Pressure Released for Inner Peace

Dear Amarantos family,

With the blessings of God, My Spiritual Guides, the grace of our dear Teacher Venu, and the unconditional support of all of you, I’m sharing my second case.

Client Vitals:

Female: Ms. KCDS, 24 YO

Hypnotisability score: 6

VAK: Primary Dominant sense: Kinaesthetic: 1, Secondary sense Visual: 5, Auditory: 9

Eye roll test: 2

Pain level: 9/10 (Client said there was no pain. On explaining the concept, she said that this was the level of confusion that she felt).

Theme: To remove the blocks that are causing confusion and hindering progress in her life. Why is she not able to decide what she wants to do in life? What should be the next steps?

Client history:

The client is the second of two siblings. She feels that her friends and her brother seem to have found their focus in life and are achieving their goals.

She was a good student until her 10th Standard board exams. Then she felt that this was a period of confusion, and her focus slipped a little bit. At the present moment, she feels that she could not participate in some of the discussions as to whether she should pursue a career in medicine or engineering and she feels that if she had been open to explanations, it might have helped her. But she has no regrets in choosing her current qualification, she is just unsure how to optimize it and progress further.

She recalls her early school life in Goa, then her shift to a school in Mumbai. Client said that her recollection of her early schooling is not very pleasant and she does not have any significant happy memories.

Her mother used to work in Mumbai during the week and return to spend time in Goa with client and her sibling on the weekends. Her father also used to be busy with running his restaurant and the main care-giver was the housekeeper. Also, the client did not have a strong group of friends. Client felt that perhaps this was the reason that she lacked self-confidence in her early years, and was not very communicative.

Once the client moved schools to Mumbai, her mother was able to spend more time at home, the school system was more structured and client began to thrive. She also developed a good group of friends and was able to identify and nurture her talent for drawing/art.

Client then expressed her desire to complete her education in Design and enrolled in a college in Pune, for a full-time course. Adjustment to life in the hostel was necessary but was not an issue for her.

Client also discussed that she is also undergoing therapy for other issues that she is dealing with. Some of the issues are that she has always felt that she dis-respected her mother and that was an unconscious conditioning by her father. Also, she stated that she cannot remember happy memories from her childhood.

Client also expressed a lot of fatigue and tiredness and general listlessness. She also does not have a relaxing sleep.

Medical History – Some indications of migraines, also gastro-intestinal issues (irritable bowels)

Therapist observations – (Non-verbal clues):

  • Does not maintain eye contact when talking about her feelings
  • Body language is positive and open to re-visiting past memories.

From this PLR session, she wants to refresh her thinking and mental framework and feel energized about her life and goals.

At the beginning of each session, we started with a small individual prayer.

T: This is what the therapist said.

C: This is what the client said.

Session 1: 22nd October 2023 (2.30 pm to 5.30 pm).

Stages 1 to 8 were completed during the first session.

Theme was finalized as – To remove the blocks that are causing confusion and hindering progress in her life

Since client is auditory, therapist decided to use auditory stimuli so that the client would be more comfortable.

For cognitive fatigue relaxation, the Great Bell Chant video was played and she remained alone for a little while.

Session 2: 23rd October 2023 (3 pm to 5.30 pm)

Briefly covered stages 1 to 8 again in session 2. The purpose of the proposed therapy session was discussed again and theme was re-iterated.

Then we took a small break and I left her alone for a little while to listen to some relaxing music.

On resumption, Stage 9 was completed and the client was assured that she could feel free to do whatever she wanted during the session. It was also confirmed that she was comfortable, and she had no immediate aches and she did not want to use the facilities. The client was also asked to communicate about any aches or pains that might emerge during the sessions.

After she was comfortable, and establishing the IMRs, we proceeded to Stage 10.

We began induction with Dave-Elman technique, followed by Progressive relaxation and further deepening with descending the staircase method. Asked the client to visualize the garden. Client was unable to do so.

T: Please share what you are seeing now that you have descended the staircase and have progressed towards the garden.

C: Nothing, I cannot see anything. It’s all black. I saw a garden briefly but now I cannot see anything.

T: Ok, I’m going to count from 5 to 1, you may allow yourself to go deeper and deeper into your past memories, deepening more and more with each count. And at the count of 1, you may allow yourself to move towards a beach, where you will hear the sounds of the waves and hear the cries of the birds.

