Resolution of Stress induced asthma


At the Inception,

‘My Humble and Heartfelt Salutations to The Amarantos Family whose guidance and blessings I seek in my PLR journey’

This is Numero Uno of the three cases that comprise the Final Assignment sought by my beloved Guru, Dr Venu. My client for this, is one of my Omega Batchmates, to whom I am sincerely indebted for presenting me with the opportunity of conducting PLRT.

Vitals : DT, F, 25+, 10/10, 2/5, K, ‘Stress Induced Asthma’, 7/10.

Progression with the Case . Stages 1, 2, 3, 5 and 6 (Conducted through email/WhatsApp and telephonic conversations over multiple days . Interactions during the Amarantos workshop also provided for the resources).

History . DT has been brought up in a metro city by loving and caring parents who supports her in all her endeavours. She has a fantastic and amenable relation with her two siblings. Outstanding in academics since childhood she had been an achiever in college as well as on the professional front. In addition, she indulges herself into meditation, cycling and jogging. By grace of Masters, she has found her soulmate in her Husband – what exactly she had wished for herself. She comes from a faith that believes in Karma and Incarnation and hence aspects of Spiritualism are relatable to her.

DT has been seeking resolution for her problem of Stress Induced Asthma . Her condition had started way back in 8th standard when she first experienced it after finishing a competitive run. Over the years the problem had resurfaced on multiple occasions and had affected her in different stages of her life . During the PLRT workshop she had experienced one past life (she witnessed death by choking) that had all the attributes of creating her present problem. However, post workshop experiences made her seek the therapy and she contacted me.)

She also had two more concerns, first being un-reasonable Fear of Dogs and second being Unendurable Sight of Meat Being Cut/Processed.

SESSION 1 (Total Time 3 hrs 10 min) 18 Jan 2023

On the day of in-person interaction for the session, first event conducted was of Contract Execution ( stage 4 ). Therapist had carried summary of the History Taking stage with all the salient aspects duly flagged.

A recapitulation of same was verbally presented to DT and vital aspects discussed/agreed upon, so as to bring the two on same datum before going ahead with the session.

Great Bell Chant was played towards achieving Cognitive Relaxation (stage 7)

Theme Finalised (stage 8) for the session – ‘ Stress Induced Asthma’. (Being of higher pain level - 7).

Final Checks (stage 9) completed and Active Feedback taken from DT including IMR.

Prayers to The Almighty and the Masters!

Induction (stage 10) Started with the Progressive Relaxation and graduated on to Dave Elman. The client could reach considerable level of trance. Active feedback was obtained throughout the stage with IMR.

Visualization (stage 11)

DT was seamlessly graduated to visualizing Ball of Light and relaxation was deepened while client was experiencing the healing. Thereafter took her through the Stairs to the healing Garden.

Took DT to Happy Memories where she could re-experience two of them from her childhood. Positive abreactions and smile on DT’s face provided for the validation for her experiencing the Happy Memories.

Brought her back to the Garden and suggested to invite/meet a Loving Being in the Healing Garden. DT could experience meeting her uncle (youngest of father’s siblings), who had untimely passed away. She could receive the answers to the questions posed to him and felt the love and blessings.

Emerged DT from the trance to awaken state (Counting from 1 to 5).

Concluded the session 1.


SESSION 2 (Post lunch on the same day Total Time 3 hrs 40 min) 18 Jan 2023

Prayers to Almighty and the Masters!

Induction (stage 10) Started with the Progressive Relaxation and graduated on to Dave Elman. The client could reach considerable level of trance.

Visualization (stage 11)

DT was seamlessly graduated to visualizing Ball of Light (colour of own choosing) and relaxation was deepened (BRV). Took her through the Stairs to the healing Garden.

Suggested to visualise a Tunnel of Light (colour of own choosing), at the end of tunnel Long Corridor of Doors. IMR/verbal confirmation obtained throughout.

Guided to choose the Door behind which existed the probable resolution of problems being sought by DT. On the count of 3 to 1…. guided DT to open the door she had selected.

T Allow yourself to experience your surroundings. Let me know what comes to your awareness.


