PLRT To Remove The Blocks For An American Buddhist Sansyasin

Name : SS (name changed)
Gender: Female
Age : 53 Years
Hypnotisability score: 9
Eye ball score : 1
Dominant sense : A – 2, V – 2, K - 11

The client was a Buddhist Sanyasin and approached me through my website. We excahnged some messages and we agreed to meet for preliminary discussions when I return to Bangalore (I was away for about a month when she contacted me). On return, I travelled 100 kms to a forest where she was staying. We agreed that I would stay in her place for three days and try PLRT. It was a remarkable experience, not only her PLRT sessions, but also staying in the forest on a river bank for three days.

First session
6th November 2:30 PM to 5:30 PM.

As client was a completely stranger, I started with my introduction - education, professional life, PLRT training, PLRT experience etc. She listened with interest and also asked certain questions.

She was dressed in saffron clothes, had a saffron cloth bag with clean shaven head. She looked at ease, peaceful, full of interest in her surroundings and was completely at ease with me. She seemed to be enjoying the whole thing.

I started telling her what PLRT is and how we go about it. She intervened and said that she knows all about it. She had read books by Brian Weiss and had also tried a group PLRT session in USA. But she did not visualize anything. This was her next attempt. She also said that she knows all about Hypnotherapy. I asked her to tell me what she knows about it and she described it very well. Therefore, there was no need for any pre-talk for her. I asked her if she had any questions or doubts and she smilingly said that she had none.

I asked her if she would like to undergo PLRT by me and she said quite emphatically ‘Yes, yes’.

While signing the agreement, she indicated following as ‘take away’ from the session:

“To see where there are blocks in past life that hinder progression in this life”.

Regarding Pain Level, she said that there was no pain, it was only a desire. However, on explaining the concept and how badly she wanted to fulfill this desire, she indicated the Pain Level as 6.

After assessment of her hypnotisability score, dominant sense and eye roll score we started talking about her life, right from the childhood.


She was born in Reno, Nevada, USA. Her parents divorced 6 months after she was born. She has a 3 years elder sister, who was quite jealous of her as her sister thought that she was getting less affection from mother due to the younger sister.

Her mother was like a pillar who looked after both the daughters well, though financially they were not well off. She met her father only during holidays. She feels that she lacked affection during childhood as mother was generally busy and father was not there to support her or give her strength when required.

To improve financial position, her mother had to move to various places for a living. Finally, when she was 7 years old, they moved to France where her mother’s brother was there. This was a traumatic experience for her as she did not know the language. She could not make friends in school or in the colony. She missed her USA friends. She feels that all these childhood experiences hardened her as she had to fight for her survival. She was mostly on her own as mother was busy on her job, did not get along well with sister and lacked father’s support. Due to this, she lacked self-confidence (though I did not feel so from her non-verbals) and developed a tendency to copy others. She mostly liked to be silent and lacks peace and contentment. She also feels that she is not good enough. Probably due to all this, she developed strong attachment for food as she got love from food. She has a strong urge for food which she was now trying to overcome.

She did not like the education system in France as the system emphasized on memorizing and was too competitive. After 10th standard, at the age of 17, she moved back to USA and stayed with her grand parents. She was happy and she got lot of affection from them.

She completed her post graduation and got an office job in a meditation centre. Teachings of the centre interested her and she learned about Buddhism. As part of job, she used to visit prison to help prisoners and was very happy to see that they were also human beings like us and were not necessarily bad people. It was only circumstances that made them commit crimes. She liked to attend meditation retreats which she could join free being an employee. These retreats were generally 3 days or 1 week type. She tried to look for longer meditation retreats and found 60 days retreats in Myanmar, that too free of cost. She came to attend one and it changed her life. She decided to become a Buddhist Sanyasin and started living in monasteries. This was seven years back.

