The incomplete journey of unfulfilled desires …

After the PLR workshop ended on 15 August; I was eager, ready and willing to regress anyone & anything, that would submit to me anywhere & wherever. The “Client”, in this case Hasan, was a ‘Friend’ of a friend. Somebody whose faith did not permit belief in rebirth. “PLR is, against the WILL of the almighty according to the diktats of his religion”; or so he believes.
This was not a regular PLR(T) to begin with; also, this was not a planned session. Therefore, the mandated 15 stages were not executed as ordained.

After 24x5 days of PLR learning; here I was listening to religious gyan about there being no rebirth. At first, I was being indifferent; rather I was too de-stressed / relaxed with 2x-5x-10x relaxation by Venu; to bother bcoz his belief did not matter to me and he was entitled to it as much as I was to mine. Moreover, I was not in the business of PLR nor the torch bearer for PLR; so, Vat the hell!

But, by 17th afternoon his ranting felt like an assault on my intelligence. I felt like I was a bloody fool having wasted my 5 days at the workshop; not to mention the costs incurred and loss of earnings because I chose to attend the workshop.

After having heard him for 2 days; I made an offer to him, rather it was a muted challenge. I said,
the belief that you are stressing upon was meant for a different Time frame and a different set of audience. The world has, since moved on…
…. Forget the term PLR; bcoz you don’t want to believe in rebirth. We’ll see life as a continuum. Death if encountered, we will consider it as a calendar event, like your ‘birth date’. So, without disturbing your antipathy towards the idea of rebirth, we’ll explore your subconscious self and do an RCA for whatever conflicts / issues you have and there’ll be only two possible outcomes EITHER YOUR BELIEF IS CORRECT; OR, IT IS ERRONEOUS.

The sense of camaraderie, laid-back friendly, fun filled atmosphere evaporated; there was palpable tension. Then our common friend Bawa coxed him to try PLR. Now, if you can, imagine (depending on your individual VAK scores) how a true blood ‘Bawa’ would speak …. Just Do it.

Next day morning our friendly indomitable bawa started it again … In my own mind; I was like, why did I have to do this… The workshop had ended on 15 August and this was happening on 18 August. The rogue gang had conned Hasan into submission.

About the case
Hassan, is aged about 48 years. Unmarried, Mumbai born; now lives somewhere in Central India. Has post-grad qualifications. Has a technical flair (hands on) for automobiles and other equipment, keen interest in ML, AI etc. Is employed with a production house. Is an avid reader, traveller; enjoys good food, good chillum and good company.

Hasan is enamoured with a girl, rather a woman now, Shirin, is her name; recently widowed during the pandemic. Shirin is a distant relative of Hasan. No bar operates, if the two were to marry. Friends who know Shirin is Hasan’s weak spot, don’t miss a chance to tease him. Therefore, the single word ‘Theme’ as decided by the rogue gang was Shirin. To elaborate further, expectations were, what are Hasan’s Chances?
How funny it was, the crowd as also Hasan, wanting a FLP outcome from a PLR session.

I was not bothered about Hasan’s VAK (i.e. if I have understood VAK properly) I was worried about his hypnotisability; an intelligent person with strong religious dogmatic beliefs was a genuine worry about his being resistant. To make matters worse, was my much less than necessary skills, in PLR and a little more, than needed over-confidence to conduct the session. An ideal combination for a perfect goof up. Pain needless to say must have been higher than highest. When there are four rogues confronting your belief surely there has to be pain.
In hindsight (6x6 vision), everything that should not have been done was done and some necessary dos & don’ts were foolishly skipped. BUT THE ATTEMPT SURPRISED ONE AND ALL.

1 : ND, 2 : D, 3 : D, 4 : D (Verbal, no documentation), 5 : PD (estimated),
6 : PD (in general nothing specific), 7 : ND, 8 : D (not discussed, decided by the crowd),
9 : ND, 10-14 : ND, 15: ND

Abbreviations & Conventions
D : Done, ND : Not done, NR : Not required, PD : Partially done,
H : Hasan, VD: Vagabond’s Diary
My Own Notes and Whatever I Felt / Thought at that Moment in Time are

Session starts at 1100 Hrs or thereabout.