T Maybe you can look down towards your feet. Let me know what you are wearing.

DT So there are flashes. All of them are like flashes. It’s not stopping. 2 3 scenes are coming. I am waiting it to stop, so I can go further. I am feeling little cold.

T Okay take your time.

DT So there were two scenes. But now this is very clear. There is a sea. Something like with wooden sticks they have made a tall house to see in the sea what boats are coming. Very old types.

T Maybe is it liking a watch tower?

DT Yes watch tower. Something like that but not fancy. Wooden type, simple. So, I’m standing there. I’m not sure if it’s me but I can see a boy standing on the top. His eyes are like Chinese. He’s wearing a robe … a long robe

T So do you feel that this boy is you?

DT Not sure that’s the only scene.

T Is there somebody in your surroundings?

DT No. It’s almost evening. Sun is set already. This boy is just watching the shore from the tower.

T What age this boy is of?

DT Not very old. He is just about 20s.

T So do you feel that this boy is working there?

DT Not sure.

T Allow yourself to go back to the moment just before this boy has come to the tower.

DT Someone told him that a boat is going to come and he has to pick something from them.

T Can you see or feel this someone?

DT No, it is just a feeling that he has come to pick up something.

T Go back to any significant moment in this lifetime.

DT Wait, they are coming with a boat.

T What kind of boat is it?

DT It’s a simple boat.

T Can you see people on the boat?

DT Yes.

T How many of them are there?

DT Four. They are wearing something like rain coat and pant but I am in a very traditional robe, nothing on the feet.

T So does these Four people also look like you?

DT They are different, they’re old.

T Can you make out all are male or female?

DT All are male they have given me a box, big box. They’re talking something but I’m not able to understand.

T Are they talking in some foreign language?

DT Yes, some different language. I am leaving now …they are also leaving. The box is like one which has treasure inside it…. that kind of box, wooden box, very heavy. I am taking it. I am walking somewhere.

T Is there a lock on the box?

DT No just a hook kind of thing to close the box.

T Have those persons left?

DT Yes. There is no one. It’s very dark now. I think I’m walking towards my home. I am out of the shore. I am entering a house and I am supposed to kind of hide this box for some time until someone comes back to get it.

T Are the same people supposed to come back?

DT I’m not sure. Someone will come to get it. My mother is asking me where did you go? She is very old.

T Does she resembles anyone in this lifetime?

DT No. She is very old.

T Is there anyone else around in the house?

DT No it’s just me and my mother, I think.

T Do you hear calling you by your name?

DT Shikeappa… shakeappa or something. This is a very different language. I don’t understand something like Korean. I have seen Korean movies. I am not sure.

T Can you see a calendar or something what date or year it is?

DT No, it is a very small house actually.

T Can you hear her say any date or year?

[Client trying to focus]

DT But it is very old times, everything looks very old. I’ve hid the box. We are sitting to have the food.

T Is mother only there?

DT Yes, only her and I. She has made the food.

T Can you see what are you having in the food?

DT It’s like a soup kind of thing which has noodles inside it. We have chopsticks to have it and something in a small bowl like meat but I don’t know what it is. These are pudding bowls.

T Do you like what your mother has made for you?

DT Yes.

T Are you having any conversation with your mother?

DT She is asking me where did I go? What is there in the box? So, I tell her when someone will come to pick this box, we’ll get some money. We want money actually.

T What does she say?

DT She’s not saying anything.

T Is she happy about it or she doesn’t express anything?

DT She’s not saying anything.

T Look around the house. Do you feel if anyone else lives in that house along with your mother and yourself?

DT I don’t think so. It’s just two of us. I sleep outside the house on the cot. She sleeps inside.

T So are those people going to come on the same day?

DT I’m not sure.

T Is there any significant thing on the same day?

DT Yes, I can feel something is going to happen.

[Long Silence]

I’m sleeping outside. I have kept a knife, a smaller knife, like a sword but a smaller sword. I have kept it with me for safety, I think.

[coached breathing to make picture clearer]

I am not me I’m seeing it from outside. Four to five men are trying to come to the house where I’m sleeping. They are hiding and coming, they don’t want me to know.

