Session for "dissatisfaction for no reason at all..."

th January 2020
History Taking: free association
Disturbance between Jan 2019 to oct 2019 because of spirits
Not happy with myself… not happy with husband… dissatisfaction for no reason at all…
Shouting at Husband for no reason at all…
Then I realized that it was not me doing it and something else was making me do it.
What made you realise that it was something else and not you?
Night very uncomfortable. Always felt that someone else is watching me all the time… I can
sense both positive and negative energy… I used to reflect after shouting at him (husband).
It was uncharacteristic behaviour for me… I am by nature a cool and calm person…
especially with husband… and here was a 360-degree change in my attitude… It was so
disturbing… why am I behaving like this?
Like someone is wandering around in my house during the day…
Sleepless nights like someone is always watching me and not allowing me to sleep…
Restless and tired during the days.
The spirit was usually a friendly presence. But suddenly that changed. She was spooked
because she started feeling that someone was always watching her. We took turns to giving
her sittings. Because she became very agitated for several reasons.

  1. One night she found her 8 years old daughter siting on the floor
    in the bedroom crying. She is packed with pillows. She was so
    far away from the bed that it did not look like she had rolled off
    the bed. And the pillows that were used to keep her from
    rolling off were exactly as P had put them
  2. Husband had a sudden, overwhelming craving for non-veg,
    strange because they are Jain by birth and now because of their
    spiritual practice they have never been interested in non veg
  3. She started feeling that there was some evil force attached to
    her husband.
  4. Their daughter threatened to jump out of their 4th

floor window
for some silly reason. She was also acting weirdly with her
hair over her face like in ghost movies.

Had 2 sessions with her on Jan 5th and 6th 2020. Was hoping for PL experiences.
She was seeing DFEs and her spiritual gurus were also present and were telling her that she
was always protected and they were guarding. Here are 2 such experiences
Experience 1:
He’s here…

The spirit… he’s angry… red eyes…
I see so many beings fighting with each other… they are very huge and have red eyes… I
don’t know why they are fighting…
(at this point the room turned really cold and I had to provide her with 2 comforters to keep
her warm)
It’s dark… but they are able to see… I don’t know how they are able to see…
There’s a white building…
There’s no door… but you can enter…
I see sand…
I am a baby…
[how old are you?]
1 and a 1⁄2 years old
I see an old man… It’s Guruji…
He has a thick stick in his hand… I am playing in the sand…
He is standing there like a guard… protecting me…
He’s telling me that I am always protected…
These creatures are still fighting…
But I am safe… Guruji is there protecting me…
I don’t know why they are fighting… Guruji is telling me to go on playing in the sand… he’s
telling me he will protect me… I need not worry… He’s telling me I am always protected…
(long pause)
[Ok Kavya, Take a deep breath… feel the breath in your abdomen… you are now in your
safe garden… loved… completely protected…]
Experience 2:
I am there… There’s a staircase and Guruji is standing near the staircase… and an Indian man
are also here sitting on the bench… They are telling me that I don’t need the safe garden… I
am protected… The masters are with me… they are telling me that I am always protected…
you don’t need to go anywhere to feel safe… we are always protecting you… we and others
are protecting…

