The bullet journal

Thanks to Dr Venu and Murali for introducing the beautiful and effective concept to us all. Sharing the soft copy of the book for ref and implementation.

Happy Journalling !!

Moneshthe-bullet-journal-method-track-the-past-order-the-present-design-the-future-pdf.pdf (1.7 MB)


Thankyou for sharing @Monesh_Bathre!

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Thanks Monesh for sharing. Need to really get into this habit of
journaling. :blush:

Thanks a lot Monesh for sharing the link and thanks a lot to Murli for introducing us to a new concept. It was an excellent presentation and I don’t think I have to read the book after listening to Murli.

However, I have a doubt and I could not get it clarified on Sunday due to paucity of time. If someone can claify it,

The doubt is regarding using this concept in the Integration stage. I would be grateful if someone could enlighten me about this.

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Dear Arvind ji, The suggestions given in integration stage are situational. It will make sense to suggest The Bullet Journal Method when clients are constantly struggling to manage time, struggling to be connected with reality in the present and/or, struggling to have a clear plan for the day, week, month and year ahead. Otherwise not.

Thanks a lot Murli for the clarification. It is now clear to me. Regards.

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