Rarely and rarely have I ever come across a book by someone as erudite as Dr. Lawrence LeShan,
For example am enclosing a comparison chart from this book which I’ve been reading for over a week now and still feel that there is so much more in it!..

let me know if you have read it and what did you like the most in it.


Hi Venu
I just read it… What I liked was, " One cannot take action, but only can participate in the events".
I assume it means that, 'All your planning , your intelligence, experience, so called knowledge , will power, past karma have little or nothing to do with what you do… Your actions are not the outcome of all the above, but since you are a part of a greater all encompassing reality , things happen to you and it appears that you are the doer of the actions.
Does that mean i can sit doing nothing… Not put any physical or mental effort? I don’t know


Thanks for going through Seema :blush:
The “i” which wants to know the real “I” cannot “know” and hence all the sages also after pondering a lot about it, came back saying what you are saying, “i don’t know!” Because “I” cannot be known by “i” :hugs:


Dear V ,
Thank you for the share.
I really appreciate the degree of simplicity and clarity with which the writer has attempted to establish the understanding of such a complex aspect of life. On a single page he has brought it all together. Though simple yet the profound knowledge packed in the single page will need multiple revisits by the reader to comprehend it. The aspect of two different realities as brought out by the writer holds considerable importance for all PLR therapists.

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Good Evening Dr Venu,

Thank you for the share. I would first share my experience and then make an attempt to put down my nascent understanding of the subject.

My Experience First. I was with my client in the middle of History Taking stage. As I was listening to her and taking down the notes, I suddenly felt the urge of closing my eye lids and when I did so it felt as if I was looking at outline of a tall well-built male being who was standing at the door of a hut kind of structure. The flash lasted for a few seconds and I returned to present time and space hearing out my client. After a little while again the flash returned and with my eyes closed, I could see and feel the man standing at the door of a hut gazing out into the wilderness of open space contemplating his life. He clearly belonged to the lower strata of society of his time and space. In those two flashes I could feel his emotions. The event was challenging for me in terms of something like this coming into my awareness and simultaneously trying to focus on the client’s narration.

Time and Space. The space and time of this experience were of that current day when I was taking down history from the client. Guess this happened at what instant??? The client was narrating her experience of visiting a past life in one of earlier sessions that she had undergone. She had witnessed herself as a lonely poor man living life in wilderness!!!
When the flash had happened second time, I stopped her from narrating. Then I drew an outline sketch of the hut and the posture of that man and asked if it was something akin to that she knows of ??…to our astonishment the answer was in affirmation. It was the same past life condition that she was about to narrate to me when I was experiencing those flashes.

So, my experience proved it to me that in that moment of connectedness with higher consciousness the following had all amalgamated into one pure reality.

The separate physical Identities of the client and the therapist had become One.
The time of history taking stage and the time in which client had lived a past life had become One.
The space of history taking stage and the space in which client had lived a past life had become One.

So, in the true reality, its all from one Source… happening all together…getting created and destroyed simultaneously……only changing from one form to the other. It’s the illusion that conceals true reality and our oneness with the Source of our creation. The Jiva is busy perceiving the external world (sensory reality) and searching for the Source outside while ‘THAT’ (the Source) sits quietly deep inside.

If one takes a reference from ancient philosophy the vibrant energy (SPANDA) is the source of all creation. Hence the connectedness from the source and each other should come as default setting. However, it is the Illusion of Maya along with 5 other PURE IMPURE TATTVAs OF CREATION that hides the true divine nature of all created beings. It veils the True Self by creating a sense of separateness from the Divine and from each other. These veils have been called the Kanchukas:

  • kāla - the veil of time
  • vidyā - the veil of limited knowledge (gained through sensory reality)
  • rāga - the veil of desire
  • niyati - the veil of causality
  • kalā - the veil of being limited (and hence identify with the gross body)

In my humble opinion every such experience of establishing a successful connection with the higher consciousness where all identities of perception, time, space, physical and mental bodies merge with the One (Source Of Origin of All) is the true treasure and source of bliss.

Past Life Regression is the apt modality for the therapist as well as the client to experience such Oneness with the Divine Consciousness – The creator of all Matter – living and non-living.

I believe that It’s only a choicest blessing that had made it possible for me, to be able to experience such divinity in the present human life.

Thank you, Dr Venu, through AMARANTOS you have gyrated the possibility into a conscious reality for us all.

Best Regards Always
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As I’ve told you several times Beloved Monesh, you are already blessed by the Almighty with the mighty intellect and discipline to tap into the Magnanimous, PLRT as a field is lucky to have you :pray:
“Vibhuti’s” physic abilities are a blessing, the outcome of disciplining our mind and am glad to know that you’ve started noticing them. Life is worth living and full of adventure and fun when the 3rd eye opens :raised_hands:



So well written Monesh. You are a blessed soul.
I would like to share few lines from Gurbani in this context-

As the ray disappears in the Sun,
As the drop of water mixes with water,
A light dissolves in Light
And comes to be consummated.
It is the Lord God we see.
The Lord God we hear.
It is He alone we have for discourse.
The Creator who is all over.
There is none other than the Lord God.
Himself He gives and receives Himself.
He is the cause of all happenings.
Says Nanak, only they realize it fine,
Who has tasted the Elixir Divine.


Dear Namrata Ji,

Heartfelt gratitude for the kind words you have chosen to bless me. More humbling are the excerpts from Gurbani as shared by you…
For Me they were a treat for the heart and soul. :yellow_heart: :raised_hands:

Looking forward to hear more from you on this blessed AMARANTOS forum.

Best Regards

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