Repressed self voice, causing suffocation and fear of free expression of thoughts, resulting into complexities in interpersonal relationship at personal and professional level”

With deep gratitude to my Masters, Teachers, batch mates and AMARANTOS Family who constantly guide with their valuable inputs and case studies.
Case 3
“Repressed self voice, causing suffocation and fear of free expression of thoughts, resulting into complexities in interpersonal relationship at personal and professional level”
Vitals: MB, Male, 40+ yrs, Hypnotisability: 9/10,
Eye Roll: 2/5, Kinaesthetic with profound Visual and Auditory personality
Pain point: 9/10
Post Session: 1/10
T: Therapist
C: Client (abbreviated as MB)

    **The Case**

The History: Born and brought up in an small cosmopolitan city. Mr. MB is now rendering his services in armed forces of India. Though he had enough resources while growing up, he felt being controlled and lacked his personal space due to frequent arguments amongst family members. He felt suffocated and wished to run out, as he was unable to express his choices and personal point of view to his mother due to her over protectiveness, control, pride and boasting of his talents to others.
These early life events and subtle conditionings are often now manifested as lack of space in present scenario of life and this feeling consumes his peace of mind causing misunderstandings in interpersonal relationships at home and office.
Though he had been academically meritorious but he always felt a lack in expressing his thoughts openly to others fearing misunderstandings or failure in communication. As a result of this submissive attitude, he feels been over exploited by his seniors at times, giving him responsibilities beyond his capacity to focus. He cannot say NO to anyone even If he wishes to due to these attributes of his personality. In order to keep peace and keep others happy he suppresses his own will and wish.
Lastly, despite keeping a healthy lifestyle and regular exercise, and physiological examinations, he fails to explain and heal his Sudden Knee pain.
Currently, he is seeking a PLR session to look for a resolution for his inability to express exact emotions and thoughts, his frequent misunderstandings with wife, knee pain and life long complex relationship with his mother.
Day 1: 26th May 2023, 10:30 am to 6:30 pm Session 1 & 2.
Covered Stage 1 to stage 8, Induction, Visualization, Regression and Return to Awaken State.
Theme: Happy memories and childhood Regression
Theme 1: Unable to be happy to its fullest.
Stage 9: Checked all points and agreed upon signals of IMR.
Started with total Surrender and Prayers to the Lord Shiva, Higher Masters and Teachers for guidance, direction, and courage to know the truth as it is revealed for the highest good of everyone connected to us.
Stage 10 (Induction): Achieved Deep trance state with Dave Elman and Progressive Relaxation. Periodic feedback taken through IMR for ensuring client’s state of awareness.
Stage 11 (Visualization): Used Ball of light of colour of choice to cover the eyes body and mind with a wave of deep relaxation and complete healing, graduate towards Garden of imagination and from there took him to recall happy moments of childhood of this lifetime.
T: At this deep level of relaxation, let me know what comes to your awareness?
MB: birthday celebration…… everybody is happy…
T: Okay! That’s so nice, who all are there MB on your Birthday celebration?
MB: Parents, School friends around.
T: What could be your age?
MB: Small child… Very small… One more birthday celebration…… 7th or 8th standard
T: [client shows expressions of happiness through slight smile] that’s wonderful, what are you doing?
MB: Enjoying talks with friends!
T: Oh so nice! What is in the Supper?
MB: Puri, Sabzi, kheer……
T: How are you feeling now?
MB: No burden, nothing is there to hurt each other, no competition, so much innocence…
T: Yes! You are right! You may wish to stay and enjoy this beautiful happy memory for sometime, and then when you are ready to move to yet another happy memory from your childhood, you can let me know by lifting your right index finger. [ after a while, client gives indication]
MB: Childhood family picnic, there is a lake, I want to go for boating, everyone carries food from home, mother took us often, father came occasionally.

