Real Hypnosis or Supporting Techniques of Hypnosis

Hello All, I was going through a book “Regression Therapy - A Hand book of Professionals by Dr. Winfred Blake”

In the page No. 66 and 67 I read that we use the ‘Supporting Techniques of Hypnosis’ (which consists of BRV) and not the True Hypnosis. Even Hypnotherapist does not use the real Hypnosis.

  1. My Question is , why do we use the term ‘Hypnosis’ in our practice as we could say that we only use supporting techniques of Hypnosis? Or

  2. What if we use the term “Deep Meditation” instead of Hypnosis?

Kindly advise what do you think?



Dear Sandhya,
I’m also reading the same book and when going through this chapter came
across the differences between hypnosis and other techniques as quoted by
the stalwarts in PLRT field.
Few highlights which I came to understand were,
Hypnosis was the first method to be used by therapists for past life
recall, but later many other techniques were used to induce and deepen the
Hypnosis suggests feelings of tiredness and sleepiness in a client as
opposed to relaxation. It doesn’t allow to move into deeper areas of
Hypnosis seems to carry the power of session with the therapist while
suggesting the feelings rather than the client, which is quite contrary to
the basic requirements of PLRT in which the therapist is only guiding to
move recall in the direction the inner mind of client finds most helpful.
The past life recall basically happens in an altered state of mind rather
than hypnotic trance, in which the client is aware and can take control to
edit his response and withhold information from the therapist.
Roger Woogler has commented in this book on page 229, “I do not use formal
hypnosis in my practice, as a find it quite unnecessary for getting people
into past life memories. From years of dreamwork I can easily get patients
to focus on their inner images, feelings, breath or body sensations. No
doubt this is Trance inducing in the Ericsonian sense, but I do not offer
it as such or claim it to be hypnosis. I would prefer to call it a kind of
guided meditation.”
This book a treasure trove of knowledge as Venu had pointed out, with so
many different methods of inductions, deepening methods, that it will take
multiple reading to retain them and use them.
I request Venu to please guide us ahead, because if we are using the term
hypnosis while introducing the client to PLRT, they do feel some reluctance
and feel they might loose control, which needs to be clarified.


Thank you for replying Dr. Neeti… Very well describe the points…As per my understanding in True Hypnosis, Hypnotherapists injects a seed in the form of suggestions, it could be good or evil but we do not inject any seed even if we try to do so, the client has the complete control over the mind to reject the suggestion. Looking forward to getting more clarity from Venu Sir.