Prashanthi - Atlantis batch. Best moments of my life

My blessed Amarantians,

To introduce myself, I am a joyful being. A seeker of truth. An explorer. An active and energetic person. I love figuring out the mysteries of the universe. Despite life placing me in many extremely happy and not so happy situations, I always see the positive side of everything, take away a lesson, and move forward.

I had been working in corporate world for about six years and took a pause just before completing my International Life Coach certification, which is specialized in helping the survivors of narcissistic abuse recovery. Soon after my certification, I felt an Inner calling a profound urge to embark on a journey into my deeper self, aiming to transform both me and my clients.

During this introspection, I was reminded of the book “Many Lives Many Masters”, that I had read years ago in my corporate library which has appeared now as a flash in my head. (Maybe this is a key moment (KMF) sent by my subconscious mind :smiley: ). Hence, I began seeking an institution or an individual with a deep passion for PLRT, someone trained under Dr. Brian Weiss, and inherently a great soul. My search led me to the Amarantos website. After reading the following articles like these: " [

My First Meeting with Dr. Brian Weiss in Denver


my deepest conscience told me that “Amarantos” is the perfect place to learn PLRT and I immediately registered without any second thought.

Before the training: My situations in my life were taking me a roller coaster ride and left my heart filled with emotional turmoil and my future vision was a bit blurred.

After the training: My perception has totally changed. No matter what the situations are! I feel blessed every day. I got the deeper understanding of “I don’t really need to worry about anything. I am just a medium through which either my past karma or the divine play is happening”. Instead of resistance, I got the acceptance towards everything. And these feelings are making me more focused towards my present actions and thus it is allowing me to correct my old habitual thoughts and actions in every possible way which in turn reflecting a non-ego centric attitude towards everything by elevating my soul.

In Amarantos, apart from “learning PLRT” I also discovered the essence of “Love”. I got a beautiful family here. If Venu and Neha become your parents, and all the members of Amarantos become your siblings, with Venu also manifesting as a guru in earthly form for both your spiritual and professional development, what more could you ask for from this training?

Furthermore, during a regression session, one of my batchmates Deepak, explained how Sindhu (another batchmate) and I were his siblings in a past life. He described our separation, our likes and dislikes, and the entire narrative surrounding it. This revelation has reconnected us as siblings in this lifetime.

Witnessing such depth and connection in a short span feels nothing short of miraculous. Such wonders have become a frequent delight in my life.

For sure, I might have done years of dedicated spiritual practice that guided me to meet Venu, Neha and the entire Amarantos family. My heart overflows with gratitude for every experience on this journey :pray: .

I wish all the Amarantos a beautiful life and a successful career in PLRT.

Thank you!

With deepest gratitude, love, and respect,


Nice to read about you Prashanti.
you wrote very beautifully that _ ‘My perception has totally changed. No matter what the situations are! I feel blessed every day.’ True, Really, we all are blessed.

Shipra :heart:


Love love and wish success for you. I am sure spirituality will lead you towards a happy ,peaceful, and successful life. Yes, we are a big family of Venu and Neha, and we are proud of it.


How beautifully you have conveyed the exact same thoughts that I too now see appearing post this PLRT training. I now view everything from lense of karma and how it can come back and affect us. This allows me to rectify my behaviour and my words immediately.


So true and something for all of us to learn from your blessed life @Santhi_Akula.
Your obedience and sincerity is commendable, I still remember the late evening you were practising PLRT and had to leave but stayed back on my request and conducted a phenomenal session for your client. That perseverance will take you as far as you wish and get what ever you want. [quote=“Santhi_Akula, post:1, topic:1273”]
During this introspection, I was reminded of the book “Many Lives Many Masters”, that I had read years ago in my corporate library which has appeared now as a flash in my head. (Maybe this is a key moment (KMF) sent by my subconscious mind :smiley: ).
See time is non-linear :blush:

Thanks for sharing this article, read it and relished reminiscing the monumental moments of my blessed life. What was set in motion then ended up in meeting my blessed Amarantians. I feel blessed that life gave me the opportunity of serving your feet :pray:

When the third eye opens! It’s All His Play!

You are a miracle, you will see…


Dear @Santhi_Akula
Thanks for sharing you inspiring story. I am really impressed by how you have embraced the challenges and turned them to opportunities for your growth in your life.
Best wishes for your bright future ahead of you.


Dear Santhi,

A heartiest Welcome to another Blessed Soul to the Amarantos Family

:yellow_heart:…May you forever remain so.

Thank you for introducing yourself and sharing your life experiences. With Amarantos you have embarked upon the most enriching phase of your present life and I wholeheartedly wish you the best in all your endeavours.


:maple_leaf: :maple_leaf: :maple_leaf:


Yeah I understand. I too took so much time to put all my feelings into right words :grinning:. And Yes, whenever I get a chance to speak with fellow batch mates, they also tell me that their experiences and the way they view at life has undergone a phenomenal change post-PLRT training :blush:

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Thank you dear, as Dr. Brain Weiss said “All is love. … All is love. With love comes understanding. With understanding comes patience. And then time stops. And everything is now.”

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Thank you Shipra. True :+1:

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Thank you so much, Venu, for your detailed reply :pray:. Your actions always leave me in wonder and surprise. It’s a human challenge to juggle many roles, handle numerous activities, tons of emails and messages to reply and yet you remember every person you encounter, along with their names, tasks, feelings, and stories. I think, even in your waking state, you might be tapping into your subconscious mind :wink:. You are a true inspiration for many :innocent:.


Most welcome. Thank you so much Ashish. :pray:


What a heartwarming welcome and a wonderful blessing :raised_hands:. I’m grateful for the chance to have met you on the last day of our training. Thank you so much, Monesh :pray:.


Welcome to the forum Dear Prashanthi! Your journey and the transformation you’ve experienced through PLRT are truly inspiring. We’re thrilled to have you as part of this loving and supportive community.Wish you all the best :pray::blush:


I cannot agree more. Guruji is a true inspiration.


Thank you, Sandhya. Truly, my days are overflowing with kind wishes and blessings from various individuals. I feel incredibly blessed to be a part of this community. :revolving_hearts: :innocent:


Dear Prashanthi,
your heartfelt journey through PLRT is incredibly inspiring. Your newfound acceptance and understanding shine through your words. It’s heartwarming to see how your Amarantos family and past-life connections have enriched your life. Wishing you continued growth and success on this remarkable path.

With gratitude and admiration,


Dear @Santhi_Akula welcome to the Amarantos family. I wish you all the success. Keep inspiring everyone.

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It’s a blessing to know you and am very fortunate to be connected to you. My best wishes are with you in every sphere of your life…wherever you are. I’m a firm believer that whatever is happening, to all of us, is by the grand designer…we are supposed to surrender to the lord and enjoy our life.
Welcome once again from the bottom of my heart.
Stay blessed.

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