Taming the Blood Sugar in a diabetic from 300 to 130 overnight

Being the diciple of Life, I wish to share the amazing power that herbal plants can lend us on our healing journey. The recent past few weeks have been an eye opening ones for me.

My father-in-law’s diabetes had gone out of control and his feet was at the verge of being amputated. (don’t wish to share the pic as its too gory.)

He has been diabetic for over 20 years and in the recent few months it was increasing to levels near 300 inspite of having been to several specalists in the field. He desists anything ayurvedic or natural ways of remedy and being from the Army, only trusts the allopathic medicine.

Since his body had stopped responding to the allopatic medicine and we had too do something immediately. My mother suggested he drink a kashayam made from a plant locally known as “Tippa Teega” in telugu and Amrutaballi in Kannada, also known as Giloy or Tinospora cordifolia when


Overnight his sugar levels have come under control stunning his diabetes specalists.

Now another amazing thing is that one of the relative has gifted us a plant called, “insulin” and the speciality of this plant is, it can bring sugar under control in an hour! Really! And it is not bitter unlike Giloy but sour like tamrind leaf.

Here is it’s pic but I don’t know what its actual name is but if anyone of you can figure it out that would be great.


Closer examination of this pic will reveal to you a leaf planted in the soil which germinates into a plant and has same magical healing properties for kidney. (Don’t know its name either)

Dr. Ash had shared an amazing session she had conducted for a diabetic client whoes sugar levels if I remember correctly were in the range of 400 and came to normal after PLR sessions. And she explained that it was due to the cortisol affecting insulin production. I cannot conduct PLR sessions for my father-in-law as he would like it to be in telugu and the lack of theraputic distance.

But I’d like to know if you know of any such herbal plants which are as amazing as these! Do

Note: Now I am sure that you all understand the fine print that this is not a medical adivce nor a replacemdnt for it :slight_smile:


Dried leaf powder of Stinging Nettle or Bichhoo booti ( Urtica dioica) is another highly effective herbal remedy for diabetes. One table spoon dried leaf powder stirred in 150 ml hot water and allowed to stand for 10-15 mnt before consumption.

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