Power of The Universe and His Divine Messages

Hello All,
I am delighted to post my Case Study which is very close to my heart and will always be. Kindly accept my apologies as I have not filtered any messages received from the Divine Power. I will be glad to receive your feedback and Comments.
Thank you Venu Sir for showing faith in me, because of your guidance I was able to conduct the session successfully.

Session: 1
Name: Mr. Rao
Gender: Male
Age: 61+
Hypnotisability Score: 7/10
Dominant Sense: K
Secondary Dominant Sense: V and A
Eye Roll Test: 2.0
Theme: Behavioral Issues: Very Sensitive and doesn’t let go of things very easily.
Pain level Before Sessions : 09

Mr. Rao is a very kind hearted man but at the same time very sensitive in nature and he doesn’t let go of things very easily.
With his consent he was adopted by his uncle ( Father’s Brother). He was very much attached to his non-biological Mom. When Mr.Rao was employed, he got Vasculitis (Life threatening Disease) and at the same time his biological father was suffering from mental illness. One day his biological father left the house and disappeared. Nobody knew where he went? Nobody knew the reason behind it. Mr. Rao blamed himself, as being a son It was his responsibility to take care of him but he couldn’t do it. After his father disappeared his Non-biological Mom fell severely ill. One Day in ICU when she was in a Coma she held his hand very tight which made him think, " What was happening in her mind, How did she identify my touch being in Coma?" The client went through tremendous pain Physically and Mentally.
After history taking he showed his deep desire to connect with his Non-biological Mom and Biological Father. He was struggling with the questions like :

Why am I so sensitive? Why don’t I let go of things?
What is the purpose of my life?
Where did my father go?
Why did I meet mom in this life?

Session: 2

C-Client and T- Therapist]
- Therapist Remarks
… Pause

Induction: Dave Elman- Garden-Progressive Relaxation

Visualization- Ball of Light, Tunnel of Light, Garden, Staircase and The White Door and Temple.

Breathing: Diaphragmatic Breathing throughout the session.

Abreactions: Flickering of eyes, Tension in the body and eyes. Tightness in the body. Clenched Fist, Intense Crying

Before the Session: The Client had severe Headache, Body ache and Heaviness in the eyes.


T- What is it that comes to your awareness?

C- Some greenery is there.

T- Are you able to feel yourself?

C- I don’t feel anything, I don’t see anything… I can feel that I am in the garden.

T- What is it that you are feeling when you are in the garden?

C- It’s too good and calm.

T- Would you like to spend some time in the garden?

C- It is good here… yes

T- Okay, you can spend some time in the garden and once done then let me know.

[Client Slept for 30 min]

C- I am feeling very relaxed.

T- Great, Would you like to stay there for some more time or go further in time?

C- I would like to go further.

T- Ok

[ I helped the client to go further]

T- Where are you currently?

C- It’s a lonely place

T- Allow yourself to feel the place…What does it look like?

C- Greenery is there… Mountains are also there

T- Is there anybody else with you?

C- I am alone

T- Ok

[I did Deepening and helped the client to Visualize the Tunnel of light]

T- Are you able to find yourself in the Tunnel?

C- Yes… it’s a blue color tunnel.

T- What is it that you are feeling now?

C- Nice

T- Good…

[ I helped the client to come out of the Tunnel and find a white door there]

T- Are you able to feel the white door there?

C- No

T- Okay

[ I did Deepening and helped the client to find the temple there]

T- Are you able to feel the temple there?

C- No Response

T- Are you able to feel yourself?

C- Yes, I can

[I increased Deepening with Breathing]

T- What is it that you are able to feel currently?

C- Wherever I go I feel lonely.

T- Ok

[I helped the client to float above to find out the root cause of the loneliness]

T- Are you floating above?

C- Yes

[The client body was very stiff and Clenched Fist hence I did Relaxation with Breathing]

T- Allow yourself to loosen your body.