T You mentioned that you’re looking it from outside. Do you feel that you have a body?

DT It’s me only sleeping on the cot. I’m looking from the third person’s perspective. So, these men, they are very close to my house now. They have covered their faces. I can’t see their faces, only eyes. They have tied that cot on my body, with a rope. I tried to make noise but they put cloth in my mouth. The cot was in lying position, now they have made it standing. They are asking about the box.

[ Abreactions: Forceful breathing ]

T Do you feel they are the same person who had handed over the box to you?

DT No, they are different people. They are thieves, I think.

[Abreactions: Choking feeling being experienced]

They have put one rope around my neck with the cot. They’re telling to kill if I don’t tell themwhere is the box. I told them that I had given the box to someone. I’m lying. They are not convinced. They are tightening the ropes. I’m very fat. I’m feeling very suffocated.

[Abreactions of forced breathing]

T It is just your past memory. If it is uncomfortable, you can float out of body and watch it from outside.

DT I’m watching like a third person. They have tightened the ropes and they are asking. They didn’t want to kill me but by mistake, I think, they killed me. So, they got scared and everyone left. The cot was in standing position and then it fell and I got hit on my head.

[The client has a birth mark at the same position on head in this lifetime]

I can see the legs of the cot from the top. It fell down like this (not clear). I’m going inside the house. I am seeing my mother. She doesn’t know anything. She can’t hear. She is very old. She is sleeping only.

T As you go inside the house do you have a body now?

DT No. I am seeing from top, tied to the cot…… I think I am dead .

T So what were your thoughts just before moments before your death? Just go back to that moment.

DT I think if I would have told the truth I would have been saved. But I didn’t think that they will kill me.

T Do you feel that they killed you by mistake?

DT mmm [Suggesting Yes] But I am okay. I think my mother can have the money and use it. We really needed that money.

T Can you see what happens to your mother after your demise?

DT So my mother had to get treated for something, so we needed that money.

T So could she get that treatment done?

DT I think yes. Someone else have come to help her.

T Can you see who has come or hear them?

DT Yes, a girl.

T This girl is of what age?

DT Very young, about 18 years old.

T Do you think that she is related to you?

DT I’m not sure but I think she was that boy’s sister’s daughter.

T The girl who has come to help your mother, does she resemble anyone in this lifetime?

DT Maybe someone from distant but not close. Familiar, but I do not recognize.

I’m just going towards the sky .

T As you are going towards the sky let me know what comes to your awareness?

DT My purpose in that life was to serve my mother and someone is telling I have done a good job. I asked why did I die so young? Could have been with her for some more time. That person is telling your role was that much only. Even in this lifetime I was suffocated to death because my mother couldn’t hear me.

[ In a different PLR session during workshop, the client had already experienced a different lifetime, in which she was choked to death.]

T I understand that this has happened to you. Maybe you can ask your higher self or the higher masters what you could have done to avoid it.

DT He is telling that even if you would have said the truth, they would have taken the gold and killed you so that I don’t lead to those persons again. So, I couldn’t have done anything to avoid it.

T May be now since you know the purpose of your life was fulfilled and that the higher masters are saying it was all for the good intention of serving your mother. Maybe you can allow yourself to leave the experience of getting choked.

What are you feeling now???

DT Initially I was sad. I felt that May be telling the truth could have saved me but I am okay now.

T Allow yourself to leave the pain of choking. Maybe you are holding on to it while crossing over to this life time. You have all the understanding and reasons to give it up.

[coached breathing]

T Are you still with the Masters or Higher Self?

DT Masters are saying that too many deaths have been because of suffocation/choking so in this life also my lungs are little weak. All the experiences that I had in other lifetimes of dying with suffocation…stress leading to suffocation, pattern has caused weaker lungs. Medically it will not be there but stress causes this because of same pattern in different lifetimes

T Maybe you can ask the Masters for the healing and their blessings, for a resolution or a solution.

DT They are telling that it will happen till a certain age and then it will go away. But if you kind of meditate and cleanse Chakras then it’ll be quickly healed. They’re telling that it will not stay forever, just for a few years. It will never get so serious.

