Powerful Therapy

PLRT is so powerful. After the therapy, one of my clients a PhD in Medicine and a PhD in Business Management told me that she was a very logical person. As such, she did not expect to be regressed, but she did.

She accepted the fact that PLRT is a genuine experience. Told her about Venuji and all of you who are truly Angels in disguise. She was truly mesmerized by your nature, humility and mannerism.

India is the Mother of the World! India is a Spiritual Guru!

Thank you everyone for allowing me to be part of your journey of life.

Previously, I found it difficult to say this but now I am able to say it as it seems real this time, “Love you all!” Now, I believe I know the meaning and the feel of true love.


Dear Nishaji, am in the affirmative and am sure all the others too are.
PLRT is indeed a great wonder that has happened to us and is a door to
endless unimaginable possibilities.

Regards to all, particularly to beloved Venu and Neha.



Jai Sri Govind!
So amazing to read this message from someone as magnanimous as your kind self Dear Nishaji,
I am overwhelmed and have goosebumps going through your blessed words.

I take this opportunity to share what happened yesterday with your blessings. The client came for a session after a gap of almost a month and I almost fell off the chair noticing the changes confirming that through PLRT permanent cognitive restructuring happens also was my first-hand proof of neuroplasticity.

Below is the EEG report of the client before and after the client’s PLRT session on the 12th and 13th of Feb

The client was on psychiatric medications earlier for anxiety and the calmness levels (computed based on alpha and delta brainwave ) at the time of intake was at 28% with the pain level being at max 10.

Unfortunately in our pre-scheduled time, I could execute only up to stage 13 as the client was delayed due to an emergency and our session time for the last session was cut short. But she left with the pain levels dropped to 0! And the EEG registering a confirmation with calmness levels at 62%. Almost a 221% healing.

But I was not satisfied as I had not yet worked up to closure and somehow managed to squeeze in a session for her and ok a reading as soon as she drove down through Bangalore traffic and to both our surprise the EEG registered a 77% calmness!


And needless to say, I had tears of gratitude conducting her session at this level of calmness. It was surreal. We tapped into some amazing levels of consciousness that is a PLR Therapist’s dream.

One of the messages we received was

[When the sun is shining so bright, where is the place for darkness]
[When I am so content with myself, where is the need to seek it outside]

Feeling ever grateful to our Masters and Sri Govind for having given me this blessed Satsang.

“Mahatsangastu durlabho agamya amoghascha.” (Narada Bhakti Sutra - 39)
The company of people like you is infallible or unfailing in its effect


Our Gurus :pray: :pray:

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