“Sometimes it takes a wrong turn to get you to the right place.”

General Session - 1
Time Taken: 4 hours
L, a 21 year old male, single, is a student, pursuing Automobile Engineering, studying in 3rd year was referred to me on 2nd January 2020.
Presenting issues:-
Substance abuse with depression
Mistrust in all relationships including parents
Mental notes - I suspected that the client might be into some sort of substance abuse as he lacked orientation when he introduced about himself, the confusions with which he uttered details, the time he took to understand my questions and answer them. This understanding of mine proved to be true after nearly 3 hours of our consultation and allowing the client to talk without interruption and criticism, experiencing his freedom to talk anything and everything.

  1. Depressed, Prefer to be alone all the time.

  2. Suicidal thoughts

  3. Worthlessness, Sense of guilt

  4. Self hurting behaviour

  5. Use of Cannabis has increased.
    From the age of 15 to till date

  6. Ran away from the family thrice between the age of 15 and 17 and after reaching a particular destination, used to call the mother or sister informing the place and someone from the family used to come and pick him from there, back to home.

  7. Entered into the habit of smoking when in 10th standard

  8. Used to be always playful

  9. Never been serious about age appropriate goals or achievements

  10. Parents & elder sisters – so loving & caring

  11. Pleasure seeking was pre dominant throughout the life from childhood.

  12. When was in polytechnic - Use of cannabis started - at the age of 18

  13. Sexual relationship with girls from 17 yrs.

  14. No moral values. ( for which he feels guilty now)

  15. No emotional connect or trust with anyone including family members, till he met his present girl friend who was his school mate.

  16. Portrays authoritativeness like a husband / head of the family.

  17. He informs and discusses all his plans to her and expects the same from her and when that is not done by her, he becomes aggressive and use abusive language on her and hurt himself to induce emotional threat.

  18. This emotional threat initially worked, but of late she started ignoring / moving away.

  19. Insecurity, fear of losing, confusion about his abnormal behaviour – made him to use Cannabis on higher dose.

  20. Physical & Psychological orientation started reducing.

  21. Entered into fear & guilt – only when in intoxication
    Fear – What would happen to him if this habit goes uncontrolled? “Will his girl friend, whom he assumes to be his wife, continue the relationship with him in future as a wife?” “Will she be faithful / is she faithful?”
    Guilt - for having betrayed the family members’ love & faith.
    - for having entered into such bad habits,
    - for having emotionally threatened his girl friend & making her feel miserable

From childhood, he didn’t feel any closeness with his parents and sisters. He always used to be skeptical about their talks, expressions and behaviours. He had even overheard their talks many times. He had quarrelled with his mother suspecting her intentions to support him or correct him. He talks with his father only when there is a need for money or materials.

Comparatively, I was closer with my eldest sister. I was able to share my expectations, fear and difficulties with her more than anybody else in the family. I trusted her. But when I was in 8th standard, I came to know that she was in love with someone (she is married to that person and living a happy life), I lost trust in her.

My relationship with my second elder sister was more of rivalry and I could never get along with her till now. I even used to physically abuse her (even now, and she is also married) and always criticise her that she is a fool.

Later, when he wanted to study Automobile engineering and his 10th standard marks were not enough to get a seat in first group in higher secondary, he was advised by his eldest sister to study poly technique and pursue his desire through a lateral entry. he got a seat in comp. science, and his family members told him that he will be able to choose automobile, even if he take computer science. later, when he came to know that he won’t be able to join in Automobile Engineering, due to CS as his main subject in poly technique, his trust on his family members further reduced.

But all my family members shower love on me unconditionally, accepting my misdeeds with utmost faith that I will change one day.

He was like this with his friends also and he don’t have much friends and whoever he has are all weed users.
He had behaved in the same way with his girl friend also, and always used to hurt her emotionally, expressing strong mistrust. (many occasions were elaborated by him during “History taking” and “Free Associations”.

Preparation done before entering for regression:
Hamilton’s Depression scale: Score 23 ( moderate depression - on the verge of entering into severe)
Hamilton’s Anxiety Scale: Score 24 ( moderate Anxiety)

He was given psycho education, relaxation, basic breathing techniques, psycho therapies such as Free Association, Gestalt (to ease his anger with his lover), Distancing techniques to learn radical perception through CBT. All these took nearly 8 sessions which were given twice in a week. And along with these, the client was asked to hear a relaxation guided meditation audio, with the faith that all these will help him to get into trance with clarity in mind and body. After the 6th session, the client was asked to come for the next session after 2 weeks.

