Regression therapy: A Handbook for Professionals

Dear Dr. Venu and Amarantos family,
I finally finished reading this fabulous book for PLR therapists. It took me almost 5 months to meaningfully read and understand the indepth knowledge from it.
This book chronicles the experiences and methods used by the pioneers of PLRT. There are many inductions, deepening methods and wonderfully narrated cases right upto transformation and healing.
Im so happy to gain so much understanding, and I pray everyone reads it.
Thanks a lot to our Master Venu, for cultivating this sublime habit of reading and sharing. :pray::pray:


Dear Dr Neeti,
No words can describe my happiness and respect for you to have completed the two books set by Dr Lucas. I too have started my quest with them about a month ago and feels blessed to have the guidance from our beloved Dr Venu to read the bibles of regression therapy. To share my personal experience I thought of and started highlighting lines/paras that seemed important to me,however to my amazement after reading a couple of chapters when I flipped back I realized that going by it the entire book would get highlighted !!! Kudos and deepest respect for Dr Lucas to have so intricately and diligently curated and presented the vast knowledge of the contributors.
A must… must…read and have for the seekers of the science and art of true PLR.
Best Regards


Dear Neeti,
Thank you for reminiding us how important it is to read the book for PLR therapist, its on my list but I am assuming it will also take me some time.
Great Job.


Thanks dear Cedar. Do take out some time and start reading this book. I promise you, you won’t be able to stop. :blush:

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Thanks dear Monesh, it was indeed an excellent read. But it was just the first volume. I still need to read the second volume. I need to purchase it, as pdf is not available.
Exactly same thing happened to me too, I started underlining and highlighting, and soon realized, that this book will become rainbow colored if I continued doing it :sweat_smile:. It is such a beautiful treasure for us.
All the best to you too for embarking on this quest. :+1:


Dear @Dr_Neeti_Ahuja
First of all congratulations! of completing these books. I have heard a lot about them from Venu in the training program. Can you please guide where I can get a PDF of the books from. Are these available of Amarantos platform.


Dear Aashish, first of all welcome to you and the entire Atlantis batch to
this wonderful Amarantos family. It’s amazing to see this family grow with
so much talented healers.
It’s a pleasure to share this treasure with you. Please find a link of the
book which our dearest Venu shared with us.

This is the go to manual of PLRT, which I’m sure you will cherish forever.
Best wishes to you. :+1:


Dear AMARANTOS Family,

Sharing the Bible available with you all my dear ones.

Happy Learning !!! Take the Plunge !!!

Monesh :maple_leaf: :maple_leaf: :maple_leaf:


Thanks a ton Monesh.

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A big thank you. Neeti.

@Monesh_Bathre thank you :blush: