PLRT In Resolving Low Confidence issue

Dear Amaranthians,

By the grace of Shirdi Baba my Guru, my Masters, my mentor, my guide, my Gurudev Venuji and my Gurumata Nehaji,my parents and my husband,I have executed this case .I am indebted to my fellow Amaranthians who have always extended the much needed support both in motivation and knowledge sharing.I owe this to you all.

Dates: 22/10/2023 & 24/10/2023
Session 1: 22nd October 2023 (Stages 1 to 9 was conducted)
Session 2: 24th October 2023 (Stages 10 to 15 was conducted)

Client details: A well-built tall young man aged 26yrs. He is a doctor by profession. He is a sober guy and very calm. He comes from a well to do family. Exhibited good mannerisms. He is married to a girl of his choice. His parents and in laws are very caring. Both his parents are retired Govt employees. He stayed with his father and grandparents as his mother was frequently transferred when he was in school.

Name: Mr.SH
Hypnotizability Score: 8
VAK: 4/3/8
Dominant sense: Kinesthetic (But he was able to see many things in his PLR sessions)
Eye roll test: 3 (2+1)
Pain level: 9

Theme: Lack of confidence in crisis situations or when situation becomes too demanding. He has a constant worry whether he would be successful in his career.
IMR was done and ascertained.

T: Therapist; C: Client

We started off with Dave Elman. He breathed well and was cooperative to the relaxation techniques applied. With each suggestion he could feel his body and mind relaxing well.
I took him through the visualization and hoped he would reach the garden, a comfortable place. As we moved forward…(He did not go to the garden)

Life 1
T: SH, where are you?
C: I am standing on a road. It is very cold.
T: What do you see?
C: I am not able to see anything but it’s cold and misty here.
T: What is your name?
C: Do not know
T: Can you see or feel yourself?
C: Yes .I am a man in his 30s.
T: Can you see your feet?
C: Yes. I am bare footed.
T: what else do you know?
C: I think I drive something for a living. But do not know what.
T: (The client seemed lost and stuck. I tried to relax him and encouraged to move to a more significant lifetime in that life. He cooperated. IMR was done) The client relaxed in the deep breathing technique. He could not move forward. Tried taking him to a comfortable place, but he slipped into another life.

Life 2
T: SH, can you feel anything?
C: Yes. I can feel water around me. People are sitting on me Fishes are touching my body when they swim.
T: Can you see or understand what are you?
C: I am a boat. I was a tree before. Some men are carrying me.
T: Please go further
C: I was a big tree. They cut me down.
T: Do you see anything else?
C: I see people around me. One person who is old is their leader.
(SH is seen upset that the tree was cut. SH is sad. Therapist asked SH to breathe and trust the divine process.
T: (After this SH was asked to breath well and guided him so he was relaxed and was not over powered by emotions.)
T: SH, can you bring in more details?
C: Yes. The old man was the one brought me down. They are making a boat out of me.
C: Now they are sitting on me and sailing. I am very sad.
T: Take a deep breath and relax… Trust the divine process…
(The client appeared very relaxed…)
T: SH, shall we move to a more significant lifetime?
C: Was very silent.(I checked IMR)

Life 3
T: Where are you SH? (Again silence)
C:I am standing in front of a palace.
T: What are you doing there?
C: I am a guard.
T: Can you look around and gauge where you are?
C: I am wearing an armour. I see clouds
T: How is the place?
C: It is so glittery and gold… lighted up … its divine
T: Can you give more details?
C: I feel it is heaven.
T: What is your work there?
C: I guard.
T: What is your name?
C: I have no name. None of us have names.
T: who are the others?
C: There are other guards as well. We are called by some code words
T: Can you recollect any detail?
C: No
T: What is your age?
C: 25 yrs
T: Shall we move forward?
(There is great silence…suddenly he speaks)
C: I am old and weak.
T: Where are you ?
C: I am sitting on the road side. I am hungry.
T: Where is the place?
C: It is not on Earth. (I was so surprised to know he understood what I was intending. He could gauge my thoughts)
T: What is happening to you? Why are you hungry?
C: I do not have a job. I am old so I cannot work as a guard.
(Suddenly I could feel despair and severe sadness in SH. He was sobbing)
T: Relax… do not worry the process is guided by the divine, you are protected by the divine… feel it…
C: I am dying due to hunger. I am very old… (Then there is silence)
T: Why is it like this?
C: This is the rule here. You have to go through this. Everyone.
T: SH, can you float above the body? Can you see your body?
C: No I cannot see my body. My body just vanished. But I know, I do not reside inside the same.
(After a pause… SH said that he was able to see light and that he moved into it and was lost)
Prolonged silence. IMR was done to ensure that the thread is not broken.
Suddenly I could see the face of SH brighten up. He was happy and was smiling.
T: Do you have any lesson?
C: The divine says. “I should be more focussed and careful”. “I should take care of myself”. “I should not neglect my self”.

Life 4
T: SH, you are smiling… What is happening?
C: I am wearing a pink frock.(I could sense he moved into another life)
T: What is your name?
C: Do not know
T: Which part of the world?
C: In some countryside in the west.
T: Who others are with you?
C: My parents. I am their only child. We are Christians.They are busy.
T: What more do you see or feel?
C: I am climbing a rock.
T: How old are you?
C: I am 12 years old.
T: Why are you climbing a rock?
C: To see the surrounding. I like to see things from top
T: Your parents?
C: They went for some work
(Suddenly SH became uncomfortable and jolted)
T: What is happening?
C: I fell down the rock into a pit.My head is bleeding profusely. I am hit badly.
T: What more can you see?
C: I am dead. I can see my body. My parents are crying.They are telling that they could have cared more.(SH is now floating above his body and for sure he is dead.)
SH later said after the session that many a times a sharp shooting pain would be there on his forehead where he got hit and died in this lifetime. After a few days after the session, this pain vanished.)
T: Is there any message from the divinity?
C: Yes. I should have lived more carefully.
T: Shall we move to a comfortable place SH? (I asked this as I felt SH a bit distressed)
C: No. I want to know more… there was silence… a prolonged silence. (IMR was done to ensure the client’s presence in the process).

