PLRT In Healing Hernia Which Was Due To Separation anxiety

PLRT Session Mrs.VM

Fear of hernia and separation anxiety

Dated: October 12&13 2023

By the grace of Shirdi Baba, my Guru, my PLRT Guru Venu Sir and Guru Mata Nehaji, all the ascended masters, my parents ,my husband who travelled with me and waited for five days for me to complete the course at Bangalore, my well- wishers and friends, I was able to complete the PLR session for my client Mrs.VM.

Therapist Introduction: Introduced Self to Mrs.VM

Non-Verbal: The client was comfortable. A reasonably well- dressed female. She seemed to be excited to know about past life regression. Had mild mixed feelings on whether she would be able to come back to normal state after the hypnotherapy. The client maintained very good eye contact. She was pleasant and very open in her conversations.

Pre -Talk: The debriefing session was comfortable, she responded very well to questions asked. She is a doctor by profession,25 yrs old ,married and preparing for Post Graduate exams.

Contract and Oath of confidentiality was arrived at.

Client Assessment:

Hypnotizability score: 7

VAK: 11/2/2

Dominant sense: Visual

Eye Roll score: 2

Pain Level: 8

History (In brief):

The parents of my client are educated and caring ones. She is the single child of her parents. Brought up in love and care, got educated in the best schools. She had a happy childhood. She told she was stubborn sometimes and got into a few relationships when she was a teenager. But the relationships were not very serious but that definitely gave her parents enough heartache. She was basically caring at times and obviously an angry young female.

Relaxing Cognitive fatigue: She said she would love to listen to the sound of flute which she has in her iphone. She herself plugged and played that for around 10 mins, after which I felt she was extremely relaxed. I gave her the privilege to choose. She played it for me and I too felt nice.

Theme : She used to feel a bulge in the right abdominal area mostly. She got it scanned, examined by senior surgeons as well as her own Surgery professor. Everyone confirmed that it was not hernia. But she did not believe them and she said she could feel something and felt the discomfort mostly. She wanted to find out whether this is connected to something or is it a general feeling.

She also had a separation anxiety in her childhood when it came to her mother and throughout her childhood she was having this anxiety. Remnants of this anxiety of being separated from loved ones still persisted.

IMR : IMR was done. She would raise her forefinger of her right hand in positive response.


I started off with Dave Elman,she did belly breathing and was very cooperative to the suggestions. I could feel her getting more and more relaxed.

Then progressive relaxation was done and her body became so limp and I was able to sense that. I checked her level of comfort with IMR.

Slowly with a prayer on my lips, I took her to the garden through the visualization method. She could see the mist, she waded through the same and came to a garden.

T-Therapist ;C-Client

T: What do you see VM?

C: After a pause, I see a little girl.

T: Who is that girl?

C: It is me

T: How old is she?

C: About 8 yrs old.

T: Can you give more details of yourself?

C: She is wearing a frock, braided hair, has a teddy bear in her hand which is an old one, brown in color.

T: What is she doing?

C: She is sad

T: Why is she sad?

C: Her mother is away and she misses her

T: Can you tell what is her name?

C: Ivy is my name

T: Ivy, where is your mother?

C: She is a nurse in the army. She is away for months

T: Which part of the world do you stay?

C: I do not know. But I have fair skin and brown hair

T: Who is there in your family

C: My father and granny. They love me very much.(Her face brightens but is gloomy suddenly)

T: Ivy, why are you sad?

C: I miss my mother. My granny knits wool clothes for us. She loves me very much.

T: Can you relate this with this lifetime of yours?

C: I missed my mother when she goes for work

T: Can we move forward to another significant part of this life time?

C: Was silent.

I checked whether she was with me through IMR. Then she spoke after a long pause.

C: I am on the sea shore.

C: I live here with my mother. (I felt she went into another life of hers)

T: Who are you?

C: I am Mathew. I live with my mother Mary.

T: What do you see Mathew?

C: I am walking on the sea shore. I am very sad (The sadness is seen on the client’s face)

T: Why are you sad Mathew?

C: We are poor and we live by selling fish.