Initially, she lived in Myanmar monasteries. Then she moved to Thailand monasteries as Myanmar was not very peaceful and became difficult for foreigners. Later she started realizing that monasteries were not really concentrating on spiritual growth and there was too much emphasis on hierarchy etc. They did not permit her to remain in silence and observe fasting which she wanted to practice. She decided to be on her own, located an abandoned monastery and moved there. She knew that in India there were many saints who lived by themselves and just meditated. She wanted to live like them and three years back she moved to India, to Rishikesh. But, she did not like the cold weather there and moved to Maharashtra and lived in some forest on a river bank. But, as river used to get dry there, she moved to Karnataka and is living in a forest on Kavery bank for last two years. She has located a cave on a hill, for which she walks fifteen Kms to meditate there. She also has a base in an ashram where she comes once in 10 days to collect fruits and other eatables. Now she consumes only uncooked food. She likes nature such as hills, river, forest etc. She feels that animals are trying to give some messages and we need to live in harmony with them.

I thanked her for quite an interesting and unique life history. I enquired about her marital status and relationships. She said that she never got married. She did have relationships, but she prefers not to talk about these as now she is a sanyasin.

I played the Great Bell Chant video for cognitive relaxation fatigue and left her alone. She liked the video and commented that her healing had started with the video.


We considered following options for the theme of the session:

  • Lack of strong willpower
  • Urge for food
  • Not able to overcome desires
  • Easily gives up
  • Increase in faith

She wanted all of the above. But on my explaining the concept of theme, she chose:

“Lack of progress in faith”

We went through the checklist, decided IMR and started the induction with Dave Elman, Progressive Relaxation, visualization of staircase and garden and suggested to go to some happy memories.

T: Allow yourself to go to some happy memory.

C: I am three years old. I am playing in my house.

T: Very nice. Who all there with you?

C: I am alone. I am just enjoying.

T: Would you like to tell me about your dress?

C: It’s a pink frock.

T: Ok. Very nice. Enjoying alone as a 3 years old baby in a pink frock. Great. You may also like to go to some other happy memory?

C: I am one year old. I am in a park. Sitting on green grass. (I could see smile on her face)

T: Great. Enjoy the moment. Who else are there with you?

C: My mother and father are with me.

T: Very nice. Would you like to tell me about your dress?

C: Yeah. I am putting on a white dress.

T: Very nice. Continue to enjoy the moment and let me know when you are ready to move.

[after some time she indicated yes with the IMR]

T: Very nice. Great. Having recalled and experienced the time when you were 1 year old baby, let yourself go to the time when you were just getting born.

C: Yeah. I can see myself getting born. I am reluctant to get born. I am feeling quite sad. Oh God, not again. People are so mean here. I do not like to be with the people.

(looked tense. Relaxed her with deep breathing)

T: In this state you can also recall when you were in-utero, in the womb of your mother. You may allow yourself to go back to recall this memory.

C: Yeah. I am in the womb of my mother. I feel quite safe here. I feel tight and compact, water all around.

T: Great. Allow yourself enjoy the moment, feeling safe and let me know when you are ready to move further.

C: Yes. Yes.

T: Very nice. Having experienced how you felt when you were born and when you were in the womb of your mother, I will count from 1 to 3 and at the count on 3 allow yourself to go back to the garden which you find very nice, relaxing and you enjoy being there. 1…. 2 …. 3…… ……Are you in the garden?

C: Yes.

T: Very nice. Allow yourself to locate the staircase and let me know when you see the staircase.

C: (Yes by IMR)

T: Now I will count from 1 to 3 and you may allow yourself to climb the staircase. At the count of 3, allow yourself to return to present consciousness.

T: 1 … 2 … 3…. You may open your eyes whenever you feel comfortable to do it.

After the session, she was quite happy and relaxed. I had explained to her earlier itself entire scheme and how much we intended to cover that day. So she did not question why we did not try to go to previous life memories or not tackling the theme.

Session 2

7th November 2023 10 AM to 2 PM

Did Dave Elman, Progressive relaxation and cliff routine and brought her back to the garden.

T: Allow yourself to relax in the garden as long as you so desire. You may like to find a bench, sit on it and enjoy the nature, the nature which you like to so much.

T: Could you find some bench.

Client indicated by IMR.

T: Great. This is your safe place. Allow yourself to enjoy as long as you wish and let me know when you are ready to move.

Client indicated yes by IMR.

T: Great. Having got rid of traumas of this life and having relaxed in the garden, we may like to explore the reason for not able to advance in your faith as you desire. Allow yourself to increase intensity of this desire many times and look for abridge which may take you to the reason which you are looking for. Could you see some bridge?

C: Yeah. I can see a bridge.

T: Great. Allow yourself to go on this bridge. I will count from 3 to 1 and at the count of 1, allow yourself to reach at the other end of the bridge where you will recall a memory from where the issue of giving up easily comes and is coming in the way of further advancement of your faith.

T: 3 … starting to walk on the bridge …… 2 … midway…… 1 …allow yourself at the end of the bridge. …….Would you like to tell me what comes to your awareness?

C: I find I am inside a tunnel. I can see some light at the edge of the tunnel.

T: Very nice. I will count from 3 to 1 and as I count allow yourself to go through the tunnel. 3 starting to go through the tunnel…… 2 on the way …… 1 allow yourself to reach at the end of the tunnel ……. Could you reach at the end of the tunnel.

C: Yes. I see bright light. I have stepped inside the light. I am feeling very good in this light, nice, warm. Like a sunshine. Light in every direction.

T: Great. Let yourself walk further in the light and see what comes to your awareness.

C: I am in forest of light. There is someone there. He is telling me to have empathy. Feel more empathy for everyone. He is saying that it will help me. He is asking me to open my heart more. Its blocked. I need to show more kindness. …. I have come out of the light. I see myself as a Roman warrior. No, no … I am not a warrior, I am just fighting, I have the armour which is put on by the warriors. Some fight is going on. Farmers are fighting over land.

T: Does any name comes to your awareness as a fighter, dressed as a Roman warrior?

C: Arnold, Arnold. Oh, someone has stabbed me in the back (signs of stress on the face).

T: Keep breathing. It is your past life. Just float above and observe. I will count from 3 to 1, and at the count of 1 allow yourself go back to a happy time of this life time.

C: No (very emphatically). I want to remain here only. Blood is coming out from my back. I am removing the knife. It is in right side of the back.

T: Which year is this? Does anything comes to your awareness?

C: 42 (probably she referred to the age, not the year of the occurrence). I am dying. Why it had to happen to me? I am a simple farmer, with family. I was a family man with children, happy enjoying. (signs of stress).

T: Keep breathing. It is your past life. Float above and just observe. What comes to your awareness now?

C: I feel someone is pricking me and pulling out the life, breath is going out of me. I am dead. Now, it is pulling out my right shoulder from my collar angle.

T: Ok. Having left the body of Arnold, what comes to your awareness now… where is the soul moving?

C: I just feel my soul is there, my soul is hanging there.

C: My heart and faith are affected. Jesus is coming to my awareness. I was a religious person. Now my heart is blocked.

T: OK. Now what comes to your awareness?

C: I am in a cave. I am just looking at some bones in a cave. The bones are all dried up. The bones are very very dry.

T: Ok.

C: Now, the bones are getting arranged as a body.

C: (after a pause) I see a skeleton, similar to what we see in a science classroom.

T: Ok.

C: The skull is hanging to one side.

C: I feel it is me only. ….The skeleton is mine. Now flesh is being added. It’s a female body. Now some one is putting life in it. It is something similar to how you make a robot.

T: Ok.

C: My DNA kept somewhere. Life has been created with that.

T: Ok.

C: My right side is dead. Left side is full of life. But right side is very dry.

T: Ok.

C; Now bright light is coming from top of my head. It’s white light. White light is slowly entering and moving down.

T: Ok.

C: Right upto the foot.

T: Ok.

C: Masters are there. They are just watching. They all are supporting me.

T: Ok.

C: They are like father figures, spirit guides.

T: Ok.

C: They are telling me that I have to balance, I need to find a balance, harmony,

T: Ok.

C: My left side is full of love. My right side is totally dry.

