Riha- A step towards liberation

Hello fellow Amarantians,

My name is Mehak Mansukhani. I am a part of the spiro batch. I cannot express how wonderful I feel to be a part of this family. Venu, Neha and the entire family of Amarantos have always pushed me to get out of my comfort zone and listen to my gut. Today is just another example of such a day.

Writing has been my passion for quiet some time and I kept it limited to the books accessible only to me. I have finally gotten out of my comfort zone and started blogging on PLRT. My page is called Riha - A step towards liberation.

Venu encouraged me to share my page with all of you and be an active part of this wonderful family that God has blessed me with.

Sharing the link below, do give it a read whenever you get time. Any suggestions are welcomed with open arms!


That’s lovely Mehak !
Welcome to family.
We all are blessed to have you among us.


Yes, Saw the blog. Well written. And Welcome Mahek


Thank You Ram :slightly_smiling_face:

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what a wonderful logo Mehak!

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Thank you Venu, means a lot :pray:

Thank you so much. Do share with your friends and family too so the information can reach more people and we make them more aware and comfortable about our work :blush:

Hi Mehak Warm Welcome to our family. Well written blog although I couldnt read some posts due to the black background and black coloured letters…maybe some issues with my computer or blog am not sure…but do check it…Keep going and be an instrument in transforming lives :heart_eyes:
Lots of best wishes.