Relationship issues, lack of emotional support in life, feeling unloved and sense of direction in life Part 1

Client Name

Chanchala (Changed for privacy reasons)


Chanchala, F, 30+, 9/10, A, 1/5, Relationship Issues & a sense of direction in life, 10/10

Session 1|02/03/23 | 3:30 PM | 5:30 PM

Stage 1 to Stage 5

Stage 6- History Taking

Chanchala is unhappy in her life, particularly in her married life. She is now unclear about what she should do in her life. Her major concern is her relationship with anyone. She mentions not having good emotional support since childhood. Her friendships don’t stay long and usually end on a bitter note. She has felt loneliness and depression for a very young age

In the last 2-3 years she has done therapies and other spiritual healings as well. She discovered sound healing is something she likes as a career. She has learnt sound healing as well. What stops her is a lack of emotional support, love, issues in relationships, confidence, laziness and procrastination.

In her relationships, she gets attached very quickly with people and ends up oversharing sometimes and taking a lot of space in their life.

She got married in the year 2011, she wasn’t very attracted to him but she agreed to marry as horoscopes matched. Marriage for her was actually a strategy to come out of her parents’ house. She shares he is a very responsible person and takes care of all material needs, but when it comes to emotional and physical needs, she is unsatisfied. Here she mentions that this lack of feeling loved in relationships has been there in her life even before that. She never felt close to her mother and sister. They always had some differences and didn’t receive the support the way she wanted. By the time she got married, she was chronically depressed already. She thought maybe this new life will change things but didn’t happen. There is some childhood trauma as well.

Session 2 | 03/03/23 | 8:30 AM | 12:00 PM

Stage 5- Client Assessment Continued

Stage 6- History Taking Continued

Session 3 | 04/03/23 | 8:25 AM | 10:00 AM

Stage 6: History Taking

Stage 7: Relax Cognitive Fatigue

Stage 8: Theme: Relationship with Husband

Session 4 | 05/03/23 | 1:00 PM | 4:00 PM

Stage 9: Checklist

Stage 10: Induction: Progressive Relaxation | 13:50 PM | 14:10 PM

Stage 11: Visualization & childhood memory | 14:10 PM | 14:20 PM

T: Are you able to walk down the stairs?

C: Right now I happen to see my sister’s face. I am in the middle of the sea, somewhere in the middle of the sea there is a staircase, I visualize going down the stairs. There are one to three faces of few friends. There is another friend of mine, a male friend of me.

Just last night, I happen to come across this toxic situation with my friend, a kind of misunderstanding, it was quite heavy, In the last few weeks it’s the second time I am in such a situation. Thanks to the work that I am doing I didn’t get deeply affected.

Actually, someone or another man is coming into my life and it is happening for the past one & half months. Either they are attracted to me or I am. They all are unknown people to me, not somebody I know. My actions are making people feel that I need people. This person was avoiding me for the past few days, and even after knowing this, I was showing interest in him. Out of that foolishness, I messaged him. He happened to ask me why are you showing so much interest. I realized it was going somewhere else and he is an avoidant person, so I took myself back.

The incident is so fresh in my mind. It’s making me unhappy.

(Continued to calm her down and discuss what she wanted to say)

Resumed Stage 11 |14:28 PM

(Client yawning a lot during the sessions, the moment we start induction, she would start yawning and fall asleep)

T: What’s happening?

C: It’s a regular scene, a pleasant scene. I saw my one 5-year-old pic with my dad that came into mind, in a dance pose. Right now, suddenly my birthday celebration came into my mind.

T: How are you feeling?

C: Feeling good

T: Maybe you can hear the sound, what is it people are talking?

C: My mom & dad aged people, the aunties sort of, being child, there is chips, chocolates. I am with the children of uncle aunty. It was my dad, who was in charge of the party so all good.

T: Shall we move ahead?

C: Yes

T: Maybe like this one, you can go back to another memory, probably earlier than this one?

C: Few moments spent in my granny’s house. Toddler’s age.

T: Is it your father’s mother or your mother’s mother?

C: It’s my mother’s mother.

T: What are you doing there?

C: I was waiting for the ice cream. He has a nice different taste.

T: Is there anything else that you would like to tell about it?

C: I am waiting outside. I was imagining myself in the old house. Because I am standing there. Once upon a time it was a big joint family. I am imagining myself roaming around that house.

T: Okay. Shall we go back then to some other time, if you’re done?

(No response)

T: Is there anything else?