T: Okay! How do you feel?
MB: Being together makes me feel happy. There was always something that stopped me being completely happy.
T: Okay! What comes to your awareness, what is it that is stopping you to be completely happy? [Client kept quite for a while] again leaded him to look around and see if anyone can give him the answer.
MB: I can see a boy standing there.
T: That is great, you may wish to go close to the boy and see what he has to tell you. Who is this boy, do you know him?
MB: It is me, I am Sad, because I just want people at home to be happy, and not fight. He does not know what to do because he is small. He doesn’t understand why people behave like this. He doesn’t like loud voice and arguments……
Loud voices make him feel crushed overloaded by the situation, anger and loud arguments, makes him feel withdrawn from the family, he knows it will happen again and again.
T: [ clear expression of stress appears on forehead and wrinkled eye brows] I understand, how you feel. Is there anything an you help them with?
MB: No, he is small, he can’t explain them anything .
T: Now, look at yourself you are no more small, hold the hands of the little boy and take him along and tell him, not to fear, because you are with him. What comes to your awareness now?
MB: He feels, he can explain them the consequences of such fights on a child’s mind.
T: Do you still think they were wrong? Were they matured enough to understand the effects on a small child’s mind?
MB: No, I am no more angry on them, because I now know they were not aware of the consequences and effects of these loud arguments on a child’s mind. They needed to see the bigger picture. There was no one to guide them about this that time. They did everything to provide the best for their children.
T: Beautiful revelation, now you know, that they did not do anything deliberately to cause any adverse effect on your child mind. How do you feel now?
MB: Yes I feel peace and happy now, feeling protected with my adult self, I can now talk to them without any fear, and I can probably stop their arguments by showing them the bigger picture.
T: What else comes to your awareness?
MB: I am sitting on a swing with my wife in our garden until it is dark in the evening, there was more requirement to be together, I should have spent more time with her, somehow it did not happen that way……
T: No issues, ask your Masters to show you how can you rectify now?
MB: Being together more, sharing more, changing the style of Communication, can bring a difference.
T: [ client is silent and is in deep trance state but seems relaxed and calm.] Is there any more awareness coming up? Let me know whenever you wish to come back?
MB: [ after a few moments, client wants to come out. Gave indication through IMR]
T: As I count from 10 to 1 gently allow yourself to be back in to the here and now. Remembering all the revelations, and bringing back the happiness from happy memories of childhood.
10,9,8 7 total Awareness of the body, 6,5,4 happy and confident 3,2,1… aware and awake, completely relaxed and at peace. Awareness is back to the room, he feels free and relieved of his inability to stop the arguments.
Day 1 Session 2 closed with calmness, peace, happiness and ability to forgive his parents for not being with him in love and harmony.
Day 2, 27th May 2023, Session 3 and 4, time 11:00 am to 5pm
Started with feedback on day 1, moving towards stage 6, recall of history and theme, followed by watching video for removing Cognitive fatigue and theme finalization. Once again discussed about IMR and checklist.
Proceeded with the PLR session
Covered Stage From 1 to stage 9, proceeded with Dave Elman Induction followed by Visualization, Regression and Return to Awaken State.

T: What comes to your awareness?
MB: totally black…….
T: Okay! What does this black feel to you?
MB: Feels normal, reminds me of the blank space, similar to situations when I can’t decide where to go, what to do? It feels like a space of Indecision……
T: Does this feeling take you to a past event or space in time way back, when did you feel such an emotion very strongly?
MB: Yes! I am captivated somewhere; I don’t know where I am? Where do I need to go next? Somebody has put me here, very less space, feels like I am been captured and restricted.
T: Okay! Keeping this feeling with you look few years back, what comes next into your awareness?
MB: So many people are there… I can’t feel myself…. it’s wooden kind of structure, a courtyard maybe
T: look at your feet what are you wearing?
MB: I am a man wearing Leather footwear, soldier kind of dress, others are also wearing same kind of dress, it is some Mahal in India it’s seems as if war is going to happen… people are preparing for it ….
I am important in the troop. I am not at a very high rank but because of my skills like riding, solo fighting, effective resolutions through communication.
Everyone is looking up to me to bring peace or resolution, so that this fight can be avoided.
I feel honoured and responsible and I am confident that I can do it.
T: Does anything come to you as your name?
MB: Mukesh…. Maybe….
T: Okay fine Mukesh, go to your home now, who all are there?
MB: I have a separate room in the palace… I had father and mother…. but something happened to them… they are no more in my life…. I feel they died early due to some disease… I have very less memory of them…
T: No problem, Mukesh! Is there anyone else?
MB: There is some Lady…. someone elderly who makes decisions in the palace…. she raised me as mother, She looks like a grandmother, I have a very good relationship with her, she taught me so many things, she cares for me and made sure that I grow up and become someone.
T: Look at her, do you know her in this lifetime?
MB: Yes! she reminds me of my grandmother (nani) in this lifetime… there is no one else so close to me….
T: Okay! Let us move to a major event of that life time, which has connection to your present life issue with communication.
MB: I am going to that place to talk to them and convince them not to fight, I went alone, I did not want to put others life at risk. I am confident that I can bring a solution to this issue perhaps they will listen to me I know them.
T: what happens next?
MB: But things did not turn up the way I was thinking, they captured me by deceit……
T: [expression of stress on forehead]
MB: [self talk] now also in this life, I am confident of doing things alone first at my level itself, even if it is risky…….(silence for a while)…
T: Okay! Let us now go to the next major event after you were Captured… 3…2…1.
MB: Maybe they stabbed me with sword, I got hurt badly….for a long time I was there tied in chains too heavy, my arms were stretched, I could only kneel on my Knees…. My knees and back and legs feel very tired, no strength at all, it is painful, even if I want to call for help nobody can hear me from here……so I don’t want to even call for help anymore, no one will listen……no use….
T: What were your last thoughts?
MB: I feel failure because of not being able to complete the task I took in my hand, maybe I could have come along with more people…… I am thankful to the lady who took care of me but I feel sorry that I could not defend her country, I tried to get up so many times but there was no strength on my legs because of pain. I am looking at my body but now I feel…. whatever I decided, was for others well being.
T: As a Soul what revelations comes to you?
MB: As a soul I feel maybe next time I will make a strong team which is build up on faith and trust Whatever couldn’t be done maybe it can be done next time……(silence and peace on face)
T: How does this place feel?
MB: this place feels like an open space…. Someone is saying me its ok and fine…… you did well…. it is just a voice that I can hear.
T: that’s so great ! May be you can ask this voice to tell you the learning of that lifetime at a soul level which can help you in this lifetime
MB: working as a team and taking my team along with me, don’t be in a hurry to finish something just because you feel you have the ability to do it alone, if there is help available you should take help or work as a team.
That time also some part of me never wanted others to come along, I never told them the reason why and where I was going to keep them safe.
I over trusted the opponents and thought that they won’t harm me.
I should tell others the reasons behind doing something instead of thinking that the other people will not understand me, or listen to me. It is better to tell them and explain and communicate…
T: What can you do to alter the outcome?
MB: yes, I can learn different ways of communicating… depending on other’s personality so that things can be communicated. Communication should happen. It is a fear of communication that stops me to express myself. All communications doesn’t always fail……so this fear is irrational and not valid…
T: In the light of this awareness, go back to that lifetime and see how things go now?
MB: I communicated with my team and taken them along so even if the communication failed, I wouldn’t have been captured and captivated, we could have won and I could have lived my life.
T: How are you feeling now?
MB: Free, light weighted, free from captivation……… [ (Self revelations): Responsibilities can always be shared to feel less burden……Don’t trust anyone very easily…. one need not sacrifice himself every time for others and giving more importance to others. I can better my relationship whatever is there by conveying them the same thing.
T: Is there any message from your Masters?
MB: “carry on work with good intent”
T: [ Long silence……] Is there anything else that needs to be learned at this moment?
MB: No…
T: [ MB is in deep trance with a tranquil and peaceful face, seems to be in highest state of peace] “you can stay in this state of calmness as long as you wish and let me know by raising your right index finger whenever you wish to come back in to the here and now with all the awareness and important learnings.
MB: takes a few more moments in deep state of relaxation and gives IMR.
T: with the count of 1 to 10, emerged him into complete awareness state of consciousness.
Integration & Closure: Client was in a deep state of calmness and stillness after the session, having identified the route cause for his apprehensions for free communications and submissive attitude towards others. He also got a resolution about his tendency to take things on his own even if the task is risky, he also finds connection of his knee pain with the pain caused during his captivation in this lifetime… he finds resemblance in his skills and attitude of bravery in this lifetime, he was a soldier in that lifetime and in this present lifetime he is serving Indian Army. He finds connection of the wise old lady as his maternal grandmother in this life.
[Concluded the proceedings for Session 3 and 4]