T- What is it that you are experiencing right now?

C- Nothing… I would like to come out.

T- Ok, before we come out let’s go to three happy memories of your childhood .

T- What is your happy childhood memory?

C- Going to school with friends.

[Client was smiling]

T- That’s really good… Is there any other childhood memory you have?

C- No

T- Would you like to stay there or come out with your happy memory?

C- Come out

[Though we did not explore any lifetime in session 2 but the client was feeling very relaxed and calm after the session]

After the Session:-

C- You were taking my pain it seems. I am feeling very light. I am not stressed anymore, you can figure it out from my face. You have some kind of energy otherwise I cannot feel so fresh. It is a divine power. You can see changes in me. After this session the heaviness from the head went away. It was from the past 2 to 3 days.

Session: 3

Induction- Dave Elman

Visualization - Garden, Tunnel of Light


C- I can see Shivling

T- What does it look like?

C- It is an ancient kind of temple and there is a shivling…It is in between mountains from where there is the way to the temple.

T- What is the colour of the shivling?

C- It is black colour shivling.

T- Are you able to feel yourself?

C- No, only shivling

T- Allow yourself to feel if there is anybody else around you

C- Nobody

T- What are you doing in the temple now?

C- I am just watching it.

T- Would you like to spend some time there?

C- Yes

T- Okay, you spend your time there and once you are done then let me know.

C- Ok

[After 8 Min Pause]

C- We will move from here.

T- Okay, what is it that you are feeling currently?

C- It is a good place… It’s a holy place…I am Happy.

T- Very good

[I helped the client to feel the Tunnel of light]

T- Are you able to feel the tunnel?

C- Yes

T- What is the colour of the tunnel of light?

C- Blue

T- What is it that you are feeling inside the tunnel?

C- It is good.

T- Are you able to feel yourself?

C- Yes, but I am not able to see myself.

T- No worries…It is good that you can feel yourself.

[I tried to help the client to come out of the tunnel and go to some significant event]

T- What is it that comes to your awareness?

C- Nothing

[Client has lots of resistance so increased BRV]

T- Allow yourself to loosen your body… Let’s go with a flow…let your higher self take you where it wants.

What is stopping you from going to a significant event?

C- I don’t know where I am

T- But are you there in some place

C- Yes

T- What do you feel that this place looks like?

C- It’s a village

T- What is it that you are able to feel there?

C- There is a hut

[Helped the client to go inside the hut to find out something significant]

T-Are you able to feel yourself inside the hut?

C- Yes

T- What is it that you feel or see there?

C- It’s a hut without much light

T- Allow yourself to feel if somebody is staying in the hut

C- I don’t know

T- Do you find anything significant in that hut?

C- No

[Moved the client a little further in time]

T- Allow yourself to feel what place it is?

C- It’s like a village only

[The body was tensed, Increased Relaxation with breathing and helped the client to loosen the body]

T- Is it the same village or different village?

C- It’s not the same village

T- Are you able to feel yourself?

C- I am able to visualise but unable to locate myself.

T- Ok, are there people around you?

C- Few unknown people are there and they are just moving around… Things are changing soon.

T- Yes it happens and it is completely fine… Initially you will see glimpses and these glimpses are nothing but a dot which we will connect later.

T- What is it that you are feeling now?

C- I am standing below some mountain and there are small small houses.

T- Allow yourself to go inside any house you wish for?

[Long Pause]

T- Are you there inside the house

C- Yes

T- Allow yourself to locate the dining area?

C- I jumped into a different location.

T- Ok, where do you find yourself now?

C- It’s a hill station…I can see Mountains

T- Are you able to feel yourself?

C- I am seeing

T- Ok, Are there people around you?

C- Nobody is there

T- What is it that you feel when you see mountains?

C- Good…Calm… peaceful

T- Would you like to spend sometime there?

