The baby elephant

Session 1:

12th October, 2023 8:45 pm to 12:00 pm
Stages 1 to 4 was patiently done
History of the banker
This Session was done at the client’s home as he could not travel due to Cancer.

Mr. Ram [Name change]
Age: 72 years

A Banker: 38 years

He moved to Mumbai when he was 13 years old, along with his parents and siblings. His father’s business was not doing well. So he had a difficult childhood.

He had 3 brothers and 2 sisters. The 2nd brother passed away when he was very young. Client has only one memory of this brother.

Elder brother passed away at the age of 88 years due to multiple organ failure. April 2023.

Mother died in 1991 at the 65 years of age. One day his mother just collapsed, she was in the ICU for a day but passed away.

Father died of Throat/Jaw Cancer after a lot of suffering at the age of 54years in 1974.

Wife also died due to Liver Cancer in 2017 with a lot of sufferings, surgeries and pain.

A close relative also died of cancer. He underwent surgeries and chemo but could not be saved.

Now client is suffering with Thyroid cancer (38 yrs.) and a Tumor in his hip (Metastatic Cancer) that is restricting his walk and is in immense pain. The tumor has grown in size in one year.

Client has a son and a daughter. Both his children are well settled and happy. He is a supportive father.

He has good relations with his children.

His area of concern that still troubles him is the relationship of his wife and mother. His mother was very aggressive very insecure. Always nasty to everyone especially to his wife. One day he asked his mother what did she wanted. She said she wanted all his salary. At the time he was earning Rs. 500/- So he gave her Rs 250/- of his salary. His wife ran the house with half his salary yet his mother was not happy. Even as a child he was very scared of his mother. Still at this age also he dreams of his mother in her aggressive self but never dreams of his wife.

He has dreams often of his mother still. He has never seen his wife in his dream ever since she died. Whenever he dreamt of his mother she always came in her aggressive self. This always reminded him of the difficult childhood and the fear of his mother and father.

The client has held high and responsible position. He is good at handling stress and is able to make decision.

Through this PLR he wants to know why he has to suffer so much health wise.

Session 2:
Hypnotisability Score – 6/10

Dominant Sense – A-3/V-9/K-3

Eye Roll Score – 1

Pain Level – 8+

Session - 2

Date: 12th October, 2023 2:30pm to 5:00 pm

Stages 1 to 8 was done.

History was taken and theme finalized

Initial Theme Finalization : Why the suffering due to Cancer

This Session was done at the client’s home as he walks with help of a walking stick and could not travel long distance. He has a lot of pain in his left hip and the tumor restricts his walk.

Started the session by making the client comfortable. Checklist was done. The client had loss of hearing in his left ear hence had to lie down on my left so that he could listen to my instructions.

Music was played to which he gave a cynical laugh. IMR was cleared. Both of us prayed to our God and masters.

Progressive Relaxation and Deeping using Dave Elman. The client kept falling asleep during relaxation. I kept asking him, “Are you with me?” so that he would wake up. After nearly 1 hour 20 minutes. his forehead relaxed. He finally raised his finger to, “Are you feeling relaxed?”

Kept saying no to the Ball of Light, to the staircase. He couldn’t imagine nor visualize the garden.

The client was guided to a boat that he could visualize. Since the client’s VAK was 3,9,3 I kept guiding him to hear the sound of the water as the oars hit the water as the boat cut through the water.

T: What is coming to your awareness?

C: nothing.

T: Can you hear anything, anyone?

C: nothing

This carried on for 45 minutes.

The client was brought back to awareness.

After he went to the washroom and had water we sat discussed about his experience. He said throughout the session he had no pain in his tumor [otherwise he has a pulsating pain continuously.] His whole body felt light and floating.

He said during the relaxation period he kept getting vague visions like 1. I was washing utensils 2. I heard some conversation. He said he just shunned it as it was hampering his relaxation and thought it was of no significance. [although he was informed prior to the relaxation that he should share all the vision at any time.]

Step 3:

SESSION 3: Date – 13th October, 2023. 9:00 am to 12:30 pm

This Session was done at the client’s home as he walks with help of a walking stick and could not travel long distance.

Before the session the client informed that he was in pain. He had not had a good night’s sleep because he had to go to the washroom every 2 hours. [He is following naturopathy diet hence he has to release himself number of times day and night.]

Today the client looked tired.

Theme was agreed upon: Why the suffering due to cancer.

Started the session by making the client comfortable.

Checklist was done.

Music was played.

IMR was cleared.

Prayed before the process started

The client was relaxed using Dave Elman and Progressive Relaxation. The client kept fell into deep sleep during relaxation. As he was even snoring I did not wake him up. He slept for more than two hours. When he woke up he seemed fresh. He agreed to continue. So I relaxed him a little using progressive relaxation. He was guided to a happy memory.

T: What else is coming to your awareness?

C: I am alone.

T: Where are you?

C: I am traveling. I get the news that I have been promoted. I share the news with my brother, my wife and my Regional head. He is not happy about it. He thinks I had contacts who helped me with the promotion.

T: How do you feel?

C: I am very happy. My wife is also very happy.

T: [his expression changes] What is coming to your awareness?

C: Getting the bank job.

T: How old are you?

C: I am 23. I am very happy. My parents are also very happy.

T: What is happening now?

C: I am the Branch manager.

T: How old are you?

C: 45. I am watching if my staff is attending to the customers properly.

T: What else is coming to your awareness?

C: I am walking to a client. He is a company representative. I am able to bring his business for my branch. Head office has given the approval.

T: How do you feel.

C: I am feeling happy and proud. Others are happy too. It is a big account.

T: That’s good. Now may be you can go to another significant incident at the count of 3,2,1

C: I am giving loan to a school teacher. This is making the teacher happy.

T: How do you feel?

C: I feel proud. As my staff really troubled him. Although he does not qualify I have given the loan on my risk. I know he will be able to repay so I have given him the home loan.

T: Are you still at your office table?

C: Yes

T: When I count 3,2,1 may be you will walk towards the exit. Just before the exit you might find a flight of stairs. 3,2,1. Can you see the staircase?

C: Yes

T: As I count 10 to 1 may be you will reach base of the staircase. 10 …9… 1 Have you reached the base?

C: Yes

T: There are two doors, one to your right and one to your left. Which one do you choose

C: I choose the left one.

T: To the count of 1 you can open the door and walk through the door. 3, 2, 1. What is coming to your awareness?

C: It is a record room.

T: See if you can find anything that is of importance.

C: No only lot of files are there. Nothing important

[The client was guided to walk out of this room and go through the other door.]

T: What is coming to your awareness?

C: It is day time.

[The client informed that he was 50years of age. He had his shoes on and was walking]

C: A small elephant is coming towards me. It is standing and looking at me.

T: What is the elephant trying to tell you?

C: Justt looking at me.

T: May be if you will look closer you may recognize the elephant.

C: The vision is gone.

[We tried a little to get another vision but could not. My client had to have lunch, have medicine and sleep. So brought him back to awareness. He had his lunch and rested for some time. I let him sleep for 2 hours. ]

Session 4: 13th Oct 2023 2:30 pm to 5:00 pm
[Client was very eager to go through the session and get some answer to cause of his suffering. ]
Theme was the same as above
Checklist done.
IMR was cleared.
Prayed to our Gods and masters

The client was relaxed using Dave Elman and Progressive Relaxation. This time again my client fell into deep sleep. A very sound sleep. He did not snore this time. I recited the whole of progressive relaxation twice. When my client woke up his body felt light. Since he did not want to go through the visualization process I brought him back to awareness.