Regression Therapy for Deteriorating health

Dear family, below is “Regression Therapy” case. To keep it simple, have changed the writing patter. Hope this find you interesting. Do share your valuable feedback for future learnings.

Date: 25th November 23, Saturday 3.00pm – 7.30pm

Client information:

Name: Jaya
Gender: Female
Age: 67YO
Hypnotizable score: 5/10
Assessment of Dominant sense: Auditory: 8, Visual: 4 Kinesthetic: 3
Eye roll test: 1+1 (left eye, squint inwards)
Pain level: 2 / 10
Theme: Deteriorating health

Medical History: Visually impaired, Hypo Thyroid, Low Blood Pressure, border line cholesterol, lately suffering from frozen veins - lower body.

Client history:
Born in a Brahmin Hindu family in Mumbai. She is the 3rd child among five siblings (three sisters, two brothers).

Father was a The Brihanmumbai Electricity Supply and Transport (BEST) canteen manager, coming from Pandit family, he was more religious person (waking up at brahma mahurat, prayers, etc.). To financially support the family, he uses to take catering orders too.

Mother was almost twenty years younger to him. Even being illiterate mother was well English spoken lady, reason – she picked up the language from all five children who studied in convent school.

Her elder sister (second daughter) forced Jaya to pursue sectorial course for Davars college - Church gate, Mumbai. After studies, she worked as a secretary to Cardiologist surgeons in Nanavati Hospital.

In 1980, she had a love marriage with a Hindu man but from another religion. Being a love marriage, never had any support from any side of family (parental / in-laws) they were living separately.

They are blessed with two daughters. The younger one is married now, whereas the elder is not and living with them.

Her marriage suffered numerous crises; on many occasions, her husband took out loans for himself and, upon realizing he couldn’t afford them, fled for several months or even a year. Once things got eased, he uses to return.

Jaya underwent her first cataract (eye) surgery in 1990. She has been complaining about her vision discomfort ever since. Few years later, she went through retina surgery for one of her eyes. Due to an issue (within two / three weeks’ time), the surgeon had to operate on the same eye twice or three times in a short period of time. Unfortunately, it did not heal, and she eventually lost all her vision in her left eye. Since then, the right eye’s vision has gotten worse due to more pressure on the other eye.

Now, her left eye has ZERO vision and right eye has only 30% vision. To maintaining the vision at least in one eye she must take injections (alternate month). Since these expenses are not covered in Mediclaim policy, it costs a heap for family.

Past few years she’s having lower body pain (from hip till toe), and her hands get numbed. Mostly morning times, it becomes very difficult for her to even hold the teacup.

She is a follower of Art of living - Shri Shri Ravishankarji. Earlier she uses to go for weekly group kriya’s, satsang’s / bhajan’s, but now due to her health she has stopped visiting outside but still practices at home.

Session 1:
Stages 1 to 9 were completed during the first session. Theme was finalized. IMR was explained.

Educated to feel free to do whatever she wants to do during the session (cry, laugh or moving body parts).

Room curtains were drawn, we also watched relaxation video of “the great bell chant”.

T: This is what the therapist said.
C: This is what the client said.
As per client’s comfort - sessions was done in English.

After she was comfortable, we began with a prayer, Dave-Elman technique followed by Progressive relaxation.

Happy memories:
Suggested she imagine herself in a garden or a beach, whichever she wants, as her safe place, and remember any happy times from any point of her life (something that happened recently or earlier in her adulthood, or something that happened in her childhood).

T: What do you feel, where are you?

C: At the beach.

T: Is there someone with you at the beach?

C: Yes, my brother, sisters, and mummy we all are together. We usually go to beach during summer holidays ( by this sentence I understand that she’s in her childhood).

T: How old are you?

C: 10-11 years.

(personal observation, children born in 60’s had a common activity – going to beach :blush: )

T: How do you feel?

C: I feel happy (she had a big smile on her face) .

T: (After good long pause) … let me know whenever you’re ready to go ahead.

C: By nodding head – received a response as YES.

T: Go to any significant event.

C: No. cannot see or feel anything, its all dark.

T: Its okay, stay there for some time, keep breathing,

(After some time, she again said … no … nothing is there… )

T: Look around; you might come across someone you recognize. It could be a living or passed away, or the one you believe in or pray to.

C: No, can’t see anyone.

T: It’s okay if you do not find anyone, just relax, keep breathing.

After some time, I brought her back to her safe place and ended the session with counting 1 to 10.

Tears were rolling from her eyes, but at the same time she was also smiling :blush:

(I happened to discuss this topic with @venu during his visit to Mumbai, and he suggested that this is often the case for clients not saying what they are feeling or must have observed. The reason for this is when the client is a blood related, particularly an elder relative. They do not want you to know anything about their past by carrying an image of a guardian).


The client seems to be peaceful and relaxed. About the session, she only mentioned about the childhood memory and nothing much.

Because of her pain in lower body, usually she does wakes up in middle of the night. Luckily, after the session, mid- night around 3am, there was a sudden thunderstorm, heavy rains which continued till 5.30 – 6am, and client did not remember anything as she was in deep sleep.

She did mention “she had the best sleep ever” :blush:

Suggestions given after session: Shared video for 5mins body scan meditation.

Pain level after session: ZERO :blush:


Thanks @Pooja and like we discussed as you were unable to complete the 15 stage PLR process but am happy that the pain level came down to zero.

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