T: Please share what you are seeing

C: I’m on a beach. There is no one on the beach but me. I can hear the waves and I can hear the sea gulls.

T: Please share more details

C: I can feel the sand beneath my feet, I can feel the sun on my face….

T: How are you feeling:

C: I am feeling very peaceful……

T: You may let this beach be your safe place and you can always return to this beach, whenever you feel the need to relax or to energize yourself. This is your place to feel secure, to feel loved, to feel safe and to rejuvenate when needed.

C: Ok

T: Please remain here for a little while and allow yourself to relax.

(After a few minutes)

T: If you are comfortable, we may proceed further.

(Client indicates via IMR)

I decided to slightly adapt the reframing activity and not use the cliff but use another portion of the beach for the same. Reframing was done by asking the client to place the boxes in a ship and to watch the ship sail away beyond the horizon.

The client was seen in a relaxed state (observed her relaxed breathing, non-stiffness in body and relaxed eyeballs). IMR also confirmed her relaxation.

T: You may return to your special portion of the beach. How are you feeling now?

C: Very very peaceful and relaxed.

T: Please allow yourself to remain here for some time and feel refreshed.

Decided to emerge the client from this session.

Post-session discussions:

The client expressed difficulty in visualizing the activities.

Learning for the therapist–client is auditory, prepare better for the next session!

Session 3: 30th October 2023 (2.30 pm to 5 pm)

The purpose of the proposed therapy session was discussed again and the theme was re-iterated.

We began induction with Dave-Elman technique, followed by Progressive relaxation and further deepening with the descending the staircase method. Asked the client to visualize her special beach using auditory suggestions. Client was able to do so.

T: Remain on your sundowner on the beach for a little while. And you may allow yourself to relax completely.

Asked the client to feel the divine light and healed her slowly from head to toe through the divine light. The client looked very relaxed and in a deep trance.

T: Imagine that you are walking through a tunnel. As you walk through the tunnel, you can hear the sounds of the wind and the echo of your footsteps. Listen to the changing sounds – lighter as you enter the tunnel, deeper in the center, and lighter as you emerge from the tunnel. You may allow each sound to take you deeper and deeper into relaxation and your deepest memories.

C: Yes, I am seeing it.

T: Good! Imagine that there are beautiful mystical doors present at the end of the tunnel. Knock on each door and listen to the sound it makes. You may choose to open any one of the doors that you sense may lead you to a significant time where you may find the solution that you are seeking. You may walk through the door.

T: Where are you now? Do you hear or see anything?

C: I see a dark room.

T: You may feel safe here – the room may be dark, but please allow yourself to look for a light or hear any sounds

C: Nothing

T: As you relax and breathe deeply, your subconscious mind is aware that there’s a level even deeper than the one you’re currently experiencing. You may allow your subconscious mind to take you to that deeper state. Now, as I count from 3 to 1, you may find yourself entering a much more relaxed state.

C: I see some light and a door leading outside.

T: Please see if you can go through that door

C: I cannot go through the door, I am in the room and the door leads outside, I can see the outside, but I cannot go through the door

T: OK, can you move towards the door, closer?

C: Ok. I’ve gone through the door and I am walking out onto the balcony.

T: Where are you?

C: I am in an old bungalow or an old Kerala house. An old lady is sitting in a chair nearby and I am watching her. It is raining.

T: How old are you?

C: Maybe 6 or 7 years old?

T: What is happening?

C: Nothing, I am just watching the rain and the lady. The lady is doing something – knitting or stitching or something, I cannot make out.

T: Do you want to remain here?

C: No, we can move on

T: Ok, at the count of 1, you may move to the next most significant memory

T: Where are you now?

C: I am a small baby, lying on my back and looking up at the ceiling. I can hear sounds but nothing else.

T: Is there any message for you?

C: I don’t know but people are looking at me, and I am happy and enjoying this

T: Do you want to remain here?

C: We can move on

T: Ok, at the count of 1, you may move to next most significant memory

T: Where are you now?

C: I am in a large open area, standing next to a statue with my arms raised. There is a crowd around me.

T: Please share more details

C: I am on a raised platform, and I am a man. I am standing next to a statue of a god – with the head of a dog (the client was referring to the Egyptian god Anubis), and I am chanting and the people below the platform are praising me or praying – I do not know. There is a large crowd but I am safe. I am very important and the crowd will not harm me.

T: How old are you?

C: About 20-25 years?

T: What is your name?

C: I do not know but I know that I am very important.

T: Please see if there is a message for you from this memory

C: Nothing, just that I am very important and these people respect me a lot

T: Do you want to remain here for some more time?

C: No, we can move ahead:

T: OK, at the count of 1, you may move to the next most significant memory

C: (Not saying anything…. remaining quiet)

T: Where are you?

C: I am in the desert, and underground. I am working in a cave. I seem to be a miner. I can hear the sounds of the mining and other activities.

T: What are you feeling?

C: I am in a mine, I am a man and I am mining and when I emerge, I can see a light in the distance, in the fort area. I can also hear the safe siren sounds…

T: OK, where are you?

C: I do not know, but I am mining in the USA/Canada…. And I feel safe.

T: Good that you feel safe. Is there anything that you would like to do?

C: I want to move on

T: At the count of 3-2-1, you may allow yourself to move to the next most significant memory

C: There is a large pit filled with sharp stakes. There is complete silence around us. It is very dark. There are dead bodies around me. I am also dead. I have fallen on a sharp stake. I can see my dead body.

T: How are you feeling?

C: Nothing – no particular feeling. Just that this life’s events are over.

T: Please share your last thoughts or last feelings before your life ended.

C: There is nothing to share. It was very peaceful.

T: Can you share more details – do you recognize anyone around you?

C: No one is familiar. Just I know that I am dead. It was a nasty way to die, but it was quick. There is nothing here for me now.

T: At the count of 3-2-1, you may allow yourself to move to the next significant memory.

C: Oh! I see myself now. This time I am a man. I have finished my work in the fields and I am going home for dinner. I hope that my wife has made a good dinner.

T: Please share more details

C: There are 4 of us in the family, and my wife is preparing the dinner. Then she places it on the table. And we eat the dinner – it is very good.

T: Can you describe the area?

C: I am in a hut that I have built, there are all my and my family’s belongings around us. It is a peaceful place. After dinner, we help my son pack his things. He is going on a journey. It will be a long journey.

T: Where is he going?

C: I do not know but it will be a long journey and we may not see him for some time. So, we say goodbye, and then my wife and I sit down outside our home to watch him leave. He walks away and he is now waving out to us and leaving the area.

T: How are you feeling>

C: I am feeling good – am ok, this was meant to be. I think it may have been planned but I do not know but there is no sadness.

T: What do you feel is the message for you from this memory?

C: I think that this memory shows that there is a time for everything. I was not upset or sad about my son’s departure, so it did not give me any bad emotions.

T: Would you like to continue?

C: Not this time

T: When I count from 1 to 10…slowly come back to the room. Gradually awaken yourself feeling free of all negative thoughts, and you may allow yourself to remember the positive memories that you have already experienced. As I count from 1 to 10, slowly start feeling – your clothes, and the chair, begin to move your toes, be aware of your surroundings, rub your hands together, cup your eyes, and come back to complete alertness.

Closure & conclusions:

Therapist notes:

  • Syncing own breathing with the client is very helpful to the session
  • Timing the count to the client’s breaths is very important
  • Observing the client’s body language during trance is extremely important – during the PLRT, the client was experiencing REM which indicated to the therapist that she was actually seeing the images described

While emerging, the therapist suggested that the positive visuals and emotions evoked by the beach will always be with the client and can be recalled whenever you need it.

The client’s first words were, “I feel so refreshed!” She was very surprised at the experience but also very happy. She repeated that her mind was awakened and she felt very fresh.

We discussed the incidents that have been documented.

When I did a follow-up call with her after a few days, she had refocused her efforts, set goals for herself, and begun to work on an Action Plan.

Pain Level Post Session – 5

In the post-discussion session, we searched the internet for the statue of the Egyptian god – Anubis. This is what it looks like!


Thanks for having conducted the session and sharing it with us my blessed @vidadez

It’s simple she wants to know about her purpose! Being young she doesn’t have the baggage of the past like Sadness or Anger.

WOW! Excellent,

Am so happy for her! Yaaa


Dear Venu,

Thank you so much for taking the time to share your comments and feedback. My client was so thrilled with her sessions and how she felt after them. She has requested for a follow-up session, maybe two. Will share additional details.

Thanks so much.