[Client Jumped into a different life again]

C- Why is it happening, somewhere I want to locate myself.

T- Right now just explore and enjoy what you are seeing because it is just a Glimpses.

C- Ok

T- What is it that you are experiencing now?

C- It is a winter light… like a bonfire

T- What does the place look like?

C- It is covered with Nature…Snowy mountains

T- Ok

C- It’s a Good Oxygen here

T- Ok, Loosen your body and keep breathing

[Increased Relaxation with Breathing]

C- Ok

T- Is there anybody around you?

C- No… It’s a divine area… it’s a holy area

[I did Deepening and asked to go to the significant event where the Behavioural Issues has aroused]

T- What is it that you are experiencing now?

[Long Pause]

C- Sometimes something shining crosses my eyes.

T- What is the colour of that shining thing

C- I don’t know


[Increased Relaxation with Breathing and helped the client to float above]

T- Are you floating above?

C- Yes

T- Allow yourself to review your lifetime and figure out the root cause of your behavioral issues?

[Very long Pause]

T- What is it that you are feeling now?

[The Client was receiving messages from the Universe]

C- I should not have Ego. I should not take things personally. That is the root cause of the pain. Everyone has their own perceptions. I should value everybody’s perception. That is the root cause of restlessness…Yes… Basically I am a good person. I should not judge anyone. That is the root cause of the pain. I should not judge people. Expectations are not good. I have to just convey whatever good I feel like to say and just move on… Just move on… Wait… If I want to correct the people as per my expectation then the clashes start… I think so… People don’t believe miracles but it happens… It happens… Logic has limitations but miracles happen… There is a power all around us, you have to believe this, we have to blindly believe and that power is only driving us and will drive us… I don’t think everybody feels this… To feel I have to surrender myself… It can be felt but not expressed in words… No… No… You should not have a fear of anything… Nature has a rule of changes… Things come and go then why to fear… Believe in your inner voice…that always goes in the right way…it gives you success and satisfaction both…I should not try to change anybody… Resisting anyone from their own habits can make a difference of opinion, disagreement and it bitters the relationship… because they are right from their end. …So what I see from my end is something different…I should not say that they are wrong…They are also a part of the same creation…Why should I disagree with them? This is the blocking that has given me the pain…It is good to accept people as they are…This is the only way to keep happy and it is good for both of them… I am feeling very free now… Just a little pain in the back side of the head.

[Increased Relaxation with Breathing]

T- From which source are you getting these messages?

C- This you can feel only, from UNIVERSE

T- Allow yourself to ask The Universe if it has any message for me?

[Long Pause]

C- Whatever you do, do without expectation…he will give the results

[Long Pause]

C- सब अपने अपने सफर में है… अपने-अपने कर्मों के हिसाब से… [Everyone is on their own journey…According to their own deeds]…I should not label them good or bad… You can only do your Karmas consciousnessly, selflessly and without hurting and the results are not in my hand. He will give accordingly.

Transformation of ‘Behavioral Issue’:

T- What is it that you have carried into this life from your past life and that you should let go of?

C- Ego, I should not judge the people… I should accept them as they are… They also feel they are right…Yes… How can you say that, any correction needs to be made…No… It was my perception of thinking that they are wrong.

[Long Pause]

C- The pain has reduced

Transformation of ‘Purpose of Life’:

T- Good, What is the purpose of your life?

[Long Pause]

C- Helping others …It is the best creation of the universe… Helping others…

Messages Received from Client’s Father:

T- Allow yourself to feel or see, where did your father go?

C- He left home…He wanted to come back to his native place … He had an ambition to be in Native place.

T- What is his Native place?

C- Bangalore, He wanted to come to Bangalore… He could not get any support to come back to Bangalore.

T- Ask your higher self, ask the universe to connect you with your father

[Long Pause]

C- He is no more…body is very weak…He is wearing a Pant, Shirt and his spectacles…he is no more.

