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Hi everyone. A beautiful incident happened some days ago and it will not at all be justified if I do not share with Amarantians coz it is about our Amarantian Sister who selflessly helped a person in need.
A month ago a known Sai Samithi uncle suddenly went into coma and after suffering for 2-3 days he breathed his last. Although uncle and aunty have spent their life doing spiritual practices I feel when we face the death of our near or dear it is like writing final exam and remembering spirituality during such times actually shows how much we have studied throughout the year.
Coming back to the point our aunty was fully depressed, I was talking to her regularly and was actually waiting for the relatives to leave. I reached Aunty’s place which is in RRNagar, had fixed a sound healing session for a group and felt she and her daughter definitely needed sessions, managed to coax her and planned to bring them to HSR layout. Now my sessions are booked for a month in advance and to adjust her session in between seemed very difficult somehow managed to squeeze her daughter’s. But for Aunty the main problem was she knows only Kannada and that too pure one like written in books and my Kannada is a complete mixture of Hindi English, so while Aunty agreed to visit I was pondering in my mind how to take her session and I remembered our lovely soul Asha from Constellation Batch. I called her at around 12Noon and requested her to come to my place in HSR layout. For outsiders her house is around 25 kms away from my house and in Bangalore to travel 7 kms it takes one hour. I had offered her stay at my place but she told me she was shifting her residence the next day as such she would prefer leave the same night however late it was. I can imagine the pressure one has to face when you are shifting your residence.
After finishing my sound session we left and we had just reached mid way when Asha called stating that she was in my house waiting for us. We reached by 6 and straightaway they started the session. The session ended by 9.30, Aunty’s face was glowing as if she had done a Shehnaz Gold Facial, Asha even refused to have dinner since it was late and rushed home. I do not have words to thank this beautiful being who Selflessly traveled almost 50 kms just to relieve another Soul. I take this opportunity to Thank the almighty to introduce me to such beautiful Selflessly working beings.


Putting others above self. How self less!

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@saigeethavish you and @ashadhrj8 are our angels :angel: thank you once again for not only having wiped the tears of this blessed mother but also taking the time to share it here.
It is through these acts that we would once again be able to restore our humanity in humans which is so grossly missing today or at least it seems like it but there are so many forces as compassionate as this act which are working to help someone in need.
I can very well connect to resonate with this quote based upon my own experience


thank u Venu for giving us all the opportunity