T Maybe you would like to ask any more questions to the masters?

DT He is telling that you didn’t get to serve your mother. You will be serving most of the elders and that would get me lots of blessings from them. That was my incomplete task. I can see my grandfather also there . [ Client had lost her grandfather amidst Covid and she was the only family member in final days of his life serving him to the last].

He’s standing behind. When Masters said she will serve elders he is telling that she served me also.

[happiness and contentedness on client’s face]

T Stay there and take your time.

DT I’m asking him (the Master) how am I doing in this lifetime?

[long silence]

It’s very beautiful here.

T Take your time. Is your grandfather still there?

DT No.

T Is the Master still there?

DT Yes. I asked him the purpose of this life. So, he’s telling that you have to heal and influence a lot of people towards their spiritual awakening. And also, in this lifetime I am here to enhance my spiritual lessons.

T You may ask him any other questions you may like to.

DT I think they left.

T Maybe you would like to go back and have a look at your mother once more.

DT She is fine, I can see her from the top.

T So do you feel that the reasons or the questions that you had in your mind you could find some answers to them?

[Client Breathing Heavily now]

DT I can see one more scene. It’s like a dark room where you send people for punishment. I am a boy. There is no one or nothing in this room.

T Can you feel your body?

DT Yes. They will open up a small part of the shutter and throw the food.

[Client’s Abreactions of being Scared]

DT They are sending a dog inside. [Very strong Abreactions continue with forceful breathing]

T It is just a past life time. You can Float out of the body and watch it from outside. It is just an experience of the past.

[Strong Abreactions continue]

T Come out of the scene and watch it from the outside. Just float above.

[Abreactions lowers down, breathing stabilises]

T What are you experiencing now?

DT The dog is eating.

T Is the dog eating you?

[Client experiencing the painful scene]

DT The dog is eating my stomach. I’m so scared. I’m breathing heavily.

I think I’m going to die. He is eating my face. I’m tied actually so I can’t move.

Oh my god!!! All of my parts are eaten. [expressions of disgust]

T What do you think would have let this boy to this entrapment?


T Maybe you can go a moment just before he was put here.

DT Very small boy. Teenage. This is some castle. In the centre of the castle there is this ground. There is going to be some sports. They are wearing very funny clothes. Some game ,a competition game, so everyone is practicing. I am also there.

T Are you also taking part in the game?

DT Yes. I am also taking part. I am not able to understand what is the game.

T Is it a hand-to-hand fight?

DT It is something to do with running. It’s a round ground… you have to take some weight and run.

T What kind of clothes are you wearing?

DT White shirt kind of thing …loose shirt on that, a waist coat. Like a cowboy dress… how the cowboys wear boots, shirt, waist coat, hat. Everybody is practicing. There is a group of men, they are saying that I am doing well. So, they are planning something.

T Do you recognize any of these men?

DT No. I’m from a very normal house. All the participants get to come to the castle once in a year to the competition. There is King and Queen also. They’re sitting on the top and watching.

T Can you see the King and the Queen?

DT Yes.

T Do you recognize any of them in this lifetime? Maybe you can look at their eyes?

DT They don’t mean anything to me. I am just a normal boy. They are just there to see the race. They put weight in …… like a shopping cart…. handle will be big …comes around the stomach and we have to pull it. It has tires. It is black in colour. First for a minimum weight we have to run then we get selected then put more weight and run. Who so ever is finally selected they run tomorrow.

T What happened with these men?

DT So I think they are the ones who tied me and put me in the darkroom so that I don’t perform the next day, in the final race. My hair is brown, very fair, blue eyes. But I don’t think that I have anyone in this lifetime. Like a home or something I don’t have. I feel that I am alone in this lifetime. Don’t have anyone.

T Maybe you can go back in this lifetime and see for yourself having a supper or a meal.

DT There is some girl from that castle. Maybe she got me something like a long bun to eat.

T Does she call you by a name?

DT Shawn…Shawn…she is calling me Shawn….It is very dark in the night.

T And is this happening before the game’s rounds?

DT No. After qualifying that night…dinner time…she has got buns in basket, with some curry.

