Self Regression

2 days back I was listening to “Dr. Brian Weiss’s self certified past life regression guided meditation” on You tube.
Suddenly i visualised a roman soldier with armour and helmet riding horse in a battlefield . The next scene I saw was him standing on the edge of a cliff (like a moor) looking out.
Almost immediately I saw an old person ?man/woman lying with grey hair splayed out - i was visualising from the head end.
I could not see the face of both these people. what do I need to infer from this?
i am curious to know more about what I saw - as it did not have any meaning.
Can i go back to self regression with the same images in mind and will the continuity and clarity on what I saw emerge?


No self interpretation… First.

What’s your emotions at the moment of having the glimpses.

REGRESSION couldn’t be done with pre-notions as our mind may pre-occupied, mind shall be aware, there may be difficulty in reaching the trance…

As I’ve already stated above its difficult to handle emotional blockages and heaviness without proper guidance.

My mind was not preoccupied and I did not have pre notions or expect anything to happen.

Neither did I have any out of place emotions at that time or was preoccupied. Was in a normal calm state of mind.

It’s difficult to know whether the glimpses were just imagination or the effect of self regression.

We imagine so many things but imagination has connect to some thought process going on.Here it was not related to any thought process.

Hence, my query…


Two things I see here are 1. What ever this glimpse has been, its craving for some deliberation. Has the response potential.
2. Being spontaneous, its come from the unconscious.
One of my glimpses in a one day group regression workshop with Dr. Weiss in Denver was similar to this. I felt it was an imagination for six years until one of my students conducted my first one on regression and we explored it in superb detail.


First I told this for the next consecutive self REGRESSION…

After experiencing these metaphors, do you have any changes in your emotions and dream or in quality of sleep… Then that’s fine… these metaphors can be decoded in future under proper guidance…


Venu, the second part of my query… I am curious to know what these glimpses mean. Next time i do a self regression should i have THAT intent in my mind and if i do will there be chances of ’ imagining’ things as my conscious mind is already aware of the glimpses.

Or should i do further self regressions with no ‘intent’ my mind?
Please suggest…


Dear Dr Swati,
I feel that self regression is difficult in the beginning. I’v Found that I can conduct a self regression only after a 1.5 to 2 hours meditation. And adding to that is the difficulty of not having any emotional support (which could be better provided by a PLR therapist). The hangover lasts a few days.

I would always advise a session under an expert PLR therapist as its more efficient and what glimpses had taken me six years to process took just one session conducted by my own student.


Hi, First of all you should understand that it was not a dream (which require any interpretation or inference), it was a far memory & it requires correlation…

Second point is about self regression, although it is possible but one requires lot of perfection to do self regression because one has to handle conscious as well as unconscious of self…

Now coming to the correlation of what you have seen… Since, it all has come from your subconscious, it is definitely of importance because your unconscious gives you what you most require at the moment… you need to identify your present life situations / circumstances or your emotions / feelings at that time… this might help you…

In addition to this… you can listen to the guided regression meditation again with intention of visiting the same event again… just surrender yourself and do not try to infer anything at that time… you can always do it later…


Explained very well.

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Dear Anurag,
Thanks for your message.
Well, I thought of listening to the guided meditation again with intention of visiting the same event … but Venu says that self regression is not an easy process and is not really advisable as there is no one to manage the stress, if that happens and it is always better to go to the therapist.