(The call got disconnected here, because of some internet reasons. We connected on call and decided for the next session)

Session 5 | 14/03/23 | 5:40 AM | 9:00 AM

Chanchala starts to have backache since few days (She had these back pains earlier also, but wasn’t having when we started). We spend some time here she wanted to share something. With the new insights, we update the theme.

Theme: Lack of love & emotional connection in relationships.

Stage 10 – Induction | 6:35 AM onwards

While staircase | 7:24 AM

C: An image is there.

T: What kind of image is it?

C: I am seeing the face of a young girl, do choti (Two ponies)

T: How does she look?

C: I was seeing this girl with a frock, a friend’s daughter.

T: Maybe you can ask her is there anything she wants to tell you?

C: She is actually interacting with a man on the bike. Someone unknown person

T: How do you feel about it?

C: Not good, she is a friend’s daughter, she feels like a street child.

T: What is it that she is asking that man?

C: She is telling that person to buy something that she is having.

T: Go near her and maybe have a conversation with her and ask her where is her mother?

C: …

T: Are you near her now?

C: …

T: Are you able to towards her or not?

C: No, Deepshikha

T: And how does this makes you feel?

C: My mind went on comforting myself because there is (Client is very much sleepy at this time; the voice is not audible)

T: Can you hear me? Do you want to continue?

C: Yes

T: Are you still getting images of that girl?

C: No

T: Okay!

Resumed the staircase vision | 7:36 AM

T: What kind of staircase is it?

C: I could only imagine myself, I do not feel anything.

T: Do you sense the staircase beneath your feet?

C: …

T: Can you feel it? It’s simple it’s easy and it’s safe for you to do that! Listen to your footsteps!

Can you hear it? Can you hear the footsteps? Is there anything else coming up?

C: … Even … I think …

T: Remember you are safe and it’s okay to experience what you are experiencing.

C: Deepshikha… (Takes my name)

T: Yes…

C: …

T: What is it?

C: …

T: What are you feeling right now?

C: It is just that I am feeling drowsy! My pain is taking time to focus. I am not able to lie down on my back. Today pain is very acute, raat ko balm lagaya, subah mein heating lagayi (Her back was hurting a lot)

T: Okay. Do you want to continue or do you want to stop?

C: Continue… I don’t want to just give up on this.

The client fell asleep again | at 7:56 AM …

(I let her sleep… she woke up around 8:35 AM… we had a little conversation and closed the session.)

Session 6 | 15/03/23 | 2:30 PM | 5:00 PM

The backache still persists. Mostly in the upper and lower back.

(In her book “Heal your Body” Louise Hay mentions that upper back pain represents a lack of emotional support and lower back pain represents money-related concerns. She is having both right now, probably these pain bodies have been triggered with the sessions.)

Stage 10 | 15:30 PM |Induction- Dave Elman

The client was getting asleep again and again. I decided to wake her up and discuss what was happening. She mentions the process of induction and the slow tone is making her feel bored while doing it! I decided to start with visualization where I let her visualize from the beginning only.

Restarted | 16:40 PM

With a little bit breathing and relaxation, mostly did visualization to release negative feelings of the current life in a place chosen by her. She chose beach. When we started the release process, she started to yawn! Before that it was fine. This process was really needed for her, as she is currently messy in her relationships and it took her time also to release and move on. Finally after two hours she went to past life memories on her own as we were slowly going back in her life. (I was actually thinking will close the session after this visualization, but since she went to a past life, we continued)

Stage 12 | 18:45 PM

T: Where are you right now?

C: Brown colour Gown… as a craftsman… in some European country and actually…

T: Take a look at yourself… what kind of shoes are you wearing?

C: It’s actually… for a saint I imagined myself in a saintwala chappal (slipper) with a patch. Was I… (There is a possibility she saw glimpses of more than one life time)

T: Take a look at yourself what is it that you notice in your body, in your face, in your clothes (Moving the body in a circle.)

C: I am seeing a poor lady who is just sustaining for her living. I was standing there, then a man came, he was having this something on his head, he is also a poor man, he came and hugged from behind, a warm hug, kissed me, probably on my side left forehead. And just walked away.

T: Maybe you can follow and see where is he going?

C: His face is not clear.

T: It’s okay, what age do you think this man is in?

C: He is an adult in his 20s or 30s. Mostly 20s. I am also young.

T: What is your age?

C: I am also 20. He is 25. He is my husband, he is taller than me, good physique, handsome.

T: How’s your life with him? How are you feeling?

C: I feel good. I saw walking him to a place where there is a big waterfall.

T: What is it that he has come here to do? Do you live near the waterfall?

C: No, he is standing and watching the waterfall.