T Does this girl look familiar to you?

DT Yes, I think she’s one of my friends. She looks different in this lifetime.

T Is she wearing a dress similar to what you are wearing?

DT She is wearing a proper dress. She is hiding and coming to meet me. She doesn’t want to be seen. We are eating.

T Anyone else comes to your awareness while you are eating with this girl?

DT No, she is telling that maybe if you win tomorrow then we can tell the king about us. It is very important for me to win tomorrow. We will get a lot of money and one house also. I don’t have a house now. I have a horse. And I sleep with the horse only.


T Are you still there at the supper?

DT Yes, we are eating. This is the only time I am happy in this lifetime.

T Be with her and spend some time there.

DT I’m walking towards my horse.

T Can you see your horse?

DT This horse looks like my brother


He is very close to me. I’m telling my horse you will have a nice house after I win tomorrow. You don’t have to get within the rain, or be in hot sun.

T Allow yourself to feel this love and beautiful moments spent with this horse.

DT I am sleeping beside the horse. Looking at the stars.

Someone hit me on my head. Now they are tying me. They are taking me to that dark room. They are telling me that they saw me with that girl. They also know my intentions that once I win tomorrow, I will ask to be with her. They don’t want that to happen.

I don’t have anyone…just her and my horse.

They sent a dog inside. [Abreaction - Experiencing the feeling of scared]

I am dead . Dog is still there. He is barking. But I am bit all over. All the parts. The entire night I was breathing…so so scared…. so under stress. And finally in the morning I am dead.

Because I know this is a very secluded place. No one can help here. I am feeling very sad.

I was this close to changing my life in this lifetime.

They come in the morning. They see my body. They are cutting into pieces and throwing to more dogs. [feeling the disgust]

T It is just your past.

DT I understand reason of my fear of dogs. Feelings I used to get when I see meat cutting. I can’t bear the sight of meat being cut. Because I feel it’s me who is being cut.

Now I understand.

Even the dog didn’t do anything in this lifetime but I am very scared of dogs. It makes sense.

T What are you experiencing now?

DT I am just watching me eaten by so many dogs. Pieces of my body.

I really wanted to change my life.

My horse!

They are telling that the girl to take care of my horse. But she can’t even …

My horse knows that I am dead. Making so much noise.

[feeling the pain]

The girl found the horse. She is crying. Now they all know I died.

There is nothing more.

T Do you think that horse was well taken care of?

DT Yes.

T Allow yourself to move to moment just next to your death.

DT I didn’t deserve such a cruel death.

T I understand that.

DT Now it’s over. I never believed in love before marriage. Because of this particular incidence.

T Are you still witnessing the girl and horse?

DT I left. I am just recollecting the thoughts. I always thought dog will bite me, used to be scared.

T So do you now understand that it was just a past experience which was making you feel so?

DT Right. I loved horse a lot. But scared of dogs. That all make sense.

T May be now as you have experienced this you can let go off the fear of dogs.

DT I think so, yes.

Can I go back to the garden?

T Would you like to bring any other lesson from this life to present life?

DT Nothing.

Got the client back to the Garden [client spent time in garden on the bench]

Emerged her from the Garden to Present awaken state (counting 1 to 10).

[Client was happy to see one more past life connection to her pivotal problem of Asthma in this life. Further she also discovered that her Fear of Dogs in this life and not able to withstand site of meat cutting found roots in another past life)


SESSION 3 ( Total Time 2 hrs 5 min) 21 Jan 2023

Integration (stage 13) & Closure (stage 14)

Pain level for the theme of Stress Induced Asthma reduced from 7 to 0 as reported by the client.

DT could integrate the experiences of two life times, gained in the PLR sessions. To summarize the discussions.

Lifetime 1 . DT acknowledged that she has wholeheartedly accepted that the problem of Stress Induced Asthma is going to continue for some years without getting any serious episodes. She also found the reason for her birthmark on the forehead. She affirmed that she thoroughly believed on knowledge and wisdom handed over by the Masters. Further she confirmed that the purpose of this life time and the path to achieve the same is amply clear to her.