He was given specific massage therapies, EET, Breathing exercises, yoga and mild sport activities to bring him back from substance abuse. Fortunately, due to the positive cooperation given by the client, cannabis usage got reduced from the 3rd session moderately and at the end of 8th session, he was totally out of cannabis. But he was smoking one or two cigarettes daily. No alcohol usage.
Further 2 weeks CBT helped him to realise that it is his choices that has made him to travel in the negative path till this stage of life and it is him who is to take proper and correct choices to make things good.

PLRT Session 1 - 18/02/2020
Start time: 2 pm
Time Taken: 5 hours and 30 minutes
Introduction about PLRT, Pre talk, History taking, Signing up of contract and regression.
Dominant sense: Visual
Hypnotisable score: 8/10
Pain level: At the start of the session : 10
Theme: To find the reason for his trust issues; the reason for his abnormal behaviours beyond his age and to get rid of his substance addiction.
Prayer: Praying the almighty to safeguard me and the client, and requesting the client to pray to his favourite deity or guardian angel or any ancestors or Nature to support in his journey to unconscious for learning.
Induction used: Progressive relaxation with IMR.
‘L’ was guided through the tunnel to reach out to the significant past life or lives that has the roots for his mistrust and behavioural issues. Made the client to feel safe and he is at his freewill to return back to his divine garden, if he feels uncomfortable.
Age regression done:
T: Allow yourself to go to that particular time, when you are just born and it is possible for you to go back to that time.
C: I am alone… on a hospital table.
T: Alone? on a table? Do you have any feeling then?
C: I am sad. I need some warmth. Here it is very cold.
T: Why are you alone?
C: I don’t know and there is nobody around me.
T: How do you look like?
C: I am puny, wrapped in a white cloth… I am left all alone there. I am hungry.
T: Go to that particular moment, may be an hour ahead, when you were surrounded by people.
C: I am with my mother. She is hugging me. Everyone around are happy.
T: Good. Who are all there?
C: My father, uncle, both my sisters.
T: Ok… Are you able to identify your sisters?
C: Smiling… yes. and my eldest sister looking funny… she is wearing a long skirt and blouse
T: What is funny about that?
C: She looking like a dressed up pumpkin. frilled skirt and puff sleeves. She is touching me cheek.
T: How do you feel now?
C: I feel warm and loved.
T: Now go back to that moment of your birth. Why were you left alone? Try to find the reason for you being left alone.
C: I am in the hands of the nurse. I am tilted upside down and they cut the umbilical cord.
T: Is it painful?
C: No. The nurse is patting me. I cough and cry. It is too bright and cold. I want some warmth.
T: Then what is happening?
C: My mother is gasping… there is some trouble. They are keeping oxygen mask. She is lifted and taken away. I am alone.
T: Then what happens?
C: Some nurse is coming in and taking me from that bed. She is giving me in the hands of my great granny. (Smiling) She is young and healthy.
T: Wow! Your great granny? That must be wonderful. Now what is your feeling?
C: Safe and warm. She is covering me with a soft flannel cloth.
T: Now what is it that you learn from this?
C: They all love me.
T: And what is your understanding now?
C: Silence for few minutes…
T: The client was feeling very tired. (even me … it was 6 pm!) I emerged him from trance, bringing him back to the safe garden and allowing him to feel the divine light helping him in soothing all his pain and ensuring his safe health I brought him back to reality as per the procedures.
After some refreshments and resting with the video of “The Great Bell Chant - The end Of Suffering” we settled again for integration.
The client was in deep thought and looked sad. After few minutes, he started to talk
C: I had been skeptical about their love always, and I was only wrong… I am not at all worthy to their love…I have cheated them many times in many ways…(sobbing)…). “Why I am like this?” Why I have had such type of experiences beyond my age? I have lived a life of a 40 plus years, at the age of 23. “Why I go towards drugs & women frequently?"

"Even when I am not interested…” “Why women compel me or stimulate me?” I have been chased and stimulated by more than 5-6 women and except for one girl, I have accepted everybody.

"I have told everything to my girl friend. But she is not like that. She has had a boy friend and it was over, before I met her. She has not disclosed about it, till I came to know about it. Initially she denied… later she accepted. She was wished by that guy on her birthday. She didn’t tell that. But she had responded to him. When I saw the messages in her mobile. I became furious. I torn the gifts I purchased for her & threw them on the road. She cried… then she went.

