Power of faith can move mountains

Power of Faith
Early this year, my friend Harish, from Aster batch, and I received a call from another common friend, K, who said that his maid’s daughter, V, has been detected with cancerous tumor in the brain and it is in advanced stage. She had undergone the surgery to remove the tumour, but the cancer was still there. He wanted to know if we can help V through PLRT. We were not very confident of handling this, but decided to put it in God’s hand and give it our best. K mentioned that he had consulted an energy healer and she had said that there is no hope for V. K was very disappointed and wanted to see if PLRT can help.
V was a little girl and was just 9 years of age. She was going through her Chemo sessions. The sight of a small girl with her head shaven, covering it with a woollen cap, made our eyes watery. She was such a sweet little girl and we wondered what could be the reason for such a harsh lesson.
After briefing her parents in her presence and signing up the contract, we decided to start the session. V was scared and started crying. So, we decided to do a small demo and I played the role of a client and Harish played the role of the therapist, where Harish performed progressive relaxation. V and her mother witnessed this in the room, while the father sat out. We told V that her mother would be in the room, and that there was nothing to get frightened about. It is just a way for us to relax her and get rid of the pain.
V finally agreed and she saw an orange light. I summarise below the session. “T” is therapist. “V” is the client.
T: Go back to a happy moment in your life
V: 9 years with appa/ amma.
T: Go back few more years
V: Am with appa and amma – going to Bangarpet. Am happy. Wearing green dress. They are carrying me.
T: No go back to the source of the medical problem.
V: I am girl. 8 years. Name is V (It is the present life). I am with appa. (And then could not see anything).
T: Go to a happy moment. See what you are wearing.
V: Wearing leg chain.
T: Where are you?
V: In Badrinath – Bangarpet, playing ball. I am 9 years.
T: When did this medical problem occur?
V: It was holidays, am 9 years. Boinhalli. Ajji gave something to eat. I started vomiting.
We realized that she was telling us when the symptom occurred in the current life and that she was not going to the root. As she starting feeling uncomfortable, we decided to take a short break.
She went to the park, played for some time and her parents brought her something to eat. She came back and was charged up for another session.
T: What is the cause of the tumor?
V: I fell down, blood clot. Name is V. Happened in Boivanhalli. (This was the reason the parents had mentioned to her for the surgery she underwent. We thought that she is just telling this from her memory).
After relaxing her further,
T: Go to a happy moment
V: I have put Om Shakti Male. I am 6 years old. In bus, with appa, amma and tamma.
(She was just not going to the root cause and started crying that she does not want to go. We decided not to force her). We then asked her to float above and she saw the light and a sage wearing red dress. We asked her to check with the sage as to what had happened.
V: Blood clot.
T: How to heal
V:Beat and throw it out.
T: Ok, beat it nicely and throw it out.
We then asked her to request the light to forgive her for known and unknown sins, and asked the light to heal the tumor and any traces of the illness. We asked her to be blessed with good health, long life, happiness, education and wealth.
This happened sometime in March and on subsequent follow up with K, we were told that V is going through her session of Chemo. In mid Oct, K informed us that V has responded very well and the doctor has said there is no trace of the disease – you can just forge this as a bad dream and lead a normal life. K said, usually doctors say it is gone for now, but his doctor said it is gone. We were so happy to hear that and we thank the God for this.
It can be debated if medical science cured her or was it PLRT. But, in our view it is the faith that is responsible for the cure.
Faith is powerful and it is not an understatement when they say “Faith can move mountains.”
Another thought that came to mind after recollecting that the energy healer has said ‘no hope’, is that “Man is not God and should never make another lose out on hope. We should try to help and leave the rest to God”.


Good effort Naveen, thank you for sharing. Its so peaceful to wipe ones tears. Full of gratitude for having been the chosen ones.


Naveen, my eldest sister is suffering from breat cancer,your session is a grt inspiration n consolation for me. Heartful thanks for sharing it with us. Many blessing for taking care of that little girl.


Thank you Tripti. Truly said by Venu

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Neeta, my prayers for speedy recovery of your sister. I have personally known 2 cases of cancer being healed. My humble submission is that you should ask your sister to go through the PLR and get to the root to help cure it. I was also reading about one case in Dr. Brian’s book, that the client suffering from cancer ended up burning the cancerous growth. This is similar to what Naveen has mentioned, that the little girl was asked to “Beat and throw out the tumor”. I sincerely hope that your sister is also able to throw out the cancerous growth. God Bless!


Had plans to do plrt ,but due to lack of time ( gone for marriage) was unable to do so.But will certainly see to it wen next time I visit her city.Even I hve read, the case u r referring too. Thanks Harish for prayers ,God is grt and our prayers never go unheard.


Just the message we all need. Thank you for sharing Beloved Naveen.


Very true Venu! Our work is to carry on Manav seva which is Madhav Seva!


Manav seva … is Madhav seva…!
As we believe…there exists “god “ in every living being!
Eshaa vaasyam idham Sarvam !


It has been 4 years since the session. Yesterday 7th Sep, 2023, Naveen and I met K and enquired about our little girl V. He said the little girl is leading a normal life, attending school and there are no earlier symptoms of the tumour. Happy for V.


This is huge. Giving hope to a hopeless person is like giving water to a dying thirsty person. Now I can confidently say PLRt can do the impossible as it is God’s will.
Hats off to you Naveen and Harish for the courage and compassion you have shown, in taking up the case. God bless you both. Take a bow. With Best Wishes, Deepak