T: Your father?

C: I do not know. I have always seen only my mother.

C: My mother is preparing food. She is dark and fat. She is short in stature.

T: Can you tell me more about yourself Mathew?

C: Yes. I am 16yrs old, dark skinned, curly hair, I have no shoes. I love my mother.

(A very special bonding was felt here and also a pattern getting repeated, like a very special bonding with the mother. Previous birth also VM longed for her mother)

T: Can you relate your mother to anybody you see in this lifetime?

C: Yes. We had a maid in our house. Her name was Sulekha.

T: Mathew, can we move to a more significant part in this lifetime?

C: The client felt distressed suddenly. She was crying and tears were flowing down. She felt difficult to breathe and I calmed her down but reassuring her of the divinity and trust in the process. She breathed in and out and was feeling relaxed. But there was a deep sorrow in her heart.

T: What is happening Mathew?

C: I am drowning. Our boat capsized while we were retuning to the shore. It is getting dark, my mother is alone. (More than the drowning, a vehement feeling of a lonely mother was felt in Mathew)

C: My mother is alone, I am dying. She can’t bear this. She will cry. (Saying that VM was crying profusely)

T: Mathews, everything is ok. Rise above the situation and see if you can see yourself now. The client felt calm and she responded. She cried peacefully and the sadness seemed to flow out through her tears. She felt calm. The separation anxiety was clearly seen now.

C: I see an angel. She has small wings. She is hovering around me. She is holding my hand. We are flying towards light.

VM was still and a blissful face was seen in VM. I waited for Mathew to be in the divinity. After a few minutes, I checked with IMR.

T: Mathew, are you Ok?

C: Yes. VM smiled. I feel at peace.

T: VM, shall me move forward?

C: Yes

Suddenly, she was upset again. I could see despair and anguish all at the same time.

T: VM, are you Ok?

C: I am in Mumbai. (I could see VM transitioning at a great speed from one life to another)

T: What is your name?

C: I am Kavitha

T: Can you tell me more about yourself?

C: I am a prostitute and I am 40 yrs old. I am a senior prostitute amongst a group of prostitutes. I am sad. I wear a saree, and of medium built.

T: Why are you sad?

C: I did not want to live like this.

T: Why did you live like this?

C: Poverty. My parents were very poor. My father is very sick. He is quite old and weak.

T: Take a deep breath and continue breathing… relax…

The client was very sad and tears flowed down her cheeks.

T: Kavitha, what is happening?

C: I hung myself to death. I can see myself hanging from the roof of a very old room.

T: Why did you do this?

C: I am fed up of this life which I have led in a very immoral way.

T: Relax Kavitha, everything is fine, float above your body. (Kavitha is silent and she is calm now)

C: I am moving forward.

T: Where are you moving to?

C: Towards Light.

(There is silence. Kavitha is travelling. I could sense this. I remained silent)

I checked later with IMR.

T: Can we move forward to a different life?

C: A long silence. I am Gauri. She spoke suddenly.(One life after one flashed before my eyes.VM seemed to move forward effortlessly)

T: Where are you Gouri?

C: I am in Pattambi.

(Pattambi is a town in Palakkad dist Kerala)

T: Where do you stay in Pattambi?

C: Near the market. I see people moving, goods stocked in crates.

After the session, VM remembers having seen the same market and the same place many times while she travelled to Calicut during the time when she was studying for MBBS. Everytime she passed through the place she had felt as if she knew the place before.

T: What are you doing Gauri?

C: I am sitting in a car wearing a pink frock. I have a driver also. I am very rich.

Suddenly she was sad. She appeared very desperate.

T: Gauri, what is happening?

C: I am poor. I married a man against the wishes of my parents. He does not take care of me and my children. He abandoned us. (She was very sad)

She was so engrossed in herself that the suggestions I gave to relax did not seem to work. She started speaking.

C: I am waiting for my son. He is also like his father. He is in Goa. Does not care for me. He drinks heavily. He also gambles. He works in some gambling den.

T: Does he visit you?

C: No. I miss him very much.

T: Who is there with you?