T: Just go closer him and look deep into his eyes and see if you recognizing him.

C: I am purely following him.

T: Try to see in his eyes, if you know him from this life as well?

C: I am finding him, he is having this, what you say… umm… bit tight in skin, and … I mean immediately… I can recall one actor… (laughing)…. Actually you won’t believe there is a story with me and this actor.

T: Go ahead

C: There is this movie, …. Legar or tiger

T: Do you remember his name?

C: His name is Vijay Devrakonda.

T: Have you seen this actor?

C: Only on screen

T: That’s fine, coming back to the place you were, maybe you can assess what year it is?

C: I do not hear anybody saying anything, I am not seeing a very clear picture, I have a boy child. I am actually that this me, this man and me are done with the day, and going back to work. The child is also in his chaddi. (Laughs)

T: Can you figure out the era or time?

C: 18th century may be, that’s what came into my mind.

T: Go to home, once you three reach your home, let me know!

C: … We have …. It’s a kind of hut, muddy house with a slightly bigger space.

T: Is there anyone else in your family?

C: Only three of us. We have carried some wooden sticks and kept it aside, he just sat down and relaxing, I have gone to freshen myself, I am able to see a well.

T: What’s the name of your husband?

C: Adriel, that’s the name that came, just randomly said it.

T: What’s the name of the child?

C: Ihan

T: What’s your name?

C: Raima

T: From now on, I will address you as raima….

(Starts eating)

T: How do you feel?

C: I feel we are a very happy family; we are happy with whatever it is.

T: Maybe just look into the eyes of the child and see if you remember the child?

C: I am able to see a chubby child with a black bangle in his hands, black or greyish eyes, it’s this blonde coloured hairs. You see this foreigner’s hairs.

T: Do you recognize him? Have you seen Ihan in this life?

C: Not able to recall as such.

T: In the next few years, what happens to Raima’s life? Where is she? What is she doing?

C: I am able to see myself, seeing my entire family in the 18th century, we have grown financially and we are rich, we are growing in a bungalow type, with only one child.

T: You mentioned you are a craftsman, what kind of craft you do?

C: Used to do.

T: What was it?

C: Something related to wood.

T: Now, what is it that you do?

C: … Sitting and helping people come out of their issues.

T: How do you help them?

C: (Moving the body left and right) … AAhhh… I am roughly able to visualize…. I am just seeing a room of bells, some like nice sound bells.

T: You use sound to help them?

C; yes (In this lifetime as well client does sound healing with singing bowls)

T: Is it your house where you do this?

C: … (Moving front and back) … Just one room I have kept for this.

T: How does it make you feel?

C: Makes me feel good.

T: Let’s move further ahead to any important or significant event in Raima’s life.

C: Actually I am seeing myself dancing with my husband, the foot dance, holding the gown, he is holding me, moving me around. My child is also there; he is watching us enjoy.

T: Is there any function, where you are right now?

C: Just a dance place with all those drinks and all.

T: Maybe now you can move ahead towards any significant event, which is affecting Chanchala’s life?

C: …

T: Is anything coming up?

C: I guess these are all just wavy.

T: Relax yourself, calm down your body, focus on the memory, allow it to reveal.

C: What I saw that, there are two men on horse, they killed my husband, leaving my baby, they carried me to the king’s palace. I am made to stand in front of him as a victim. Is it like why did they do this? I think the king wants me to be his wife.

T: Do you recognize the king?

C: He is also some fair person with some beard.

T: Just look into his eyes, if you have met him in this life?

C: (Leans forward!)

T: What happened?

C: I am just trying to recall.

T: Okay…

C: … I just recalled, this guy’s face is coming in front of me, he lives upstairs, he is also fair, and quite short in height, he doesn’t have a beard, he recently got married.

T: Let’s move forward, and see what happens to Raima next?

C: …

T: Maybe you can fast forward few years later, what happens to her?

C: I surrendered to this man.

T: Then, what happens?

C: I am actually seeing myself sitting with him as queen, with two children, one is Ihan and one another my current child.

T: What’s the name of the another child?

C: Ammu (Her daughter’s name in this life)

T: What happens to Adriel?

C: He is no more.

T: How do you feel about him?

C: That’s what I am wondering, I think I am having this suppressed feeling for him and outside living in fear with this king, what he would do to my child.

T: Move forward few years later, and see what happens?

C: …

T: What’s happening?

C: So…. Happened that, after a certain time, I couldn’t hold my feeling inside, I was feeling for Adriel. When the king asks me what happened. I think he understood why am I crying. He confessed, I am sorry. I asked why you did this? He said you wouldn’t have come for me otherwise. In anger, I left him with my two kids.