T- Would you like to spend some time with him?

[Intense Crying]

C- Yes

T- Take your time and once done let me know.

C- I am asking him to forgive me?

T- What is the reply you received from him?

C- I had to take care of him but I could not reach him… Sorry… Sorry… Sorry

[Long Pause]

C- जैसे गणेश जी की मूर्ति को विसर्जन करते हैं ना वैसे शांत हो चुके हैं वह. [He has become calm just like they immerse the idol of Ganesha]

T- Ask your higher self what is the message for you from him… What is it that he wants to convey to you?

[Long Pause] [Intense Crying]

C-He is telling me, it is not your mistake… It was his own destiny… How could you change that… That’s it

T- How do you feel after meeting him?

C- Calm … He is not blaming me.

T- Does he have any message for you?

[Intense Crying]

C- He still loves me… Wherever his soul is, he is blessing me.

T- You can spend some time with your father and once you are done you can let me know

C- Yeah… He is comfortable

T- Allow yourself to spend some time with him.

C- Ok

[Long Pause]

C- We can move

Transformation after meeting Father:

T- What is it that you have chosen to learn after you met your father?

C- Whatever happened was his destiny. We humans have some limitations. I love my father and will always do. I am relieved with the baggage I was carrying with me for not being able to take care of him.

Messages Received from Client’s Mother:

T- Ok, now ask your higher self that when your mom was in Coma, and she held your hand, what was the feeling she was going through?

C- Nothing can snatch you from me… I am there forever…[Crying inconsolably] … Body cannot separate you from me… Our connectivity is much deeper… It is beyond the body… It is beyond the body [Crying inconsolably]… It is the body who is in pain to get detached from you… Otherwise I am connected with you… In every birth… In every birth… It is a law of nature to demise the body… The soul cannot be… This she [Client’s Mom] is telling from Shiva’s temple…Anytime…any duration… any era… It never makes any difference. I have been connected to you… Yes… Yes…Yes…Yes… She is with me.

T- Allow yourself to spend some time with Mom and once done let me know

C-Okay… She has matured over the period… She is saying "Though I am not with you physically… I am always watching you…[Intense Crying] … She is very bright… Very good look…She is looking very beautiful

T- What message does she want to convey which is affecting your current life?

[Intense Crying…Long Pause]

C- It is not possible to be physically with you always… But believe I am still there with you… She is firm with her decision…

[Crying Non-stop]

C- Don’t feel alone… she is telling… Don’t feel alone… I was given only that much time with you but still we are meeting again… Yes we are meeting again… We are meeting again… She is not opting for anything other than me… Her will power is so strong that the universe has to support only…

T- Allow yourself to ask Mom if she has any message for me and convey my greetings to her.

[Intense Crying]

C- She is thanking you… She is also happy with this connection today… Strong determination…My God…[Crying]… The universe is Bowing down before her… Oh my God… Granted… Granted… Granted… Whatever you [Mom] are asking for is granted… Oh my God… It’s the power of love and attachment…

T- Allow yourself to ask mom that in which form she can meet you in the next birth?

C- She does not have any specific choice… Only to be with me… She is very generous… She does not want to give more burden to the universe also… Only connectivity she was asking… She wanted to be with me.

T- Allow yourself to spend some time with her…

C- My only one request to her…" All her Children and GrandChildren should live happily, healthy, and should go the right way… They do not understand what is good and what is bad for them, let she [Mom] make them realise… Life is precious and cares to be taken till the last breath… The human body is a very precious life …Do not waste it on unwanted bad habits… Should have a purpose… Always listen to your consciousness it never tells you to do wrong…[Long Pause]

[The Client is able to visualise Lord Venkateshwara]

I am visualising those three Namam [Vertically shaped Tilak, like 3 fingers on the forehead] of Venkateswara…She [Mom] was a devotee of lord Venkateswara… She believes only in Venkateshwara… I think he [Lord Venkateswara] is saying that…"He is being committed… He has been committed to her [Mom]… He has been connected to connect with my Mom… Irrespective of birth…Yes

[Long Pause]

T- Allow yourself to ask Lord Venkateswara if he has a message for me?