I started with an extempore pep talk which essentially implied,
whatever be the outcome, it is not going to be the end of the world.
I don’t remember the exact words but I do remember ending my gyan session with,
"Welcome to a new experience you never imagined!
You have Known Me for more than 24 hours now. So be assured You’re Safe with Me and others present here”

[I am sure there was turbulence in Hasan’s mind; his looks said it all, he was continuously trying to evaluate me and the rogue gang was booting up for some fun at our expense i.e. Me & Hasan]

Hasan was taken into trance using D Elman / F’nation / Prog Relxn. After about 30 - 45 minutes or so I lifted his hand and let it drop (as if) under gravity to confirm Hasan was in trance. Of course, his breathing also indicated the same. I was continuing with the relaxation routine when our friend the indomitable Bawa said, ‘ye toh sala so gaya’
While, the comment was disturbing; it made me aware of the risk that, Hasan could actually go to sleep if I continued with excessive relaxation.

The Session
We (all the friends) were in a garden. The expanse of the Universe was my studio.
VD : Hasan what is your awareness now ?.. are you seeing anything?
H : I am in the garden [Wonder if there could have been any other answer? If Y then what could be done?]
VD : I’ll count from 3 - 1 …at the count of 1,
I want you to go to any place in this garden, that you feel comfortable….
[This was my improvisation]
VD : What is your awareness now? …. What are you seeing?
H : I am sitting under a tree …. A little away there is this bright patch of sunlight ……
At a distance I can see some tree … some flowers …
[His eyes were closed breathing was indicative of his being in trance. But what he described was not very far away from where we were. To make matters worse one of the friends commented, “ye toh Buddha ban gaya, jhad ke neeche baitha hai”
Since Hasan mentioned the bright patch, I chose to do another improvisation]