Lifetime 2 . DT was overwhelmed to discover that her unreasoned Fear of Dogs in this life time found its roots in one of the past lives. She could believe in giving up the same after learning the lesson. She actually shared that the unfounded fear has practically come down in her routine life. DT has also found the reason for her intolerable dislike for meat processing.

Lesson of Togetherness of souls from one lifetime to the next {DT and the Horse (brother in this life and profound love for him)} has also been imbibed.

Reports & Recommendations (stage 15)

Report The report was emailed to the client. It was conveyed that the process of integration is going to continue and she may share newer realisations with the therapist in days to come.

Recommendations .

Recom 1. DT to continue with her Meditation and participate in Spiritualism enhancing activities as already existing in her religious faith. She to read authentic literature on Spiritual aspects.

Recom 2. Continue wholeheartedly serving the beloved elders and help those who comes to her in their times of distress.

Recom 3. Being an upcoming PLR therapist, enhance her knowledge of the subject encompassing both theoretical and practical aspects.

In her journey of seeking the Nirvana, I wish her the blessings and guidance of the Masters and our beloved guru, Dr Venu Murthy.


Congratulations Monesh , wonderful sessions. Fully detailed upto integration. Wishing you all the best .

Dear Monesh
Congratulations to u!
systematic,well described
n well connected .Thanku so much for sharing it, with all of us :clap::+1:t2::+1:t2:

Hello Monesh,

Congratulations on your PLR session as a therapist. You have compiled the content so well covering all stages. This shows your dedication towards the practice.

Also, I did notice a few leading questions that can be framed differently in your future sessions.

All the very Best! :+1:

Warm Regards,

Dear Shewta,
Thank you from bottom of my heart for your encouraging words. Seeking blessings of everyone in my journey onwards.

Dear Indu,
My heartfelt thanks for your love and encouragement. Will act as fuel for continuing the journey on…!

Dear Roopa,
Thank you so much for you kind words of encouragement. More so I am grateful to you for bringing out the required improvement that I need to work upon in future.

Congratulations Col Monesh, I just read your case study, beautifully performed 15 stages, systematically questioned and compiled. And I am so happy to see the client pain level changed from 7 to 0.
This is a very good illustration… penning each and every details so efficiently.
Thankyou for Sharing!
All the best!!
Moumita Tamhankar

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Thank you Monesh for conducting this session, it means alot. It’s been a life changing, many congratulations to you and wish you the best for your future :hugs:

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Dear Karishma,
Thank you so much for the words of encouragement and inspiration. It had enormous learning values for me and will always hold a special place in my heart.
Best Regards,

Dear Moumita,
Thank you so much for your kind words. I am grateful to the Masters for all their blessings, our Guru Dr V and to my wonderful all supportive client.
Best Regards.

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Dear Monesh,

Congratulations on completing your first client’s therapy and executing all 15 stages extremely well. I really liked your detailed descriptions. Very glad that Karishma found the root cause of her problem and understood her current life purpose.

All the best for feature sessions
Veera Kanumuri

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@Monesh_Bathre - congratulations on a very detailed and very well done job! And this was just your first case! Your detailed documentation and commitment to the 15 stage process is exemplary. Also you were able to address multiple fears across the 3 sessions!! A very impressive job indeed.
All the very best!

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My Dear Veera,
Thank you so much for your kind words of appreciation, motivation and inspiration. It was all grace of the Almighty and blessings/teachings of our beloved Guru Dr Venu.

Dear Simran,
Receiving such words of encouragement from a senior, only humbles me more and inspires to make best of any opportunity that comes my way in future. I can only say that its the hands of THE DIVINE ONE and her/his blessings with us all on this path of healing.
Best Regards

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Hi Col. Monish,

This is so structured and very well executed. Learnt a lot from it actually. I’m very glad that your client could connect to her issues and get rid of it on this life…that’s so wonderful, pain level going down from 7 to 0. Many congratulations :clap:. Also, you have documented the entire session so well with very detailed descriptions. More power to you. All the best.


Dear Ranjini,
Heartfelt gratitude for those words of appreciation and inspiration. Can only owe it to the teachings of our Beloved Guru Dr V and blessings of the almighty.