Soul Script and Soul Contracts

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Sharing some interesting deep knowledge from the various content I read on Soul Journey and Soul Contract:

A soul comes to earth to learn its lessons . With each lifetime it keeps on upgrading itself with the life lessons it learns with various experiences at the school of learning( earth). For its lessons a soul meets various people in its life time & comes across various situations.

These people comes in the form of near and dear ones ( family members , relatives , friends, guru ) who remains with us in life for a longer period of time , the others are people who remains comparatively for shorter period of time ( some friends , workplace people , teachers etc) and some we meet for a very short period of time , may be for some months, days or moments .

But each person we meet comes in life for a purpose as we as souls write our own soul script and in the soul script we make some soul contracts .

These soul contracts are made in soul realm to learn mutual life lessons .

The souls ( energies ) come show up in our life when they are supposed to show up and then starts playing their roles as per the soul contracts done . But as this earth is all fogged up with Maya , we forget all contracts our soul made in soul realm and then we tend to question all relationships or may be some .

To have a better understanding , majorly seven types of Archetypal energies opens up in our lives to teach us our lessons . These are as follows:

  1. Vidaaniya

    It is master or teacher energy that we incorporate in our soul plan. we choose vidaaniya based on our own level of consciousness and also the expansion we wish to experience in our lifetime.The purpose of this energy is to purify and reestablish our connection with the divinity within. It makes us meet our inner teacher .
    Our soul always incorporates connection to at-least one master energy but it may not even open if we are not ready to absorb the wisdom and not ready to change ( due to Maya ) .
    This energy comes in the form of a Guru / a guide / a mentor / a master .


The Nayani energies are companion energies . The way our two eyes see in same direction always and cant be separated in the same way these energies ( people) brings solace to our lives . The purpose of these energies is to provide us unconditional love and acceptance . They silently encourage us for the highest best.
This may be our friend / a life partner / a person whose company gives us solace and serenity.

  1. Maya- pasham

The Maya-pasham is the energy who we have added in our life to take back our power!

The souls who have decided to come under this role in our lifetime have chosen to play a negative role . We have chosen this energy( people) in our life to balance our karmic account.
They clash their ego with ours so that a crack can happen and the light can enter within.

They give us such a hard time in life that we learn our true worth after having experiences with them. Once we learn our lesson , the lesson of compassion , these energies stop controlling us!
If is often a challenge us to forgive them. But more then being able to forgive them , its important make them ā€˜freeā€™ !
Freeing them would free us.

This can be person with whom we had / having very negative experiences and this person seems as enemy to us and we feel very helpless and frustrated due to them.

  1. Shyamavarni

These energies are the projections of our shadows . It is the part of self that we have disowned or the behaviour thag we judge in others.
A great deal of energy gets spent dealing with shyamavarni until we choose not to be triggered with their behaviour .

At outer level these energies ( people) may often trigger us until we learn to develop acceptance and equanimity.

They generally comes in roles of people who have long term relations in our lives.

A shyamvarni and we are mutual reflection of each other for unsettled, hidden parts of self.

They are generally people with whom we have close relationships , we are with and keep on getting triggered, they will keep on triggering till we learn our lesson.


People with Jeevamritam energies are responsible to initiate us towards beginning a new chapter in our life.
They are those who push us to reform. They make us taste the nectar of life , the way we have not done before. They may stay with us may be for a very short span of time but after meeting them we are not the same and our course of action in life changes .
They may like an unknown passenger whom we met in a bus and who gave us some information about meditation and then our life was never the same as we included mediation in our life and then the life was never the same and our transformational journey began.


These are the enrgies ( people) who are warm like sun and they inspire us to follow our passion.

suryavarni are the ones to whom we look up to . They inspire us to express our talents, skills and qualities in this physical plane. They may not have any direct interaction with us in this lifetime but they encourage us to listen to the wisdom of our soul and to dream big .

  1. Bhoomivarni

Highly grounded in their approach towards life these energies ( people) test and retest our learnings .

They teach us indirectly to go deep in our learning and do not develop an ego for all we learn .

Whenever we feel we have learnt something , they will throw a test on us to make us realise that , yet there is so much learn.

Think of your mother , to whom you say - thag i have learnt to meditate and in a minute she will bring you on ground saying that - you may not be practising properly as your anger is the same!

It is also possible that some people in our life comes with more than one archetypal energy.

So now can think about the people we have met in our life or people we have in our life and can try to recognise that they have showed up under which archetypal energy in our life and what role they are playing in our life and also what they want to teach us !!!


Amazing information dear Shipra, it is simple but so profoundā€¦if you donā€™t mind, can you please share us a source/book on this so that all of us could be blessed with this divine informationā€¦

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Yes, dear Kaushik, it is good to know that this knowledge interested you and you want to dive deeper into it. This information I have got from various books and videos. Actually, questions about life, death and life after death etc. has always interested me also like you and so I keep on reading texts and listen audios related to this topic. Though some of this information is from the videos on PMS Hindi from the program - ATMA KI YATRA and some from the book ā€˜Sundaram Speaksā€™- A book by Hitesh Vashisth written through - Automated writing.