Skin related infections and snakes - Is there a connection?

This is another case of an ailment that was healed through PLRT. This case relates to a person suffering from weakness in her fingers and pain in her arms. Through PLRT we get a sample of the complex nature of the functioning of the karma through many lives. We all are reminded that we need to experience the fruits of actions done intentionally and unintentionally. In my view the pattern continues till we learn our lessons in empathy.

Shristi (name changed), a young lady in her thirties was curious about PLRT and was keen to experience it to see if it can help her with a medical condition she was experiencing. She felt two of her right hand fingers did not have enough strength and things ended up slipping due to this. She also experienced some pain in these fingers. During a casual consultation with the doctor, she was told that this can be due to problem with her nerves. But, since the problem was not severe she did not pursue serious medical remedies.

She was quick to slip into trance. I asked her to go to the lifetime from where the root cause of the problem she is facing with her right hand arises.

“What comes to your awareness?” I asked.

She said, “I am seeing a temple.”

“What else is there?”

“I don’t know but I see big vessels used for cooking.”

“What is happening in the temple?

“I don’t know.”

“Do you see people?

“Few people are inside.”

“What are they doing?”

“Chopping vegetables.”

“Are you there among them?”

There was a long silence. I asked again, “What is your role there?”

“Cooking…I am handling their cooking.”

“Are you a man or a woman?”


“What are you cooking? What dish are you cooking?”

“Something like kichadi.”

Kichadi is a dish made of rice and popular in India.

I continued, “Ask them what temple is this? Which place is this?”

“I don’t know the place, but the idol is Durga Devi, some Devi…It is huge.”

“Ask someone there the name of the place.”

“Don’t know.”

“What is your name?”

“Don’t know.”

“Go forward now to the event from which the pain is coming in your hand.”

“I don’t know. I am only to see the temple, vegetables, chopping and cooking.”

“Go now to that specific event from which the pain is coming.”

“I don’t know.”

It is usually seen that there is hesitation to revisit something frightful or traumatic incident. But, once there is some assurance from the therapist, they are able to experience the event.

Giving her assurance, I said, “Don’t be afraid, go forward and see what happens.”

After some time she said, “I came outside the temple…I saw somebody…taking some money and ornaments of Goddess.”

“Are they stealing?”

“They are the persons from the temple (administration) only. But, 2 to 3 were new, visiting the temple…and they slowly started putting those things in the cloth bag. I was the one who came out at the odd time…that was my cooking time…they did not expect me to come out. I started screaming at them…not to steal.”

There was a long silence.

“What happens after that? Go forward and see. There is no reason to fear, it is only a past life.”

“One of the persons twisted my hand and started screaming at me that I have done this (stolen the ornaments) and called everybody and told them that I was the thief. And I was thrown out of the temple. Everybody started cursing me. The guilt…I mean, I didn’t do anything. I really wanted to do seva (service) to the Goddess…and I was not allowed to go inside the temple from then.”

“Do you recognize the man who twisted your hand?”


“Is he twisting your finger?”


“Is the same finger where you get the pain?”

“One finger is completely broken and complete hand was twisted. The person pushed the bag with the ornaments forcefully into my hand and broke my finger as I resisted.”

Trying to get a confirmation that it is the same hand that is having issues in this life, I asked, “Is that your right hand or left hand?”

“Right hand.”

“Go forward and see if you recover.”

“My index finger is broken and my hand, I was unable to lift completely. And whatever for food also, I was unable to do proper work. I have difficult time.”

“How old are you when this happened?”

“40 years.”

“What happens after that? Go forward and see if your hand is proper again.”

“No…Hand does not become proper again.”

“Go forward to any other significant event.”

“I am unable to…I think this is the only reason.”

“Go forward to the time of your death. How old are you?”


“Is your hand still broken?”

“Ya, paralyzed.”

“Is it because of that event or something else?”

“Go back and see how you get paralyzed.”

“I stay at my brother’s house. I was not married. He was married and had a son. I am staying with his son along with my brother…Age factor and I got paralyzed. And I died at the age of 62.”

“Is this in India?”


“Which year is this? Which place?”

“Don’t know the place. But feel it is something like 1509.”

“Go back to the time of your death and see what emotions do you carry from there?”

“A good family of mine could have made me feel better. My brother was also good.”

“What was the reason for you to not have a family?”

“My parents died early. I was the elder. I used to take care of my brother…with all the busy things, I just did not get married.”

“Do you recognize your brother in this life?”


“Did you not fight back when they falsely accused you?”

“I told them, but nobody was ready to listen, because they were big people. There was no reason for them to steal. Everybody thought I was the one who was financially poor and wanted the money.”

“Do you carry any hatred or anger?”


“Then why do you carry forward that pain?”

There was a long silence. Breaking the silence, I asked, “Where are you?”


“See if there is anyone around to guide you.”


