Seeking sessions from Amarantians

Please note that when you go to an Amarantian a.k.a Amarantos® Trained Therapist (ATT) please make sure to check their online reputation which can be found on the

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  • Please be aware that the Therapist is required to execute the Amarantos 15 stages process and conduct 3 sessions and they are trained to conduct each session for 4 to 5 hours.

    For any feedback regarding a therapist please do drop us an email to neha (at) or to


    Dear Venu,
    For response.
    I wonder how can my friend access this leader Board ? Is it open to all ?
    he cant travel and was hoping if someone is residing in the Delhi / NCR region it will be great help. I could not find anyone from Delhi / NCR. Please any one of your advice.

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    Beloved Ram,

    how are you!

    I understand and you have brought out a great point, we will have the leaderboard accessibility fixed for everyone to access.

    The client has been at the center of everything we did at Amarantos.
    We were unable to manage a waitlist of more than a year and hence rolled out the trainings so that Amarantos Trained Therapists could reach out faster and cut the wait time.
    To make this happen, we systematized the otherwise abstract PLRT process and also fool-proofed it so that the Amarantos Certified therapists can spread the benefit of this most astounding healing to the clients.
    We do not take any referral bonus or kickbacks for referring but with the increase in the volume, we are unable to monitor the quality of the sessions and hence brought this platform where the Amarantos Trained Therapists can learn, share their knowledge, get help and build their reputation.
    Hence this appeal.