Social Media, guilt and Neck pain

Session I:

Issues-Emotional Pain:

From the pre-talk I understood that, she is depressed with the pain from the past 2 months. She used to cry every day. She was avoided by someone dear to her. Before taking up session some of her well-wishers said to leave the matter as the guy is not very important in her life. But she couldn’t accept this. She said I haven’t done any mistake; but why did he stopped texting me. I found this matter very silly as that guy is around 21 years of age and far relative of her cousin. He is still in college going mindset and not at all serious about his career or life. His parents scold him for being lazy and using phone all the day. They both became friends in face book and used to text. She said they became good friends. But I was little irritated as such kind of social media relationships usually end up in disasters.

However, being the therapist, I know I should be non-judgmental and I cleared my mind with all my philosophies and sat for regression.
Session started with progressive relaxation, Dave Elmon and healing light. She could go to deeper level. I asked her to search guru in the ancient temple. She saw Satyanarayana God( She is Vishnu’s devotee). Tears were rolling down, as she started communicating with him. Smile appeared on her face. She climbed down and saw no one. I confirmed that no other entity there. She opened the door and saw trees and water outside. Then I took her to the garden and made her feel relaxed.

T: What comes to your awareness? Can you see/feel anyone close to your heart here?

C: (Eyes fluttering) ………(tears…) Yes, My dad(deceased).

T: Communicate with him. You can share your feelings.

C: (tears…)

3 minutes passed by. She is getting more emotional now.

T: What comes to your awareness?

C: I can see my grandmother(deceased- she was raised by her)

3-4 minutes communication. She got her blessings.

T: Shall we move further?

C: Yes

T: Call your master and divine angels to help you to go to the root cause of the current issue. Let me know once they arrive.

After sometime,

C: They have come.

Imagine a misty road. Let the angels and master hold your hand and help you to cross the road to that time which has the reason for your emotional pain.

T:What comes to your awareness?

C: Garden….I m walking

T:Look at your feet

C: Its’ me only. This life.

T:Ok. What happens next?

C:(Overwheming…) ….Sea……I m running towards the sea…

T: What makes you to go there?

C: (crying heavily…) I don’t want to die…I m going to commit suicide…

T: stay calm…nothing happens bad…now tell me the thoughts running in your mind.

C: I didn’t commit any mistake. I have been texting him as a good friend. I have respect for him. That day he didn’t reply. I got angry and wrote him 30-40 msgs. He stopped texting. He didn’t even say bye. I feel like dying. I didn’t make any mistake.

T:I know. You are such a wonderful person. Now look the issue from his perspective. Is there anything wrong?

Few minutes passed by.

C:No…He doesn’t have any bad intention.

T: What made him stop your contact?

C:(Thinking…) He doesn’t have courage…He is scared…I think irritated…many messages…He is scared that it will spoil his image.

T:Ok. Ask your higher self to give the solution. What are you supposed to do? What is expected of you right now?

(Thinking for sometime)

C: “ Leave it”…I have to leave it. I have to remain silent. I forgive him. And move on. It will take littIe more time. But I will make it. I have to concentrate on my son’s education. That is very important now.
(She is very talkative. But after the session she remained silent. After sometime we discussed the entire session. She said pain level reduced to 3 from 10. She was happy to get guidance from the master. After few days I contacted my friend to convince that person to drop a birthday wish stating that he will be busy with work and have no bitter feelings on her. After convincing that person, he dropped a text to her on her birthday stating the same. She felt extremely happy and her guilt completely vanished. I told her it’s better to stay from social media most of the time and face book friends are not the ultimate. It’s wonderful if we have breathing space in every relationship. She agreed and said she will not take the things personally anymore. Now she is filled with new energy. She started morning pranayama practices.)

Session II:

Issues-Neck Pain:

Session started with progressive relaxation, Dave Elmon and healing light. She could go to deepest level compared to the previous session. I asked her to search guru in the ancient temple. She saw Satyanarayana God( She is Vishnu’s devotee). Tears were rolling down.

Staircase-open the door- What are you aware of? - Mud- ok cross it and enter into the Garden

But she was unable to see garden. She saw mud everywhere. I told move further and see. After sometime she saw little grass and a tree. I told her to relax there. Then I made to cross through a misty road to enter into that time and place where the root of her neck pain is hidden.

T: What are you becoming aware of?

C:Mud road…

T:Ok…observe….you may describe.

C: There are trees, mud road, a mud house nearby. I m going to that house.


C:I m standing outside the house….

T:Look at yourself and tell me how do you look like?

C: I m barefoot. I m wearing a lungi…( she was surprised.) I m a male!!! I didn’t wear anything like shirt or shawl. I wore Rudraksha mala… I have beard…Long hair…I look like Sanyasi( She is very ritualistic in this life…doesn’t miss her pooja at any cost)…Tall…I m a huge guy…

T: Go inside the house and observe the surroundings

C:I entered…(Silence…)

T:Whats’ happening now?