Later… after few days. we became normal in terms. I asked her … you are hiding something from me … but she denied. After pestering her continuously she said that on her birthday, after our quarrel, she went out with her ex. They went on a long drive… had some personal time… which triggered my anger very badly. I started beating myself with shoes… banged my head on the wall many times & fainted. She did first aid and went away." She is not fit to be trusted. But I cannot hate her. I owe to her. I started using cannabis on a higher dose only after this.

He was lamenting for nearly 15 minutes and I had to pull him every now and then towards his learning, if any in that session.

Post session learning: He saw himself as self centred, unworthy, helpless person. Nothing of his present issues could be addressed, as the client was too much occupied with his emotions and experiences. But, L felt that he was able to learn some perspectives and how he could have gone wrong in his opinion about his parents. Yet there was some element of denial.
Session Ended at 7:30 pm

PLRT Session - 2 - 19/02/2020
Time Taken: 5 hours and 40 minutes
Induction: Dave Elman
Starting Time: 11 am
First Past Life experience:
C: I am in a coastal area.
T: Where is this place? Could you tell the name?
C: Port said
T: What? What port?
C: Port said… Mediterranean sea
T: What is your gender?
C: I am a male
T: What is the year?
C: 1889.
T: Oh! Who are you?
C: Eddie…
T: Ok. What are you doing there and what’s your age?
C: (took few minutes…) I am a young lad. I must be around 25. I am with my brother.
T: Why are you there?
C: We are on a world tour … sea voyage.
T: Oh… Where are you from?
C: Britain… royal family
T: Royal family? Your name?
C: Albert Victor
T: Oh! Then who is Eddy?
C: They call me like that
T: Who?
C: My family members
T: Is your family also with you?
C: No… only myself and my younger brother along with some people… must be some officers of higher rank
T: What year is that?
C: 1889
T: What is your brother’s name?
C: George… (Smiling) I am a cheerful and easygoing person. George is not like that. He is calm and well coordinated. But I am little chaotic.
T: What is so significant that has made you to reach this place that connects you to some aspect of your present life situation?
C: I am on my way to India.
T: India?
C: yes…
T: Allow yourself to reach to that significant situation or event in that life in which the reasons for your trust issues and maladaptive behaviours lie. ( I was totally not understanding that I was talking with a historical person and I was just concentrating on my theme! Need to learn a lot to become a good PLRT)
C: I am not strong … I am timid and can’t do horse playing. I am interested in activities that are identified as “cheap pleasures” and unapproved by the royal family. I use opium, meskal (?).
(It is proved, when the unconscious has decided to open and give the learning to the destined, the knowledge or capacity of the therapist is only a platform and even without that it can emerge… After all, All Hypnosis is Self Hypnosis)
T: Royal family… (which royal family he is speaking of?) can you name some important persons in your family?
C: Father - His Highness Edward, the Prince of Wales, Mother - Her highness princess Alaexandra of Denmark, and my grand Mother … Her Highness Queen Victoria (proudness in tone)
T: (OMG! What is happening here?) Wow! that sounds wonderful!
C: (Smiling…)
T: ( I started realising something important at last! I am really dealing with the soul of a historical personality! …) ok… What is the purpose of this travel?
C: it’s an escape tour… to escape from becoming infamy
(this word… from a guy who speaks poor English and the accent!!.. I should have made arrangements to record the session! I haven’t noticed till that time, his style of English had changed!)
C: I was caught in the client list of a male brothel place at London… it is totally illegal and if proved, I could be perjured or imprisoned. I won’t be able to ascend the throne… my grand mother decided this trip… till issues get settled…( he was smiling sarcastically… )
T: Oh! Okay!! ( I was actually struggling to connect myself with my work, as I was totally awestruck… I was at loss of words).
There was silence for few minutes… the client was showing pain in his face… he was touching his stomach frequently
T: What is it troubling you? You seems to be uncomfortable.
C: I have stomach pain… very frequently after the typhoid fever that made me suffer few years before. I am also week.
T: What is it that you need to learn from this past life memory?
C: Live with clean habits…
T: ok… go to the next significant event in this life where better clarification awaits you.
C: I am in India… in Bombay. Pompous welcome and so many royal meetings… and elephant rides, hunting and …(silent for few minutes… as if observing something… I could sense somewhat a mixed feelings…or thoughts going within him…)
T: Which year is that?
C: The same 1889
T: !889? Month?
C: November. Ma…Marg… she will manage without me… she will take care of the child… she will manage… I am not strong… I fear so much… I cannot forego my father… I am the Duke now… Marg is in London… We have a son… My marriage is fixed with Mary… what about Marg… she is not royal…I am incapable… I can’t read or write fluently. I can’t do public speaking… I am sick… (started murmuring something and was not clear. I could see his face reddening… gasping… shivering) (Abreactions)
T: Just relax L. It is only the past, you are visualising. This is not happening now. You are absolutely safe… and if you feel uncomfortable… you can come back to the garden… (there was droplets of sweat on his forehead… and continued to moan)… L… go to the moment of your death… experience that…
C: I am not able to breathe… I am suffocating… and suffering with high fever… (moaning)
T: Float above and see yourself. Who are all there with you?
C: It is so peaceful. I am seeing my body on the big bed. My father, mother, George, my sisters, nurses, Mary, her parents… everybody around me. My mother is bursting out…she is in so much pain… I feel no pain… All the pain is over… I feel so light.
T: can you review that life?
C: Ability and knowledge are equally important. I should have expressed my inabilities and limitations to my parents clearly. I should not have indulged in drugs and other habits. My parents should have understood my difficulties from childhood. The royal family and its rules has made me suffer and I entered into use of drugs. It is one of the rule that brothers should not travel together after certain age. So, I was not able to be with George, who was so fond of me and helping me in my hardships, motivating me and supporting me. After 18, we were separated and I was not able to choose between good and bad. Independency and sharp brain is very essential to every human being and especially if you are hair to the throne. My grandmother should have allowed me to live my life at my own wish.
T: Can you say the date and year of your death?
C: 1892, January 14th
T: What was the last thought you had at the moment of death?
C: I should have lived my life at my freewill.
T: Ok… now observe yourself… how do you feel? What do you see?
C: I am as light as a peg of dust. I feel immense peace. There is a bright light glowing. It is so attractive and I feel as if it is pulling me towards it.
T: Is it fearful?
C: No…No… It is emitting peace… joy… I am flying towards it… (then there was a long silence…)
T: After this the client was brought out of trance finishing all the procedures.
It was around 2 pm. We had lunch and I asked the client to rest for an hour and planned to meet at 3:30 pm again.
C: I could see myself a spoilt child from childhood. I had lot of limitations. I was not clever. My mother loved me but she was sure that I won’t be able to make a good hair. My younger brother was smart. He was supporting me in my studies. I was not good at horse riding. So many flaws were masked by my parents and grandmother.
T: Are you able to connect those life situations or behaviours to your current life?
C: I don’t know… But I understand that leading a clean life is very essential.
T: Do you remember the clothes you were wearing? Can you explain?
C: I wearing a knee length loose striped trousers, a shirt and a blazer type dress on the shirt at one situation… if my remembrance goes right when I was in the port.
T: The client felt very tired and wanted to finish the session. But he also added, some where he felt struck too. I suggested him to go to the safe garden, if at all he feel uncomfortable that night and bid him bye with a plan to meet again next day by 2 pm.
Session ending time: 4:40

