Stuck in career and issues in moving ahead in career Part 1

Client Name: Seema (Changed for privacy reasons)
Vitals: Seema, F, 40+, 7/10, K, 3/5, Stuck in career, 9/10
Mode: Zoom Sessions

Session 1|19/01/23 | 12:40 PM | 3:00 PM

Stage 1 to Stage 5

Session 2 | 24/01/23 | 1:15 PM | 3:00 PM

Stage 6- History Taking

Seema is a single mother, of 12-year-old girl. She is a life coach by profession. She feels stuck somewhere in life. Not able to move ahead and go out fully in her career.

She was also having some sleep issues, when sad gets lesser sleep. Issues in sleep started after childbirth. She was having pain in her left eyebrow for a month now, i.e., most probably since the start of 2023.

Expresses a desire to know what’s stopping her from moving ahead. Also, carries small guilt that she could have done more for her father when he was alive and she had the capability. (By capability she means, when she was in a job with a stable income)

Stage 7- Relax Cognitive Fatigue

Stage 8- Theme: Moving ahead in career

Session 3 | 28/01/23 | 3:00 PM | 6:00 PM

Seema mentions having brain fog and left head Pain- right now, in the morning it was on the left eyebrows. We had a little small talk.

Stage 9- Checklist

Stage 10 & 11- Induction with Progressive Relaxation & Visualization- 1 hr |3:43 PM | 4:43 PM

Happy Memory

T: Is there any memory coming up?

C: Yes (IMR)

T: Is it a pleasant memory?

C: Yes (IMR)

T: Awesome, would you like to share it?

C: yes (IMR)

T: What age are you?

C: 4th or 5th standard. Summer. Dad has brought mangoes, and we are eating.

T: How are the mangoes? Sweet or sour?

C: They are sweet, plump and juicy. Mom is cutting it for us and giving it us.

T: Beautiful, Is there anything significant happening here?

C: Nothing as such, just a fight with my brother for taking the pieces, just a happy memory.

T: Okay, would you like to move ahead, or would you like to spend some more time here?

C: Move ahead…

T: Just embrace the sweetness of the mangoes and memories and maybe now even go back earlier.

(2-3 minutes’ visualization here)

T: Let’s go back to another childhood memory when you were an infant or a toddler… Is there any memory coming up?

C: Yes

T: What’s the age?

C: It’s before 1st standard, walking towards the school with mom and it’s a school environment. Since we were small and couldn’t chew properly mom has boiled apples for us. And, just walking back home holding mom’s hand.

T: What’s the environment around? What’s happening?

C: Lots of kids around, that’s a school, it’s just it, walking on the road, vehicles passing by, mom’s holding our hands. Yeah, that’s it!

T: Is there anything significant happening around?

C: Nothing I can pick up. It’s just an incident! It’s just a day, nothing significant.

T: Okay maybe now we can come back from this memory and just like you could go back to your childhood, you can go back in time… (Visualization for 4-5 minutes)

C: Yes

Stage 12- Regression (Walking down the stairs and opening the door) |16:57 PM

T: Allow your mind to reveal whatever is blocking, whatever is bringing these hardships in your life and whatever is creating resistance to move ahead. In this deeper state, everything can be revealed. Trust it and explore it.

Counting back 10, 9, 8, …1

T: Open the door with the intention that it will take you to what needs to be let go in order to move forward.

T: Look down and see what you are wearing.

C: I am wearing shoes, not able to figure out what kind.

T: It’s okay, no worries. How is the feel of the shoes?

C: It’s comfortable

T: Okay! Take a look at your body, what is it you’re wearing?

C: I think I am wearing a skirt, a floral one. And probably this is why I am not able to see the shoes. The dress is flurry.

T: That’s okay. What kind of hairs do you have?

C: What?

T: Hairs

C: Long straight hairs

T: What would be the age?

C: 20 or 24, I think I am in a garden with a water body, playing with the water, only the hand in the water, not the feet. There are a lot of people around, all ladies, and the garden has a door, which is guarded, guarded by men, it’s a pleasant day, just out in the garden for relaxation of something. Yeah!

T: Can you figure out the name of the place. Something you can see, somewhere written?

C: Nothing is visible where I am sitting I think going by the clothing it is a period kind of environment.

T: Is it India?

C: Not sure

T: Maybe you can move around and see if anything is visible?

C: It’s more a tropical place, not able to figure out where?

T: That’s okay. What kind of trees are there?

C: Tall trees, some have fruits, it’s a mix of lot trees and flowers, it has got a pathway.