Reports & Recommendations:
The report has been shared with the client on WhatsApp and feedback taken.
He was recommended to continue with his spiritual practices and mediation.
Suggested some affirmations to dissociate knee pain from past traumatic impression of past life. Offered energy healing sessions if needed in future for the same.
Any more learnings or messages he receives could be shared (if desired) with the therapist for purpose of learning.
My best wishes to Him. Gratitude to my Masters and my beloved Guru Dr. Venu Murthy for making me able to conduct this PLR session. I seek his blessings and guidance always in this spiritual Journey of mine.


Congratulations Moumita for such a greatly executed case - full of learning for client as well as other practitioners.
Wish you good luck in all future assignments.


Dear Moumita,

Heartiest congratulations to you for a very empathetically conducted session that only shows your earnest dedication towards the Therapy and the Client. My compliments for the same and wishes for many more healings in future as well.
Monesh. :pray:


Beautifully navigated the case dear Moumita. The decrease in pain level after session says it all. :+1:


Awesome navigation & learnings! Kudos!!


Dear Moumita
Once again congratulations to you for conducting a great session and concluding it with best possible recommendations .I am sure that the client must be fully satisfied on learning about how his physical pain had a root cause that got transferred to his present life as well.Having a similarity in his attitude in both the lives once again confirms that Past designs and affects our present n future .Grt Job!
Good luck :+1

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Hello dear momita nce nce, Dear frnds past life therapy is important for
healing for many people’s as it provides safe way and clear the expriences,
it also provides emotional and spritual framework in which all feelings and
memories get released. Past life therapy gives victims new ways for
approaching their experience…


Congratulations Moumita on your 3 rd session
So beautifully conducted and penned…
Wishing you many many more healings :two_hearts::pray:t2:


Beautiful :blush: Moumita.


Brilliant improvisation of IMR [quote=“moumita.tamhankar, post:1, topic:1155”]
you can let me know by lifting your right index finger.

It would have been nice if we could have addressed this in a way we acknowledged the emotional side of this. Better avoid “No problem”

will keep adding as we go along


Thank you Venu sir!
I understood my mistake. I need to be more empathetic with client with his experiences.