T: Ok.

C: Half of my body is dry. Now, I am feeding from left to right. I have to find harmony on both sides.

T: Ok.

C: I have to develop trust, love.

T: Ok.

C; My left side is flooded, my right side is dry.

T: Ok.

C: Masters are telling me I can do it.

T: Ok.

C: Feed left to right.

T: Ok.

C: We can do it with mind also.

T: Ok.

C: Masters are pouring white light on me.

T: Ok. Great.

C: They are showering me with white light.

T: Ok.

C: They are sending white light for you also.

T: Ok.

C: I need to have faith.

T: Ok.

C; There is divine light inside me.

T: Ok.

C: I also had it when I was a baby in womb.

T: Ok.

C: I am born as light, I am supposed to be light.

T: Ok.

C: White light is in my chest.

T: Ok.

C: It is in my heart. I have to feed the right side. I am getting while light from top, just like a drip system.

T: Ok.

C: To redirect white light is the goal.

T: Ok.

C: To love everyone, just be love.

T: Ok.

C: There is dark color inside me. My karmic side.

T: Ok.

C: I need to pierce the darkness , burst the darkness.

T: Ok.

C: I have faced much violence.

T: Ok.

C: It has taken many lives to reach here.

T: Ok.

C: World is further evolving. Moving from dark to light. It’s a new phase for the world.

T: Ok.

C: Pierce darkness.

T: Ok.

C: Shining light radiates.

T: Ok.

C: Light becomes new paradigm.

T: More light every where, even for you.

C: Ok to be light. Was Ok to be dark.

C: Needed people to spread light.

C: Masters are fully supporting me. They are evolving me further. They are pillars. They are the strength.

T: Ok.

C: They are love. They are role models.

T: Ok.

C: I am good. God is here (pointing at chest), within us.

T: Ok.

C: Be the love that we are. We don’t have to make it. Its already there. Masters are behind me. I have to be strong.

T: Ok.

C: Now the masters are leaving.

T: Ok.

(There was complete silence for quite some time. Client seemed to be in ecstasy or some such thing.)

T: Very nice. Would you like to come back.

C: Yes.

T: I will count from 1 to 3 and at the count of 3 you may move through the tunnel to the safe place, to the garden.

T: Are you in the garden?

C: yes.

T: You can rest here as long as you want and let me know when you want to move.

C: Ok. We can go back.

C: Yes.

T: Very nice. Allow yourself to locate the staircase and let me know when you see the staircase.

C: (Yes by IMR)

T: Now I will count from 1 to 3 and you may allow yourself to climb the staircase. At the count of 3, allow yourself to return to present consciousness.

T: 1 … 2 … 3…. You may open your eyes whenever you feel comfortable to do it.

The client seemed to be quite happy after the session. I asked her if she got what she was looking for. She said yes, yes as she saw the Masters, similar to what Brian Weiss talks about. I was just curious to know who were the masters and if she recognized any one. She did not recognize any one and only indicated that they looked like saints, very bright yellow light, with long flowing robes. There were four or five, standing in a row ( indicated by a gesture how they were standing). She was also gesturing a lot during the later part of the session, pointing to heart, left side, right side etc particularly when she was silent.

I feel that the session and its interpretation was beyond me. I felt satisfied as the client seemed to be very happy and satisfied. I could not offer any recommendation or comment on her experience except we briefly discussed how the experience of stabbing had affected her faith. It was totally her session and my role confined to just saying ‘Ok’, ‘Great’, ‘Very nice’ etc…

As I was staying in the ashram, we again met in the evening. She requested for another session and we agreed to meet next day at 10 AM.

Session 3

8 Nov 2023 10:30 AM to 12:30 PM

As we got together, I asked her why she wanted another session. She said that she is just being greedy.

She herself suggested following theme for the session:

‘Removing blocks’

Induction was done with Dave Elman and Progressive Relaxation. Visualisation of garden was used to get a safe place.

T: Great. Continue to enjoy and relax as long as you like in this garden where you feel so nice, closer to nature. You may enjoy the nature relaxing in the garden. Let me know when you are ready to go further.