T: Maybe you can walk the pathway and see where it leads?

C: The pathway is soft, there is a huge arch towards the end of the pathway, the other end is guarded.

T: Maybe you can go near the arch.

C: I can hear the ladies saying not to go towards that. Although I can see there is a water place and I am a little elevated. I walk towards the arch and peep out, it’s just water beyond and it’s a huge deep place….

It’s a huge place, lot of greenery, birds chirping, there is no fence near the arch. No fence or something just open.

T: Okay, maybe now if there is anything significant happening there.

C: I can see the waves. Coming and going near the arch. Once I turn back, I see the garden, grass and flowers.

T: Okay, if there is nothing then, can you come back to garden?

C: Yes… I came back.

T: Can you ask the ladies why they were stopping you from going near the arch?

C: Those ladies are hesitant to say. The hesitance is more in terms of a fear. More of a fear not to sound rude. I have a feeling they are someone who are not my friends. They are more like my, people who are taking care of me. I don’t know how to say that, not a fear for me or of me, more like respect for me, they said not go. More in terms of it’s not safe.

T: Okay…What’s the time right now over there?

C: Evening, it’s evening.

T: What is it they call you?

C: Not getting, I can see them gesturing and showing me, not hearing any sounds, it‘s more of gestures.

T: Do you think it’s time to maybe go back home?

C: Yes

In a moment as I count 3 to 1, you will find yourself back at your home. 3…2….1….

T: What is it in front of you?

C: It’s a courtyard, in front of the house.

T: How are you feeling over there?

C: I am feeling good, taken care of!

T: Okay, do you have any idea why are these people are taking care of you?

C: I think I am having some kind of a power, some stature where they are around me, to take care of me.

T: Okay, how does this power feels?

C: Nice. I am getting the feel, the power is not in a negative sense, it’s more in the sense of positivity. It’s about respect for who I am, what I am. The fear also in terms of respect, not … I am not able to get the word.

T: it’s okay, you are doing awesome.

C: I am kind of getting feeling, which is why I am having these people around to take care of me. I am there in a place which is guarded, which has all the luxuries, facilities that’s need. Not able to see the interior, getting the feeling of it, the details are not visible, it is a huge space, property. I have people for everything.

T: Okay, Walk towards the house now.

C: Oh wow! It’s a palace, it has tile or marble, very cool touch at my leg. I can see my dad’s portrait.

T: Okay… How does he look in that portrait?

C: He is the king. (Starts sobbing)

T: And, how does it feel to you?

C: Feeling good, but he is not around.

T: Where is he?

C: The portrait has a garland, it looks like, but there is a huge drawing of him.

T: Do you want to stay here in this moment or you want to move ahead?

C: Yes

T: Who else are there in the family?

C: I don’t see. No known faces, it’s the portrait which is very clear. Can’t see anything else.

T: Maybe see any dates or names written around the portrait.

C: No… The wall again has an old architectural kind of things, but no other details coming up.

T: Maybe it’s time for you to go back to your bedroom?

C: The view again of the water, it’s huge, there are multiple balconies, there is nothing else that is coming up apart form these balconies, a small place for play, like a play area, there are these board games on one corner of the room. I scroll curtains, well lit room.

T: What kind of lights are there?

C: The lights are rainbow kind, Not the light, that’s the window, the lights are mostly these huge chandeliers kind of which is mostly like candles.

T: Is there anybody with you to play?

C: Not at the moment.

T: How are you feeling right now.

C: Calm, a sense of belonging.

T: This place seems familiar?

C: It’s familiar, it’s more like a homely feeling.

T: If the father is not here, who is it taking care of kingdom?

C: Not getting anything.

T: Maybe you can move ahead to see, to any significant day, to check who is it taking care of the kingdom after your father?

C: … Okay. I think it turns out to be me. Now I get the kind of respect I am getting. … Okay

T: What is it?

C: This place I am in, is not the actual palace, just for a rejuvenation or rest. I do have… And that is why I was not too aware of the place I am in. And they were trying to protect me.

It turns out I do run the main kingdom or other palace. And I have people for everything who is taking care of things. I have men and women who is taking care of things and report back to me.

T: So, there are men and women who are taking care of your kingdom in your absence?

C: In my absence also, they all know what they are supposed to do and I am there about certain things that’s happening. Mostly, I am giving guidance and what to do or not to do. More of a strategizing kind of a role.

T: Okay… If this is a rest place, where is your home then?

C: Nothing coming actually, but not far off. This is a place where I like coming most because of the calmness and peace it has around. Sound of the waves, also there is something that is nice.

T: Do you feel like going back home and seeing how things are there?

C: No… No, just to be there at that place at the moment.

T: Okay… Take some time, embrace the space, embrace the calmness and once you feel ready to go back home, you can let me know I am right here with you.

(After a few minutes…)

C: Are you asking me to go to my home in the town?

T: I am asking you to go back to your home where you are in that lifetime right now? See how are things back there? Maybe there is a family over here waiting for you?

T: Do you want to see and check out who are there in your family back at home?

C: yes

T: Okay let’s go back then, I will count back from 3 to 1 and you will find yourself back to where your family lives. 3…2….1…

T: Back to the place where your family lives?

C: I find myself in a bigger palace, lot more guards over there, lot more activities happening around, turns out I have a sister, younger one, she comes hugs me, and we just speak, she was doing her studies, there is nobody else, apart from the two of us.

T: Is there mother around?

C: Looks like the kingdom is run by me and I have a younger sister to take care of.

T: Maybe you can see in the eyes of your sister, and recognize who is it?

C: Yeah, it’s my daughter. And I do have an elder lady there, who is more like an advisor, but I am unable to identify the face. But, I know there is an elderly lady, who is happy to see me that I am back. Giving me advice about certain things, needed to be taken care. And, my sister is grumbling, and she said, “she just came, let her be.”

T: It’s beautiful that you’re taken care of so beautifully and so nicely. Maybe just look into the eyes of the elderly lady if you can identify her from anybody in this lifetime?

C: Not able to see her, but the outline looks like of my grandmother, there is similarity but I am not, if it’s for sure. The face is not visible.

T: How does it feel to run a kingdom?

C: From what I look at, it looks like a piece of cake, I am very calm, very relaxed and I have good people around me to give me advice. It’s all sorted, I have men who are able to protect the kingdom, It just feels like it’s a piece of cake and I was meant to do this. Although she misses her dad, I think her father trained her well, and she is able to take care of stuff.

I see a very confident young woman, in her 20s or 25, she is confident, she is capable, and she is relaxed.

T: Beautiful. Maybe now we can move ahead in time, to some other significant time which might have the keys to your success, to your growth in this lifetime. So, allow yourself to go back to a time where situations went out of control, where things didn’t go well, any significant time. I will count back from 3 to 1 and allow your mind to take you to a time of discomfort. 3….2….1….

C: …

This seems to be a time where there is drought in the kingdom, the harvest is not as expected, and I think the trading and everything has got affected. But, I was able to manage, because we have a system where we save up grains, I have announced to my kingdom that we would be distributing the grains, on a weekly basis to the affected families who are not able to feed themselves.

And also the other wealthier families in my kingdom came forward, and she had a reserve of grains. And also people who are sensible to come forward to help in such situations. And have the trust in herself that she is taken care of. She also compensated to people who came with the money. She was able to handle the situation in a much better way with her people’s help here.

T: So, she was able to handle bad situations as well, right?

C: Yeah…

T: Beautiful

C: Again, I see her as very confident, very sorted rather. Even though there were situations, she was sure that she would get a solution for this.

T: Very Beautiful!

T: Do you think, there is anything you can take from her and learn from her.

C: Having reserves and stuff, you can have anything in life and back-up plan rather.

T: Beautiful… What was her age, when this drought came?

C: I think she was 35.

T: What about her extended family. Did she ever get married?

C: No, I don’t see her getting married. I don’t see anybody in that space. Her sister has grown up. They have a great bond. And that is it.

T: Her sister gets married?

C: At the moment, I am not able to see it. Maybe yes maybe no. I have no idea.

T: Doing it all on her own, how does she feels emotionally?

C: She feels satisfied that she could handle, there is a lack of companionship. Maybe she didn’t find anyone up to her liking. It wasn’t she was against marriage or something.

T: Okay… Is there anything that she feels? Is there any tiredness?

C: No…

T: Let’s go back to a time, maybe she is old now.

C: In fact, I am not able to see her old. I think she couldn’t survive. I see her at 50. And, she just died naturally. She wasn’t old or frail or incapacitated, she was pretty strong and healthy. She is walking talking about everything but because of some illness, she died.

T: What was that illness? Is there any glimpse of it?

C: Nothing is coming up. It just felt like it was her time to go. But the how is not coming up. It felt like she has done her work in this life, has trained her sister as well and she is moved on.

T: Let’s come closer, closer to her deathbed. And, see if there is any advice she wants to give. Is there any regret she has?

C: No! (Strongly) She doesn’t think she has any regret in her life. It was more of a peaceful death. She is just welcoming the next stage of her life.

T: Beautiful, is there any advice she would want to give?

C: To?

T: To her sister, to you, to anybody else, if she likes?

C: There is no advice, she has prepped her all her life, no specific advice to her sister, because she has been training her sister from childhood probably when I say childhood, the time they lost their father. So, no specific advice to the sister.

And no regrets, it’s more peaceful, comfortable, when I say comfortable it’s acceptance that I lived a life of, I mean I gave the best in life. Now, I am going knowing that the kingdom is in safe hands. No particular advice. Just that have a plan B, be prepared for any adversity, love people, trust people. That is, it!

T: Okay

C: She did have wars and stuff like that where she had to be on the forefront, but because she was prepared, because she was trained well, because she was more into the strategy and everything, it was mostly a successful thing as a ruler.

T: Maybe it’s time now to watch her from a distance and see her leaving this body and finally moving to the spirit realm. See if there is anything here for you. Anything comes up.

C: No (Nod)

T: There is nothing here for you?

C: No

T: Okay, do you feel ready to say her goodbye?

C: Yes

T: Yes, beautiful! Before we go back, you said that she feels a lack of companionship, so are there any feelings around that companionship when she died?

C: When she died she was very much satisfied.

T: Do you feel that this feeling of lack of companionship is still there within you?

C: Yeah… When I say lack, yes there is a feeling of companionship, there is a wanting probably but again not settling for anyone. If it’s meant to be, it’s meant to be. If it’s forced, it’s not worth it, it won’t last.

T: Is there anything that can be done to let go that feeling of lack?

C: From my end?

T: Maybe from her end or anything that comes up?

C: Ahhh…. Nothing because… see again I am saying, It would be great to have a companion but my life is not incomplete because of that. It’s more like, good to have but not necessary to have.

T: Okay…

C: So, what I am getting here, from her life what I saw and what’s happening right now, it’s the same thing. If it’s not up to, she is not rigid, it should be more like, it should be easy, it should be free flow like water, two rivers meeting it should be as easy at that. Not like you kind of make effort in terms of two rivers making it meet. River is anyways flowing, something adds up something adds up and it doesn’t add value, this river is fine, it’s flowing, it’s steady if something is adding up adding value that’s great, if some contaminated water is coming, that’s not acceptable. So, when she dies she doesn’t feel anything like that. That is what I am gathering from here.

Just to add in my life, it’s not like that people are not approaching me or anything like that. My ex-husband is also saying, you know let’s get back things like that. But, it’s not going to work because we have already seen that. The quality of water is seen and checked. So, there is no lack per say, companion good to have, great to have.


T: Okay…so do you feel like going back to some life when this issue of companionship arose or do you want to get back to the garden?

C: The garden where I am sitting.

T: Yeah

C: Okay, so you’re asking me to come back, come out of this time?

T: Yes!

C: yeah

T: Okay so it’s time to say goodbye to her, to the queen, and embrace all her strength, all her energies, all her power, all her capabilities, with respect and bring everything that you can in this life. In this lifetime of yours. She has given you the view of the powers lying within you. At a very young age she was ruling the kingdom. Yes, she has the power within, it’s just that it’s latent right now. Right? And possibly, there could be a possibility that being a queen, being in the limelight from such a young age, maybe right now she wants to rest, she wants to take her time before coming back to the limelight again. So that is also fine. It’s her decision. It’s not like that something is stopping her. It’s just that for some time she wants to take rest. Yea?

C: yeah, could be!

T: yeah, another big lesson is backup plan, have the reserves which can take you out of the droughts. Okay… So, is there any significant lesson that you would like to take from her?

C: She was very loving and everybody loved her, and that is something … you know to get respect and love from an entire kingdom in such a young age is an achievement. And the fact that the people, the wealthy people in her kingdom came forward to help the queen is also a sign where she can depend on people, she can trust people around her, although the drought itself is an issue that queen has to handle, it’s not required to break her head all by herself, there are people to support. That’s the third one that I felt. You know somewhere the lack of regrets is coming from there.


My eyes are watery so…

T: It’s okay… no worries! Allow that to flow. It was a magnificent life that you lived. A very proud and satisfied life. Allow that to come. She is worth someone spending and investing time with.

C: Yes!


T: Once you feel ready to come back and leave her, I am right there.

C: Yeah, I said goodbye to her that time itself.

T: Beautiful!

End Time: 18:08 PM, back in the garden.

(The pain was gone, which she had before we started when she touches it’s there else she doesn’t feel it)

Insights from this life

  1. Be prepared, have a backup plan.

  2. The power lies within you, it might be latent right now, but it is there.

  3. It’s not required to break your head for everything, there are people to support.

Session 4 | 21/02/23 | 1:31 PM | 4:00 PM

Seema wasn’t ready in between the sessions, we had a 20 days gap here and she also got her leg fractured which created more resistance. She mentions procrastination here.

She mentioned she has got only one more hour as there was something important she had to attend to. So, I decided to do a visualization taking her to childhood, tracing procrastination patterns.

Progressive Relaxation & Visualization- 14:15 PM

Childhood Memory – 14:56 PM

T: Is there any memory coming up?

C: No (Nod)

T: Let’s go back to a time when you procrastinated?

C: …

T: Where are you right now? What’s happening around?

C: I am studying for a test, don’t know which test, there are books around me, and I am studying, a sense of urgency in my body language, looks like it is a last time preparation before the test.

T: Can you make it out what standard it is?

C: 6th

T: Shall we go a few days back when there is yet some time for the test?

C: Yes (Nod) …

T: What are you doing?

C: Playing with my brother

T: Is there anybody asking to study?

C: Yes, my mom.

T: Make the pictures clearer and the sound clearer in your mind. What do you say to your mom when she asks you to study?

C: That, I know it…. That I don’t have to study. That I have studied everything before. And I am hearing my mom asking me if I studied all the portions. I am saying, yes I did.

T: Okay… And did you really study all the portion?

C: Yeah I did, but one subject I mean, one chapter has got missed out which I wasn’t aware at that time and I was playing.

T: Okay… So, let’s go back a little back further, when your mom asked you to study. In this moment right now I want you to change your response. You’re saying your mom, yes mom, repeat with me, I am going to study right now. You’re right even though I have completed all the portions it’s better to be prepared. I must check if there is something I have missed. Thank you so much for reminding me.

And, now I want you to whatever game you were playing with your brother, leave that game and go to your study table. It’s done? Are you at your study table?

(I choose to add this step as in the last session, one of her major lessons from the life of the queen was to be prepared and have back up plan. She had advisors earlier and she listened to them which enabled her prepare better, I tried to ingrain that lesson here.)

C: Yes (Nod)

T: Beautiful! So, now revise all the study materials and you find that there was this one chapter you completely missed out. And you are being grateful to your mother that she reminded you. And thanks to her you are taking action right now. And, for a moment remind yourself, that I am an action taker.

C: Yes, I am an action taker.

T: I take advice, and by evaluating if it is something in my favour or not, I choose consciously. I let go my unconscious habits and patterns which takes me down, makes me procrastinate. I am choosing always to consciously take action. The thought arrives and I take the action now. I am taking the action now. I am an action-taker. Everything that I think I can achieve, I am achieving that because I am an action taker and I am proud of myself. (I asked the client to repeat these affirmations with me).

Very good! Let’s go back to your study, complete the chapter. Beautiful…

Awesome, could you finish the chapters?

C: Hmmm… yes (Nod)

T: And now let’s move a few days ahead, It’s the night before he exam. See how are you feeling now?

C: Relaxed.

T: Are you feeling confident?

C: Yeah

T: Is there any change in your body language as you said urgency earlier?

C: Yes, there is no urgency but a sense of responsibility, that I have revised everything before I go.

T: Maybe once again, you can sit on the study table and revise all the chapters.

C: Yes

T: Are you done?

C: Yes (Nod)

T: Beautiful, are you feeling confident now?

C: Yes

T: Beautiful… It’s the day of your test, see how are you feeling? How is it going?

C: It’s going well! I am able to write the answers.

T: Beautiful! Always remember we always have a choice. You had it earlier also, you have it now also.

Closing & Emerging- 15:14 PM

Insights during visualization

Client mentioned that during the visualization she got images and ideas of her logo and title of her book, the brand colors while the healing light experience came up.

She mentioned about this revelation about her mom that her mother has been always controlling, neve appreciated and acknowledged her.

The client felt rejuvenated and a sense of clarity on her next steps in career which she was seeking.

The pain level on 9 got decreased to 2 here.

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Good Morning Deepshikha,
Very well conducted session. The flow and structuring of the session is amazing.

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Congratulations Deepshika, the session was conducted so well, I had definitely bookmarked a few ways to navigate session, I am so glad the client found her answers. All the best !

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Thank you Karishma… glad that you found it helpful :blush:

Very Good Morning! Thank you :blush:!

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