Life 5
T: SH… where are you now?
C: I am on a street.
T: What are you doing there?
C: I am a street entertainer. I have a long hat. I also have a very colourful hand kerchief. I perform magic tricks.
T: What is your name?
C: Not sure
T: What else do you see?
C: I have a daughter. She is so cute and only 8 yrs old . She accompanies me on my street plays.
T: Where is her mother, your wife?
C: Is silent and appears to be very sad. I lost her. She died when my child was very young.
I loved her very much.
T: How did your wife die?
C: Some disease
T: Does your daughter resemble anybody from this birth?
C: Yes my friend Arsha in the 8th std at school.
T: Take a deep breath and relax… SH would you like to go forward?
C: Yes… my wife is waiting for me. I am old.(He suddenly moved to his old age.)
T: What happened to your daughter?
C: She is fine. She is settled well.
T: Is there any message for you?
C: Yes. I feel I should have been bolder. Then things would have been better for me and my daughter.
T: What else do you see?
C: I am 65 yrs old. I am lying on a bed. My child and her family are with me. My wife, she is also there. She has come to take me.
(Afterwards there was silence… SH has crossed the rainbow bridge to the other side. Suddenly he spoke…)
C: I see white light. I am moving into it
T: How do you feel?
C: I feel at peace, warmth engulfing me.
T: Relax SH… you are in the divinity… the divine shall guide.
Would you like to move forward?
C: No I feel a bit exhausted. I want to see my future.
T: SH… take a deep breath and relax… take the divine help to move forward. This process is guided by the heavens above… There is prolonged silence… IMR was done to check the client’s presence.

Life 6
C: I see blood. Blood Everywhere!
T: Where are you?
C: In a hospital
T: Are you injured?
C: No
T: Anything happened to your near ones?
C: No. I am just seeing
T: Are you the doctor? (He is a doctor in this birth. He wanted to see what the future holds for him)
C: Not sure. I am doing something.
T: Do you want to move forward?
C: Yes… (Advised relaxation and deep breathing. There was a long pause)
T: What do you see SH?
C: I am sitting on a chair
T: What do you feel?
C: I am very relaxed. I have aged.
T: Your family?
C: I am not very sure. My son is abroad.
He is well settled.
T: Wife?
C: Not very clear on that. But I feel I lead a comfortable life.I am happy.
T: What is your son’s name?
C: My son’s name is Rahul.
T: Shall we move forward to something more significant?
C: No. I feel very exhausted.
T: Ok. 1,2,3,4….10… (brought him back)
The client looked very refreshed and relaxed.

Integration: Throughout the lifetimes, SH could not remember any name. He had all the varied experiences in the lives he visited. In every lifetime he was not a very brave and bold deterministic individual. He died in many lives without much of a fulfilment. There is sadness in most of the births.

Closure: In many births, the message was to live a bold life, take charge and be focussed. He was mostly not brave and lived a humbled life.

Take away:
After he was being asked as to what he would like to carry with him as a divine message, he said, the pattern of low confidence and failure that was repeating in his previous births, he did not wanted it to repeat again. So he decided to speak out and be assertive henceforth. His confidence issues stemmed from his reluctance to speak out in this birth also. He was giving in to everyone which he decided to be careful about with after the session.
I called him to ascertain how he was doing after a couple of days. I felt HS spoke with more confidence. He was happy that his confidence levels rose immensely. He was becoming assertive.
Pain level came down to 1.

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Well done my blessed @send2sudarshana

amazing to know you were able to process the lifetime as tree, I used to find it challenging and almost fell of my chair when I did it for the first time :slight_smile:

This much would have been an apt theme here.

That’s how important he felt all these lifetimes!

woohoo! That’s a good trait of a PLR therapist who follows up at least once and am super happy on the success!



Dearest Venu Sir,

I am so thankful to you. You have been one of the greatest blessing I have had in my life.
I shall surely keep up to your expectations.

Dear Sudarshana,

My compliments for brining the gracious and blessed healings to Mr SH. Six lifetimes over two days!! wow that’s so astounding.
My feedback is as under for your consideration pl,

PLRT In Resolving Low Confidence issue

Let’s be more assertive and call it : LOW CONFIDENCE ISSUE RESOLVED THROUGH PLRT

The dominant K answered for us here.

Amazing !!! What a revelation for us all. May be we could have attempted to further know the emotions of tree as it was made to fell down and if the client carries over any emotions from there to the present lifetime and then seek resolution.

Very pertinent and point of prominence for us as therapists. Once the connection of consciousness has been made the awareness works both ways and hence therapist should be always prepared for this. The gracious higher wisdom only flows through a conduit which has the worth and the capability to carry the divine current. :pray: :pray: So as our beloved Guru says,SADHNA is indispensable and inescapable.

Amazing !! First tree and now this…

May be we could consider some rephrasing of suggestions and as well as use the wonderful tool of paraphrasing.

The divine power of PLRT. :pray: :yellow_heart: :heart:

One more demonstration of divine truth that our loved ones are there to receive us at the cross over of GREAT HEREAFTER…

We consider to keep it indirect and open ended.
eg. having gone back in time you have found yourself in a hospital and you can see blood everywhere…what could have led to this ?? What comes to your awareness?

Else we will keep on suggesting from our end and receiving answers in “No”.

By wishes for future endeavours.


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