Client indicated through IMR.

T: Great. Increase the intensity of desire of removing the block many times and allow this to be a bridge, the bridge which can take you to some memory which can help you in removing what is blocking your progression. … Are you able to see some bridge?

(Client indicated yes through IMR)

T: Great. Allow yourself to go on this bridge. I will count from 3 to 1 and at the count of 1, allow yourself to reach at the other end of the bridge leading to the memory causing blockage of your faith.

T: 3 … starting to walk on the bridge …… 2 … midway…… 1 …allow yourself at the end of the bridge. …….Would you like to tell me what comes to your awareness?

C: I can see a small door.

T: Great. Allow yourself to open the door and see what comes to your awareness.

(silent for sometime)

T: Ok. What comes to your awareness?

C: Now I am with bright light. Masters are telling me that I was not light. I have to open my heart more. I need to love. Make my heart strong. Masters are filling my heart with trust and divinity.

(silent for some time)

T: Great. What comes to your awareness now?

C: I am a little girl. 5 or 6 years old girl. I am skipping. I am very happy.

T: Very nice, enjoying as a little girl. Does any name come to your mind?

C: This life name only. This is my present life. I am …. as a little girl, skipping. Oh, now I am frozen. Something has frozen her. It’s blocked. ……… Oh, I need to hug her. I am hugging her. I am holding her. Now she is melting … coming back to life slowly. ……. Have faith again, have emotions again. I am holding her. ……. Now all OK. Feel love, love enters chest. ……. Back in light. Light is filling from head, slowly spreading all over the body. I have to be the light …… be strong ……. light is emerging from right foot, light is bathing me, showering me.

T: Great.

(Client started crying. She had not cried so far)

T: Keep breathing. This is only your past. Just observe.

C: Oh. I am not stressed (I had explained her stress management previous day). I am just feeling happy, very happy. Now I am much better. There was a block. No block now.

(Silent for quite some time.)

T: What comes to your awareness?

C: Nothing now. I do not need anything.

T: Ok. Then would you like to come back to present consciousness?

C: yes.

I emerged her and brought her back to the present consciousness through garden and staircase.

After the session, the client seemed to be quite happy. She thanked me profusely.

We briefly discussed the session and the client indicated that the experience was just fabulous. Both the days she got almost similar message. The sessions only indicated that she need not feel that she was not making progress or there was any blockage. With love, all such blocks can be removed. She had to develop love for all.

On my question what ‘feeding right form left’ meant, she indicated that that she has to just silence her analytical mind. She has to just believe in God. Love For All was the message conveyed by Masters. Regarding ‘freezing in childhood’, she indicated that she had become ‘sort of tough’. She was just not bothered about the surroundings and others. This needed to be changed. She had to start loving everything, everybody and should start enjoying these. I was quite amazed at her interpretations.

Next day, just to get a feedback, I asked how she was feeling. She replied that she was feeling just superb. She was a new person now and had got the purpose of life. She need not have any doubts about her. She felt that Masters had healed her totally.

Report and recommnedations

She had indicated that she used email very sparingly, only when it was essential. Therefore, I did not send any report or recommendation.

The only feedback I got from her was what she conveyed to my wife after the session (my wife had accompanied me to the forest to her place). My wife asked her about her feeling after the session and she replied that it was ‘really superb’ and she saw the angels.


My beloved @ceoccfb Arvind you are one of those 10 men that Swami Vivekananda was asking for to turn the world upside down! Am at awe knowing about your dedication

In humility I bow down to this client, she is really sincere to have realised where she was stuck and sought help and look who the Almighty sent to relieve her!

So thrilled to know that she had met our Master!

One risk is a lack of response potential here, but not so bad as to call off the session, but compensated by her ability to mediate!

