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This client is one of the first ones who kept her trust in me and came for the session, I thank her from the bottom of my heart for the opportunity she gave me. It all started when a close friend of mine was telling me about a peculiar incident which was affecting the life of her friend due to which whole family was suffering. Those were the days when I was practicing PLR only on family and friends and had not started it on clients.
My friend told me that her friend’s daughter who was studying in the 12th class used to get stressed while studying and suddenly would fall unconscious at home. After few minutes when she used to regain her consciousness she would start talking in pure Brittan English. These people are otherwise Kannadigas and they speak only Kannada at home. Although the girl had studied English yet the diction of her language after she regained consciousness was totally different and actually her mom took a video recording and sent it to me, it was scary, the girl was talking like a foreigner. It took a while for me also to understand what she was saying. After few minutes of general talk as in I am hungry, I am leaving for school, the girl started crying ‘Dad, dad save my Dad” and later on fell unconscious again and then came out normal asking everyone around what had happened in her mother tongue Kannada. The video recording reminded me of an Indian Movie ‘Chandramukhi’, in which a girl is possessed by some ghost which needs justice. To be very frank I have always been a timid person who used to be scared of such stories, I do not like to watch ghost movies also and since this movie was a big hit I watched it but couldn’t sleep for 2 nights after that.
Initially I was little sceptical whether I should take up this client, I was doubting my ability and status to take up this case. But thanks to my friend, who referred her to me, she almost forced me to take up this case and I had no choice but to agree to it. Moreover, the dilemma of the girl’s mother, who is going through such a situation, forced me to take up this client. The mother also told me that some months back a foreigner had committed suicide in their colony and neighbours were sure his ghost had entered this little girl. But I was sure that this was not true, why an unknown ghost would trouble such a simple and sweet girl was only my question. My mom’s words came to my mind she always says don’t fear the dead they are harmless fear the living they are the ones who cause harm.
Anyway the mother and the child came on time on the day we fixed for session. I just remembered what my PLR guru Dr.Venu had told; with positive intentions just follow 15 stages and the client will automatically get healed.
After the initial formalities we started the history taking and the girl was like a sponge full of water. I had just shown little love and she burst out. Her mother had alone brought up her two daughters since they were 3 year olds. Her father who was an alcoholic used to come to see them as per his whims and fancies and had no interest whatsoever other than pulling out money from his wife whenever he could. Further the young client stayed in a locality where it was very difficult for a single woman to take care of her little ones and so this young girl was molested in school by classmates who were children of top school management, she could not even share this with her sister or mother and from that day her fear of going to school increased which of late resulted in her becoming unconscious. Anyway as I always tell most of the healing happens during the history taking itself and only a little part happens during the session. She had opened the part of life which she thought she had forgotten but actually the box was full and had started leaking.

We started the session and she easily went into deep relaxation and the session unfolded and healed her beautifully

Th : What comes to your awareness?

C; : Its a dark room.

Th : Look at your legs what you are wearing. How old are you

Cl. : I am wearing a white frock. I am 12 years of age. I am standing
searching for someone.

Th : What else comes to your awareness?

Cl : A car is coming from far. It stopped near me. Its a white car. I went into
the car. One lady is driving the car. We are just laughing for something. She’s my
mother. We stopped outside a bungalow. I am going inside the bungalow.

Th : Tell me more about your surroundings.

Cl : Its big has beautiful curtains. Someone comes. She is hugging me. She is
some old lady.

Th : How is she calling you

Cl : She is calling me Ana. She is calling me beta. She went inside the kitchen. She is
bringing something. Its water. I drank it. I also went inside the kitchen. I am washing the glass. I come out. I am speaking to her and she is just tapping my back. Its my grandmom. I went into my room. I am getting ready. I am now wearing a beautiful gown. I am around 13 years of age. I have curly hair. I am very fair. I have brown eyes. I am coming out of my room. Now out of the bunglow. My grandmom is behind me. Again the same white car comes same girl came. She is wishing me good morning. The year is 1970. Its not India. She is taking somewhere in the car.
She took me near a place which looks like Eifel tower. We are getting down from the
car. We are going to a restaurant. I am calling her Mom.

Th : Do you recognise her from this life? What is she wearing.

Cl : No ! I don’t. She is wearing white T-shirt and blue jeans. We went inside restaurant.
All are wishing us good morning. We are having coffee and something to eat. Looks like its our restaurant. We came out of the restaurant. We are just roaming here and there. We are getting into the car. My mom is talking to someone over phone. The phone has a small antenna its grey in colour. (In those days wireless phones had small antenna which today’s generation is not at all aware) I guess we are going back home. She is driving and I am sleeping beside her.

There is another car coming behind us. Its blue in colour. We reached the bunglow. We are getting down. That car also stopped.

Someone calling us from that car. We are going to him. We got into that car. I am sitting in the front my mom is sitting at the back. She is speaking to him. We are going somewhere. We are crossing a big bridge. Its my dad.

Th	:       Do you recognise him from this life?

Cl	:	Yes its Ashwin Uncle!

Its a very nice place. Its beautiful green garden with flowers. We got off from the car. We are crossing the road. I am holding my mom. We went into the garden.

Someone’s calling me. Its my brother. He is about 20. His name is Amar. He is tall fair. I am speaking to him. They are sitting. He is speaking to my dad. We all got up. Going near the car. We are entering the car. Going somewhere.

That bunglow is my grandmom house. This is our house. It has a big lawn. Its a big independant house. We all are going into it. We are all watching TV. Its evening. My mom went into the kitchen. She is cooking something.

She is bringing something. We all are eating it.Something like porridge. I am going to my room I am sleeping. My mom also came and she is sleeping with me.

Its morning she is calling me I got up. I am getting ready for school. I study in 6th std. I am wearing white shirt and grey and red skirt. Beautiful uniform. The schools name is something California. I got into the blue car. Dad’s driving. We are going to the school. There is a big truck coming from opposite side. Its is stopping Oh Oh Oh!!!

We met with a big accident. The glasses are smashed. There is no one else in the road to help. My dad is not moving. Am also injured very badly. There is blood all over the place. Dads dead. I am calling Dad …cries for long…dad , dad please save my dad. (this was the statement she used to shout when she used to fall unconsious)

Th : Its Ok We are just witnessing it. Can u see the car.

Cl : Its fully damaged I am coming out of the car through window. I fall down. It
hurts…I am calling for help no one is coming. My dad…dad…cries very badly. I am calling for people and no one is there

Th : Its ok dear we are just witnessing.

Cl . Oh I am dead. Both are dead. I have a deep cut in my head. My mom came I am not
shaking am dead. My mom is calling me and crying. They are taking us to the hospital. Mon is worried Doctor told that I am dead. Dad is also no more. Moms crying. They are taking us out of the hospital. They are burying us. Mom and brother are crying.

Th : We are here to just witness

Cl : Now I Cant see myself but I feel am very peaceful.
Want to be back.

She was brought back as required and today she has joined an Engineering College and is doing Aeronautical Engineering, a confident smart young girl, thanks to PLR.



Thanks for sharing this Geetha. The fact that she fell unconscious and spoke in a foreign language is really scary. But, your session makes me believe that PLRT has solutions for cases of this nature. But, the number of cases of abuse and molestation is worrying and sad.


Inspiring session geetha…!.
The rite time support… Saved the whole family…!
Hatsoff to you…
Thanks to PLRT !

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Thank you Harish. Its high time we teach our boys and make them human

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Completely agree. If we get that right, then everything would fall in place.