Relationship issues, lack of emotional support in life, feeling unloved and sense of direction in life Part 2

Session 7 | 21/03/23 | 6:30 AM | 9:30 AM

Chanchala felt a little bit of change in her attitude towards his husband. She felt at peace and felt better. Her pain level from 10 came down to 5-6.

Induction: Dave Elman, followed by progressive relaxation |7:49 AM

(We were doing a boat visualization and I ask her to see if there is someone on the shore waiting for her, she sees a man over there, whom she names Amanda, holding her hands, making her walk on rose petals)

T: See where is he taking you?

C: …

T: Where is he taking you?

C: (Asks for some time in gesture) … Again it’s similar kind of scenario, where we are in front of a waterfall and things are going deeper. It’s a bamboo-like house and there he is going little intense with me. Now, I don’ see myself in this dress I am wearing.

T: What are you wearing?

C: I feel shy. (Laughing…) Kind of jungle dress.

T: Okay… Take your time and once you feel ready we will move forward.

C: (After 10 minutes) We woke up and we are actually having our breakfast together, so that has happened. I was… so I am telling him… I am like imagining myself, my hair is almost till my hip, it’s that long. I am thanking him for being with me and love talks that’s happening. This is what happening.

T: You named him Amanda, right?

C: Now slowly I am able to see his face, visualize his face.

T: What does he look like?

C: Tall man, a bit long face, long silky hairs, long face.

T: What does he calls you?

C: Mary

T: Can you make it out what kind of era it would be from the forest and the clothes you are wearing. How many years back It would be?

C: Not necessarily that…. We are not looking like that medieval kind of era, just that we are in that kind of clothes, no ornaments like that, these are clothes just a clip behind. I am looking like now only and he is also just looking normal. But, the environment is, we are still sitting in that bamboo house and eating breakfast.

T: Maybe you can fast forward few moments ahead and see what happens?

C: …

T: Is there anything happening?

C: …

T: What’s happening?

C: just give me one minute I will tell you!

T: Okayyy

C: …. (After 5 minutes)

T: Would you like to talk now?

C: So, this is one problem that I am facing for a long. All o f a sudden I am getting unbearable itching in my eyes, now that has desperately started happening. The climate is also not that hot, slightly changed. I am not sure why it’s happening.

T: Allow it to be there. It’s okay

C: So what has happened is, after the breakfast, I saw myself in a white gown with some printed flowers above ankle only, puff sleeves with a frock, a flowery crown, the one we put on Jesus no, and Amanda also, initially also in a very normal pant shirt and now in a tux with nice shoes. And we flew and I feel it’s Australia. I am familiar with Sydney and I don’t know I have had this thing for this place. There we landed and then I saw us with blazers and ties and we have our own office. The own company I am having and I saw lady giving a presentation and Amanda was clapping with other people around.

After this suddenly, when in office premises only, there are like office people, few men in formal and all and it was like, me and Amanda with our team planning. It was this nice feeling, a feeling of family also and a group of committed people. Because that’s what we look for, people who want to be with us. There should be no second things about the work, any work required to do, they should be willing to do. It’s those kinds of people who approached us. This team is the kind of team which is ready to do anything for us. And we also felt blessed and good to have such people with us. Without them, we can’t do anything.

T: Okayyy

C: And then, we landed to a place where something needs to be constructed. What actually I don’t know because I paused Amanda and said Deepshikha (me) is asking. It’s kind of hilly area where we need to construct something. There is what I paused.

T: What year do you think it would be?

C: It’s the present era only, not sure, we can catch up something in this. In 20s only we can catch up…… 20s 2024, 2025.

T: Is it something like future?

C: Yeah… I don’t see myself in the past. It suddenly started raining. It’s really cold (In her environment)

T: Let’s continue with where we were and see what is it that you were building?

C: …

T: What is it?

C: Smiles, so it’s a temple that’s all he said

T: Okay

C: Temple of Lord Shiva and Parvati… probably if you are going to give me some time, I will see what’s happening.

T: Sure

(After 5-7 minutes)

T: What is it?

C: …. 2 minutes later

T; What’s happening?

C: I got into sleep…. But something happened

T: It’s okay…. Go a few minutes back and see what’s happening in the temple that was being built?