T: Where do go after him?

C: I am ruling the kingdom.

T: Okay… What happens to the king?

C: He is there in the prison.

T: How do feel about putting him in the prison?

C: Not good, but I wanted him to go through that pain.

T: Let’s move forward, in this life time to any other important life event that happens.

(Starts talking about current circumstances in life)

C: Okay… Ummm… So… ummm… I do not this is the reason, but I think maybe there is this man whom I got attracted at the age of 16, after my 10th, and he was I think, five years elder to me with a nice physique. So happened that we were, today I can say it was attraction, It was my first relationship, but I didn’t play with his feelings, because he was from another state, there was local STD for talk, so then he was coming from Andhra, me from Mumbai, even after being in relationship for 5 years… I wanted to reveal about him to my parents, since he was not settled, I decided to leave, because my parents wouldn’t agree, because of not having good background. So, I feel may be that is what could be causing me this pain. Maybe out of the curse that he gave me, I am just assuming, may be, because both of us were serious enough, both of us have told about each other, from myside leaving my parents everybody was aware and his side also. It might have had a very huge impact on him.

T: If you say so, do you feel is there any way to let go this guilt?

C: The only way I feel like is confessing what I have done.

T: To whom?

C: The person whom I left?

T: Can you tell his name?

C: VM (Initials to protect privacy)

T: If you got that opportunity to do that now, would you like to do that?

C: Yes, definitely. Maybe I wish to give whatever he asks, whatever he feels like doing with me, apart from getting into physical, any to other way verbally, I wish to take it fully. After all it was my mistake, though unknowingly, I have hurt a person. So that I get rid of this sin I have done in my life and get the love that I want.

T: In a moment as I will count 1 to 3, you will find VM in front of you and you will be able to seek his forgiveness. I am going to count now.

C… (Smiling)… 19:47 PM

At 19:59 PM

T: Do you need more time?

C: I think I cannot … as a … It looks like I will not get a person and have a good love life because it looks like as if he actually wants me to be with him for life long. Especially be with him, physically because I left him at that stage, he expects me to be with him and live with this pain.

Apart from what he is saying, I don’t have any choice to be with him and fulfil his needs.

T: Maybe you can go back to Raima…Are you back with her? Maybe Raima needs to apologize to someone, maybe Adriel? (I felt seeking forgiveness from Adriel, her husband in another life will help her)

C: For having leaving him in that condition?

T: Yeah

C: …

T: Are you able to do that?

C: Yes (Nod)

T: Is Adriel willing to forgive you?

C: Yes (Nod)


T: What’s happening?

C: …

T: Are you done?

C: (Asks for time)

T: Okay, sure!

C: Happened that, I went to ask for forgiveness, actually he very lovingly forgave me, I asked for forgiving him for leaving him in that condition. I was at his feet. He made me stand on my feet. I am actually in tears when he forgave me for what I have done. I actually didn’t want to leave him. I said I want to be with him, he convinced me as a soul that I must go back to that man as we have children and blessed me with love, happiness, career.

I feel great because what he said. I wish to listen to him, I want to obey to what he says. Because I have punished him The king) also, as he is in prison, because our kids need to take care of, I went back to the kingdom, I released him, I asked him also forgiveness and he also came to me and started loving me. He also forgave me. So, both of us have forgiven each other and started living with each other. I saw a vision that he is actually carrying me in his arms. This is how it ended up. We saw each other ruling the kingdom and felt the happiness, felt as if I am his wife. Like accepted him you know in my life.

T: Beautiful… Is there anything else left here in Raima’s life which is important for Chanchala?

C: I think that’s about it.

T: Go towards end of Raima’s life, she is in her death bed now…. How does she look?

C: Really slim, thin, no blurry moment as such, bed ridden kind of.

T: Who are the people around her?

C: My children, because I think the king passes away before me.

T: It’s time now. As I count 3 to 1 the soul will depart Raima’s body. 3…2….1…. The soul has left the body now. Watch the body from a distance from above. How do you feel leaving this body? Maybe a loved one has come to take the soul along with them.

C: Actually, I felt pain as my children are left out.

T: Tap into the wisdom of the soul. Maybe you can bless your children. You can always bless them from above. Death is a part of life.

C: (Bows down)

T: How do you feel now?

C: … I think I have blessed them and I am going with a blissful feeling with Adriel on one side and the king on other side.

T: Beautiful… maybe from here you can see what are the lessons and learnings for Chanchala that she can take?