VD : Hasan imagine … visualise you have your backpack on your shoulders…
It feels very heavy and is discomforting …
I’ll count from 3 – 1 at the count of 1, I want you to remove your
backpack off your shoulders …
How do you feel now?
H : It feels nice … shoulders are aching slightly …
but they feel light … feeling good
VD : Hasan, I’ll count from 3 - 1 …
at the count of 1, I want you to Go to the bright patch of sunlight….
And from your backpack … remove all your opinions, ….
all your presumptions, …. your dislikes, …. and everything else
that you don’t need ….but you have been carrying all along ….
Spread out these contents of your backpack in the bright patch of sunlight….
empty your backpack on the ground ….
Is your backpack empty ?
H : IMR confirmation
VD : Now, As I count from 10 – 1 … with each count, I want you to see …imagine
these contents from your backpack are evaporating with the heat of sunlight ….
At the count of 1 there’ll be nothing left.
Are the contents all gone … vanished?
H : Yes
VD : What are you experiencing?
H : …. Feeling light …. Feeling good
VD : Hasan now allow me to take you to a significant event that
has impacted your life …
now as I count from 5 - 1 …
at the count of 1, I want you to go back in time
to any incident that has impacted your life.
What are you experiencing now
H : I am in my room, …. my family is all ready to attend a marriage
VD : When was this?
H : December …… 1995 ?
VD : Where is your room?
H : My parents house … 4 Bunglows
VD : Who else is there in the room with you?
H : No one … they are all excited about the marriage and
their new clothes
VD : What are you doing?
H : I am just lying on my bed
VD : Why?
H : The marriage is of a distant cousin ….
VD : What’s your cousin’s name ?
H : Shirin
[one from the rogue gang whistles when Shirin is mentioned]
VD : Why aren’t you attending the marriage?
S I L E N C E [Hasan looks pensive]
[bawa scolds me, “tere ko akkal hai kya?”]
H : I wanted to marry her.
VD : So, why did you not marry her?
[again comment from the rogue gang: uska jale mein namak dal raha hai]
[I switch back to the breathing routine asking Hasan to take deep breath and feel the wave of relaxation from his head to toe. Also instruct him that any sound other than my voice will take him deeper into relaxation]
VD : Did you ever tell her or your Parents?
H : YES, …. it seems she refused bcoz I smoke ……
and somebody told her I take drugs…
But that is not true…
VD : Any reason you liked …. Loved Shirin?
H : In our family she is the most educated ……
She is beautiful ……and carries herself well ….
she has an air of superiority ……
… I wanted her … to bear my children.
[Hasan’s face looked as if he’d begin to cry… Actually all this while I was confused, wondering if he is going to suddenly sit up and mockingly tell me he was simply playing along and was never in trance. Considering also that, there were regular disturbance from the (monitoring) rogue gang]
VD : I can understand your pain …
know that this is not real ….
It is an experience from your past
Breath in and feel 2 times more relaxed……
We’ll go further back in time ….
I’ll count from 3 – 1 ….
At the count of 1, I want you to go to the point
in time when you first met Shirin
What are you experiencing … Seeing? ….
Do you hear anything ?
H : I am in my room …. my cousin has come to my room ….
He has come with other guests and relatives….
VD : Is this the same room? …
H : No
VD : Where is this room?
H : Bengal ….
VD : What year is this?
H : 1945 … 42 I think … or maybe 44
[Now this was a quantum leap from free India to India under British rule]
VD : Why did your cousin come to you?
Do you know him from your present life?
H : Yes …. Shirin’s husband.
My cousin is telling me about this lady
who has come to see me for her daughter ….
a family friend had suggested that I am a suitable match
VD : Has the lady come with her daughter?
[Me and the gang thought the daughter is present day Shirin]
H : No …. she’s come with her husband
and my cousins parents…
VD : You know this lady from present Life [I don’t know why I asked].
H : YES …. She is Shirin
VD : Did you talk to this lady?
What’s her name in this life?
H : No. … But I told my cousin ….
forget her daughter. I’ll marry her …
My cousin tells me ….
If she was not married…. I’d marry her
[now this was getting interesting]
VD : What’s her name?
H : Parveen
VD : What’s your name?
H : Ahmed
VD : Is Parveen beautiful? …
What do you like about her?
H : Yes … She is fair like milk ….
She looks young … got full rounded breasts…
VD : Did you get married?
H : Yes
VD : Let’s move ahead in this same life, when I count from 3 – 1,
at the count of 1 you’ll go to another
significant point in Time when you are married
What is your awareness now?
H : There are relatives at home … I got married …
Aapa and my cousin are teasing me…
VD : Married to Parveen?
H : No … to her daughter.
VD : Is your wife as beautiful as Parveen?
H : No …. she looks like her father … but she is educated ….
she does accounts
VD : Why was Aapa teasing you?
[Seems like Hasan/Ahmed is not sure if he wants to say why, looks happy but with a slight hint of restlesness]
H : I cut the chord… I was carrying a blade…
S I L E N C E A G A I N…
VD : What chord was this… Ahmed,
Why did you have to cut it?
H : Zenat and her friends had put too many knots …
so that I can not remove her salwar…
so I cut it… my friend had given me the blade …
VD : Who is Zeenat ?
H : My wife, …. she is arrogant … disrespectful towards my mother …
VD : Do you know zeenat in your present life?
H : Yes …
VD : Who is she … a relative … a friend ?
H : No … She is a B … she is an airhostess … has lots of attitude
VD : Why is zeenat arrogant …disrespectful?
H : …bcoz her family is wealthy ……
She is also elder to me
VD : Before marriage your family did not check out the girl?
H : They did …. but my parents are greedy ….
They agreed ….because Zeenat is the only child ….
so all the property would come to us …
after her parents are dead.
VD : I understand your distress … but I want you to know
you are experiencing a past memory. … Breath in … relax……
Let us move ahead in this life…
as I count from 3 – 1 … I want you to go to a
significant point in time after your marriage to Zeenat
H : I am alone at home … Parveen has come home.
Zeenat is not at home …. she has gone out ….
Parveen is angry
VD : Why? …
H : I have touched her inappropriately……
[Bawa comments, ‘sala saas ko line marta hai’ Unfortunately reading will not give the Parsi tonal flavour. While others smiled, Hasan looked pensive & stressed]
She says this is haram …. Allah does not forgive zina ….
she is giving me sermons about fearing Allah….
VD : Why did you do this?
H : She is attractive…. I got excited ….
Just wanted to feel her… I …. I am telling her
this is not haram … it is not forbidden ….
She’s saying I’ll bring her a bad name …
She is …. she has left home ….
[the gang is silent nobody expected this … Until today morning, PLR was just a fun discussion]
VD : what Time is it?
H : It is still daylight … maybe 4 or 5 in the evening
VD : Let’s move ahead in this same life,
when I count from 3 – 1, at the count of 1
you’ll go to another significant point in Time
where you and Parveen are present.
What is your awareness now??
H : I am at her home ….
VD : Where is this place?
H : Begumganj …. There is a crowd assembled …
VD : Where in Hyderabad or Lucknow?
H : No, …. this is Bengal…. Noakhali …,
VD : Whate date is this ?
[Bengal and Noakhali was ringing bells in my mind so I ask for the date]
H : 1946,…. Looks like October
[The famous Bengal riots took place around this time]
VD : Do you see anybody you know from present life?
H : Yes … Anna is there ….
I think Shibu is also there … looks like him
[Anna is part of our rogue gang. Shibu a school friend was killed in road accident in 2014]
VD : Why the crowd? Do you hear anything?
H : Rafiq is dead …., there is talk that he has been killed …
VD : Who is Rafiq?
H : Rafiq … my F-I-L …. husband of Parveen
VD : Why Rafiq has been killed?
H : Rafiq is the local leader,
VD : Where is Parveen?
H : she is inside …. she is avoiding to look at me.
VD : Chalo let us move further ahead….
At the count of 1 go to another significant event
in this same life time ….
VD : Where are you now?
H : I have come to meet my wife…
VD : Where is your wite?
H : at her mother’s place….
She stayed back with her mother after Rafiq was killed.
VD : What time is this?
H : January….
VD : Which year?
H : 1946…. No it is 1947
VD : What are you experiencing?
[Hasan / Ahmed looks disturbed]
VD : Breathe in …. relax
H : There Is a big fight, …… my wife is shouting, ….
my M-I-L is crying ….
VD : Why?
H : I asked M-I-L to stay with us…
bcoz M-I-L is now alone ….
My M-I-L says …. she does not trust me ….
she will go to Dhaka
VD : Why Dhaka?
H : Her uncle is a reputed wealthy trader….
[Hasan was looking disturbed…the gang was passing comments and Hasan just emerged out of trance without any warning and sat up]