[Long Pause]

C- Don’t take things personally… Stop your ego and do whatever your heart and gut says…Yes…

Transformation After Meeting Mother:

T- What is it that you have learnt from your Mother’s messages?

[Long Pause]

C- That the Body is only temporary but the soul is eternal. The connection with my mom is beyond everything and will never fade away.

T- [My Personal Experience]

[My Elder Sister passed away due to breast Cancer. She had a son who was 10 yr old at that time…Seeing the circumstances of the family, I got married to my brother in law. I always wanted to connect with her but never found a way and then we got connected in this way. Thank you Baba [Lord Venkateswara]

T- Allow yourself to ask Venkateshwara how my Didi is?

C- Yes… She is doing fine… She is doing good

T- Does she want to connect with me?

C- She [Didi] is thanking you

[We both were crying]

T- What is the reason that she is thanking me?

C- You have taken her responsibilities

T- What are the expectations she keeps from me?

C- She is feeling you above her

[Both of us were crying intensely]

T- Will she be with us forever?

C- Her destiny was like, what you have seen… She could not be much longer, more than that… She had limitations… Now she is feeling happy, what all the responsibility she left is taken care of by you… … You have taken my responsibilities… You have taken my responsibilities… So that I am… I am at peace.

[Both were crying inconsolably]

T- Please convey this message that “All three of us love her very much, Love her like anything”

C- She too loves you all… She loves you all… She loves you all… She loves you all… She loves you… She is saying that nobody can live beyond their destiny… She is happy… She is blessing you all…Her destiny was till that only…She could not stand with the Kid and Family… It is good that you have taken care… Once I failed after leaving the body… you took over the charge… I am grateful to you… They could not be that happy… My son could not be taken care of if you would not be there with them…She is conveying that.

T- Please convey our message that we miss her a lot, We miss her all the time, She will always be in our heart

[Both of us were crying intensely]

C- But she doesn’t have pain… Because you are having physical body or physical pain… She is having very much happiness in her… Watching her family is good…Family is happy… Family is happy… She would not forgive herself if you could not be there to take care of her family…The Soul only feels satisfaction, which she is feeling… she is feeling satisfied that her family stays good… It is a life journey which takes to the different journeys [Stages]… Depends on the past karma also which is not in the hands of present life…So… Don’t judge… Don’t judge by seeing the present…Yes… I have finished my journey… I have no regrets… I bless you… I bless you all… It is good to see you all… Live happily… Don’t blame yourself for anything… It’s all been destined… How can you blame… Nothing is in our hands… It is the command of the universe… We all have to follow… It is not our choice…Yes… It is not our choice… Don’t judge yourself… God has chosen you to serve in this way… To complete my responsibilities which I could not do… you complete… You have been chosen for that… Don’t regret anything … Don’t Regret… It is not in your hand… You are pre- destined … you have been chosen to do this… … Live happily and love everyone in the family… That is the responsibility I have left for you

T- I love you didi… I love you a lot… Why did you leave?

[I know that the question “Why” should not have been asked but at that time I could not understand anything else. Kindly accept my apologies]

[Both were crying intensely]

C- She said, she also loves you a lot

T- You should have not gone, It is me who should have gone, You had a family too

C- No… It was my past karma… she is telling… No… No… No… No… The human body has limitations… She is telling me, destiny is not in hand… She had to move… She left… But the good part is the universe chose the right person to take over her responsibilities… She is feeling comfortable even after leaving the earth… She is comfortable that her family has been taken care of by her own sister… Her own sister…her own sister… We all have to pass through this journey… No one can escape… Everybody has their time to fulfill their own responsibility…Yes… You are doing good… Don’t feel you are the cause for anything…She is grateful to you for taking care of her family.