C: I should not leave anyone abruptly or out of anger. Then, Deepshikha (takes my name) I am being said that, I should confess to RN (Someone she got involved few weeks back) also. In a way I have also left him, it was my decision of leaving him, that too at a stage we were about to meet this month. And in that stage of each other’s mind we got separated.

T: If you feel like giving him a closure and apologize, do that, it’s totally fine. (20:25 PM)

T: Are you done? (20:30 PM)

C: Yes!

T: Are you feeling relieved, light?

C: I am a little, gradually it will take time, because we did bless each other, but still hurting each other knowingly, it’s that!

T: But, it’s good for you, it’s healthy for you, right?

C: Yeah…

T: Give yourself the time, it’s fine. Let me know once you are ready, we will say good bye to Raima, listening to her, if she has anything to say? Shall we move ahead?

C: Yeah… Aah

T: Listen to Raima, get back to her if there is any soul wisdom she would like to give you?

C: …

T: Is there anything she is saying?

C: The words that I could see were love yourself.

T: Tell Raima goodbye now and come back to yourself, being Chanchala. Come back to the beach where you were sitting with the two boxes, one with the negative feelings and another with the positive ones. (We were in the midst of this visualization when she slipped into past life, so continued from here as the box with negative feelings was yet to be thrown away)

T: Do you see the boxes?

C: Yes

T: Pick the box of negative feelings. Feel the weight of those feelings. Is it heavy?

C: Yes, slightly heavy.

T: Go towards the ocean…

C: I threw it away.

T: Perfect, this is what we had to do.

C: I am able to predict you next words. (We both laughing)

T: Hmmm… Now come back where you were pick the right box, and see it getting smaller, put it in your heart.

C: I put it all over my body it got merged in my body. (Laughing)

T: Is there anything?

C: …

T: In this space now may be you can remind yourself the wisdom Adriel and Raima have given you? Repeat them loudly.

C: Never to leave anyone in anger . (Later she reveals, a lot of the times she feels like leaving her current husband in anger)

T: What else?

C: Never leave your loved ones in such a condition.

T: How do you think you can bring these lessons in Chanchala’s life?

C: Never leave the loved ones.

T: Is there any loved one, you feel like leaving?

C: Not really. I feel that for my husband at times but then when I calm down myself, I don’t feel like that. I feel so I never thought of, when I came across these healings, I did make it a point to do healings for him, but my husband and her mother are not allowing these good things to enter their body.

After some time, I stopped giving. But, then now what’s the good change, I always felt triggered by my husband. Recently, I started thinking about him, why I actually don’t work out my relationship with him. Because there is nothing which you put 100% works out, which I haven’t done yet fully, which I can start now.

At least I can reach some peace. Why don’t I work on this current relationship with him. And don’t get triggered by him. He actually doesn’t keeps saying those words, all the negativity goes away, he doesn’t think of talking to me that way.

T: Maybe then this message of never leave someone in anger is for your husband then?

C: I should start working on this. I think I didn’t give my 100% so far, I did attempt but not 100%.

T: Do you feel complete with all of them, those you seek forgiveness?

C: Yes, I do!

T: Maybe now is the time for us to come back to awakened state, just take a walk at the beach, and see if anybody wants to come up, a guide, a friend, or even your own higher self, listen if there is anything they want to say.

C: Hmmm…… (Gets up to walk in the room)

T: Once you are done, you can come back to your seat.

T: Is there anything you want to say?

C: I don’t know why, but there is this person’s face, it came in between also, is it because I found out, you know have the psychic readers, who make a sketch of your soulmates, probably a year back and a half, I was doing all this things, in search of my love life, in search of a person.

Do you know RM (Taken initials for privacy reasons), I don’t know why, I approached a psychic reader, it could be like, It was around, I talked about a person with them beard, After I said, the up guy’s name, it was this person’s name which came to my mind. I don’t believe the sketch that he gave, was so matching with RM’s face. You won’t believe I shared this pic I shared with him two years back. When I shared with him, he said you are a nice sketcher, I didn’t tell him about that. Till day, I didn’t tell him all that, the truth about it.

And now when I was walking, I felt like VM came, this is what I could see, I don’t know why this is happening.

T: Don’t worry let them come and go. Like birds in the sky.

C: He played kind of a saver for me. (RM)

End Time | 21:05 PM


  1. Love yourself.

  2. Never leave a loved one in anger.

  3. Putting more efforts in strengthening relationship with husband.

  4. You have done your part by seeking forgiveness, forgiving or not, it’s their choice.

Session Ended | 21:59 PM