact same feeling she went through after before her divorce – she felt like a doll in a glass-case who was at public display & was stuck that way.

SESSION 3: 10: 00 am – 2:38 pm (11th September, 2022): Pain Level -8/9

[Since the lifetimes she visited were not significant in terms of learning, I decided to regress her to in-utero stage of her present life once again before proceeding to her past lifetimes. It was a success this time! I started the visualisation from walking in a forest instead of the garden from where the client landed on a beach on her own – This was a family holiday in Goa & she described herself as a “Hot Babe”. From there, she visited her happy childhood memory with her brother. Verbatim from the time of her birth is as follows]

C: [she was sobbing & crying] My uncle, my grandfather & my grandmother… [sobs again]

T: What is making you cry?

C: [silently making an observation] I am in the sky

T: What are you doing?

Looking at that house – Where I am to be born

T: How do you feel?

C: Distant. Indifferent

T: Do you know the people you see in that house?

C: I am not ready yet [painful expression] I am sad & lonely

T: Try going back a little – what makes you feel that you are not ready yet?

C: I am comfortable hanging in the air [smiles] I can go anywhere I want to.

T: What do you look like?

C: May be an Angel? I am wearing something in white

T: Look around, do you see somebody?

C: couple of people… wearing a similar style of dress but in orange. They are all smiling to each other.

[She couldn’t find any place to go to but was at peace floating in the clouds. She wanted to just be.] Please let me stay here. It feels good.

T: [I allowed her some time & then navigated her to the life from where this feeling arose] Where are you?

C: Some kind of market place. It’s a Japanese area.

T: What do you look like?

C: [whispers] I am a girl disguised as a Male Traveller

T: Disguised? [humour] Do you need that?

C: It is fun to see this part of the world – this place does not allow women, so I had to disguise as a Merchant. [She was 21 & had run away from her house just to have some fun & to be able to work.]

T: What about your family? [She had a huge family with lots of brothers. She was the youngest & the only girl. Her father spoiled her a lot & was very happy about having a girl after so many boys. She identified one of her brothers as her present life real brother & another one as her cousin who she is close to in present life]

C: I really love them all. My mother manages the house very well. [chuckles] My father is so plump & pink. [she identified her father as A (her lover) from the present life]

T: [Guided her to go back to her in-utero stage in the lifetime she was visiting. This was totally intuitive – no logic here] Do you see or hear something?

C: My mother is tired of bearing kids but my father wants a girl. I feel so special! I have arrived! Everybody is happy! My mother too. [starts crying] I don’t want to die. [starts breathing hurriedly & noisily. She died of some fever in her family’s presence.]

[before I could question her about her life’s learning, she automatically travelled to another lifetime]

C: [gestures of being in pain. Puts her hands at the heart. When I tried to speak, she signalled me to be quiet. Speak slowly [whispering]. They will find me.

[she explained that she was an authority figure who was leading a revolution of some kind & was therefore not liked by many. She had to be in hiding. She had flashes of explaining the war/attack strategy to people on her side – mostly youngsters.] [suddenly puts her hands on her lower abdomen & starts to show signs of pain]

T: What is causing you this pain?

C: It’s a wound.

T: How did you get that wound?

C: I have been stabbed [continue to reel in pain & starts shivering]

T: What place is it?

C: [she explained that she was in a horse stable & was hiding here in dark. It was cold here, that’s why she was shivering as she had no blanket & nobody around to help her] aaahhhh!

T: You are safe, don’t worry. Try going back to the time before you were stabbed 3-2-1

C: They are scared that I will come back to power! [She was a 34 yr old ruler who was out thrown by bigotry. He was alone in the family, never married & even parents were not alive, no siblings]

T: Try going back to the time when you were declared to be the ruler

[Lost the trance because of the pain in her lower stomach.] [Upon waking up she told me that her father in japanese lifetime was behaving just the way A behaves in this lifetime. That is how she knows it was him. She was relieved to know that A is not a past life lover as she just feels love for him & does not really crave any kind of physical intimacy with him – it has always been the last thing on her mind.]

Session 4: 3:00 pm – 6:30 pm (11th September, 2022) Pain Level: 7

[I started with the induction & visualization. When we reached the garden, I guided her to call upon her Higher Self to guide her forward (this was again an intuitive calling, no logic again!) Made her visualize a tunnel that led to stairs]

T: You have reached where you need to be…. Tell me where are you?

C: Some college like building [analysing the surroundings] But its empty.

T: Keep walking {pause. Nothing happens]

C: I am confused [helpless expression]

T: What is causing this confusion? Tell me

C: I am not in the correct place – don’t belong here.

T: That’s alright. Come back to the stairs. 5-4-3-2-1

[she arrived back in the lifetime where she was stabbed in Session 2]

C: It’s a beautiful place! Trees & White flowers all around [She went on to explain that she was an ideal ruler who was friendly & looked after his people very well. But he was not liked by traitors who had not wanted his as well as his father, the previous ruler to stay in power. He was attacked constantly & therefore, had to go in hiding where he was stabbed].

T: Did you die there in the stable?

C: Yes. I was alone. Nobody would know that I have died [pause] [eyeballs moving]

T: What do you see?

C: I am in the sky… looking at my rotten body lying in the stable.

T: What was your learning in this lifetime?

C: Being nice & friendly to people does not ensure that you will be happy.

T: Good! Now try going back to the lifetime where you & P (her tough client) met up. 10-9-8-7

C: Aaaaaahh! [she had gone back to her death scene & her stomach was still hurting. [She revealed that she was not stabbed but poisoned. Then elaborated that since she was hiding, she ate something wrong that led to her death]

[I made attempts to navigate her to other lifetimes but nothing happened. Eventually, I brought her back to the garden]

C: It’s not the same garden – the pond is gone. I see Avenue Trees around & its daytime

T: That’s fine. Would you like to stay here & recall a happy memory?

C: I am tired now. [I allowed her to rest for 5 mins. Realised that her conscious mind is pretty active due to overthinking & that is why she loses the trance quickly] [Turned to her left while holding her neck from her hand]

T: Are you ready to go back now?

C: No [anxious]

T: How are you feeling?

C: Nothing. I am just stuck here!

T: Where?

C: In the sky

T: How do you know that you are stuck?

C: I am just here at a spot & have nowhere to go [frustrated tone]. I can move & walk but I can’t see or feel myself.

T: I see. Start walking then. May be you’ll find something? Feel free to touch things on your way, if you feel like and let me know what it is. Ok?

C: Strange! There is nobody here… I am in the hills & walking on a “pagdandi”

T: What brought you here? Is there some purpose of being here in the hills?

C: Nothing is coming to me [continues walking]. I am walking straight, upwards, downwards… what the hell?

T: You can’t keep walking like this – you will tire yourself. Remind yourself – you have to have a destination.

C: I am in the fields now. [smiles] I can touch myself! [Explained that she was in a Scottish area in her early 40s. Was a male] But I am still walking? [amused]

T: How do you feel?

C: [gestures as if halting to stand] Not scared. Not restless.

T: Ok. Try floating above this scene & moving away. Try going back to your childhood

C: I am tired of walking now

T: Do you want to be here or move away?

C: I don’t care [speaks indifferently but in a male voice]. Just let me rest.

[The client ended up sleeping a very deep sleep within 2 minutes. When I woke her up, she told me that she felt exactly the same way when she was in her late 30s in her present life – was struggling & was indifferent to things / people / situation].

Integration [Client’s verbatim]

  • I am scared of feeling pain. I did the same during my trance – I shut myself off.
  • My need to be alone comes from the fact that I was a loner in most of my past lives. Guess I need to learn to live with people around. Hence this life!
  • I draw my strength from my family – I only cried for my family during the sessions.
  • I was happy & comfortable when I was alone in my past lives. Guess, I need to be that way in my present life. Trying to keep people happy & being nice to them despite ill treatment (read people pleasing) makes me look for happiness outside of me. That is why I feel victimised. I will remember this learning now.
  • I lived a royal & comfortable life in all the lives I visited. Guess that is why a small financial hiccup makes me insecure.
  • I am a little disappointed that I could not explore my connection with my client who is giving me a such a tough time! [chuckles].


I explained to the client that the lifetimes could be many but we visit the lifetimes that are relevant & necessary to our present day learning & purpose. She was responsive to this. She had a lot of uneasiness & restlessness the following week after therapy. Thereafter, until the next whole month, she would drop me a weekly message describing how things were getting better. She wrote in her email that the sessions had opened a new way of thinking for her. She realised that our past need not necessarily have a bearing on our present & our future – the sessions have led me to understand that acceptance is the key to a peaceful living.


Well done Shanchi,
You have just got started and done such a phenomenal session and documented it so well.
Following are just a few suggestions below as if we could have taken care of them, I am sure the client’s pain level would have plunged down from 10 to 0!

Could you please add some light on the following

Which scale did you use.

What did you treat the client as

This wasn’t set correctly and hence we had this situation

T: Ok. Keep walking & look around. Let me know if you see or hear something.

[Nothing happened, so we agreed to return to the garden]

Well done framing the questions appropriately.

Doesn’t quite fit the fill bill of being a theme, can you go through this link to understand what could have been done to arrive at the theme.

In such cases

Please use the stress management techniques as

Hi Venu

Greetings of the day!

Thank you for your feedback & encouragement! I do realise now, after my 4th
case that I made the mistakes you pointed out. Have made note of them &
trying to improvise. As for the information you wanted:

  1. I am using a combination of the 2 questionnaires you have provided in
    the book for Hypnotisability score. Hence, a simple Yes/No response for 28
  2. The client’s score was V:10, A: 7, K:9. So I treated her more to be V &
    K - If the visualization didn’t work, I would try the Kinesthetic mode with
    her - touch yourself, feel yourself, etc.
  3. For the theme, maybe as a novice, I lacked there - the client was
    feeling victimised in general by the people around her & particularly by
    her client. I did feel that if the client is impacting her menstrual state
    so much, then there must be a root to this in the past. However, the
    integration post the therapy & the consequent shift in the client’s
    perspective towards her way of living did help her equation with the client
    as well. So, I considered it a success by large. :slight_smile:

Looking forward to more guidance from you on this & in general.



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