[Client was quiet for some time and then started smiling]

T- What is it that you’re feeling now?

C- Feather light… Very much comfortable… Feather light… Thank you… Thank you… Thank you beta for taking me on this journey.

T- How are you feeling?

C- Feeling Comfortable

T- Has Didi left?

C- Yes

T- Is Mom gone?

C- Yes…

[Client referring to the Feather Light]

C- It is good… It is so light… It is so light

T- Would you like to stay for sometime there or would you like to come out?

C- Journey was amazing… Sorry for taking lots of time… Journey has value… You should not be there for a long time… Once the purpose is solved… It is a very divine journey… You should go back…Yes… You should not be there for a long time… It is the place for only Holy Souls…

T- How did you get this message?

C- The place has a vibration

[Client got a message through Vibration]

T- Are you happy and comfortable?

C- Yes

T- Allow yourself to scan your body and feel or see if there is any pain in your body?

C- No Way

T - Ok Good … Would you like to go to the happy memories of your life?

C- No, The purpose is solved

T- Okay, Now it is time for you to come out. At the count of 1 to 10 you will be Wide Awake, Alert and Refreshed.

After the Session: So much power you give. It was difficult to open my eyes. you give me so much power. Didi told you to be happy. I had a severe pain in the back, it is almost gone. We are there for a purpose.

Session: 4


Behavioral Issues:- Mr. Rao confessed that he should not judge the people as they are also a soul and how can he justify them right or wrong. He was not able to see them from their point of view which was the limitation of him as a human being. He also confesses that he should not justify. He has to accept them as they are, then only he will be able to feel comfortable and happy on the earth.

Purpose of life:- Mr. Rao realised that his purpose of life is to Help people. He admitted that he is not going to carry anything from here.

Meeting with Mom:- As per Mr. Rao his Mom was so confident that the universe was bowing before her. Universe had no choice. He learnt that she is going to meet him again and again and again as she had tremendous faith and belief in loving him, It is a pure love, without any expectation. Mr. Rao admitted that his Mom was searching for him in the ICU, the body was troubling her to get away but the soul was confirmed that they are not going away from each other.

Mr. Rao’s Mom has told him from the Holy temple that the universe is helpless, he is opening beyond her demand. Universe always Obey when things are asked in the right way. When there is no selfishness. He learnt that death and birth are only barriers. The connection is beyond. They don’t have any pain over there.

Meeting With Father:- Mr. Rao’s father told him that he wanted to come back to Bangalore but the situation did not support him. He said he is no more… He told him not to feel Culprit, again he said… his destiny was like that. His soul agreed to believe that “Mr.Rao was loving him”.

Mr. Rao admitted that the things were not in his hand to rescue from the situation he had. He accepted that he was relieved from that pain today. Mr. Rao has learnt his lesson that we humans are having limitations that only the soul can justify, that human limitations can make them feel Culprit.

Meeting with Lord Venkateshwara:- 3 Namam… Mr. Rao’s mom was telling him to see that three Namam are watching you. That is Lord Venkateswara and she always believed in God. She was saying that this is the God of kaliyuga, believe him, blindly believe him, don’t question him.

Mr. Rao confessed that from now onwards he will believe in Lord Venkateshwara without any expectation.


T- Are you satisfied with the session?

C- Absolutely beta

T- Did you find the answers to your questions?

C- Yes

T- Did you find the resolution?

C- Yes definitely…you will see in the future.

T- How are you feeling after the session?

C- Comfortable and Happy

T- How is your body pain?

C- It is gone completely

T- Any unresolved issues, you still have?

C- No

T- What is your pain level now?

C- Zero [Client Smiling]

Recommendations:-1- I recommended the client to do Meditation.I told him that the Meditation will calm his mind and will introduce him to himself.

