Questions on Soul!

Earlier this week ran few questions with the ever graceful, loving, authoritative MAA KAALIAMMA. The all pervasive MAA was with US answering our silly questions like a loving and caring mother!!! Bowing down to her and seeking her attention and blessing as always…
I thought this information is very important and must be shared to the interest of one and all.

  1. I used to feel awkward when invoking MAA at odd hours and seeked her permission and clarification…
    There is no concept of Space and Time in her domain and dimension. So do not worry, you are always welcome.
  2. MAA is there any difference in the soul of an insect, animal and humans?
    No all are the same. After many births in Animal Yoni does Soul transcends into a Human Yoni…
  3. Is there a demotion from Human to Animal ever? If yes, what are the circumstances?
    In extreme cases of bad action, serious crimes , murders etc.

Dear Ananda,

Blessed are you to have had such spiritual and magnificent experiences. :pray:


My gratitude to you for sharing her boundless love and limitless blessings.

:heart: :heart:

One should be ready to receive her Love for good deeds and Kick for Bad Deeds …BOTH are possible - Choice is ours to make.

Human life is blessed and an AMARANTANIAN life is blessed indeed. BEST possibility for us all to make the grand of this unique opportunity.
What best could have happened in this life ??

She is watching from beyond . :pray: :pray:



Yes…its humbling…One must feel the “OMNIPRESENT” and “OMNIPOTENT” energy she bring with her…
She is source of infinite patience, love and affection…