C:(getting angry…!!!) Wait for sometime. Have patience…I just now came…feeling thirsty…need to drink water…

T:Ok…ok…sorry…drink water and let me know once you are able to answer.

(takes little time…I kept quite as there is possibility of getting scolding!!!)

C:Now I m ok…It’s a mud house. There is a mud stove…something is getting boiled in an earthen pot….

T:3-1 relax…now see it clearly…

C: Its rice ganji(starch)…I can see an old lady……Ajji(grandmother)……

(Smile on the face)

T: Who is she?

C: Grandmother…I have come to see her…she is telling she will prepare coconut chutney…She doesn’t have teeth. Very old lady.

(suddenly starts laughing…she just can’t control…)

T:Whats’ happening now?

C:Ajji is telling me to have food. It’s brass plate!!!


C: I m having food in a brass plate…!!!(broad smile on the face)

T: What comes to your awareness?

C:(Getting irritated) Wait for a minute…let me wash my hands first.

(I was surprised to see her approach…very commanding)

After sometime,

T:How was the food?

C:It was very hot…tasty…( experiencing)…now I touched the feet of ajji and moving out.

T:Wait for a second and look into the eyes of ajji and try to recognize her in this life.

C:……….She is my dad’s mom…!!!

T:Wonderful….What’s happening next?

C: I m going out…walking on the mud road. Came to a place…there is Ashwatha Katte…sitting under the tree….( She kept her hands as yogis do-right one as giving blessings and left in a particular mudra down)

T: Which is it?



C:Somewhere in Kerala

T: What is your name?

C: (Smiling…) Do you want to know my name?


C: Its’ Mahadeva

T: Awesome…you are really doing it great…Now observe your face and tell me how does it look like.

C: I have beard…I’m in my forties… (she was touching her face)…I look like angry man…There is so much anger on my face.

(I knew it due to the scolding I got!)

T: What is the reason for that anger Mahadeva? I will count 5-1. Go back to your childhood.

C: I can see a house…Its’ a bigger one…I can see 2 people. The lady is wearing nighty and man is wearing pant and shirt. They are affluent……They are my parents…lot of toys are there for me….


C:Hmm…My mother is a gentle lady…she is fair and beautiful….

T: Look into her eyes and see can you recognize her.

C:………(after sometime) She looks like XYZ(her sisters’ mother in-laws’s brother’s wife)

Now I came to know though she is a far relative why I m fond of XYZ. I never return from my sister’s house without meeting XYZ!!!

T: Look at your dad.

C: (‘Disgusting’……facial expression)

T: What happened?

C: He is not good…very arrogant person…he thinks he is the ultimate…Yes…he is rich…He owns so much of agricultural land…but he doesn’t have humanity. I don’t like him.

T: Any important events?

C: No

T: Go to that time when you left your house.5-1.

C: (Sad….) I m 18-19 years old. I m educated…but I don’t want to stay here…there is no peace of mind…my dad is cruel… He boozes and beats my mom…He is egoistic…I m angry on him…he didn’t show any love for the family. I want peace…I feel there is nothing…I m leaving the house

T: What happened next?

C: I came to same grandmother’s house. She is our far relative. I undertake digging, agriculture, coolie work there. But I’m happy.

T: Do you have any friends?

C: No

T: Any girl in Mahadeva’s life?

C:(silent for some time…eyes fluttering…) YES……

(a broad smile)

T: What is her name?

C: Yamini (spontaneous answer) (Later client told, that name is not at all familiar to her)

T:Can you recognize her?

C:Yes( But client didn’t reveal)

T: Tell me about those days

C: (Blushing)…She lives in a house near to grandmothers’ house. She comes here for playing. She has her parents and a brother. Her house is nice. There are flowers in the garden…chicks…dog….

T:Wonderful…Did you marry her?

C:No….(Sadness and anger)


C:Her parents didn’t agree. She got married to another person. Let her be happy.

T: How did you die?

C:Like that. Under the fig tree…

T: What is the connection between that time and neck pain?

C:It is the same reason.

T:Can you tell me clearly?

C: Anger… I m angry with life…angry with my dad…her parents…my badluck…

T:So you have carried all your anger to this life because of which you are facing neck pain.

C:That’s’ right.

T:What do you need to get rid of the pain?

C: I shouldn’t carry.

T:How can you do that? Would you like to forgive them? Your father might be ignorant. But he will surely get the consequences of his Karma. Yamini’s parents wanted her daughter to live happily as they think someone else is an appropriate match for her.

C: (after sometime…) Hmmm

T:What’s happening now?

C: I forgave.

Filled the client with positive thoughts and energy. Told how important this life is. And taken her back systematically. The next day she said she is feeling very relaxed. Her neck pain got reduced to some extent. I coached her to do healing light meditation before sleeping every night.

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