C: … Okay…I keep seeing the construction part, now me and Amanda are walking on a bright road which came and we are very much in a formal dress. There is one nice school bus that came and crossed us? Okay we are like walking… so yeahh …

T: Is it planet earth you are on (I wanted to make her and myself laugh to wake her up from sleep and also confirm it’s not happening somewhere else as her name is Chanchala in this life)

C Yeah yeah… (Laughs)

T: You can imagine just a nice road… and hills and rocks… Maybe it’s time to leave Amanda?

C: Why??? He is my life partner.

T: Okay… then ask him why has he called you?

C: Now, the vision of walking with him has gone and so I can ask him.

T: Sure!.. Is there anything he wants to tell you?

C: When I was in washroom, I saw my husband’s face in between and then I imagined a scene there I was walking with Amanda, we before going rather I asked my husband, what about you? He said I am fine. I am happy. Happy in the sense that I could feel this, not that kind of happiness he is getting rid of him. For him my happiness is important and he is allowing me to go with this man. Because, in a way if you see kahi na kahi (somewhere) that’s the whole thing and current scenario also.

What I have noticed about him, I do not if I am completely correct also, not that knowledgeable to say these things about him. If you see my 11 years of journey with him, he is a person who doesn’t want to come out of all this… what you say??

T: Shell?

C: Who wish to be only by himself, I think he is not really a married kind of guy and all that. I feel because of which knowingly very well, I was with another person, He is still okay with it. For the past few days I felt like leaving everything. Because kahi na kahi (somewhere) he knows some of my past, my past relationships, I think apart from one, if I have to say there are two … I am always telling him, one person I didn’t mention the name rest everything I have been always telling him about my feelings to him and other men. I used to tell him. RG (Changed for privacy reasons, her current husband). I am getting attracted to this man. I wanted to be honest in my relationship and this thing was happening and I was not knowing what to do. He actually was thoda sa (a little bit) sad but then he used to say your life your choice.

He still continues to say this. I think he is. I mean he is okay. When I tried working on him, it didn’t work out. When I asked dowsy (pendulum) about, there has to be some interest form his side also, okay I think… there is this mixture of thoughts. On one side I think he won’t mind and he likes to be in this suffering and then I asked him why you are being this, because this is more convenient and comfortable for me. I feel so very evident to see that he doesn’t want to come out of his comfort zone. He is ready to suffer than come out of his comfort zone. His comfort becomes very strong. And then again as you said being that avoidant person unless he sees that materialistic change in me he starts believing.

T: You mentioned earlier, him being happy with you being happy. You also felt a little bit sad but then said it’s your life it’s your choice? Right?

C: Trying to remember.

T: You don’t remember?

C: Yeah …

T: Do you think he is giving you time and opportunity to choose him?

C: Right now I am feeling very sleepy.

T: Can you go back to the forest scene?

C: … (Sleeping Again)

T: All right… In a moment I will wake you up as I count back 3…2…1…

(Honestly, I got a bit frustrated with her getting asleep again and again, but probably this is what she needed and through her my patience level was increasing as well)

We had a discussion, then closed. I felt like putting a stop to the sessions)

End: 9:15 AM


  1. Intimacy has been a constant theme. Self-love is also coming up (from the previous session)

  2. Resistance coming up in the form of sleep.

  3. Right now all the attention and focus is on relationships even during visualization. There is a need of dividing the attention by putting it on career at this time which is for her sound healing.

Recommendations & Insights

  • Intimacy has been a constant theme. Self-love is also coming up (from the previous session) The last words that Raima (Her past incarnation) said were Love Yourself.

  • Resistance coming up in the form of sleep.

  • Right now all the attention and focus is on relationships even during visualization. There is a need of dividing the attention by putting it on her career at this time which is for her sound healing.

  • Never leave a loved one in anger.

  • Putting more effort into strengthening her relationship with her husband.

  • You have done your part by seeking forgiveness, forgiving or not, it’s their choice.

Session 8 | 27/03/23 | 9:30 AM | 11:30 AM


The client shared her anxiety has decreased and she is less triggered by her husband. There is so much calmness in her because of that.

Observation: Chanchala seems to be very calm and peaceful now, the restlessness and anxiety in her tone have decreased a lot.

Quotes by Chanchala,”The more good changes in me, the more I will be in peace.”