2- I also recommended Yoga, Walking and Reading

My Experience with Energy Exchange: As soon as we finished the session, My right hand side body started getting a lot of pain. The pain was so severe that I could not even get up for a while.I felt that my body was paralyzed. At first I thought that this pain was due to sitting for a long time but then I requested Mr. Rao, to keep anything in the name of Lord Venkateshwara. He did not take my point seriously and thought he would keep it tomorrow. I continued to bear this pain till 2:30 pm the next day. After 2:30 PM my pain completely vanished. Mr. Rao called me in the evening at 5:00 pm and told me that he had deposited some money in Lord Venkateshwara’s name. I asked him “What time did he keep?” He said “After 2:00 PM”, I was completely astonished as my pain vanished around 2:30 PM. That’s when I thought it was an Energy Exchange. It was definitely a Miracle.


Wow… Wow… Wow!
This is a spellbinding experience.
Mr. Rao turned into your Catherine, dear Sandhya.

Very well journalled. Keep it up!

God bless you.
Joy :heavy_heart_exclamation:


Oh my God!! I’m spell bound and speechless. Just brilliant and heart
wrenching. Divine love is pouring out in each message. Thanks for sharing
Sandhya. I know it was a deeply personal message, but we are richer in
knowledge because of you. And you have handled the case so well. Kudos to
you for this stupendous case.
Love Neeti.

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Thank you so much Dr. Neeti. The credit of this case should only go to the Divine Power. I was just a medium. I am happy that he chose me :slight_smile:

Thank you so much Joy, Your every word means a lot to me :slight_smile:

Though there were several blocks by the client you managed to navigate successfully and delivered the best resolution. The importance of energy exchange is something new that you introduced. Wishing Sandhya all the best for your future sessions.

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Thank you so much Seema :slight_smile:
I’m glad that you liked the Case Study.

If Body is the Frame Subject to time and space, Soul is not subjected to any of these and hence can choose to be in any frame!

@sandhya blessed is a master who can handover his treasure to a student like you.
You have made all my lifetime worth of effort feel useful. Thank you so much :pray: :smiling_face:

Your sadhana is evident here

You’ve meanuvered the flow of the session astoundingly well. You have so well addressed the “survival guilt” which is one of the five stages of grief.

Which is why I tell you practicing PLR heals the therapist as much as the client.
I can imagine how cathartic this must’ve been for you as well.

These sessions haven one a completely different dimension, and which is the source of all this creation.

Standing ovation as this incredible session.

Which is why our ancestors though so selfless had the concept of “Daskshina”

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Thank you so much Sir​:pray: …This case has been successful only because of you. I am blessed to have a Guru like you. :pray:


Such a profound session dear Sandhya…I can see clearly why you were chosen as a plrt by the Universe. You are here to make a difference in many many lives.
Warmest wishes to you dear.

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Thank you so much Dr. Vandana :pray: :blush:

Oh so beautiful Sandhya!
You have really go that extra mile to not just guide your client but also go deeper into the nuances of energy exchange. So wonderful…Thank you for sharing:)

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@sandhya I am speechless :pray:.
What else a client want at the age of 61+ .
As our master Venu said, you have not only healed your client, you also healed yourself through your client and i believe, by reading this session we all are also experiencing the healing. Which I did. We think we are healing a client. But I believe, it’s like a chain. You heal one, the effect will continue to all those who are connected to the client and also the therapist.
Mr.Rao sir, his father, his mother, you, your sister, readers like me … Superb work.

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Thank you Anu…This is just the beginning, there is much more to learn​:blush::heart::pray:

Kindly accept my Gratitude Naveen Ji :pray:
How wonderfully you have explained the Power of Healing. Your post has made me really very emotional. I never expected that I would get so much love and respect from my Plr Family. This has been such a blessing which I will cherish forever. Thank you so so so much. Your every word means a lot to me.:blush::pray:

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