PLRT Session - 3 - 20/02/2020
Time Taken: 5 hours
Induction: Dave Elman
Starting Time: 2 pm
I had received a call from the client that day morning stating that he had flashes of vast sand in the previous night again and again and he found it difficult to get in to sleep. He heard some soft piano and was able to sleep only after 12. He expressed his eagerness to meet me as he felt there is some other past life to be explored.
T: (The client went in to trance within 15 minutes, without even directing him to any past life)
C: I am on a coach pulled by donkeys.
T: Where are you?
C: It is looking like a desert. But one side of the road is like that. On the other side of the road there are buildings.
T: What is your name?
C: Philip Stewart
T: What are you doing there? What place is that?
C: I am travelling. It is a place in Arabic desert. A market place.
T: A Market place? What is the name of that place?
C: I don’t know. I am just travelling via that place.
T: ok. Where are you going then?
C: To Palestine
T: Are you a Palestinian?
C: No… I am from Scotland. I am just travelling. I love to visit places.
T: what significance does this has with your current life situations?
C: I happily wander and spend time with girls and used tobacco pipe.
T: ok…
C:I learnt smoking in this land.
T: What is your age then? Can you tell about yourself?
C: I am just 19 years old. I am looking smart. I am having a blonde hair till my shoulders. I am from a wealthy family.
T: Ok…
C: Now I am walking on a long corridor. I am wearing a royal blue suit and I turn to my right and enter a massive hall. Many men are gathered there. Most of them are aged and some are middle aged.
T: Where is this happening?
C: It is a palace hall. All stopped talking once I entered in side. Everyone looks disturbed.
T: Why?
C: because I have found something which may bring some trouble to them. ’
T: What have you found?
C: I have found some secret about the royal family.
T: ok…
C: They ask me not to let it out… for which I deny. They are unpleasant, and angry with me. I think they may even harm me.
T: Ok… What is it? (there was a long silence)… Do you see anything?
C: I am chased by some people. I have lost my weapons. (he was panting and gasping)
T: What is going on?
C: (He was moaning) They have stabbed me. All of them are my family members. I am sitting against a wall. There is lot of blood. They have stabbed me many times. (He was continuously belching).
T: Fly above and review your life.
C: She will manage herself without me, with the child. (** the same words he uttered during his PLR session 2!)
T: Who is she?
C: My wife, Anne
T: Where is she?
C: I can see her and my son. (smiling with difficulty). He also has blonde hair.
T: Watch them closely. Do they resemble anyone in your present life?
C: Yes… She is Margry, my lover when I was Albert Victor.
T: Do you mean to say that this life of yours as Stewart is later to the period of Albert Victor?
C: Yes.
T: Which year is this happening… that is your death as Stewart?
C: 1932.
T: Who is Margry? ( The real spelling for this name is Margery… which I later found after going through many details and she was the wife of one Mr. Henry Hadden, a civil engineer, who worked for British in India)
C: I met her in India, when I visited during 1889.
T: Did you marry her?
C: No… I could not. My grand mother, Queen Victoria did not permit.
T: ok.
C: But, Marg came for me from India and we lived in London.
T: ok
C: My Grandmother planned for my marriage with Victoria Mary. Margery believed me… but I left her to suffer all alone with all the troubles made by the royal family.
( I understood It is true, and she was the princess of Teck - it wasa kingdom in Wurtternberg, Germany and she later married the younger brother of Albert Victor, King George V, who came to the throne later!!)

T: Is that Margery is known to you in your present life?
C: yes. She is my lover ‘S’.
T: ok. Now float above and review both your past lives and what do they carry for your present life learning?
C: I should have lived a clean life. I thought that the ladies would manage themselves. But Margery was pushed into brothel. Anne could not manage herself well, though she was strong. She died unhappily, with the feeling, that she should have had a husband who would look after everything for her. (He was looking frustrated and sad)
T: Just look around. You may see some angels and or light. Allow yourself to go towards it. Enter the light.
C: (Was quiet then his face became calm.)
T: After few minutes, I asked him if I could emerge him? He said, he was waiting for the light to observe him and he felt so light and calm. It took nearly 7 minutes for him to give me concurrence to emerge him. After completing the procedures, he emerged from trance… but still I could see him awestruck. He was smiling to himself.
Time was 5:30 pm. After half an hour relaxation, we settled for integration.
T: (I could see the client immersed in thought. He was gazing away deeply. He had denied my suggestion for hearing some music or seeing some visuals to reduce his emotional fatigue, during relaxation time). Are you ready to talk now?
C: I should have been brave in my personal life and related decisions. In both lives I had unclean habits and they were also the cause of my death. I was overly drunk, when I was stabbed by cousins. I died at the age of 32 as Philip and at 28 as Eddy.
T: Yes… true. What does it signifies?
C: I should have also lived my life, which I was not dare to. I feared my grandmother and parents. I enjoyed my positions and I was totally not aware of my mistakes which were troubling others too. (He was crying and sobbing for few minutes).
T: You were telling 'S 'was your lover and wife in two different lives. isn’t it?
C: Yes. You know Madam? ‘S’ always used to trouble me being so dependent. She used to tell me, it is you who should take care of me and I will just sit and enjoy. I won’t take any responsibility. Every now and then, she used to ask me “will you take care of me 100%?” Even to purchase something on the way, she will call me to pick her up and only go with me.

It is not really easy to born in a royal family, that too as the first son. I was not able to remember anything taught to me after few days. My grandmother used to warn the teachers only. She did not understand my difficulty. But my parents understood that, still they were shadowing that. My father believed, my difficulties could be managed with his help. He knew about my weaknesses, still he did not correct me, but every now and then he warned me. As Philip, I belonged to a rich family and smoking was seen as sign of hierarchy. As a lad with power and wealth, in both lives I indulged in womanising, smoking, drinking, using drugs. I had severe infection due to my sexual habits. I suffered with poor lung function in both the births due to drugs.
(He was silent for few minutes.) Then continued, “Madam, I have all those habits even in this life. I womanise. I drink & smoke. Only since one and a half months I am not using drug. I have lost nearly 5 kgs of weight after this depression. I am not as strong as I used to be 3 years back. I may die early, if I don’t stop these habits.” he was silent again.
T: That’s really a beautiful insight you have acquired L!
C: I want to live for long years with ‘S’ Madam. I will fulfil all her wishes.
T: To do so, what should you do?
C: First, Let me become somebody useful to myself and my family. I will work for that. I need some time. I need to think, and plan.
He expressed his tiredness and we decided to meet again after 2 weeks, assuring my support to him, if at all needed in between, he can contact me for any help.
End time: 7 pm
Post Session Pain level: 1
Feedback: After 2 weeks, L came to the centre and told, he had discussed with his lover ‘S’ and they both have decided to pursue their studies and will continue to be friends till he become self accomplished. He had joined his college again.

While I am writing this report of him, on 5th April, It had been more than a month after his regression. His eldest sister called me on 30th March. She said, she could see good changes in her brother. He has started showing love and care to his family members. That night, I called ‘L’ in his number. After some general enquiry, he started telling me the following.
" Why I was skeptical about my parents and sisters, even though enjoying their love has come to a clarity to me. My past life experiences with my family members must have had a strong influence I suppose. Now, I feel that some block is released. I feel free and I don’t check or suspect my parents’ opinions or actions. I don’t drink. But I still smoke only one cigarette and I will leave even that soon. I am going to college regularly, and trying to complete my projects and assignments which were kept pending since months. I want to thank you so much Madam, for helping me to learn my flaws and take good choices for my life, without making me feel guilty."
I thank the almighty for giving me the opportunity to learn PLRT, and making me a tool
to combine my previous experiences in psychotherapy wherever needed in this client’s case, to bring about positive changes in his life, as he might have sought when planning his blue print of this life.


Feeling blessed to go through such a lovely report.
Thank you for sharing Rajee.

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Curious to understand the title of your session. Can you please elaborate? Thank you.


Hello Rajee,
Beautiful sessions. You have made a difference to the life of this young man. I googled the details shared by you and the dates, year, name, his engagement with Mary and she later marrying his younger brother, everything matches. This also establishes again that people are visiting their past lives and it is not imagination. Thank you for sharing such an insightful session.

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Dear Rajee,

I went through the entire report very vert carefully!

I must say I am overwhelmed and my eyes are wet once again realizing the fleeting nature of this life, the temporary nature of our journey through this planet, lack of significance of “who we are” and immense significance of “what we choose”.

I have researched in depth the entire report.

The Prince Albert Victor is indeed a historical figure and the details and accuracy given by client is just mind boggling !I

I am in awe for your talent and I must say your servo Lucky to have witnessed this session. Your efforts were mind blowing and I just bow to you.

I am once again sharing the same session with NO EDITING but WITH ADDED COMMENTS on the accuracy of the data revealed in the session.

I request all of you to go through the session once again making note of comments I have added and I am sure you will be marveling the beauty of PRLT even more .

And most important it might once again jolt you to realize that we are eternal souls on a small assignment on this planet.

Warm regards,

Dr Gaurav S P Gupta, MD, FRCR
Consultant Radiologist | Breast imaging specialist
Contact: +96 65567902
Email: lotusheart2016mail.com

Click below link to read the document with comments :


Pranams Venu ji

Your comment is like a father would appreciate a child when it tries something new and able to do that little successfully.

With your able guidance and blessings…

“I have miles to go before I sleep
As I have promises to keep” (with little modifications from the words of Robert Frost)

With warm regards,

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Hi Mr. Ram

Thank you so much Mr.Ram for such a beautiful feedback.

In my professional tenure as a psychologist and psychotherapist, I have seen many clients who are troubled by life situations and with the help of many therapeutic methods, I have tried to help them and to certain extent was also able to succeed.

But… every case was dealt with an approach of THOUGHT → EMOTIONS → BEHAVIOUR and CBT, Gestalt, Empty chair technique, shadow etc., etc., and I didn’t know that all these are really making the soil ready to receive the real seedlings, until I learnt PLRT.

So, whenever I happen to meet my clients at my centre, with the same or some other trouble after few months or an year, seeking my help once again… I used to feel guilty that what I had been doing for them were only solacing the wounds externally and the root cause of the problems were lying somewhere else, undealt.

Death had never been a fear or pain for me due to the knowledge seeded by my parents, but for the dismay or unhappiness it creates for sometime/days, for missing them physically. But What happens after death, how a soul gets a rebirth, what karmic account is getting settled, who decides about that… so many questions used to be a topic of conversation too!

PLRT came as a boon and here I am keeping my small footsteps as a learner and yes of course, as you have mentioned, I am lucky to have such a client as my second client and every client I have dealt so for (8) are deepening my inner self and I am again and again getting the insight that every thing is happening only as per plans and we come to know about it at times and mostly we do not understand the need to choose wisely or else, till we learn to choose the right, it is going to be a radical rebirth cycle.

Hope to do real good to those who seek my help in future through PLRT.

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Hi Mr. Harish,


I felt this title to be apt because, my client had seen two of his past lives in which he had been leading a life with wrong habits and behaviours. The same behaviours are seen in his present life also.

Unlike in the previous births, in this birth he has a feeling that all those are really bringing him pain only (emotionally, physically). He developed a craving thought like, “Why I have lived a life of a 45 plus years at 23 itself?”

The soul has decided to take its learning but… that learning had come to him only after he had taken those wrong turns in his life.

Today, he is completely out of drugs, and also emerging as a responsible lad working for his good future. After PLRT, there are situations he is facing now, like… his old companions calling him or teasing him or provoking him. But he is able to stay strong ‘and say NO’.
He has the clarity to choose what is right for him and his family.

I hope, I am able to justify the title and feel free to comment or opinionate.

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Such a beautiful trail of emails !
Thanks once again Venu and all Amrantoniians for providing a second home for my soul.
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Thank you Rajee. This will be definitely be one of the great sessions for you to remember. I have taken the liberty of sharing the link on my facebook account and to all my friends. For many it has reinforced their belief in past life and karmas. There are however, few who will doubt it. But, I am sure, with time they will also learn. Thank you once again for sharing this wonderful story.


Wonderful work Rajee. I am wondering why L continued to have same issues during three lives. I always thought that we learn something in each life and improve during next life.
I hope that your efforts have now helped him in overcoming the issues which he could not overcome in last 150 years.
All the best for your future cases to help many more such souls in their journeys.

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Such elaborate history taking too…Learning the importance of it all.
Right from making the client feel comfortable to learning the theme.
Thanks again for the beautiful session .

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So blessed to have gone through such a brilliant session…The clients insights are so deeply moving too…Wonderful work Rajee…You are the perfect guide to take him through the learning to get in touch with his own wisdom…And heal…Simply beautiful…
Love n hugs Rajee.

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Hello Khare Sir, my view here is different. We all take lives to learn something, but it is not necessary that we actually learn it. It is like going to school, but not actually learning. PLRT definitely is a step towards accelerating the learning process, but again it does not necessarily mean that the person learns. It is like going for tuitions, taking that extra help. But, again the student need not necessarily learn. If he forgets the lesson, the symptoms and problems would come back. This is a message I give to my clients - ‘Remember the lesson - otherwise the problems and symptoms would be back.’

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Hi Harish, great to hear from you and thanks for the insight. Apparently, it is for us to learn the Life’s lesson and move ahead on our soul’s journey. If we do not learn, we just stagnate. Thanks a lot for clarifying my doubt. Regards.


Written so well. Awesome Rajee

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I also have King Edward VI, his nephew as someone who had a spontaneous recollection of his past life. If the two would like to connect, I can introduce them. :smiley:


Found an interesting article on Prince Albert


Just shows that there are no wrong turns in life :smiley:


Spellbound…!!! What a detailed description. The ground work before conducting regression is really eye opening. I never knew this. Thank you so much for sharing the case which gave new perspectives. You are such an outstanding therapist who gave happy ending to one of the toughest cases. Kudos…

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