PLRT Second case

My second regression client my younger daughter - Devika.

Age - 17
Dominant - Visual
Eye Roll - 2
Hypnotisability - 8/10

Trigger - Anger. Short Tempered. reluctant to socialize.

Identification - Experiencing the Traumatic incident of her love being killed by her very own sister. Betrayal and Loss of Love.

Disidentification - Understood the experience and can process what happened and how it ended. Able to see and process it in its entirety. Understand that its the past and has learnings that can be benefited from it.

Transformation - Now can process and realize how important relationships are and value them. Understands never to be submissive and respect opinions.

Devika’s Experience penned in her words;

The regression was executed well. At first, it felt as if my mind was making up a scenario and that I have not done it well but then I realized that your mind cannot make up such details. It was a pleasant experience and would love to do it again. There were no discrepancies between the session, it was a calm and relaxed atmosphere.


  • I saw a beachside to calm down, the sand felt warm, soft and cozy. It was at the time of dusk when the sun was almost setting. The atmosphere feels like a haven and there was a cool breeze. I saw myself with a beard and a shirt.
  • After opening the door the first I saw was tall grass with an angle of elevation as if I was shorted that grass. It was a place filled with greenery as all I could see was grass and trees.
  • I saw a man in a light brown patterned shirt and dark brown pants with tan heeled boots. He had short bushy hair and was standing next to a broken wall, leaning against it and smiling. I had a feeling of familiarity with him. The place was a grassland next to the sea. I was wearing a skirt with floral pattern and bangles but every time I tried to get close to him he equidistantly moves away. As I was stuck in time.
  • I went out of the door again and re-entered into a new life. Here, it was inside a house dark due to the cloudy sky. It had a middle open area and the four walls were covered in black paint, the numbers 1 and 6 were popping in my head when the therapist asked me about the year. My name on that life was Geeta and I was 21 years old and I had a lover called Arvind. I had a father who was a Brahmin, I know this due to the presence of the white thread. I had a sister. I didn’t have a mother. And my favorite memory from that life was sitting in an area near the middle open area and enjoying the rainfall. It was the most soothing and calming memory, it felt as if I could feel the cool breeze of the rain. The memory of the loved one is hugging Arvind who was wearing a light purple shirt and was taller than me. His head lies right above my head and he had a beard. He was well built. My father had a close to a bald head and usually was found wearing a Munda( a white cloth worn around the hip below, popularly found in southern India). He had a white thread around his chest. Then I saw a memory of either my father or Arvind lying dead in the middle area of the house. I saw broken glass on the floor of a bottle and my sister with a half-broken bottle beside the dead body. I couldn’t ask her if why did she kill the person or did she even do it. But I remember feeling the deep feeling of regret, pain, betrayal, and unfair. The last memory is that I was sitting in the same house with all the light out and only a small lamp next to me. I had not eaten for days. All I could feel was betrayal, pain, lost, submissive and helpless as if I could not do anything about it. Somebody that I loved died and somebody I knew and loved so dearly did a crime. The whole situation depressed me as if all the doors around me were closing and in the end, I could not take it. After this, I died due to starvation and dehydration at the same spot.
  • Given above were all the details I saw during the regression. Even though after seeing the last life scenario it made me a little upset, but the overall experience was mind-blowing. I would love to know more about regression.

Learnings - Life is too short. Do not waste it by being submissive. Take action. reach out and clarify. Do not presume. There was a lot of Geeta ( passive) did not know. neither did she attempt to reach out to Arvind or her sister to find out the cause or the reason.


Thanks for sharing this. Was it not possible for her to know the reason why the sister killed her lover? I think this could also help her to understand things from other’s perspective.


Thank you for sharing Indu. How did you, as a parent of the child (client) feel after the session?


Wow thank you for sharing such a beautiful session. The Lesson is just Mind Blowing - Life is short. Do not waste it by being submissive.


Thankyou Geetha. :pray: Taking baby steps::blush:


Yeah, tried asking her but she was so upset. kept saying how unfair. I got betrayed by my own sister and lost the love of my life. I later on asked her , what if there was more to this. I will be conducting one more . keeping my mind open to what will unwrap.

Thankyou Harish.


Hi Dr. Nisha,Thanks for writting… I simply got the therapist hat on:blush:
Yes but there was a super temptation to judge or assume. but I held my horses. Just remained unmoved.
Was tough but a good learning


That was a great experience indu,good that you shared… for beginners like us,we see each cases as a motivation for our journey.


@Indunandakumar so well done and presented in the IDT format. Very well done.

One thing im really tempted to say is, i can’t believe you have a 17 year old :grin:

Dr. Nishaji asked a lovely question about how it felt conducting a session for own loved one.

It does affect us in a certain way for sure, I feel helpless when i find Neha crying a lot during sessions :grin:


Hy Indu,
What a lovely session with your own daughter, sometimes one simple learning changes our life. I’m sure it must have given bought beautiful understanding to your daughter.
Would love to read more about it!

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Thanks :slight_smile: Venu.

My first PLR client was my 24-year-old elder Daughter Malavika. Devika is the younger one. Haha feel good Guruji!!



Thanks :slight_smile: Venu.
My first PLR client was my 24-year-old elder Daughter Malavika. Devika is
the younger one. Haha feel good Guruji!!


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Beautiful session Indu, thanks for sharing

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