Releasing Trauma during PLR

Can you all please share various ways the release of the pain/trauma and leading the client towards healing can be accomplished during the PLR session? What techniques do you use? How you use it? Appreciate any reading materials, if you have/can share.


As Dr Winfred Blake says, “We must be skilled to handle stress, which is inevitable as it will accompany the emergence of past material (which will mostly be traumatic memories)”

Unimaginable stress does emerge and it sometimes is alarming to the therapist who has just began on what a Pandora’s box they’ve opened. With experience we learn the art of managing stress and that primarily comes through practice but one of the key points to remember is to disassociate the client’s psyche from the encountered sub-personality. Which can be done by asking them to take the witness stand or reminding that they are experiencing a past life and switching from present tense to past tense.


Hi Vidya,

Giving a stab at your question on releasing trauma during PLR.

BRV => relive the experience => BRV => get client to become aware of (a) thoughts running in the mind (b) what is happening in the body (emotions) and (c ) feelings (that are an outcome of what client thinks about what happened) … get client to release the emotions from the body by relaxing affected body part … get client to distill feelings associated with traumatic event to basic feelings of sadness, anger, fear … get client to find a balance b/w sadness, fear and anger and at the same time convert sadness by letting it go and connect with Mother Earth (grounding), convert fear to alertness by becoming aware of surroundings (auditory, visual, tactile, etc) and convert anger to a personal energy shield (similar to bubble of light) … BRV … go through key moment flow and repeat steps mentioned previously.

Listen to guided meditation titled Making Friends with Sadness, Fear & Anger by Mathew Young on Insight Timer. It will give you an idea of how to use sadness, fear and anger in a constructive manner during regression.


Adding this as an afterthought to earlier reply …

While some clients may not choose to accept people, what happened and/or forgive people, what happened, see if they are willing to learn from the experience and get them to release the experience at all levels (physical, emotional, mental), planes of existence and all dimensions of time; and, forgive themselves for holding on to an experience from the past for so long and love themselves unconditionally.


Thanks for these tips, Murali. I will certainly implement them during my sessions this year.

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