Later, We had lunch everybody was trying to act normal with trivial small talk, but itching to react if someone starts the PLR topic.
After lunch Bawa started it again … with, ’ Dikra better luck next life’ another joker adds Hasan you’ll be third time lucky…
Hasan just smiled … Then I asked him about the airhostess…
It seems during one of his travels this airhostess was part of the cabin crew. Both of them locked gaze a couple of times and then to cut ice he started the conversation with
your face seems familiar.
She replied with, even I felt like that…
Then there was other small talk about who lives where, family, contact details … etc
Later Hasan called her … she responded with Busy now will talk later and it seems she blocked him.
After a few months they again bumped into each other at the airport but the lady tried to avoid him. As luck would have it they were on the same flight.
Hasan says he decided to ignore her … but she approached him under the guise of performing her inflight duties. Hasan thought he was mistaken about her behaviour. But, when he tried to engage with her… she alleged that he was trying to get fresh with her and threatened to report him to the captain.
For some time after that Hasan was perplexed with the thought of the airhostess and her behavior. Over a period of time, with his other interests, he forgot all about it until the regression revealed the airhostess was his (past) wife.
Interesting fact is, like Hasan, his cousin also wanted to marry Parveen. The two did get married in this life time and Hasan in both lifetimes; is left with unfulfilled desires.
Another interesting fact is, in both the lives Parveen / Shirin is widowed and Hasan is wallowing in the misery of his desire for (her) them.
If this was a planned session with detailed history taking sessions; and experience in navigating the regression; I think the revelations would have been interesting. BUT, THAT WAS NOT TO BE.
Hasan being a devout follower of his faith / religious beliefs I did not think it appropriate to give any suggestions save and except Maafi ki dua padh liya karo and in whatever way you feel appropriate seek forgiveness from Shirin/Parveen and Zeenat.

