Proxy regression therapy grants access to healing for contra-indicated clients


That was a really interesting article Deekshitha. It always amazes me what all can be achieved through regression therapy . I would agree a hundred percent that after one goes through even a single session whether for oneā€™s self or as a proxy ,the fear of dying and death actually dissipates!


Dear Deekshitha thanks a ton for sharing such a valuable article.
Proxy healing/session was what intrigued me in my training and Iā€™m looking forward to someday soon witnessing or conducting a session :slight_smile:

Love & Light,


Thank you Nandaā€¦best wishes for your sessionsā€¦!!!

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Thank you so muchā€¦You are absolutely rightā€¦!!!

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Thanks a lot, Deekshitha for sharing such an interesting and enlightening article. It is a must read for all PLR practitioners. Infact, the proxy regression technique validates the ā€˜connected onenessā€™ of all sentient beings.