Next Session 6th March 2020 –
Still feels the presence of some negative energy

Under Hypnosis, we decided to use Yes and No Hand signals: Right hand for Yes and Left
hand for No. Invoked the presence of both P’s and B’s and the entities’ spirit guides and
spiritual masters and prayed for their help and guidance.
T: Is there someone here with Kavya, who is not Kavya
C: (raises her Yes hand)
T: If you are male raise your right hand. If you are…
C: (raises her right hand)
T: entity, please tell us your name
(long pause)
T: Alright then, since you refuse to engage, we’ll simply call you Sam. Now, listen carefully,
we know that you are a soul in pain Sam. You must have once had a body. But that body died
and you found yourself outside it… For some reason known only to you, you missed your
cue to go into the light. Now, tell me how you died…
C: I see water… he died in water… drowning… falling from a bridge…
T: okay. I understand how you feel lost and lonely. But you need to go into the light.
Because that’s where you belong.
No response (long pause)
C: I can see a girl, she’s very beautiful, long curly hair, she’s falling down from a valley, very
screaming and very angry… her clothes flying in the wind…
T: Do you know her Kavya?
P: (left hand goes up)
T: No? why is she falling down?
P: I don’t know
T: Is she dead?
P: I don’t know
T: It’s alright. Take a long deep breath.
[Continued with the de-possession]
T: entities, we don’t know who you are or why you remain here. Do you realize that what
you are doing is not good for you or Kavya? You are beautiful loving souls who belong in the
Light. Look around you… you’ll find your guardian angels and your loved ones waiting for
you. Take their hands and go into the light. You’ll find that all your needs will be met
there… If after you go into the light, you find that you don’t like it there, you can always
come back here… Now take their hands and go… go in peace… feel the love there…endless
unconditional love…

(long pause)
C: They are gone. I can feel that they’ve gone.
[taught her how to do the protection and emerged her]
When out of trance P said: I feel that he was a pandit… the way he was dressed… He
looked calm and composed… he drowned… I don’t know whether he jumped or was pushed
from the bridge.
T: What about the girl? Any Impressions?
C: I feel that I am somehow connected to her
Kavya also got the impression of the female falling down from a valley, screaming and angry.
With her clothes all flying in the wind.
(Took a 10 minutes break and started another session)
This time, I wanted to make sure there were no more entities with Kavya.
T: Is there someone else with Kavya who’s not Kavya?
(she raised her yes hand once again.)
C: He’s very angry…
(There was a sudden gust of wind and a picture I had on my table fell off. Mentally invoked
the presence of our spiritual gurus and spirit guides.
Kavya was startled and she opened her eyes.)
C: Is it raining heavily?
T: No. Just a slight wind
(she looked out of the window as if to check for herself. I calmed her and started the PR once
She was not responding to questions
T: Kavya, can you hear me?
As there was still no response, I touched her lightly on her shoulders. She was once again
startled awake.
C: did you press my other shoulder down?
T: I just touched you lightly on your right shoulder to check if you are awake
C: Weird, I felt someone push my left shoulder down hard.
(started again with PR)
C: I don’t like your voice now. It’s usually very nice, warm and soothing. Right now, I don’t
like it. I feel there is so much of negative energy coming from you.

(Reassured her that our gurus and spirit guides were there with us, guiding and protecting us
and addressed the entity)
T: entity, do you have a name?
C: He’s still angry. He’s not a human being. Looks so ugly.
T: Okay. We don’t know who you are and why you are here. But we do know that both you
and Kavya are suffering. Look within yourself. At your core you are a being of light and
you belong with the light. Whatever it is you are looking for you’ll get it there…
(no response)
T: If someone has told you that you are bad and can’t go into the light, then they have lied to
you. Look deep within yourself… into the deepest core of your being. You will see that you
are a being of light…
(Went on in this vein about the entity being a being of light for some time)
C: Now, he’s looking confused
T: Good. Now you are beginning to the see the truth in what I am saying. You are a being of
light. Whatever it is you want; you’ll find it once you go into the light… Just look within
yourself… you are a being that needs love and compassion… you deserve love… You won’t
find it here… You deserve peace… You won’t find it here attached to someone… The only
place you’ll find it is… if you go into the light…
C: (a huge sigh). He’s gone.
(Instructed Kavya to encapsulate herself in a cocoon of light from the divine source and
emerged her.)
She had a huge headache and was extremely tired after the session.
Spoke to Kavya last night. She said she is fine and does not sense any more negative energy
around her. Neither does her husband.
I have been feeling that the session is somehow incomplete. After reading quite a bit of
literature on the subject, I have understood why.
Regression to when the attachments happened would have helped us understand why it
happened. This would help guard against future instances of attachment.
Unfortunately for us Kavya is moving to another state once the COVOID 19 lockdown is


Dear jyothi, these sessions were conducted 2.5 yrs back is it? Have you met this client recently ? Sessions were conducted perfectly specially hand signals. Was curious about the current situation.