In the first week of January amongst the many Happy New Year mails; was a mail from a friend, which read, Hasan ne thanks bola hai wants to meet you. I guess things have got better for him his pain if any has considerably reduced. There was no digit then so no quantifying digit now.


Many a times destiny plays it’s role both ways. There must be some strong reason why the PLR was not planned.
But whatever be the reason, the PLR was conducted very well under the given circumstances and lots of past life events got revealed.
Many engrams were touched upon.

Overall well done

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Hello @Vagabond. … kem cho…sorry ur mail got deleted so could not reach out to you… mano ya na mano superbly handled such sensitive topic (if I need to quote it in bawi style …BAIRU- women- the most difficult engram to be handled :wink:)… nothing

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Hahahaha… You make it sound so esoteric and out of the world.

I think, I needed a guinea pig (to be more polite, a lab rat; as Venu would often refer to Neha during the workshop) to test my learnings and Universe gave me one.:yum:NOTHING MORE, NOTHING LESS​:wink:

*Kuch apna bhi gyan share karta toh pata chalta, mai kitne gehre paani mein hoon.*:pensive:



Lovely writeup beloved Atul!
As you’ve pointed out the lapses I’m sure you will take care of them the next time.

Some highlights of the session were, you tested the hypnosis and once again proved, “a belief in past life is not a prerequisite for the session to be successful.”
While conducting a session please do not have anyone else in the studio, it should only be you and the client. Please do continue to conduct the sessions for this client as there could be some residue still left. But all in all, what I loved it, was the them was spot on!



maine qasam lee …lee

tuune qasam lee …lee

nahin honge juda hum

***paa ke kabhi khoyaa tujhe, ***

***kho ke kabhi paaya ***

***janam-janam tere liye ***

***badali humne kaaya ***



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which mail are you talking about?? anyway if it got deleted why bother?
Talking about woman being the most difficult engram to be handled… I’d rather expanf the scope and say, ‘woman’, as a species, is difficult to handle. :upside_down_face:
Thanks for the appreciating the handling of a ‘sensitive’ topic.

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The pic is as appropriate as could be. :joy:
Thanks & rgds.

As I was reading this, I felt as if it was pre-destined that You’ll be accompanying this soul as a guide to take him into his past life .
Otherwise, without any prior preparations and client’s anti- Past life belief system, how would he have slided back so effortlessly into a previous life?
It is amazing how the significant events from his past life unfolded one by one.
You have a wonderful sense of humour Sir … You executed the session so well.
In case, the client undertakes any subsequent sessions, we would love to know about “ The Incomplete Journey….Part 2” :smile:.
Best wishes to you and hope this soul finds fulfilment in this lifetime. Amen .

@Vagabond firstly many congratulations for the wonderful session. On a very personal note, even if you haven’t followed the rules, the session was commendable . Your writing made me feeeeel that am too sitting there :slight_smile: .
Should you need a gunnie pig am always there.

There is no such thing as following ‘a rule’ The subject/exercise itself is a compilation of rules.
So if you are diligently following the subject you are following the rule.:sunglasses:

You (for that matter anyone else) are entitled to own opinion and free to discard my belief.:wink: