The Battle of Chittorgarh Fort

Friends - I’ am submitting my 4th case for your critical evaluation. I know all cases are unique, but till now, this case has been the most challenging one…once you read, you’ll know.

Also, I dedicate this PLR case to my mentor - Dr Daisaku Ikeda, who passed away recently. “NMHRK”

Thankyou So Much. :pray: :pray: :pray:

Name : CC
Age : 46 M
VAK : 8/2/5
Hypnotisability Score – 9/10
Eye Roll Score – 2/4
Session 1
Date : 13th November 23 || Time : 11:30am to 3pm || Duration : 3hrs30mins
Stages 1 to Stages 6
History Taking
Client is well educated, engineer and is a Lord Hanumanji worshipper. Client has been worshipping Hanumanji for many years. Whenever he is in a challenging situation, by reciting Sundar Kand Path, he is able to resolve the same.
Client is having a problem of loneliness.
Client is married, had an inter lingual marriage. Have two children – One son and one daughter.
Client doesn’t have a strong relationship with anybody since childhood. All relationship except one has ended in an argument, initiated by the client, out of intolerance of others and anger.
Client doesn’t have a close friend with whom he can share his deepest emotions, not even with his wife.
Client has some dislike towards Muslims.
Client’s job is away from home since beginning of work. Initially it was about 500kms from home, then about 200kms from home and now about 350kms from home.
Client is into meditation and more often than not, all of a sudden, goes into philosophical/abstract thinking and retracts himself from conversation in a group. This affects his relationship in group dynamics and his reputation within the group/friends/peer circles.
This is also affecting his family life with bonding/relationship with wife and children.
Wife too suffering from hormonal changes after surgery, and hence not helping to streamline the cause.
Client has visuals of the holocaust that happened in Chittorgarh Fort in the year 1568, with many people being killed and many women committing Jauhar (Self immolation) to keep their pride intact.
Client begrudges himself as an inner voice always tells him that You are a timid fellow, You are an escapist, You are total failure, Just to make a meaningful existence you want to get attached to a significant event in history.
Client wears an ear stub and a kada on hand, like many Rajputs, but his explanation is that he wears it as a symbol of shame, which comes from his begrudging thoughts.
Client feels like at home, in Chittorgarh Fort. When he arrived at Chittorgarh city, from his official assignment, as he got down from the bus, first thing that he did was to kneel down and kiss the ground of Chittorgarh.
When he visits the Chittorgarh Fort, and he observes the ruins, he feels an inner voice tells him “Yehi Pe Maa Beti ki Cheekhe hai (Here are the screams of Mothers and daughters); Yehi pe Bhaiyon ka khoon hai (Here lies the blood stains of your brothers) Tu ek Nirlaj ki tarah phir aa gaya (You came back again like a shameless person)
Client has a recurring dream of a friendly tiger, which is attacking others but not him.
Client has a fear of darkness and ghosts.
Client’s favourite place in Chittorgarh Fort is Jauhar Sthal and Kumbha Mahal.
Client has been lighting candles every Diwali at Chittorgarh Fort for last 10yrs+.
Client on one hand is having a great attachment with Chittorgarh Fort, sacrifices done here by various peoples….similarly he has a great respect for army people….but he doesn’t have any emotion attached to the historical happenings of other forts like Amer Fort in Jaipur, Jailsalmer Fort , Jodhpur Fort.
On the other hand, Client is also attracted towards the life of a sadhu (detachment)…wants to be in a spiritual path.

Session 2
Date 13th November 2023 || Time 15:30hrs to 18:30hrs || Duration : 180 mins
Stages Completed : Stages 7 to 12
Theme Finalised – Fear of Confrontation
Induction followed by Visualisation
Dave Elman – 15:35 to 16:05
Progessive Relaxation – 16:05 to 16:45
Ball of Light – 20mins (Yellowish Light was seen)
Brought the Client to Garden.
From the garden did present time happy memories.
The client could go to the few happy memories of this life time.
From the garden, the client was taken to the cliff for reframing.
Client could go to the cliff, saw two metal boxes, one big and one small, but couldn’t do the reframing. He couldn’t visualize or experience/feel any traumatic experience from this lifetime, whereas he actually had many.
So client was tried to be taken back to the garden, but he couldn’t go back to the garden. He couldn’t visualize it.
Client said he could see nothing. He felt darkness. He could hear the sound of the room’s fan, humming of the AC and then he felt that his body is feeling very heavy. He said that his both arms and legs felt paralysed and heavy and he is very relaxed…relaxed like never before. (Later on he said that he didn’t have any thoughts and he was super relaxed)
He was tried to be taken to garden again but he couldn’t visualize the garden. He saw a flash of the garden and then felt the garden is very far off.
Then he again came back to the recliner and then felt that his body is not there only his head is there and he wanted to stay in that moment as he was feeling very relaxed.
After about 7 minutes he was again tried to be taken to the garden and then to a past life but he couldn’t visualise the garden nor could he go to any past life.
He was then emerged as per protocol.
(Post Session the client said he couldn’t see anything after the happy moments but he felt himself in a very high state of relaxation)

Session 3
Date : 13th November 2023 || Time : 19:00 – 21:10 || Duration : 130mins
Induction : Dave Elman + Progressive Relaxation – 50mins
Visualisation : Ball of Light
When ball of light reached till hips, the client started shaking his head vigorously.
T : This is what the therapist said
C : This is what the Client said.
C : (Shaking his head). I cannot go.
T : Where you cannot go?
C : He is telling not go for Past Life Regression.
T : Who is telling not to go.
C : A voice. It was very clear. He said “Wahan nahi jaana hai tujhe. Mat Jaa”
T : Ok. Please tell me what do you perceive.
C : Nothing.
T : Please feel around. Please tell whose presence do you feel.
C : Nobody.
T : (After probing around for 3-4 mins for anybody’s presence or feeling) At the count of 3-2-1, you may go to that significant lifetime from where your fear for confrontation had developed. 3-2-1
What is coming to your awareness.
C : A wheat field. A mud house. A mud road. Everything is empty. Im sleeping on a stone bench near the field and the house. Im an old man. I have spotted white beard.
T : What is your name
C : Don’t know
T : What is this place called.
C : Don’t know.
T : Who else is with you.
C : No one. Its empty place. (Later Client told me that he has seen a lady coming towards the house, he knows her, and she is the same lady from this lifetime, who was his neighbor where the client stayed about a year back and the lady had filed a police case against the client for cutting a common tree in the backyard, with whom the client shared the boundary wall)
T : At the count of 3-2-1, A thought will flash for you, telling you the name and the place. 3-2-1
C : Nothing.
T : Are you a male or female.
C : Male
T : What footwear are you wearing
C : No footwear. Im barefoot.
T : OK. At the count of 3-2-1, you will go to the moment of death of this life.
3-2-1. What do you perceive.
C : Im floating. Im above the clouds.
T : Do you perceive anybody with you.
C : No
T : Please feel around, you will feel the presence of your soul guide.
C : After about 3-4 minutes, Nothing. Nobody is here.
T : What do you feel was the lesson of this lifetime.
C : (After sometime, shaking his head) Don’t know.
T : (After spending few minutes when nothing emerged), at the count of 3-2-1, you will go to the next significant lifetime from where the fear of confrontation emerged. 3-2-1
What do you perceive?
C : A stone road. A mud house. It doesn’t have any door.
T : Who else is with you.
C : No one.
T : Where are you.
C : On the road. Im seeing from the top.
T : What is the distance between you and the road
C : 10-12feet.
Then the client shakes his head vigorously and tells this is all his imagination.
T : No problem. Lets get on with your imagination. What else do you imagine or perceive.
C : Nothing. Its all empty.
: Then again the client says he is now in the present and is hearing the fan sound and the humming of the AC.
T : Now, at the count of 3-2-1, you will again go back to the same life time where you saw the stone road. 3-2-1
T : What do you perceive
C : The stone road. The mud house.
T : Where is the stone road leading to
C : The fort (later the client confirmed that the stone road is leading to the Chittorgarh Fort. He could see few people but couldn’t recognize them. Also one of the gates of the Fort was intact (today it is broken))
T : Please go inside the mud house.
C : After going inside. Its empty. No one is there.
T : Please see there is a mirror on the wall. What do you see.
C : Camel
T : Look down. How many legs do you have
C : Four legs. (Later the client confirmed he could see two front legs of the camel)
T : What do you perceive inside the house
C : Nothing (Later the client confirmed that he could see his present day wife inside the house. She was very old having streaks of white hair, wearing a colourful Ghagra Choli and then she vanished)
The Client then again came back to the present room on the recliner and informed that he is very exhausted. He didn’t want to go further in any life times and expressed his desire to get emerged.
Accordingly the client was emerged as per the protocol.

Session 4
Date : 14th November 2023 || Time – 16:00 – 20:15 || Duration : 255mins
Prior to starting the session, had a discussion with the client regarding the theme. It was felt that the root cause of the client’s discomfort, rationale, attitude stems from his past where Chittorgarh Fort may have been playing a crucial role. The client confirmed that he has been to Jodhpur Fort, Amer Fort (Jaipur), Jaisalmer Fort, but these forts donot evoke any emotional attachment at all. Hence it was mutually agreed to go with the theme of his past connection with Chittorgarh fort. (This part was added to the history taking after session 3)
Client was Inducted through Dave Elman and Progressive Relaxation and followed by Shower of Light Visualisation (This time client couldn’t visualize ball of light but could perceive the shower of light – The shower of light was white in colour.) Then in the garden and from garden through a bridge into a past life.
T : (When sitting on the bench in garden). You may look to your right hand side, you will find a staircase which is leading to the cliff. Please go towards the staircase and you may get on the cliff.
C: Indicating through IMR that he has reached the Cliff.
T : On the far side of the cliff, there is a bridge. Are you able to see the bridge?
C : Yes
T : As you walk towards the bridge, and continue walking on the bridge, I will count from 3-2-1. At the count of 1, you may find yourself at that significant lifetime in which you were connected to the Chittorgarh Fort for the first time. 3-2-1
What is coming to your awareness at the moment.
C : Water, a river, bridge, cantilever bridge. Sky, Black Cloud. Im standing at the side of the river. River is flowing down the cliff.
T : Please look down. What are you wearing
C : Boots. Blue colour overcoat.
T : Are you male or female
C : Male. White. Brown hair
T : What is your name
C : Charles
T : Do you feel anybody’s presence around you. You may feel around you and check.
C : No. Nobody is here.
T : Any thoughts or message you perceive.
C : No
T : (After allowing few moments and understanding nothing else to be understood), At the count of 3-2-1, you may go to the next significant event in this lifetime…3-2-1
(While the instruction was to go to a significant event in that life time, however the client went to a different lifetime)
What is coming to your awareness, AAA?
C : Temple, Kalash. I see an old man with beard. He is the Pujari.
T : Which place is it?
C : Gomukh (Initially I thought it was Gomukh in Gangotri but later when the client was describing fight, it dawned on me that Chittorgarh Fort too has a Gaumukh kund and the client was referring to it, which was confirmed by the client after the session)
T : What are you wearing
C : Im a muslim. Im wearing a black churidar.
(suddenly the client is shifting his body to avoid something and then started crying. Clients facial epression was fully disturbed with fear. I was observing the clients breathing which was quite normal and hence didn’t say or take him away from the event)
T : What is it that you are seeing.
C : There is killing everywhere. The pujari is being killed. The women and men are being killed and raped. The children are getting killed.
T : What year it is
C : (Very clearly) Samvat 1691.
: The pujari is being killed. A sword is pushed from his back. A dark churidar (later the client said it seems he had killed the pujari)
Then the client starts crying like a baby. They are taking away Lata (Name changed – Lata is client’s present lifetime’s wife). Im down on the ground. I cannot move. One horse-rider came and picked up Lata and ran away, I couldn’t do anything.
(After few moments, crying stopped, on asking what is coming in to his awareness, the Clients says) I am now looking from top, killing and loot still continues.
(After few moments, the client moves above the clouds and sees a light)
C : I am seeing a light.
T : Please go towards the light. Your soul guide is there to meet you.
C : (After some time) The light is asking me to go away. (and then the light goes away.
T : What is happening now.
C : the light has gone. He didn’t want to talk to me. Im now in this room.

T : ok. At the count of 3-2-1, you will again go back to the light and ask for forgiveness. 3-2-1 Whom do you perceive around you.
C : Jesus. I see a statue of Jesus and a church.
T : Please go inside the church
C : (After few moments….) Work, Work, Work, Work, Work, Work, Work, Work, Work
No family
(All of a sudden, client almost roared in anger and told that “No one will live with you” No forgive ness.)
(Later Client confirmed that initially there was a voice which came very loud and clear that he needs to work and work and work. Then all of a sudden, the voice turned very angry and said that nobody will live with you because you have committed such a sin. You are destined to be alone. Then the voice calmed down, as Client was constantly asking for forgiveness. Then the voice told that you have committed sin so you will have to suffer this life and forgive. And then the light vanished.
T : After some time (what are you feeling now).
C : I am into this room
T : Okay. At the count of 3-2-1, you will again go to that Life between Life state and you will find your soul guide there. 3-2-1
C : Hanumaji has come.
(Clients voice changed and he started saying in a very angry manner)
Neech – Paapi – Dusht.
Nasht kar doonga. Jala doonga sab.
(Client on being silent for some time)
T : What do perceive now. What is Hanumanji saying
C : Hanumanji went away.
Im now in this room.
T : Okay. At the count of 3-2-1, you will again go that Life between Life state and you will find your soul guide there. 3-2-1 (I didn’t finish this sentence, from mid way the client cramped up himself on the recliner, closed his fist tightly and started saying in a loud voice

C : Akhand Brahmachari. Om Namah Hanumate Bhay Bhanjanaya sukham kuru phat swaha.(He recited this beej mantra thrice)
Im now in this room.
T : Did you find answer to your queries.
C : Yes
T : Would you like to go back to the Masters for further clarification?
C : I want to come out
The Client was emerged as per the protocol

The client explained that initially when Hanumanji came, it was like a black shadow and he was very angry. Second time when he came, he was with a golden halo and he felt that he was asked to follow Akhand Bhramachari. Not to indulge in any pleasures and work and work and work. It is at that time, automatically he started reciting the Hanuman beej mantra.
Inference and Closure
Therapist wanted to do another session next day but client felt that it was not needed.
Client was repeating again and again that he had done something very bad not fit for a human being. He must have committed a huge sin. He has to now work without any indulgence in luxury.

Therapist’s Explanation and Closure
The client was explained that all human beings have committed grievous crimes, bad karmas in their previous lifetimes and it is a part of human evolution. Hence no need to begrudge himself.
Its evident that your soul guide is protecting you from THE EVENT which has created this karma, as it seems you are not yet ready to absorb it.
It is also evident, that you are continuing in the same pattern in this lifetime too and you are totally unaware. Hence to make you aware, the so called harsh language, scolding was used. (Like we slap a person who is unconscious to bring him into consciousness/present awareness)
However, at the last stage soul guide ensured his presence with a golden halo and also gave the path/direction about how to purify/come out of this.
Your non liking of muslims in this lifetime stems from the fact that you didn’t like yourself for killing a hindu pujari and hence your subconscious mind started disliking muslims in this lifetime. It’s a clear karmic pattern.
You were a participant in the Chittorgarh Fort war. You couldn’t stop the enemies from taking away your love (present day wife), and this helplessness got embedded in your subconscious mind, leading to begrudging yourself and admonishing yourself, in this lifetime, apparently for no reason.
So, whatever has happened – has happened – it was in some previous lifetimes. You now know the reasons for the thoughts and feelings that is getting generated now. You also know that by reading Sundarkand Path, you are always taken to the right path by Hanumanji, who is your soul guide. He ahs also given you the beej mantra and the Akhand Brahmachari path for expiating your karma.

Practical meaning of Akhand Brahmachari
Client was explained the concept of Nine Consciousness in Buddhism. They are

  1. First Five Consciousness : Five Sense Organs – Sense of touch, sight, hearing, Smell, and taste - depict the first 5 consciousness
  2. Sixth Consciousness : Integration of these 5 senses to give a recognition is the 6th consciousness (eg Smell of rose, hotness of the water, coldness of the ice etc)
  3. Seventh Consciousness : Uniqueness or Individual identity – For eg On seeing a rose, ‘A’ will think of rose day in college, while ‘B’ will think of the thorn prick that he had while handling a rose. OR while a husband and wife is taking an afternoon nap and the door bell rings – Husband may think that it a courier/postman while the wife may think that maid has come early. So event is same but it triggers different thoughts/emotions in different people who are participating in the same event. This is the 7th Consciousness.

When a person dies, all the above 7 consciousness also dies along with the body.
4. Eighth Consciousness/Alaya Consciousness or Karmic Storehouse – It is like a blank CD with infinite memory which keeps on storing all the data ie karma from our first life time to the present. These data/karma/memory can be accessed randomly if one is able to do so.
5. Ninth Consciousness – Pure Consciousness. Divine Consciousness. Absolutely pure. It is not affected by the Karma, swirling above, in the 8th consciousness. When we chant Nam Myo Ho Renge Kyo, (or when we do meditation, or sadhana – my view) we can directly tap into the 9th consciousness and are able to purify other layer of consciousness.

Both 8th and 9th Consciousness survives physical death and is attached to the other 7 consciousness on rebirth.

Thus, howsoever bad karma one has created in his/her previous life time, through this concept of 9 consciousness, one can expiate all the negative karma in this lifetime itself.
So, when Hanumanji had directed to be Akhand Bhramachari, it doesn’t mean to leave your family and go to Himalaya and do penance - what it meant was to from now onwards, direct your life towards sadhana by accessing the 9th consciousness and purifying the other consciousness. While going, Hanumanji has also shown his Golden halo and given the beej mantra for sadhana, to come out of this challenge.

Recommendations to the Client
The client was suggested to

  1. Recite the Beej Mantra as much as possible
  2. Recite Hanuman Chalisa, Sundar Kand path regularly.
  3. Not to get angry on persons just because he/she is not aligned to your thoughts.
  4. Not to begrude himself.
    Pain Level on 15th November 2023 – 4
    Client is now more relaxed, understand the core issues and is happy.

oh! that is really interesting but tough case. While reading I was so curious to know the client’s connection with Chittorgarh fort, I also visited this fort yrs. back and it was heart wrenching to know the Jauhar event happened here, we met a guide in the fort who told all this history in detail and that was the time when the movie 'Padmaavat had released.
It seems that client is not ready right now (sub consciously) to know the bad karma or it is too heavy for him to know.
May be he will get ready after some sadhana (meditation)

Still you maintained so much of patience! as a professional therapist .Congarts :star2: :star2: :star2: :clap: :clap: :clap:


Superb! Deepak…
See how the superconcious was playing fool and was applying inertia not to change or attempt to change but them the soul guide used the hard tactics to make his straighten!
Things are being so clear now, how KARMA works so beautifully and nothing is hidden from it and you will suffer if you are the cause in the previous life time…
Soul is religion agnostic…if this gets into people’s mind do you think we would witness what we are witnessing today in the world?


Hello @deepakchaks, wonderful session :woman_teacher:
You did an excellent job👍. It requires a lot of patience, especially when the initial responses were all blackness and nothing significant was visible.

I wonder if Lord Hanuman Ji is sending all his devotees to you as your clients :joy:

Seriously, I’m so surprised to see that every client of yours experiences Lord Hanuman’s presence.

I hope this time also, I will dream about Hanuman as I read your case :laughing:"

It is so natural to feel that way for your client when he experiences something like that and I like all your closure suggestions and recommendations given to your client.:card_index:

And finally congratulations on completing your 4th case! :clap:
Kudos to your dedication :clap:


Wow, Deepak. It’s such an interesting session and executed excellently.
Every session of you has a Divine Hanuman ji’s darshan. You are truly a blessed soul. Thank you for explaining to us in detail ‘Nine Consciousness in Buddhism’, the way you have explained to your client the correlation between Akhand Bhramachari and the 9th consciousness of Buddhism is commendable. Lots to learn from you.
Best wishes and loads of love from your soul sibling.
Sindhu :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: :heart:


Nam Myoho Renge Kyo
Totally agree its a tough case. It’s difficult to give explaination to client if master spirt/hanuman gets angry. You have made him understand using 9 consciousness which is quite innovative.


Thanks Dr Shipra for the comments, appreciation and replying with this beauuuttiiiiiiiful pic of Chittorgarh Fort. With Rgds/Deepak

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Thanks a ton Ananda for your comments and appreciation. Subconcious many a times tests us (both clients and therapists). Rightly said. With Regards/Deepak

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Thanks Prashanthi for your indepth comments and appreciation. God Bless you for dreaming about Lord Hanumanji. You are a blessed soul. With Regards/Deepak

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Thanks Sindhuja for your appreciation. It really means a lot to me. Rgds/Deepak

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Thanks Aditi for your appreciation. Rgds/Deepak

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Thanks for conducting this session and sharing beloved @deepakchaks
This is a typical case of place triggered past life memory.

This was a crucial point where we as therapist could have promoted I of IDT. Then the KMF could have been expanded through classic pattern to ensure nothing residual was left out. Request you to kindly read the workbook, followed by “Why me” and the Handbook for PLR therapists by Dr. Winafred Blake before conducting any further sessions.