Brilliant, this is the core issue!

perfect example as how to pace and lead.

brilliant again!

this could be avoid as this is not a stress mitigation technique, everything else was. We should never interrupt the flow of consciousness, the more we promote I of IDT, the higher is the therapeutic impact. Just like even though removing the puss is painful and then adding the hydrogen peroxide to clean it is painful, it has to be done so that the healing will take place for sure.

we could have empathised / paraphrased here instead of ok :slight_smile:

so awesome! :clap: :pray:

so profound!


coming from someone who has the luxury of spending almost all her day in mediation! How powerful is PLRT!

When I began reading this report this was what I pointed out was the issue and how amazingly the Superconscious brought out this profound eternal Truth!

How lovely is Jesus Christ and how amazing is His love! Merry Christmas to all

PS: Would like someone to put the quote from Through time into healing where Dr Weiss says that PLR can create the same brainwave that a buddhist monk with 40 years of meditation experience is…


Dear Arvind,

(lets paraphrase here ) Having read this amazing account of Past Life Regression Therapy what emotion comes to my awareness ???

MONESH : I am feeling EXALTED !! :innocent: :grinning: :grinning:

My humble feedback and learnings for your consideration please,

Sir, my salute to your pure heart and utmost dedication to help a client.

In the lap of mother nature, away from the web of worldly engagements, one finds absolute bliss - eternal and unabated !! Blessed you are.

Its entirely to your credit as the Therapist to be able to built the client’s confidence in yourself . When the connect is so strong and intense the curtain on past life memories fall as a feather.

And we are grateful to to you for sharing such unique experience with us. :yellow_heart: :yellow_heart:

Apt example of How to paraphrase. Similar adeptness you have demonstrated in many suggestions made to the client.

Apt example of how to be patient, resonate with emotions being experienced by client ,give time to them to connect with the engram and use IMR to proceed ahead in session.

I am getting wiser reading these wonderfully crafted suggestions. Thank you with all my :heart:

Great implementation of the learnings we received from our Guru. :yellow_heart:

Sir, may I suggest that in place of removing the client from the scene of past life trauma we assist the client in experiencing it more thoroughly because that way we expect to achieve maximum resolution and therapeutic effect of therapy.
In the present case the higher consciousness itself negated to follow the suggestion and decided to continue with the trauma.

Exceptional and profound :raised_hands: :raised_hands: :raised_hands:

In my understanding that’s the coping mechanism adopted by the child to adapt and survive in the environment at home/in life. The freeze melted with the Love… :yellow_heart: and that’s why as adults/parents its our ardent duty to provide for a love filled environment for our children to grow.

What an amazing session to read Sir, Grateful that you shared it with us all here. I personally believe its thorough implementation of the therapy and methods that our Guru has taught us.

Simple and apt suggestions, paraphrasing and a strong Therapist - Client Bond can achieve such wonders. :raised_hands: :raised_hands:

Book Marked !!! :heart: :heart: :heart:

Regards and Compliments,

:maple_leaf: :maple_leaf: :maple_leaf:


Dear Venu,

Thanks a lot for the review. I am so grateful for all the insights you have so kindly provided. You have really changed my life. You have not onlly taught me the wonderful technique of PLRT, but also propelled me on the spiritual path. Moreover, you have been guiding me for last five years for PLRT as well as for the spiritual growth through monthly interactions.


Dear Arvind,

Hats of to your dedication! Travelling 100 kms for a PLR session is just remarkable!
Reading was post was so refreshing as it was articulated profoundly. Connection with masters was like cherry on the top. Through your session once again it was learnt that subconscious knows where healing is required and heals miraculously.
Thank you so much for sharing.


Superb session dear Arvind
Simple and deep🙏

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Thanks a lot Monesh for the encouraging words and vaubale suggestions. I am really amazed with the efforts and time you are putting in giving your insights and guding our blessed batch.

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Thanks a lot Ashish for the encouraging words. The experience was just marvellous and I am grateful to Almighty for giving me this unique opportunity.

Arvind ji, that was an incredible case, and you managed it with profound expertise. :clap::clap::tada::tada:

Thanks a lot Vasundhara for the encouraging words. I am so grateful for the kind words.

Thanks a lot Sandhya for the encouraging words. So grateful to you.

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