“Ask the light the reason you are carrying forward that pain.”

“Feeling of loneliness sometimes. I was feeling lonely in that life.”

“What do you need to let go of this pain?”

“I just want to get healed now.”

“What do you need to do?”

“I want to go to the white light.”

After healing in the white light, she said she was tired and wanted to come out of trance. She looked disturbed after coming out of trance. We could not decipher much from the experience, except for the fact that she was carrying the pain from that life time. It was a lifetime where she was falsely accused of theft, but she carried no hatred or anger against those people. There were lots of questions in both our minds after the session. She called a few days later to say that the fingers felt better than before.

Two months later Shrishti, called to say that she was experiencing severe pain in her right arm and despite the medicines, the pain persisted. She wanted to have another session of regression as she had lot of unanswered questions from the previous session. She arrived for the session on time and was quick to get into trance. I asked her to go to the lifetime from where the pain in her arm arises and checked what is coming to her awareness.

She said she is in the same life time she had visited during the last session.

I asked, “What are you doing?”

“Sitting at home.”

“How old are you?”

“43 years, I guess.”

I asked her to go to the significant event in that lifetime.

She said, “Temple.”

I asked, “Are you at the temple?”

“Yeah…Snake is entering inside the temple…Me and another person…caught the snake and threw it far away.”

“The other person started killing it…I tried to stop, told twice, didn’t listen.”

She screamed out in fear, “Suddenly the snake came to bite me…it bit my right hand.” Then there were severe ab-reactions. Her whole body was shaking violently. I had not seen such severe ab-reactions in any of my earlier clients. I asked her to float above and witness the scene. But, there was no response from her other than violent shaking of the head, hands, legs and body. I repeatedly asked her to float above and witness the situation and after 2-3 minutes of the ab-reactions she calmed down.

I asked her to float above and witness what happened after the snake bit her.

“Other people came and held (my hand) tightly, unfortunately fingers were slightly paralysed…some aged person came, and asked people to bring leaves and he gave some lepam (paste made of medicinal plants), tied it to my hand and asked me to drink. I take rest for two days and I was OK….After few days, my the other person (who had killed the snake) died while sleeping.”

After few minutes of silence, she continued, “In this temple on Poornima (Full moon) day, snakes come and stay inside the Garbha Gudi (Sanctum Sanctorum).”

The severe ab-reactions started again. It continued for about a minute. I repeated asked her to float above and witness the scene. As I repeatedly asked her what was happening, after calming down a little, she said, “My friend (the man who killed the snake) turned completely blue and died.”

I asked, “Did the snake bite him too?”

“It did not bite him then. He was almost like blackish and blue.”

“What happened?”

“I don’t know.”

I did not want her to experience the severe ab-reactions again and did not ask any further details about the friend’s death. With a calm voice, I asked her the reason for the intense ab-reactions.

Her body continued to shiver and she said, “I am scared of the snake…I was with him (her friend). When it bit me, I was shivering badly and lost my hope of living. Half of my hand turned blue and remained like that.”

I asked her what she carries forward from that life. She said, “Whenever I feel I have a good life, I die very quickly, at early age.”

“In which life did it happen like this? What makes you feel this way?”

“I don’t know. Scared of life, whenever I have good life, I will be taken away from this life.”

I asked her to float above and see what makes her think this way. The ab-reactions started again and I decided to end the session. I let her heal in the light and brought her back.

After she was out of trance, the shivering continued for few more minutes. She said she had experienced similar shivering about two years ago and was admitted to the hospital. After being on paracetamol liquids for two days she was discharged. The doctors had not given any proper explanation. She now felt that the shivering she had experienced about two years back had something to do with the life she had experienced now.

Recollecting the visuals of the past life she had witnessed, she said the Goddess in the temple was beautiful. The Sanctum Sanctorum of the temple glowed in bright light on the full moon day. The snakes used to enter the sanctum sanctorum every full moon day through an opening in the door made of iron grill. Everyone was aware of this but the man who killed it was from another place and seeing the snake enter the temple, he pulled it out by holding it tail before killing it. She had tried to save the snake, but the snake had bit her. It was the same hand, which was broken earlier by the people who had accused her of theft.

The question that bothered her was, “Why did the snake do this to me, when I had actually tried to save its life?” This was my question too. But, she said the whole experience was traumatic and wanted some time to calm down.

She called two days later to say she was feeling calm and the pain in the hand had completely disappeared. Three months later she came for another session to find out the reason for the snake biting her. She said the pain had completely disappeared a day after the session but had come back once after few days and again disappeared the next day. It had been more than 2 months since she had experienced the pain.

She soon slipped into trance. Seeing her in deep trance, to rule out any further reasons for the pain, I asked her if there is anything else for her to experience to let go of the pain completely.

She said, “Nothing else to do to get rid of that pain. It is cured.”

I then decided to proceed to the key question, “Go and see what was the reason for the snake biting you despite you trying to save it. Go back in time and space and see what made it bite you.”

After a minute of silence, she said, “In some lifetime, I don’t remember, I was a person who built houses. Then, in one particular land there were 2 to 3 ant hills. We wanted to remove it and build house. Nobody was ready to break it. The owner forced me to do it for money. I started breaking it. Then, there were snakes inside…baby snakes, like families. So, I spoilt it.”

“Did you break the ant hill or kill the snake?” I asked.

“The snake got hurt, while breaking the ant hill. But, it didn’t die. The other snakes just moved away from the field. The one which got hurt was struggling to move away. So, we threw it far away. That was the lifetime from where I got my skin problem also.”

Shrusti has dark patches on her skin. Though she had not discussed this, I decided to explore this further and was sure she would also be keen to heal her skin.

I asked, “What was the reason for the skin problem?”

She said, “I did not like the skin of the snakes. I was feeling very scared and odd. While throwing the snake skin…cleaning the grass…there were too many snake skins (that were shed). I was stamping them, walking over them. A very large snake’s skin had been shed and was lying there. I just did not like it.”

“Did you skin problem start in that lifetime?”

She said, “In that life, I had a nice face. I got few dark spots in that life later.”

“Go to the time of death and see what emotions you carry from there.”

“Nothing…I just die.”

“Are there any emotions that you carry from that life?”


I asked her to move forward.

She said, “I am with the white light.”

I asked her to check if there is any other lifetime to visit for the skin problem?

“No, there is nothing more”, came the reply.

“What do you need to do to get rid of the skin problem?”

“Seek forgiveness from the snakes…But, it was my duty to clear the land. I wanted money for my living.”

After seeking forgiveness she was brought out of trance. We now had answers to some of the key questions. She seemed to have also found out the reason for the skin problem she faced. She said that the doctors had recommended ‘chemical peeling’ to help her get rid of the dark patches on her skin. The doctors had said that despite the chemical peeling, the dark patches can always come back. Hence, she had not opted for the chemical peeling. Shrusti’s case reminded me of the case of a 12 year old girl (Read “Does PLRT really help in healing? Part 1”) who had skin infection and had witnessed a past life that involved harming a snake and snake eggs, though unintentionally. In India, in the Hindu faith, the people with skin infections are advised to worship snakes to get rid of skin related diseases. Both the cases of skin related issues I was involved with through PLRT sessions had something to do with the snakes. I wondered at the connection between skin infections and snakes. It would be interesting to see what past lives of other people with skin infection would reveal. I am looking forward to hearing back from Shrusti in few months on the progress of healing the dark skin spots.


So very well done Beloved Harish, I’m amazed at your dexterity. Way to go!
If you ask me what is the most likely cause of a chronic issue, my 10 years of experience as a PLR therapist would come out saying, “Guilt!” (Guilt is anger directed at oneself)! And I could be right 80% of the time!


Very true Venu, it is always the guilt. I am amazed at the manner in which the soul carries it from one life to another, till it probably learns the lesson.
Thank you for the guidance

Dear Harish
I am suffering from severe allergy issues that manifest on the skin in unsightly dry spots and patches. I’ve had a life long connection with snakes that transcend my personal life and manifest even in my astrology and occult consultations. I know the astrological reasons, but the remedies have only helped make the issues manageable.
For a long time I’ve had amazing real life-like dreams that in rare cases manifested in real life as well. A few days back I drove to a temple with my family and in the last stretch of approach to the temple, a dream that I’ve had twice before came rolling back into my consciousness. That last stretch of drive I did not see the road and the environment as it is today, I saw what was in the dream, I drove through my dream. 4 pm was suddenly dark full moon night, tar road became a mud road, structures became ancient single roof, the dried up river bed by the roadside turned to lush fields of paddy. 30-foot statues of 5-hooded snakes appeared by the roadside just like my dream. I narrated everything to my parents n wife as I drove through the dream and accurately turned right leading to the temple parking. In my dream I had also traversed the fields back and gone to another temple on the opposite to the one we were in. There indeed is another temple on that side even today but you cannot now see it from the temple we were in, you could see it in my dream.
I know it was no dream but a regression in the dream state. We visited the other temple too that day, dedicated to a 5 headed snake, the stone statue in the sanctum being exactly what i saw by the roadside in my dream. I had a few more significant goosebump moments on that trip bring back memories of another dream that I now know is connected to the first one.
It would be great if I could have some sessions with you to get to the bottom of my skin issues. I know we’ll find a strong snake angle. My deep interest and learning in tantra also may have a link with this skin and snake past life connections. Let me know 101 how we can work on this.

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I am sure you will find your solution!

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Wow Harish .What a great session…Thanks for this.

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Beautiful session. I read more about the relations between snakes and skin allergies and it totally adds up. Will use this as my future reference. Thanks for sharing :slight_smile:

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