Pregnancy and Regression

Is it safe to regress a pregnant woman? Has anyone worked with such a client?


Wonderful discussion precious Nishaji,

I was able to conduct a regression for Neha (my wife) while she was 8 months pregnant as she was sick most of the time during her pregnancy and fears.

We noticed a considerable difference in this session from our earlier ones. I tried to avoid Engrams with high abreactions and had to put too much effort and time on relaxation. In her own words while I am asking her on what was the impact, “my hormonal imbalance reduced and I was calm after the session.”
But she feels that her fears have subsided completely, so that makes me believe that it was worth giving a try despite the two times effort and time.

Another case is of one more Neha (my student) who was in the Amarantos Training Workshop, she was a few months pregnant when she attended the program and below is her words.


Hi Dr. Nisha, how are you?
Thank you raising this topic. Would like to share the one of the Q & A shared by Dr. Venu in our K2 batch workbook. I hope this will help.

Is it okay for pregnant women to wear seatbelt?
Is it okay for pregnant women to meditate?
Yes of course! Yes isn’t it?
Then why not PLRT
Based upon my own experience I have seen their sessions are no different.

  1. If fact, I would highly recommend a PLRT for them as it will help two souls in the effort for one.
  2. However in case of any pregnancy-related complications, an approval from their doctor for hypnotherapy session.( As not all doctors understand what PLRT is.)
  3. After which the session should be undertaken by a dexterous Therapist.
  4. If you are just getting started then choose a milder Theme for the session or sessions. Don’t take up themes which are bound to bring about severe abreactions. But if you are still apprehensive just focus upon relaxation and that will also greatly benefit them.

Thank you Venuji. Truly appreciate the guidance.


Hi Dipti, I am as fine as can be by the Grace of Krishna. Thank you for the guidance.
Now, I am more confident and will not hesitate when it am approached by pregnant women.


Thank you Nishaji for the lovely question. Neha is our example who underwent multiple sessions with Venu. However thank you Dipti for quoting Venu’s lines. Loved the first one ‘as it will help two souls inthe effort for one’.


Yes, beautifully quoted by him. Sums it up so beautifully.