PLR Therapist to PLR Therapist PLR session

Dear Amarantheans,

Recently, I underwent a PLR session with a fellow Amaranthean, Dr. Neeti Ahuja. This was my first experience as a client in a PLR session, and Dr. Neeti went left no stone unturned to ensure it was remarkable and fruitful. She was a clean slate, providing an environment where I felt at ease sharing my life story. She listened without interruption and with empathy.

The ambiance of her home was serene, with the natural background sounds of birds chirping coupled with Dr. Neeti’s soothing voice, I quickly found myself in a trance. The session proceeded smoothly, and I experienced several flashes related to the theme. These flashes, however, were so rapid and successive that we could not anchor them. Nevertheless, a few childhood memories surfaced that were relevant to the theme.

The pain level post-session reduced from 10 to 5. A few months prior to the session, I checked my solar plexus chakra, which was blocked, and noticed it to be released when checked post-session. Post-session, I realized that it could have been better if I could have managed to keep my therapist identity aside and completely trusted the therapist. Unfortunately, I was doubting the experience and always felt that a few deepeners could have been used. I recollect our Beloved Master Venu saying it would be difficult to have a session for him as he may get up in the middle of the session and correct the therapist. Similar thing happened to me as the Dave Elman and progressive relaxation taught to our batch was different. However, later when the case was discussed in our monthly forum, it was realized that my own resistance and doubt were the hindrances.

I would appreciate insights from Master Venu and my fellow Amarantheans on whether there should be any modifications in the approach for a therapist-to-therapist session (i.e., granting more control to the client who is also a therapist). Additionally, what strategies could be employed to reduce resistance and foster surrender to the fellow therapist? Also, would further sessions be necessary for complete healing?

My key takeaways from the session are as follows:

  1. Surrender completely to the therapist. If possible, switch off your therapist identity along with your mobile until the session concludes.
  2. Maintain authenticity with the therapist and do not fear any undesired emotions or events surfacing. It is important to understand that a true PLR therapist will never be judgmental.

@Dr. Neeti

I would like to express my gratitude for the warm welcome, the non-judgmental space, and the phenomenal session. Moreover, thank you for the raw mangoes from the tree in your bungalow’s backyard. :slightly_smiling_face:

I would definitely recommend such a compassionate therapist, and if you manage to secure an appointment by May or June, you might receive some ripe mangoes as a return gift. :slightly_smiling_face: