Purpose of life, what am i suppose to learn


This is my first case on this forum, following the 15-step process as taught by Dr. Venu. Thank You Dr. Venu and Neha, and all of you for your patience in reading the case and sharing your Feedbacks.


1st January 2023 Duration 3hrs

Client’s Name: HD
Age: 25
Gender: Female
Hypnotizable Score: 9/10
Dominant Sense: Kinesthetic
Secondary Dominant Sense: Visual
Eye Roll Test: 3
Pain Scale: 9/10



HD is a Post Graduate Law student (Presently Bed Ridden), who was an out going person with several National Trophies in Sports and Extra Curricular activities since childhood. She was an active Outdoor person, representing NCC at National level, Mountaineering at various Base Camps, passionate of the Armed forces. Inspired by her talent and outspoken skills she herself and her parents had high hopes on her future and planned a career in Armed Forces.

Post her Graduation she along with her 4 friends decided to celebrate the same, travelling to GOKARNA and having an all-girls partying. During their return to Bangalore in the Car, their vehicle was hit by a Truck running in the opposite direction.

The 4 friends surprisingly escaped unhurt with minor wounds; however, HD was paralyzed in her lower body, and the car literally crushed. She was expected to take up the NDA (National Defense Academy) exam just a day after returning to Bangalore.

HD was amused and shocked how her friends had escaped unhurt and only she has to undergo the trauma. It’s been over three years now that she is bed ridden, unable to attain to her daily needs. For the past years the questions that have been bothering here are as follows:

    • Why to me only.
    • What am I supposed to learn from this.
    • What is the purpose of my life.

Every time these questions occur in front of her, she feels HELPLESS, CONFUSED, STUCK, ANXIOUS.

At the end of the session the Theme identified was: PURPOSE OF LIFE, WHAT AM I SUPPOSE TO LEARN.

As the session was too ENGROSSING, PAINFUL and STRESSFUL, we ended the session with Progressive Relaxation.

21st January 2023 Duration 6hrs

Started the session by greeting the client and understanding how she felt in the last 3 weeks. The Client had few doubts in the process (PLRT) therefore spent some time clarifying the same, and sharing few relevant similar cases, this reinforced her mind and eased our way forward.


Progressive Relaxation and Deeping using Dave Elman.

The relaxation process lasted for 1.5 hours, once all the factors were relaxed and the breath calmer, Visualization initiated (Eye Balls Rolling noticed).

Visualization: Garden, Tunnel of Light

T: Where are you?

HD: I dnt know, I see only Bright Light

T: Do you see your legs?

HD: No

T: Walking inside the Light, do you see anything?

HD: No, Paused

HD: I am seeing Flashes of Lights – Starts Shivering with profound body movement

T: What are you experiences there?

HD: Nothing, Just Too bright white Light

T: Continue walking into the light and embrace it……

HD: Its turning Blue, its cold, icy, VERY COMFORTABLE.

T: As you are in a comfortable space, what are you experiencing there?

HD: Bright Light Flashes ………………. Its getting too Bright, (SHORTNESS OF BREATH)

HD: My head is Aching – Tears Rolling out ……………. Paused

HD: I am feeling HOT, heat is coming out of my ears…………. (Visually Ear are Bright Red and articulating heat)

T: What is this Heat communicating to you?

HD: My nose is Numb ………………. I am Scared, Blank….

HD: The space is getting Dark, Its Black …………………… Flashes of Light I am seeing……

HD: Its not comfortable, my Chest is Heavy

T: Induced Dave Elman for deepening

HD: Green light moving ……………… (closing eyes tight) White Light again …………… (Tears Rolling Out)

HD: Head is Aching (Tears Rolling Out)

T: Get close to the Head ache and experience the same. (Affect Bridge Induced)


HD: Don’t want to go there………………. Its suffocating

T: What’s causing you suffocation? What’s happening around you?

HD: Want to go back (Tears Rolling Out, heavy breathing)

T: Relaxation Induced.

HD: I am feeling good (Relaxed) ………………

T: As you are relaxed, move deeper into this relaxation and find the Purpose, the lessons that you want to learn.

HD: I am seeing Green Light, I am unable move, Difficult.

HD: Light is turning to White, Green Fading …………………. Can Breathe in White Light, comfortable, not suffocating.

HD: Paused and Relaxed (Calm Breathing)

T: As you are relaxed, move deeper into this relaxation and find the Purpose, the lessons that you need to know.

HD: Flashes of Black and Blue Light, moving hands to explain Vastness.

T: As Black was not comfortable earlier, move towards the blue light and embrace it.

(Tears moving towards the blue light, with relaxed breath)

T: Your Masters are present here, seek their help, Paused………………

HD: Breathing Calmy, with eyes rolling

HD: Left – White, Right – Green (Cries out Loud, tears rolling) ……………… Feeling Sleepy

HD: Something is piercing through my ears, Left ear is paining (My Ears – calls out loud)

T: Can you see what’s piercing through, what’s happening around you?

HD: cannot see, only feel the pain….

HD: Green Light …………… Paused………………… Relaxing, cool breeze, want to stay with the Green Light.

T: As you are relaxed, move deeper into this relaxation embrace the Green light and find the Purpose, the lessons that you need to know. (Affect Bridge – Finger Snap)

HD: I am with the green light, its turning Blue, I am feeling happy.

HD: Its all blue, I am Feeling Homely, Safe, Good.

T: Move into the depth of this Blue as its homely and making you feel safe. Wander to put the puzzle together, what are you experiencing?

HD: Can see a Tree………………

HD: Its waving at me, want to go to the tree.

T: Ok, then Walk up to the tree….

HD: The tree vanished (Breathing Slowly) I am happy, I am Hungry

T: How does the Hunger feel?

HD: Something fell from the Window – TOYS

T: Can u see the window / Toys. What Toys are they?

HD: I can feel the breeze from the window, my hands are Heavy.

HD: There are Flashes of Green – Something is Pushing or Pulling

T: Walk into the Blue further (Affect Bridge)

T: What are you experiencing here?

HD: Joy walking in the Blue (Smiling) ……………………… Jaws Tight – Sleeping ………………

T: Sleep lasted for few minutes.

HD: I am getting Goose Bumps, chill (wakes up and narrates)

T: How are you experiencing these?

HD: I can see a Forest Pathway – Feeling Good

T: Use the path and walk into the Forest. What else do you see?

HD: Water – Colorless, falling stream – Its relaxing

HD: Feeling Freezing

T: What would you like to do here?

HD: Hug the tree ……………… Its Refreshing

T: Do you want to tell the tree something?

HD: Yes

T: Go Ahead

HD: I Love U, Thank U

T: What are you feeling now?

HD: The Tree Hugged back (Full of Smile) It’s a good feeling (Hands in a hugging posture)

T: Would you like to walk up to the stream?

HD: It SMELLS good…………………… I would like to thank it

T: Go ahead

HD: I have stepped into the Stream, took water into my hands

T: How does it feel?

HD: I drank it, and told THANK YOU (Full of Smile), I am seeing the blue sky it’s pretty.

T: What would you like to do?

HD: Sit under the Sky, in the forest

HD: Good to breath fresh air, Happy, Relaxed.

T: As you are relaxed, in this happy place would you like to ask your inner self the Purpose, the lessons that you need to know.

HD: Just want to sit, don’t want to ask

HD: When I ask the Purpose, it’s not feeling good.

T: A purpose may not always be Materialistic, or profession, it can be something different also. Ask your inner self the purpose with an open awareness.


HD: Be Calm, Peaceful, (Tears Rolling Out), just breath and live, Don’t Rush.

T: Would you like to know anything else?

HD: Want to communicate my regard to them.

HD: (Takes a Pause, smiling Thanks everyone)

T: Gently relaxing and bringing her awareness back.


After discussing the Session, HD was in all smiles, she mentioned that she is feeling a relief and her pain and burden had come down to 2. I reassured her that I will not share the session with her Parents, however she was free to do the same, which she didn’t want to. She decided to keep the learning personal.

When her mom came in and asked, she mentioned she learned her life’s lesson……………paused

HD: I have always wanted everything, and in a rush. Running to satisfying. Now I know what not to do.

Later in the week, she texted – Trying to be more Mindful of my racing thoughts, and not actively taking actions and JUST BEING .

The session brought confidence in her that she can walk. We will continue our Journey into the next sessions, hoping to take her close to the Cause, so that the moment is triggered and she resumes her strength to walk. SADHU, SADHU, SADHU.


Congrats Zahiruddin for completing your first session which was so successful. You tried so many points. Well reacted everywhere

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Dear Zahir,
Congratulations on a well conducted first case. I must admit it takes a Big and Strong Heart to go head with a client who is facing such odds in her life. It proves true dedication to the purpose of Healing, at your end. Pl accept my sincere compliments for present sessions and best wishes for the ones to come. The use of Effect Bridge by you is something I have personally bookmarked as a learning.

I am sure with a Therapist like yourself the client will def find the answers she has been seeking.

May I suggest if you could change the Category from Uncategorized to PLRT cases By Amarantians. Would be easy for us all to look it up for.


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Congratulations Zahiruddin!
handled so well
All the best for next sessions

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Lovely! Thanks for sharing

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Its a Privilege Dr. Venu has given us to share our experiences. Thanks Dr. Venu.
Thanks Nisha for reading the same. :pray: :pray:

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Thanks Indu :pray: :pray:

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Thanks Monesh :grinning: :grinning: your appreciation means a lot to me as a starter.
As this is my first post i didnt know (wrt category) will surely keep in mind. Can i change it now?

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Thanks Hiteshi :pray: :pray:

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Congratulations Zahiruddin Malik for completing the first case and also for handling the little unexpected situations happened during session very well with affect bridge and allowing client to deepen the relaxation with pyramiding the inductions.

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Yes, you can definitely go for amendment, if you like.

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Thank Veera :pray: :pray:

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Hi Zahiruddin,
What a difficult case to begin your journey with!! You handled it very well, even though she was getting a block. Using affect bridge to regress is a takeaway. Keep healing and keep us posted on her improvement in future.

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Hi, Dr. Neeti,
Hope you are doing good. Nice hearing from you.
Thank you, will keep you posted.

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Great session… movements in body parts where there hasn’t been any action for a long time even for few seconds is really amazing. It’s a great sign of possibility of recovery I believe.


Phew! The very first case you took up such a challenging one and handled it gracefully. Kudos to you

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Hi Malik,
Thanks for sharing… You handled the case excellently and got her life lessons too.
Please share if you got a chance to connect with her lately and her progress.
Prayers for her speedy recovery
:pray: :pray: :pray:

Best wishes,


Dear Zahiruddin Malik,

This is nothing but a miracle. God bless you and your client too.

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Hi Zahiruddin - While reading through your case, it was like a Sidney Sheldon novel where my lunch was put on hold…as I wanted to know…Now what? next what happened?
Superb session.
Very well handled and manouevered.
A suggestion - The green and blue lights seems to be engram. Since HD is experiencing trauma in the vicinity of the light, you may ask her to float at the top and see what’s happening.

Rest I am eager to know the ending and also why she said thankyou to tree and river. Who was she in that life.
Please keep us posted…

Thanks a ton for sharing this and All the best from the bottom of my heart for all your sessions… Love/Deepak

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Oh my my… I also felt goosebumps reading the li es where she was having moments in her legs …this makes me believe that miracles do happen…u were so calm in executing. . Learning from ur case and wanna read more if she comes back to u… .again for another session. …god bless​:pray::pray::pray:

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