C: My daughter and family. My daughter’s husband is a good man. My daughter has two kids. They are good to me.

T: Gauri, can we move forward to a more significant part of this life time?

C: Yes, I am dying. I can see people around me. I am very old. I am moving towards light. I do not feel any pain now.

Checked with IMR since there was a long pause after she floated.

T: VM, are you ok?

C: Yes. I am now in Tamilnadu

T: Where in Tamilnadu?

C: Tiruchirappalli.

T: Your name?

C: Gopinath. I am a man in his 30’s. I am dark skinned. I wear bhasmam on my forehead. But I am a cheat.

T: What do you do for a living?

C: I sell intoxicants to children and youngsters. I am married and I have a wife and two boys and I love my family. But I am a bad man.

Gopinath started to cry as if repenting for his bad actions.

C: I lived a very immoral life. I gave drugs to a young boy.

T: Can you relate that boy to anyone who met this lifetime?

C: Yes. A boy in my primary school who studied in the same class as mine. He was a very soft spoken guy.

T: Any learnings from this life time?

C: Yes. I should have lived a more moral life.

T: Gopinath, can we move to a more significant part in your lifetime?

C: Yes. A long pause and silence fell.

T: Gopinath, where are you?

Gopinath started sobbing and crying profusely. He seemed to be in great pain both physically and emotionally.

VM started to hold her abdomen tightly and told that she has a pain in her abdomen. She was in deep despair.

T: Relax Gopinath. Take a deep breath, trust the divine process, what is happening?

C: Some-one stabbed me.I can see my intestines come out. They threw me into the sea after I died. I can see my pale bluish body was washed ashore after three days. My bad deeds caused this. (Gopinath cried in silence as if in repentance)

C: My wife is a very nice lady. Even I betrayed her with my nonsensical ways.

T: Can you relate your wife to anybody who you see this lifetime?

C: Yes … my mother in law. She is a very nice lady.

T: Gopinath, float above the body and relax…(The client seemed to be at peace now.)

C: I am in the clouds. I see Reiki Master Dr. Mikao Usui.

T: How come you know him?

C: My mother is a Reiki practitioner

T:Does the master have a message for you?

C: Yes. He is telling me to lead a more truthful life.

T: Are you comfortable?

C: Yes. The client is asked to breath deeply and relax.

The client is very silent and calm and I allowed him to be with the master. Later checked with IMR. The response was positive.

T: VM, Where are you?

C: I can see the snow -capped mountains. I think it is near the Himalayas. May be Himachal Pradesh.

T: Where exactly VM?

C: Do not know. It is a village.

T: What is your name?

C: My name is Abdul. I have small shop. I am a very religious person who goes to the Darga regularly .I am married. I am very tall, thin and fair.

T: What is your age?

C: In my thirties. I have a wife and two children. My wife is Ayisha. My kids Amina and Razak. They are very young.

Suddenly VM became very disturbed.

T: Abdul, what is happening.

C: I am very old.85 yrs old. I am sitting on a bench in front of my shop. I can see a car coming towards me. It is dark. I can see the head light of the car.

(I could see the client move forward without much of a suggestions as if she was desperately searching for an answer)

T: Continue Abdul.

C: It crashed into the place I was sitting. I fell down. I had a very severe head injury and I died on the spot. I fell to my right side. I am dead.

T: Please take a deep breath. Abdul, you are protected by the white light.

The client obeyed like a child. He was in pain and despair but later his face brightened.

C: I am moving towards light. There is a great glow there.(He floated above his body)

Suddenly the face brightened like never before and lo! Abdul meets Lord Krishna.

C: Lord Krishna! I am seeing Him. He is smiling at me. He is wearing a yellow robe. He has His flute with Him. He is full of love.

I was so carried away to be in the presence of a great soul .I asked my client is there a message for me.

Abdul spoke: Lord Krishna is happy for you. He says.:You have done enough.Now take some credit!

C: I am feeling very blessed. I saw my Lord. I am so happy.

T: Abdul, do you wish to go forward?

C: No. I want to come back. My Lord is with me. I have no fears.

The client was brought back through the deep breathing exercise 10,9,8…2,1.

The client came back happy and rejuvenated.


In all the lifetimes of Ivy,Mathew,Kavitha,Gopinath and Abdul,some separation from loves ones was seen almost unexpectedly. Drowning ,hanging and accidental death was there in some lifetimes.

VM suffered from asthma when she was a child. The death due to drowning and hanging had it engraved in her akashic records. The stab during the lifetime of Gopinath brought the feeling of a bulge which VM took for a hernial bulge.


In every lifetime like that of Ivy, Mathew, Gauri, Gopinath and Abdul, separation from loved ones is seen. As and when VM started to listen to the messages of the Masters, he got a more pious birth like that of Abdul who lived a very good life. VM in this birth is also a pious female.

Post session:

Later VM told me that she has the feeling of hernia bulge at the same spot where she was stabbed during the lifetime of Gopinath. But now she feels that is also taken care of by Lord Krishna.

Later a few weeks after the PLR session, she called me to say that the feeling of hernia which bothered her has completely disappeared. She also said that the fear of separation from loved ones also came down and she started to feel better.

Before the start of the session, the pain level was 8 and after the session, it came down to 5.A few weeks later the pain level was almost nil.

Thank you all.


Sudarshana V,
Thanks for sharing this Beautiful case, you conducted it very effectively, the key observation from this case is that souls choose to experience polarities, Rich and Poor, Good and Bad, different Religions, inorder to understand the importance of each of the things. Separation from Loved ones specially Mother is seen in many life times, also how the client emerged into a Divine awareness, and finds assurance that she is in divine care. After this session she may have felt better knowing the reason for her feeling of discomfort as hernia, also she may have understood that even if we separate from our loved ones we actually never lose them, and we get them again in some other lifetimes.
All the best ,
Moumita Tamhankar, Pune


Who could understand this divine wisdom more than your good and wise self… :heart:

Thanks for highlighting !!



Hello Sudarshana,

It is truly remarkable to observe how the subconscious mind unfolded a relevant tapestry of events one after another without much intervention. The healing that took place on both physical and mental levels was phenomenal. Thank you for sharing this case. Wishing you all the best in your future cases.




Wonderful Integration of current life with the past lives .
The session is conducted beautifully . The pain level also dropped so much . Congarts Sudarshana ji​:sparkles::clap:t2::clap:t2::clap:t2::clap:t2::clap:t2::clap:t2:


Thanks for having reached out to this client and taking the time to share it with us @send2sudarshana

Do work on being able to arrive at a 2 to 3 lettered destination. For example in this case our goal in Stage 6 could have been in the direction of knowing what could have triggered the Hernia.

At appropriate depth I of IDT happens automatically!

Please ensure that that every lifetime is expanded from KMF to Classic Pattern, that is an absolute must.

Seems like here is the eye of the storm for her hernia in this lifetime.

Amazing! You did it, if you can’t who else can @send2sudarshana! Work on mastering the resolutions, reading “Why Me” and dr. Blake’s Handbook.



Dear Sudarshnana,

What a roller coaster ride

My compliments for conducting a wonderful session that could bring the requisite healings and resolutions to your client. My feedback is as under for your consideration pl,

I am sure we meant Past Life Regression Therapy.

That’s so Wonderful. :ok_hand:

The engram has got pivoted here…Now we should only suggest in first person eg : How old are you?

Consider some paraphrasing here : as a little 8 yrs old girl wearing a frock, braided hair, with a teddy bear in her hand you have found yourself feeling SAD…What could have brought this feeling of SADNESS to you?

Wonderful suggestion to call the by past life name.

Here we have a pertinent validation of souls travelling together through lifetimes to learn and grow.

Once the relationship between past and present has established may be we could explore more and delve into carryovers/learnings/resolutions through apt suggestions.

All the pain and suffering is limited to this mortal world…
…once ACROSS all is love and light. :heart: :orange_heart: :yellow_heart:

Best Wishes,


:maple_leaf: :maple_leaf: :maple_leaf:

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Thank you Moneshji for your words of wisdom and inspiration. I surely shall adopt the suggestions given by you.

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